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Gerard Butler & Adrien Brody: Let's Go Lakers

Gerard Butler & Adrien Brody: Let's Go Lakers

Gerard Butler and Adrien Brody enjoy the game between the Washington Wizards and the Los Angeles Lakers at the Staples Center on Sunday (March 21) in Los Angeles.

, 40, and Adrien, 36, watched The Los Angeles Lakers defeat the Washington Wizards by a final score of 99-92.

Last week, Gerry announced that he is set to play a foul-mouthed and perverse leprechaun in a new comedy by Shallow Hall director Peter Farrelly. “I play the most perverse, disturbing, disgusting, foul-mouthed leprechaun you could ever imagine,” he told MTV News. “I’ve been kidnapped by Johnny Knoxville and Seann William Scott so they can get their pot of gold. They don’t really quite realize what they’ve bargained for. They land themselves in a bit of trouble.”

FYI: Gerry is wearing a leather Bally jacket and PRPS jeans!

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  • teri

    Johnny Knoxville is so cool, movie should be good.

  • Sharon

    Gerry looks good here:)

    He so sexy ,i love him :)

  • sukar

    Not happy with his lying but he looks great.

  • Geraldbean

    Aww I love these two! Adrien Brody is really handsome in a weird way. He probably has hollywoods worst features but yet he’s so hot. Just shows you don’t have to look like an adonis to be good looking, you just have to be confidence and take pride in your appearance. Yum! Gerard is not too bad himself!

  • Kate

    eww Butler is disgusting & this new role sounds like
    a terrible career choice but so was hooking up w/Maniston.

    sinking real low Butler, but Maniston does that to an actor.

  • Cherish

    AHH! Two of my favourite men! Adrien looks GORGEOUS!
    And Gerry is too lovely of course :)

  • Sarah

    Gerry & Adrien make such an adorable couple.

  • Tamera

    Finally he’s out! Yea!

  • allisgood

    Hiding Cinthia Moura in his pocket I see.

  • w

    Keep picking those challenging roles Gerry.

  • CJ

    A blonde gets home from work early and hears strange noises coming from the bedroom. She rushes upstairs only to find her husband naked lying on the bed, sweating and panting. “What’s up?” she asked. “I think I’m having a heart attack,” cries her husband. The blonde rushes downstairs to grip the phone but, just as she’s dialing, her four-year-old son comes up and says, “Mommy, Mommy, Auntie Shirley is hiding in the closet and she has no clothes on.” The blonde slams the phone down and storms back upstairs into the bedroom, rushes right past her husband, rips open the closet door and, sure enough, there is her sister, totally naked and cowering on the floor. “You rotten slut,” screams the blonde. “My husband’s having a heart attack, and you’re running around naked playing hide and seek with the kids!!”


  • casting news

    Unfortunately, Vince Flynn is an odious BFF of the loathsome Glenn Beck. Anything associated with either of them makes me vomit.

  • Alicia Hall

    I think the girl at the lunch look alike Alicia Hall, a 24 years old model . She’s gorgeous.
    But whatever, next month GB will lunch another stupid model…

  • somejackball

    they look gr8 in black! johnny knoxville and george clooney two of my favorite actors!

  • I wonder

    where he met AB. Are they working together on something?

    Also, they were sitting with Jeffrey Katzenberg.

  • Notexactly

    @Alicia Hall: Throwing off the scent? It’s Cinthia Moura. Very obvious.

  • allisgood

    @Alicia Hall: Everyone is always curious who Gerry is with. Finally, when he is seen with a girl and his parents together, there are many posts belittling the possibility of a romance. Cinthia Moura, you go girl.

  • jk

    hotness alert

  • Folktoe

    @I wonder:

    Harrison’s Flowers movie where Gerard was in a bit part as Chris Kumac, photojournalist.

  • Curious Carla

    @I wonder: Gerry and Adrian Brody were in a movie together, “Harrison’s Flowers.” Adrian was one of the lead characters, Gerry played one of the photographers there in the midst of war. Gerry had a speaking part but was only on screen less than 10 minutes. This was one of the first movies he made here in the US.

  • sorella

    Another stinker…Gerry B. really picks bad roles. He is picking one awful movie after another. His agent is giving him horrible advice.

    And ew..he always look dirty, looks like he slept in his clothes and would have a nasty body odor.

  • Colin

    Folktoe in the house!

  • I was wondering

    Who is Gerry agent? His latest movies sucks.

  • Folktoe

    Gerard Butler & Adrian Brody Surrounded by Staples Center Fans, Require Security Escort

  • Folktoe

    @I was wondering:

    Gerard Butler’s Agent: Jeremy Plagler

    Gerard Butler’s Publicist: Joy Fehily

    Gerard Butler’s Manager: Alan Siegel

  • Tamera

    Folktoe knows….LOL!

  • http://. Looking Good!

    Two of my favorite guys, I hope that they are going to do a movie together again! That would be great, haven’t seen AB in anything for a while and they both look great!

  • Jaliah

    CJ # 11

  • Funny!

    @allisgood: Funny how he finished his lunch with his parents and Cinthia Moura and jumped the fence to lead the paps away from them.

    Adrian Brody is very spontaneous like Gerry. Remember his Halle kiss, Guts.

    Probably picking his brain on how to become a Oscar winner.

