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Sarah Palin Silver Spoons Oscar, Shops Reality Show

Sarah Palin Silver Spoons Oscar, Shops Reality Show

Sarah Palin takes her 15-year-old daughter Willow and grandson Tripp to pick up some swag at the Silver Spoon Oscar Suite at Interior Illusions in West Hollywood on Wednesday (March 3).

The mother-daughter pair picked up Unite Health Care products, jewelry from Pascal Mouawad, watches from Skagen, bottles of TY KU Soju and product from Lash Food. They also received a blow-out by colorist Erick Orellana from the Chris McMillan Salon.

The Silver Spoon Suite benefited Red Cross Haitian Relief Efforts. The Palins donated $1,750 to the Red Cross and left with bags full of swag.

FYI: Sarah and reality show producer Mark Burnett are currently pitching a TV docudrama about Alaska.

10+ pictures inside of Sarah Palin silver spooning Oscar…

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sarah palin silver spoon 03
sarah palin silver spoon 04
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  • Yael

    Um, so she donated money, way under what she could have donated ($ 1750, what a joke), and because of that she and her daughter can pick up luxury goods? Role models??? Are you kidding me? What about giving voluntarily without thinking of yourself ?

  • :)


    HAHAHA, you make me laugh, because she gives more then our President. And how much do you give? & how much do the democrats give in our congress. yes exactly nothing.

  • Sheri

    Jared ~ I agree with Tina above ~ that is not Bristol. This is Willow … her second-born daughter. Bristol looks like Sarah, while Willow looks like Todd … Sarah’s very hot husband! :)

  • karla

    This woman is a disgusting opportunist who, thanks to John McCain, is a plague on America that will not go away. She’s a fake and a cancer on society not to mention a liar.

  • rhonda

    Look it’s the quitter Sarah Palin. How anyone could find this woman worthy of any recognition is beyond me. She will reap all the gold she can get out of people and laugh all the way to the bank.

    She is a parasite and an empty vessel.

  • ThAd

    That is Absolutely Bristol.. Geez I could care less for the women either war but geezzz.. Do people pay so little attention to politics.. She was damn near vice I repeat that is Bristol..I also think if she’s gonna drag her to gifting sweets Bristol should be fair game..

  • Sheila

    Thad I concur that’s Bristol alright….Anyway I don’t quite understand what she’s doing there, but free stuff is free stuff i guess..

  • dani

    Well, just think if she were still in office, this would be a big NO NO. But since she is not, she can be greedy and greedier and let the public know that she is so important that she deserves Oscar Swag. After all, she is such a good actress-whined her way through the VP nomination and following campaign–poor me, poor picked on me–while stealing clothing etc. Then when being governor of Alaska didn’t give her enough fame and fortune she became a quitter. So yep, Palin deserves her FREE swag. She is making millions of dollars off her book and speaking engagements, but poor Palin, needs her free stuff.

    This woman makes me want to vomitl

  • Lena


    It’s Willow. Bristol was shooting for her TV appearance.

  • Lena

    @ThAd: Why would you want the kids to be fair game? You can’t beat Palin on ideas? You have to declare her children “fair game?” I didn’t know it was a crime for a private citizen to enjoy LA with her daughters.

  • Sheri

    Look more closely, people … this is NOT Bristol ~ this is Willow. While they obviously look similar as sisters, their features are quite different from one another.

  • ThAd

    Lena could you do yourself a favor and do a little research before you type..that’s Bristol ok .. Google it if you must..secondly she should be fair game because she’s 19.. She’s a public outspoken advocate for abstinence..she’s showing up at gifting suites.. And the only accurate thing you said she’s making an appearance on a t.v show .. She’s public property now so she’s. Fair game .. The other kids not fair game..

  • Megan

    I don’t think it’s Bristol either…I think it’s Willow. Bristol looks waaayy different than the girl above. I belive that’s Willow

  • Thad

    Besides the fact that the arguement is stupid you all believe she’s pulling 15 year olds(willow) out of school mid week from Alaska to get free swag in L.A Seriously..

