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Gerard Butler Talks Jennifer Aniston Butt Grab

Gerard Butler Talks Jennifer Aniston Butt Grab

Gerard Butler talks about that infamous photo of him allegedly grabbing co-star Jennifer Aniston‘s butt on the River Seine in Paris.

“I’m a bit of a bad boy,” the 40-year-old Scottish stud tells the Johnjay and Rich radio show. “By the way, I’m still not sure my hand is really on her butt. I think that’s just the way the camera angled. I haven’t actually seen it.”

Gerry also denied again that he’s dating Jen: “Listen, it’s been two years of people saying that we’re a couple. It wouldn’t make any sense to be denying it for two years. If I was going out with Jennifer, I’d be more than happy to say that I’m going out with Jennifer.”

Gerard was promoting the #1 movie in the country right now, How To Train Your Dragon.

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  • dfdf

    well he didn’t really say anything.

  • Eh

    They’re friends who have sex doesn’t make them a couple. even I’m tried of hearing them asked about being a couple!

  • LeviKlein

    Please. This douche is so happy that people are mentioning this damn butt grab. Must be so proud of himself.

  • candi

    He’s an idiot

  • Mr Butler

    I’m sure he has standards and integrity. Good for you, Gerard, you can obviously do much better. Hope this nightmare of a Bounty Hunter promotion ends soon. Lesson learned I hope. Now go wash your hands again.

  • ka-blamo

    This is all around dumb. Yay!!

  • I think

    he has learned a lot from Bill Clinton’s example on how to talk about certain things

  • lp


  • lmao

    why did she name her perfume after his dog then? Is she gonna start stalking him now? Next comes the copying of outfits and jewelry? Maybe Angelina will get a rest from her now .

  • Crystal Maiden

    His lame comments about not dating Jennifer Aniston are wearing thin. I agree with the poster who said that he really didn’t say anything, and he hasn’t now for quite some time. I think all of this has been a cover up, and they have been a couple now for all this time, since the movie started, maybe even before then. Gerry has tried to cover his ass to protect his fan base because if he loses that, he’s lost it all. There is just too much evidence to support them being a couple, and not enough evidence to deny the fact. She has never denied it, she seems to encourage the rumors to continue and flourish. It’s going to hit his fans hard when they find out their beautiful, wonderful Gerry has been lying to them all this time. Three Mile Island will be tame in comparison to the global meltdown of the fannies who think he can do no wrong, is the paragon of virtue, and don’t forget the “beauty of his soul.”

  • http://j ivanka

    that pic! lol its so youcky

  • cece

    from the looks of that photo it seems as if he was trying to finger her butt

  • Lina

    @Crystal Maiden: There is just too much evidence to support them being a couple, and not enough evidence to deny the fact

    Read more:
    Then you haven’t followed Mr. Butler because he’s been seen kissing, partying, flirting and more with at least a zillion girls since they first started filming. If they were indeed a couple, she’s sad for putting up with his antics.
    But hey, this is what the studio and their PR want you to believe, that there’s lots of chemistry there so you can buy the sh!t they were trying to sell. Well done to them, not so much to you.

  • tst tst

    Poor Gerry.. look at what you have gotten yourself into.. See Bradley Cooper would not work with her.. You know she wanted him in The Bounty Hunter first. But Bradley is a smart guy.. Would not get caught up in her games.. But Poor Gerry boo he needs to learn and this experience will be it.

    He needs to know that he will forever be linked to her. She is like a leach..

  • argh

    Actually Aniston showed up at Lax wearing a bead bracelet. It looks exactly like the one Gerard was wearing in the DA picture


    So he’s not “going out with her”, yeah we get it, they are just casual bed buddies. Cause you don’t go and put your fingers in a friends butt if you had respect for her.

  • bri

    @tst tst: He didn’t make a mistake. It made him a household name vs. “that guy from 300.” He knew what he was doing and he got what he wanted, to be an international star who is in every magazine. I don’t think he regrets it in the least.

  • it is clear

    the more we complain about threads on this subject the more we’re going to get


    tst tst, agree with you totally.
    Gerry should have known better then to agree to work with her and he must regret it now. Bradley Cooper had the sense not to. Gerry has got more famous fine, but at the cost that his acting has been cheapened by her, he’s more like some trashy over exposed celeb now when he could have been better then that.