  • Dawn9476

    Actually Gerard is one of many stars that filmed a segment for the Farrelly. movie.

    “So far, Pete Farrelly, Brett Ratner, Elizabeth Banks, Bob Odenkirk, and Griffin Dunne have directed segments, with Hugh Jackman, Kate Winslet, Gerard Butler, Banks, Naomi Watts, Liev Schreiber, Johnny Knoxville, Seann William Scott, Emma Stone, Matt Walsh, Tony Shalhoub, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Kieran Culkin, Chloe Moretz, and Patrick Warburton.”

  • Ash

    I so hope he isn’t dating that old hag – Aniston. I find her so gross with the bleach blonde hair, botox face and fake tan.

  • Dawn9476


    Alan is not just his manager. They have a production company together. Law Abiding Citizen was their first project. And if all goes well, Machine Gun Preacher will be their next.

  • Funny!

    @Folktoe: The security escort were half their size. Who is protecting whom? LOL!

  • fraldex

    brody needs a nosejob… urgently!

  • Gertrude

    Cinthia, will you please stop trying to get us to talk about you?
    We’ve been around for more than four of Gerry’s “allegeds” –
    A new “piece” isn’t going to get us talking.
    A new piece that Gerry admits to PUBLICLY – then maybe we will talk.
    For now, miss “Cinthia”, you are just another piece of Gerry meat and not a very cute one might we add. He has six others just like you dear.
    Get a hobby, ok?

  • Saul

    In the last thread gerry’s girl stated:
    His girl is a model and they’re truely in love
    Why would someone bring a random girl to his mother? To show her he can commit and he is not a womanizer? Or this is someone he can see long term?

    Whatever it is. Cinthia Moura is a lucky girl.

  • also

    that’s not how you spell “truly”

    Is our children learning?

  • Manny, formerly ManLESSton

    Did it ever dawn on any of you that maybe the girl was paraded out as damage control to show he is not with Aniston?
    I mean Butler stuck his foot in it saying how his mum and JA are going to do this and that, like that would ever happen, the night before at the premiere. So the very next day here he is outside with some PYT with his family. Hello!!!!
    Don’t any of you remember Rio? Good hell he hooked up with the blabbermouth one night and the next day gave her the finger by being photographed on the beach with another one.
    Sorry but this newest piece is just that. Getting all worked up over it won’t change the fact that the next time he sticks his foot in it he will parade out another one. Sheeeeeeesh.

  • allisgood

    @Gertrude: This is the same tactics you used on that indian actress chick and that Gap model. Assumed they was posting. On the attack. I’m sure now Gerry has wind of the attention and questioning his peeps.

  • Witch

    I still don’t think lunch girl is Cinthia, and she didn’t look anything like Alicia Hall. Hall has a pug nose.

  • Brie

    Adrian Brody FFAAAAAAAARRR MORE HOT than Gerard Butler who looks puffy like he was drinking all of the previous night – plus his beard loooks horrendous! And he NEEDS to stop taking those shitty roles!

  • Alana

    Brie has got to be joking! Butler is one of the most handsome men I have ever seen.

  • its robo-bride

    @casting news

    Wow, such venom. Have you met Vince Flynn? I have. I met him at a writer’s conference and while I don’t always agree with his views–he is a fantastic person. He overcame a lot to be a writer and I have only admiration for his drive to write. He was wonderful with the aspiring writers giving them hope and praise while helping them write better. Never heard him say a bad word about anyone during the conference. Furthermore, he is one of the top requested and read authors among our troops.

  • Alison

    Hey, Gerry. You just got yourself looking great again … Lay off the McDonald’s stuff! Where’s your trainer? I hope he/she sees the photos. 100 laps around the track for you.

  • dermatologist, 92010

    As hot as Gerry is, his facial skin has been totally busted due to his lack of skin care, overexposure to sun and early years of smoking. As you can see in the close up shots in TBH his face is so wrinkled. He needs either cosmetic procedures or concealer for his future roles unless he plays older characters. But he is mesmerizingly handsome hands down the best in HW.

  • Witch

    I think his skin is fine the way it is. He’s a man, not a girlyman like so many ‘stars’ in Hollywood.

  • lena

    the girl having lunch with gb looks young and little insecure and this alicia girl just turned 24. from her wiki bio
    “Hall was raised in Las Vegas, Nevada, and by the age of seven, becoming a swimsuit model was her lifelong career goal. “

  • http://guido guido

    So I hope that you will not be disappointed when you know why the parents of Gerard was in the U.S..

  • there is no

    excuse for hanging out with Glenn Beck and legitimizing his racism, sexism and hate speech

  • Curious Carla

    @guido: And what are you hinting at here, Guido? You know no more than anyone else here, or anywhere else, knows. Gerry’s family was here to go to the NYC premiere of The Bounty Hunter. They did not attend the one in London, so they came to NYC instead. I think they also went on to LA with him, as his Sister, Lynn, brother-in-law, Jim, and their two girls, Gerry’s nieces, Sarah and Neimh, were at the How To Train Your Dragon premiere. Some of you people are just too much, with your speculations and insinuations about Gerry’s life. NOBODY knows anything for sure about anything of his private life, it’s all speculation, nothing more. So stop your idiotic “hinting.” If you have facts to support what you say, let us have them, otherwise STFU.