  • Stepdep

    @Stepdep: Not cool holding back peoples comments just because they are not inline with your views. Can we say censorship?

  • ghostbuster

    Well, her daughters (whichever that one of the two is) are hopefully not as inarticulate as their mother is.

  • ThAd

    Newsflash that’s Bristol.. People need to stop sayin they THINk it’s willow… It will take you all of 25 seconds to see a family portrait..secondly Bristols an “actress” now so she’s fair game like the rest if the actresses wannabe acresses, socialites whomever… Period.

  • Bella

    OMIGod WTF is granny wearing?

    LMAO, Levi called it Palin went for the money!!! Keep donating to SarahPAC YOU dumbasses and while you are at it her Alaska FRAUD Fund so your queen can buy the matching fleece leggings to that trendy leopard print whatever the hell she is wearing so she can toss those fck me boots.

  • Bella

    “Newsflash that’s Bristol..”

    No she is Willow. Another week out of school. Palin sure does value education!!!!

  • notstupid


    if you make an appearance on a show as yourself you are not an actress.

  • notstupid

    Why is it anybody’s buisness whether or not she was pulled out of school maybe Sarah filled out paper for an educational trip and the next stop was the museum. People do that with kids all the time as a parent you are allowed.

  • Bella


    LMAO. yeah Palin’s went to L.A. for the culture….make that courture.

  • SMH

    @ #4,

    Both Obama and his wife have dedicated half of their lives to charity work. Obama being a community organizer (when he was which Republicans mock him for) dedicated his time to helping out the less fortounate and helping them have a voice. And god only knows how much money they dedicated to charity..he gave the $1 million dollars he got for that Nobel Peace Prize to charity. I highly suggest some of you idiots start doing research before you speak on something you know nothing about. This post had nothing to do with Obama…Palin has nothing to do with Obama (although had it not been for Obama YOU wouldn’t even know who Palin was because she’d still be an unknown Governer in Alaska had McCain not picked her in a desperate attempt to try to trump Obama) she is no longer a Public Official, so there is no need to equate the two. Im tired of reading comments from you people attacking that man. Sh*t is old now, get a life.

  • Bella

    Back in my grandparents’ time, farm families routinely pulled children out of school to help with chores especially in harvest season. By the time the kids reached adulthood, the only job they were suited for was farming.

    Sarah keeps her kids out of school to work in the family business (politics, grifting, Celebrity101) and soon the only job they will be suited for is hustling a dollah bill, y’all.

    As left by another poster at

  • Bella

    Sarah Palin while two months pregnant with her first kid at the Anchorage Airport flirting with a guy until she “Discovers” he is black.

    Is Sarah Palin Racist? “Well, She Ended Our Conversation When She Learned I Was Black” …. “I don’t mean any harm,” Royal says Sarah told him, which is exactly what she meant but he recalls her saying that she doesn’t do black guys.

  • Bella

    Alaskans Speak (In A Frightened Whisper): Palin Is “Racist, Sexist, Vindictive, And Mean”

    “So Sambo beat the bitch!”

    Racial and ethnic slurs may be “just Alaska” and, clearly, they are common, everyday chatter for Palin.

    Besides insulting Obama with a Step-N’-Fetch-It, “darkie musical” swipe, people who know her say she refers regularly to Alaska’s Aboriginal people as “Arctic Arabs” – how efficient, lumping two apparently undesirable groups into one ugly description – as well as the more colourful “mukluks” along with the totally unimaginative “f**king Eskimo’s,” according to a number of Alaskans and Wasillians interviewed for this article.

    But being openly racist is only the tip of the Palin iceberg. According to Alaskans interviewed for this article, she is also vindictive and mean. We’re talking Rove mean and Nixon vindictive.

