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Jennifer Aniston Would 'Absolutely' Work with Gerard Butler Again

Jennifer Aniston Would 'Absolutely' Work with Gerard Butler Again

The Bounty Hunter is finally here!

Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler each sat down with Moviefone and talked about what it was like to work on their latest project.

“What you see is what you get,” Jen said of Gerry. “He’s just a good, fun, jovial, excited to be there.”

“He’s so loving and so good to everybody, the whole crew!” Jen added.

As for whether Jen and Gerry would work together on another film, both said yes! “In a heartbeat,” Gerry said simply.

The Bounty Hunter is in theaters TODAY (March 19)!

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  • Dawn9476

    LMAO. This post should be fun. Is it too early on the east coast to make popcorn?

  • Syn

    Oh God…

  • loyal

    Everyone check out Rotten Tomatoes before going to see this movie. May be the worst romcom ever.

  • trying to figure it out

    Go away!

  • bet

    I can not wait to see the moive, of course it is a fun moive, it not about getting an oscare serious movie. If one want fun and banging moive , this a moive to watch, and also, it always hard romatic comedi to wow the critics.

  • bet

    I love thier chemsirty, that what i want to watch, somethig that going to make me exited and laugh.

  • kate

    love them

  • loyal

    Well, Bet, you are going to be disappointed because the chief critique is that these two have no chemistry.

  • lisa

    Maybe next time they will make a movie that was actually good..

    That would be a great thing.. This movie sucks.. really..

  • Dawn9476


    Chemistry is subjective. Just because one person doesn’t see it doesn’t me others won’t.

  • LeviKlein

    This movie will go down in history as the worst of the decade. Trust.
    I can’t believe that people spent so much time and money over that thing.

  • @leviklein

    Have you seen it? or do you base your opinion on the critics’? If so that’s called intellectual laziness.

  • trying to figure it out

    Phannies are out in force already.

  • Dawn9476


    That’s a bold statement to make when you have nine and a half more years to go in the decade.

  • Manny, formerly ManLESSton

    Hey JJ something stinks in JJland. When in all that is holy would BET get 16 positive thumbs? I smell a big fat PAID OFF to Jared.
    Now we all know the thumbs are fixed. So posters know that if you are paid to post here you can buy your thumbs up from JJ. *flipping JJ the finger*
    Bad form dude. Bad form.
    Local critic here refused to review it because he said he couldn’t find anything good about the Booty Hunter to review. OUCH.

  • LeviKlein


    No need to. The trailer insulted my intelligence just enough.

  • Manny, formerly ManLESSton


  • http://guido guido

    another article which makes mention of their agreement

  • last nail in the coffin

    Here lies Jennifer Aniston’s film career. It was mercifully cut short by The Bounty Hunter.

  • Manny, formerly ManLESSton

    I get it now. Huvane has all his minions on here using the thumbs.
    Won’t change the fact that the movie stinks worldwide.
    Hey regs. let’s leave this sh!t hole PR boost to the truly asinine paid trolls and skip back and have a decent conversation.
    LAUGHING MY F*CKING A$$ OFF AT THIS last ditch effort to sell sh!t!!!!

  • jade

    @Manny, formerly ManLESSton:
    What makes you think like that?

  • bet


    again it is a romatic Comedy very rare the critics injoy, You know thier age range is very old, it very hard for them to injoy this kind of moive. So if you are young and want fun, watch the moive.

  • anon

    Roeper gave the film a c-. That’s pretty good, isn’t it?

  • Manny, formerly ManLESSton

    God are you naive.
    At least as a Butler fan I have a good movie to look forward to with his next release next week and Coriolanus with Ralph Finnes in the works.

  • Dawn9476

    @Manny, formerly ManLESSton:

    You are not a Gerry fan. A Gerry fan wouldn’t basically call him a liar when he says he is friends with JA and that he is saying all these good things about JA for the sake of the movie. That there is no way that they could be friends beyond this movie.



  • Caroline

    I like Gerry..he’s sexy and funny

  • Manny, formerly ManLESSton

    I am a Gerry fan. I enjoy his work. I don’t care who his friends are.
    This movie sucks donkey balls and as much as I want to see him succeed, he chose this crappy script and costar. this decision is on him, not me.
    Thank God he has some decent work lined up in the future. I have light at the end of the tunnel…. you as a Jenhen do not. Just more of the same. Sorry for you about that. :-0

  • Gogo

    It is a B-movie going to dvd.
    Itis yet another Anniston romantic comedy.
    It is similar of The Mexican (Julia Roberts, Brad Pitt)

  • Sasparilla

    THere’s nothing wrong with promoting a movie to death! That’s the only way they’ll get their $$$ out of it. Yuo know it won’t last past opening weekend. I’ve seen Butler on talk shows and he seems pretty obnoxious. He never stops talking about himself. Not a shy guy! LOL!!! But he also seems like the kind of guy who’d make a good friend, but a rotten boyfriend. As for Jennifer, I like her. She needs to make better movies, but I still like her. Some of her little Indie movies are OK. I even liked her in Derailed with Clive Owen when he played a bad guy.

  • Manny, formerly ManLESSton

    He is sexy and funny. ITAWY! ;-)

  • trying to figure it out

    Guido honey, stop smoking the “weed”. It’s all made up from various interviews they have given. The aren’t an item, never will be. They aren’t married, hopefully the never will be. GET IT?

