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Kate Winslet - BAFTA Awards 2010

Kate Winslet - BAFTA Awards 2010

Kate Winslet looks stunning as she arrives at the Orange British Academy Film Awards held at The Royal Opera House on Sunday (February 21) in London, England.

The 34-year old English actress wore shoes and a sheer cut-out dress by Stella McCartney. She accessorized with a bag by Roger Vivier and jewelry by Tiffany & Co.

Kate will be presenting an award tonight with Twilight hottie Robert Pattinson.

15+ pictures inside of Kate Winslet at the 2010 BAFTA awards…

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Photos: Dave Hogan/Getty
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  • shenanyginz

    ugh. flippin love that b*tch

  • TJ

    Cool, something a little bit different for her but still keeping with the black!
    Hey, if it works for ya….
    Kate always looks stunning

  • S3WA

    Love her! Such a good actress and so beautiful. Not too fond of the hair color though.

  • aliz

    Beautiful Kate! love her black dresses *___*

  • t

    gorgeous as always

  • Mona

    I LOVE HER!!!!!!

  • Leyla

    she gets prettier by the day.

  • Smilehexe

    Beautiful and a real lady as usual!

  • hello1

    a REAL actress, a TRUE artist, and a NATURAL beauty. Young Hollywood take note! Kate Winslet is a queen

  • Marieme

    She looks fabulous! Can’t say much about the dress, though.

  • lexy

    I agree – Kate’s an incredibly talented actress!! She’s in this business b/c she loves being an actor. She’s not some untalented fame whore trying to cash in and get freebies!
    Go Kate! She looks beautiful!!

  • Celia


  • Carrie

    I think Kate is naturally stunning BUT … compared to other photographs of her she looks suspiciously smooth and her face questionably tight looking. Botox?

    Really sad, she didn’t need any work done.

  • ummahyk

    wow..this is the first time in years when i see her looking that good…she seriously lost some weight …or maybe the dress makes her look slimer…and her face…is something different with her face..she looks younger…anyway i like her here.

  • michelle depp

    she looks gorgeous…she looks a little like Madonna in these pics & I have to agree that Botox looks evident

  • Josje

    She didn’t do anything to her face. You can see that she still has the same wrinkles, with botox her face would be smoother and weirder. I think she just went on a holiday and got a little bit of color on her, that alway helps with looking younger.

  • lillyb

    I flove her.
    She is so much more naturally beautiful then most of the fake women in Hollywood.

  • lol

    “clapping” Say it again poster named HELLO1. I aggree with EVERY word. Kate is the Shizzz.

  • groundcontrol

    Of course she did something to her face. She had a nose job along with the dye job and weight loss to glam up for her Oscar campaign. She is with Sam Mendes after all – that’s his schtick.

  • Liz86000

    Now that’s class.

  • A

    Pretty, but kinda weird that she looks so much like Madonna with that hair color.

  • remember da truth

    Thank goodness for your post, Marisa #17. This and other blogs/boards need more sensible people like you!

    Some people act like they just heard of Botox, photoshopping, calling the paps, and Restylane, and want to show everyone they know about it, like a kid using a word he’s just learned over and over.

    Anyone who is in Hollywood or in a high profile position and has money has likely used Botox at least once. Like getting regular facials and using expensive products that the rest of us can only dream about, it’s just good hygiene that they can afford. It’s only the cheap wannabes like on Real Housewives that get Botox to the point of freezing the face. And it’s not considered work done, either.

    Kate looks rested, refreshed, and very cold! Not an overdone housewife trying to look younger. Get over it — a woman CAN look smooth-faced in photos if the lighting, makeup, nutrition, exercise, and skin care is there, without having to have “had work done”. It’s just that most people aren’t used to seeing it, because most people can’t afford it.

  • brightside

    No, not Botox. Kate is one of those actresses who uses her face. She has a marvellous ability to use her expressions to convey emotion. Her face is one of her tools and she’s far too good an actress to risk damaging it with botox. It’s just the way the photograph is taken, the quality of light and the way the light is cast on her features. They look perfectly natural to me.