  • Whamo

    Leigh @ 03/04/2010 at 11:04 am

    When Sarah decided to use her daughter by making Levi and Bristol look like they were going to get married because she needed to be looked at as a family values type of candidate, she made Bristol fair game for comments. Bristol was old enough to say “I ain’t playing this game Mom” but she didn’t and because she didn’t then she’s open for criticism. Sarah was willing to “sell” her daughter out to a loveless marriage solely for her political gains which speaks volumes about Sarah’s character. Too bad the family has to be dragged into this women’s lust for power but they are now open targets. Having said all that Sarah is still a smokin hot Momma!

  • Lilly

    That’s defiinitely Willow, not Bristol.

  • it’s willow

    It’s Willow. Not Bristol.

  • Obummer


    Obama HAS NOT donated the Million dollars from the Nobel Prize you idiot.

    He has not received the money yet.

    Dick Cheney once gave 40% of his income in a year to charity. Does he get credit from you on that? probably not.

    How is that hope and change working out for you…moron?

  • fakir


    if that’s willow, she’s had a nose job and her hairline has changed – looks like Bristol.

  • RF
  • Former Marine

    @Yael: LOL, She gave the “luxary items” back to be auctioned off. Please learn to read!

  • Michelle

    “Go after Sarah all day long if you want…but show some class and decency and leave her children alone.”

    You do know don’t you dumbass Palin claimed FOR PUBLICITY while trying to peddle her book both Willow and Bristol were threatened with being GANG RAPED . An investigation PROVED yet again Palin LIED.

    Palin pulls out the sex card on her own kids for a dollar. FYI go back & read some of the late night jokes Jay sabout her kids BEFORE Palin went on his show Monday then SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP about Letterman!!!

  • Michelle

    Palin was supposed to donate $1,700 along with all of her gift items to the Red Cross, which is currently helping with relief efforts in Haiti and Chile.

    But E! Online insists, “we can assure you she did not give up any of her swag.” They quote an unnamed vendor who claims that upwards of 20 people from the Palin camp swarmed the event. “They were like locusts,” he told the entertainment news outlet.

    Ben Russo of EMC/Bowery said, “she kind of cleaned the place out.” They list out a number of her swag-grabs, including United Hair Care products, jewels from Pascal Mouawad, Skagen watches and a whopping 40 pairs or AIAIAI earphones. reports that she also picked up a blue Kenya robe from designer Jenna Leigh, facewash and a pair of foam Bandal sandals.

    “She insisted every person in her huge entourage get something, and there were assistants, nannies, security – insanity!” The same source also said that security swept the venue and would not allow photos, which are often expected by companies to use as promotion in exchange for the free products.

  • a3strand

    I like her. :)

  • LL

    Watch…Sarah Palin will want to be on DWTS next, because she’s a fameho, too. Kate Gosselin and Sarah Palin, two of a kind.

  • Bruce

    That woman is not hot, cute, or whatever words to describe beauty. She looks older than her age, her hair looks like a ’50′s beehive, and she always has a wild-eyed crazy look.

  • Go Ask Alice

    Palin is here and is here to stay.
    Bad, good,indifferent, a star has been born.
    She does have a knack for keeping herself in the news.

    Her family-OFF LIMITS, HOWEVER, the second eldest ,Bristol ,is shopping a show, was on People mag as a coverstory,
    soooooooo, the late night comics,gossip mags, gossip sights will talk about her for the good, bad, and indifferent. That is fair.
    You can’t be a little in the fame game.

    CHARITY, Palin gave and got swag like anyone else did.
    So WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! REALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Who has given to charity?

    Sorry, but Joesph and Rose Kennedy gave ,are still giving through someof their charities and gave up a few kids for the “cause.”
    Special Olympics, Very Special Arts,Best Buddy’s-thanks toRose Mary Kennedy being (a special needs person).
    JosephP.Kennedy II-killed in war.

    Politico’s kids and their lives-All I will say is Sacha and Melia Obama
    BETTER grow up and make Chelsea Clinton look like a loser.
    The Obama girls better not go to weak universities like their parents did, Harvard and Princeton, but better become Rhoads’s Schlors and go to Oxford.
    LOL,you get my message that they had better be way better anddo better than these people .
    Chelsea Clintonhas never puta foot wrong.
    That is all Ihave to say.