  • bet

    there is romance, action, laugh, no one will be disppointed, it will be for everyone, to injoy, You can tak your best freinds, boy freind, girlfiend anyone will injoy it ,

  • anon

    Never mind you all. “Kick-A s s” opens in 4 weeks time and this will all be ancient history. Jen will still have a career but one with a poor reputation to go with it. Stay tuned for some real laughs.

  • Manny, formerly ManLESSton

    I have read that Jen is a nice person and I believe that. I don’t think she is the sharpest tool in the shed but a nice person to those in her circle.
    What she has proven over and over again, is that she is not a good actress and cannot carry a movie on her own. As a Gerry fan, it was discouraging to see him agree to be in a movie with someone with such little box office clout as of late and no acting chops.
    Add on top of that the PR machine that is Huvane and it has been worse than disgusting. What haven’t they done to sell this piece of crap? They’re dating, they’re not. They’re married, they’re not. They would work together again, they will not.
    What about selling the movie on it merits? What a clever idea and one that is tried and true formula for success. Oh that’s right. You can’t sell this movie that way because it stinks.
    RIP Bounty Hunter.

  • Piper

    Headlines counting down to The Bounty Hunter movie release:

    9am “Jennifer Aniston likes having lunch with Gerard Butler”.
    10am “Jen thinks Gerard is ‘a hoot’”
    11am “Jenninfer Aniston would definitely go on another trip with Mr. Butler”
    12pm “Gerry to Jen: ‘you are a great lady’”
    1pm “Gerard Butler: ‘my mom loves Jen!’”
    1:01pm “Gerry’s mom: ‘I love Jen!’”

  • QQQQ

    Please don’t!… U are both AWFUL! And we’ve had enough of the fake crap. All the bullsh*t about chemistry which no one else but u two seems to see.

  • bandit

    This movie is a Bomb with a capital B! Rotten Tomato score is brutally bad. My local critic gave it 1 1/2 stars and said they were embarassed for both these actors. I believe the critics on this one..that trailer yikes…looks painfully bad.

    J’A had 3 bad movies in a row…Management, Love Happens and now this. She must be flipping out. Because it’s not about money after awhile, it’s about success and good roles and JA’s career is on a downward spiral lately.

  • bet

    do not expect in this moive kind of a moive like Nichole Kidman with big nose, it about a moive for fun. If you want fun, you should go for it.

  • Catalina

    Good for them. Misery loves company.

  • trying to figure it out

    You can tak your best freinds, boy freind, girlfiend anyone will injoy it ,

    My husband won’t enjoy it.

    I think JJ is making up some of these stories to keep this dead horse alive. My minus rating keeps moving up; it started at -17, I felt honoured. Now it’s -9.

    Morning Fritz – another week to go. Eat your heart out girl.

  • thats_right

    she has a manly hand, I thought a man was hugging Gerard, check out maniston’s manly hand, she looks like a dragqueen scary.

  • Lisa

    Every single review of this film is saying the movie sucks – you want to be a delusional fan stalker who refuses to see the truth – go ahead, but EVERY SINGLE REVIEW SAYS THIS FILM SUCKS!

  • simz

    This movie has been panned to the nth degree by the UK press, and rightly so. It’s just plain awful. Anniston and Butler have zero sexual chemistry.

  • Piper

    8pm “Jen & Gerry: Expecting!”
    8:01pm “Jen & Gerry: Twins?”
    8:02pm “Jen & Gerry: Triplets!”
    8:30pm “Jennifer Aniston: Her triumph and how she found love”


    9am “Gerry cheated!”
    9:01am “How Gerry broke her tender loving heart”
    9:02am “Jennifer Aniston: Single and loving it!”
    10am “Jennifer Aniston: Sexy, fierce, fabulous, super awesome, super single and super loving it”

  • tyre

    Why is Anniston so afraid to challenge herself and act out of her comfort zone? In a recent interview she gave the excuse that her fans wouldn’t accept the character unless there was a comedic element. Nonsense! I’m sure she’d be respected more and receive more positive comments if she’d at least try something different. I can she be happy with doing the same mediocre stuff time and time again.

  • Holly

    This movie is going to SUCK, but it will make lots of $$$
    Ugh, I hate when that happens, but he even more than her are really a draw! If his movies are in over 2000 cinemas they gross over $20 million opening weekends (read that on MOJO) – he is only 1 out of 3 actors today that pulls that coin. The chicks and guys dig him. I like him too, but geez, his movies suck!!!! (exception is Law Abiding), that was good for the most part. He needs a real adjustment to his choices, but I think he is more famous now and certainly more rich because of these choices. Sell out!

  • Give it up already Bet!!

    Stop selling ice to Eskimos Bet! The trailer sucks and there’s no way sensible people will spend good money for that crap. You’re a joke and delusional.

  • oppe

    You can merge all her movies into one and call it “Yawnfest”. How is she managing to land these parts so often? Sympathy? Publicity train? If she hadn’t divorce that ‘person who shall remain nameless’ she’d be out on a limb like the rest of the cast of Friends.

  • keisha

    i swear this is the type of movie that could of been shoot while taking a dump. waste of money trust me i just saw the darn movie #fail and below average acting. sorry jj promotion wont get this far at least your getting your paycheck, right.