  • Droo

    Another fail for JJ, she was never presenting the award with Robert Pattinson; she presented the award for Best Actor solo.

  • Jeff

    She looks stunning!

  • jessie

    wow,she looks great! The dress looks fits her right.Usually she is more stuffy and overdone.Hope she keeps this look for the oscars.

  • Sweetie

    The most genuine, natural beauty and greatest actor ever in Hollywood. She has it all. Classic! Without botox and fake breasts as Leo’s gf Bar Rafaeli.

  • anon

    Why do people act like anyone in Hollywood is above a little help to make themselves look younger. No matter who you are you don’t age in reverse. She looks younger, fresher than she ever has and that is not natural. I’m a little sad to see that one of the best actresses in the world has gone Hollywood.

  • brightside

    @anon: Some do, but Kate isn’t one of them and she certainly doesn’t need to yet. What is it with people thinking as soon as a woman turns 30 she starts to wither into an old crone. I know women in their thirties who have no wrinkles, naturally, just as there are those who do. It’s to do with lifestyle and good genes.
    Those who do wrinkle are usually smokers and drinkers who spend too much time under a sun bed and wear too much make up. Their faces have dried up like prunes before they hit forty. Kate’s skin looks natural and healthy.

  • Jenna

    LOVE her! Truly a loveable person who is just so true to herself since she achieved fame by – what, barely 20?

    Absolutely beautiful and charismatic. love her love her.
    And I have no idea why people claim that she’s got some work done – I see no evidence for that matter, and Kate’s known to go against even aurbrushing. She called out GQ magazine for christs sake for airbrushing her.

  • LilyX

    How can some not notice the different expression?? It’s not cold weather which pulls your eyes’ corners upwards! She was perfect before… and she’s evidently done something, what a crime :-(

  • CanadaGirl

    Beautiful. Her body is amazing. Fit and curvy.
    She keeps getting better looking as she matures.

  • lakers fan in boston

    honestly, she could wear something so horrible and i would still like her
    i just like her overall, everything about her
    her only flaw is she smokes but other than that i think she’s pretty perfect
    the dress isnt omg, but she makes it look really great
    such a beautiful face

  • Marisa

    To all the people saying she had Botox or work done:

    Everything is moving as far as I’m concerned! Looking at the pictures closely now on this website and on the link I posted in my first response to this, if her eyebrows were ‘pulled back’ or ‘pulled up’, then the wrinkles around her eyes wouldn’t they be pulled back to make her skin look more smooth? After all the ‘goal’ of these Botox-users is to minimize wrinkles and make their skin look smooth. Well her wrinkles are there. A good close-up is this one:

    Wouldn’t her wrinkles be hidden well if she had something done?! Her skin is generally smooth but her wrinkles aren’t stretched out of sight or smoothed out. They are evident and the ones under her eyes are becoming more noticeable now compared to last year. Go search up Kate on google or something, her eyebrows don’t look any different. She hasn’t even plucked them! I think people here are throwing around the word ‘botox’ and not explaining anything. Sorry but I’m not convinced she had any work done at all, she’s stayed natural everyone! I’ve been caught up in this for a good half an hour and believe she’s au naturale. I can’t force everyone to think like me but I strongly believe she got nothing done. Not only do I see proof in pictures but in the interviews she gave before the BAFTAs, she even applauded Meryl Streep for not altering herself. Kate is too smart of a woman to go all Hollywood. She’s a classy lady, she works hard, she seems to truly love what she does and believes in expressing herself. Her getting work done just doesn’t sound right and maybe some people will tell me I’m in denial or whatever, that I don’t want to believe such a thing, but I honestly see a natural looking woman. I watched the BAFTA ceremony and wasn’t startled by her or thought she looked different. She looks a bit slimmer (which can make one look younger if its a healthy loss), well rested (which can make one look younger), and has good makeup on (which can make one look younger). I don’t want to repeat myself again.

  • she shall remain nameless

    Unbelievably gorgeous and super talented.

  • dating-doctors

    I love her puppies