  • happy girl

    I’ve had enough!!!!!!! Wrinklyy butt grab..who cares??!!

  • it’s mean

    jen doesn’t want him!
    although all the chemistry
    jen in not a teenager… she knows who gerry is and knows what she wants… It’s better in that way, despite all the passion and attraction…

  • sooo

    Gerry does not want her!! She is not his type! He likes young, tall, dark and beautiful.

  • liz

    @tst tst: a can feel poison in your words……

  • Stupid thread

    JJ – you are getting pathetic.

  • ann

    jen does not want gerry as a lover… just as a friend…

  • Someone

    certainly is hard to resist jennifer aniston

  • Keeping with Jen

    The Bracelet wearing seems to start right after Mexico. Huvane was wearing it there too. Maybe it was just a token for the birthday suare. On the interview with BH they seem to switch off to who wears it. I believe that there is something going on but they are keeping it private. G is secretive with his romance but Jen has not dated anyone in the Open since JM. It’s quite coincedental that they both AD withing a few months of each other. Hasn’t she met his mother and spoken with his brother on the phone?

  • jagb

    he is hiding something…

  • wich interview exactly?

    @Keeping with Jen:

    Gerry was wearing the bracelet on the How You Train Your Dragon press junket.

  • Dawn

    @tst tst:

    What is this suppose movie that Bradley wouldn’t do with her? You can’t be talking about TBH because Bradley and Jen had dinner while she was filming it. And it can’t be The Baster because she filmed that before TBH.

  • daffodil

    I think they are a couple covering it up there is so much chemistry between two of them there were photos of jen dancing flameco in a madrid night club gerard was there photos of them hugging and arms around each other all those photos looking at each other with love sick eyes they are not that good actors They must be more than friends GOOD LUCK JEN AND GERRY.

  • Keeping with Jen

    Let’s just say he wore the bracelet in Brazil. He’s been wearing it on the BH junket look the youtube not only that People magazine Pics of Jen’s Birthday she is wearing the same bracelet.

  • Mary t

    Not buying his explanation…there is more than just the one photo from the boat ride. Ramey has the shots and they show them moving their hands around and he has his hand cupping her butt and then finally they both end up putting their hands in each other’s back pockets. That’s the shot everyone should be running with…don’t know why no one hasn’t snapped that up. Very odd. I think they are at the very least friends with benefits, but possibly something more. See below for proof:

  • X

    it was delicious…

  • Keeping with Jen

    One more thing during BH premiere in London during his GMTV interview in the studio when asked if he and Jen were dating look at him look down the ground.

  • Lina

    @Keeping with Jen: yeah cause he’s sick and tired of answering about this. Jenhens, don’t you always say how Jen doesn’t need a man to be happy and how strong and independent she is?
    Why are you always trying to pair her up then? What good is that? They’ve been denying this sh!t for over a year now. A YEAR! They’re not stupid people. They had to sell this movie in every way they could and it’s still not paying off as well as the studio had hoped. If they indeed were a couple and decided to confirm it now, they would both look like ass-es.
    Get over it. And the whole bracelet thing? Are you kidding me? How old are you? 12? You guys are too easy.

  • Nat

    DESPERATE,,,have even a little respect and decency to yourself,
    JEN !

  • Witch

    Mary t: Thanks for those pics. Interesting.

  • Lina

    MichaelK on Dlisted is too funny.
    Gerard Butler On Giving Aniston The Shocker
    On the Johnjay and Rich radio show this morning, Gerard Butler was asked about the picture of him giving Jennifer Aniston’s cu.lito a poke in Paris. Instead of just stamping that picture with “THE BUTLER DID IT,” Gerry laughed that sh-t off:
    “I’m a bit of a bad boy. By the way, I’m still not sure my hand was really on her but.t. I think that’s just the way the camera was angled. I actually haven’t seen it.”
    Gerry also denied that he spends his nights at Jennifer Aniston’s house where they play fake husband and wife, “If I was going out with Jennifer, I’d be more than happy to say I’m going out with Jennifer — it’s just not true.”
    Back to the but.t bang thing, methinks this is just Gerry’s way. Gerry’s finger just has a mind of its own. If you’re standing next to Gerry, you’re going to get an impromptu prostate exam. Because of this, Gerry shouldn’t be surprised when Tommy Girl shows up at his side and refuses to leave.