  • rjbutler

    If you think her opposing every demeocratic idea just because they’re the other party her original ideas your a fool. That’s just opposition not Ideas. That lady has not a clue. Right now for her it’s just one big money grab.

  • Jules

    WTF is that stupid woman doing in an Oscar swag booth anyway??? This woman is seriously the most ridiculous idiot in our media today!

  • rjbutler

    If she’s gonna quit something; she needs to quit being greedy.

  • rjbutler

    If she’s going to quit something; she needs to quit being greedy. She’s pathetic. Thank the lord Mcain lost or we’d have to call her one of our leaders. That would be embarassing.

  • ke$haluv

    attention whores 4 life

  • Eric

    SMH, you say the Obamas dedicated half their lives to charity? What a joke! Just look at Michelle for a second. Why’d she get her right to practise law revoked? Too much charity work? And how about that half million dollar a year job at the hospital in Chicago that was so important that when she left, they never filled it again. I suppose you figure that counts, because charity begins at home, or so they say. Of course, she did accomplish one thing there, keeping poor folk away to improve their own profit. So I guess that counts too, because the hospital is sort of a kind of charity, right?

  • David

    She gave more to charity in one day than Joe Biden did in 10 years. According to his own tax return he released during the Presidential campaign! LOL.

  • Stepdep

    Totally not cool. All celebs take advantage of the swag rooms. There is so much the IRS was thinking of taxing the stuff that everyone gets for free. Making Sarah Palin look like she is grabby just for taking advantage of the swag is not cool. I don’t agree with everything she believes in but we shouldn’t try to make her look petty for doing what all other celebs do.

  • lies lies lies

    012 Draft Sarah Committee

    Release from The Silver Spoon:

    Untruthful Articles Re: Palins taking free stuff in LA.

    The Silver Spoon, a company owned and operated by women and established with a firm belief in supporting women in business and leadership, invited Governor Sarah Palin and her family to participate in a charitable function sponsored by The Silver Spoon and the Red Cross to support the Red Cross’ disaster relief efforts in Haiti. Governor Palin graciously accepted since it was in support of such a worthy and timely cause. The governor arrived with a small group about 15 minutes prior to our store’s official opening; and upon arrival, she and her entire group gave generous donations to the cause. We offered to open early to accommodate her schedule; she did not ask us to open early. The other venders routinely set up an hour before the event opens, so they were already there when the governor arrived. No one was asked to come in early. When Governor Palin arrived, she and her guests made generous donations. I escorted her around and introduced her to every vendor, and they talked to her about their products and gifted her with samples. She never asked for anything but politely accepted the products. The governor and her family and guests were very gracious and respectful to everyone. We asked and the governor happily agreed to take a photo with the American Red Cross staff and the staff of The Silver Spoon. The governor stayed for a total of about 35 minutes, thanked everyone, made an additional generous personal donation pledge to the Red Cross, and then departed.

    The stories currently circulating about Governor Palin’s attendance at our event are total fabrications. Just one example of the many falsehoods is the ridiculous idea that Governor Palin walked away with 40 AIAIAI headphones. In reality, she was given two pairs of AIAIAI headphones – one for herself and one for her daughter Bristol who could not attend the event. The idea that she took 40 pairs is an outrageous falsehood. It would have been impossible because the vendors only bring around 100 items for the entire two day event. They would have run out of product after an hour of opening yesterday.

    Just to clarify things, the entire point of giving someone a swag bag is to have them take your product and hopefully purchase more. The whole point of giving away products is to “give them away.” That’s why we call this type of event style a “gifting suite.”We would like an immediate retraction and an apology to The Silver Spoon, its vendors, and especially to Governor Sarah Palin.

  • Marco

    She’s got good taste if she’s grabbing bottles of TY KU.

  • melissa barnes

    why does everyone keep talking about bristal. she’s just a young girl tryng to figure out her life while in the spotlight. i think its nice they gave so many gifts and $ to chairty. doesnt surprise me they kept the tyku. I would need to drink after being scrutinized all the time.