  • ellie’

    wow now the butt incident will never end.. get a life ..LOL

  • ivermom

    LOL! I think it is funny….looks like the like each others butt’s according to the other pics! They were definately feelin a little ‘frisky’ that night. Wonder what they did after they left if they could not keep their hands off each other during pictures. haha. Who cares if they admit a relationship or not…I think it is best to leave it at what it is, they do not owe ANY of us an explanation.

  • gotta be kidding

    I think sex is defintely going on, and poor Jen wishes it could be more, she probably fell in love with him, but I don’t think she is the one who could make him an honest man. She’ll just have to settle for just the sex and move on. You will soon see him in a pic with with another one of his chickies, like at lunch with his parents, or another random “violin girl” act, or flirting with the strippers telling them how good they are at what they do. hehe.

  • Poor Gerry….

    Oh dear! Gerry is well caught into Jennifer Aniston’s world: photo ops and PR games over and over again. Why on earth is he talking about a picture he “hadn’t actually seen?” Why on earth is he talking about “camera angle” about a picture he hadn’t seen?
    Give me a break! By the second TMZ published this photo, plainly taken with his fingers on her a** Huvane must have called Maniston and yelled how this stupid Gerry ruined their plan, and then Maniston desperately pressed Gerry to talk about it to the press.
    He he Maniston and Huvane didn’t see it coming! Gerry is no Vince Vaughn to get trapped by the poor broken hearted left aloe wife, before realising her true nature and go by himself find a girl who knows what is love! Gerry is no Owen Wilson who would not say a single word or show anything but gently grin when she Maniston posed with her hands layed on every part of his body “to prove the (inexistent) chemistry between them during Marley&Me promotion! Gerry is no John Mayer that Maniston could hire for the Oscars just not to appear desperate and lonely while Brad & Angie were nominated! No. Gerry is none of them. Gerry just put his fingers where they have already been, and Gerry doesn’t give a damn, Gerry doesn’t love her. Who loves her? They just go out with her and then leave her.
    But Gerry is afraid of Huvane. What if he sells crap stories about me? After all her boss I name Maniston is one of the richest in Hollywood. She will go and cry to Oprah about how bad I am …Then Gerry is forced to go and tell this crap to the press. But he is not convincing. He does not know how to lie. And his hand or should I say his fingers don’t know Maniston and Huvane’s strategy.

  • ytsejam

    Filming of The Bounty Hunter was Filming started in June 2009 and wrapped in September 2009. Bradley Cooper and JA were seen together in May and June. She could have very well been pitching him to be in the movie.

  • Nina

    @Crystal Maiden:
    LOL! What?? And exactly what evidence is there of them being a couple? NONE.

  • bet

    on this picture jennifer is giggling a lot , something is up there. May be giggling at the whole world on her ass, may be giggling at something she hide. bye again haterrs.

  • tst tst


    yeah right. an International STAR. Nobody is talking about the movie, except to say how bad it is. No one is talking about his acting.. the only thing they are talking about is his finger in her as* and if they are sleeping together. Yeah he is on the blogs and gossip sites. But only now instead of the guy from 300.. he is the that may be banging Aniston and perhaps lying about it.. You call that a step up. I don’t. He will be hounded with these questions every time he has an interview. Every time he is seen with her or any woman. Plus anyone he dates from now on will be compared to that woman. Gerry breaks Jenny’s heart, Gerry cheats on Jen. Why won’t Gerry marry Jen. Jen’s heartbreak over Gerry’s new relationship.. Gerry and Jen their romantic get away. Why Jen said no..

    Get the point. yeah it seems fun now, but watch this is not going to be a plus for him..

  • A nonny mouse

    I don’t understand how any man can be attracted to a woman with such a ugly, ugly face as Jennifer has. I mean really, everything about her face is ugly. Ugly eyes, horrible nose, ugly ears, thin lips and last but definitely not least that HIDEOUS infamous chin! *shudder*

    She has a cute body but that’s also the only thing.

  • cubfan34

    They have no chemistry.

  • bet

    Poor Gerry

    It is unbearable to see haters getting out of contorl. trying to grap anything left and right, just to make a point . funny.