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Katherine Heigl & Naleigh Kelley: Playground Party!

Katherine Heigl & Naleigh Kelley: Playground Party!

Katherine Heigl spends some quality mother-daughter time with Naleigh Kelley as they spend some time in the playground and shopping on Friday (April 30) in Malibu, Calif.

Katherine, 31, pushed Naleigh on the swings and the 17-month-old cutie seemed to really enjoy it!

Check out Naleigh‘s cute pigtails!

Next up for Katherine is the movie, One For the Money.

FYI: Kat is using her Baby Jogger City Mini Stroller!

15+ pictures inside of Katherine Heigl and daughter Naleigh Kelley enjoying a playground party…

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katherine heigl naleigh kelley playground party 01
katherine heigl naleigh kelley playground party 02
katherine heigl naleigh kelley playground party 03
katherine heigl naleigh kelley playground party 04
katherine heigl naleigh kelley playground party 05
katherine heigl naleigh kelley playground party 06
katherine heigl naleigh kelley playground party 07
katherine heigl naleigh kelley playground party 08
katherine heigl naleigh kelley playground party 09
katherine heigl naleigh kelley playground party 10
katherine heigl naleigh kelley playground party 11
katherine heigl naleigh kelley playground party 12
katherine heigl naleigh kelley playground party 13
katherine heigl naleigh kelley playground party 14
katherine heigl naleigh kelley playground party 15
katherine heigl naleigh kelley playground party 16

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  • Anna

    Oh my gosh, this is the cutest thing I have EVER seen. I adore Katherine- she’s a phenomenal actress- and it looks like she was born to be a mom!!! Naleigh is precioussssss.

  • WW

    so adorable!

  • Camilla

    Wahoo so Cute!

    Btw nice thong Katherine ;)

  • holly

    What’s this for a dress?! Weird…

  • Zeiss

    Kid is cute, Heigl is not wearing that shapeless dress and fug boots. You know she’s sweating in them.

  • hong kong

    this baby is just so so so cute I wanna pinch her cheeks :) She is really cute!

  • Mia

    What an adorable baby. Naleigh is a cutie pie. So lovely mommy-daughter.

  • Steven Webster

    Darn that kid is cute :)

  • annieRich

    What a cute baby. Heigl, not so much.

  • Sammie

    That kid is so fugly, especially the no-eyes. Yuck.

  • niwatori

    That baby is so cute :D

  • beanie

    That is the ugliest dress I’ve EVER seen! She looks like a bat. How can anyone leave the house dressed like that???

  • Oreo

    Has Katherine gained weight? Kinda looks like that.

  • Shelbie

    Weird dress, very weird, did she wear any underwear on the second pics?

  • Oreo

    @hong kong: The baby is Korean…

  • shoegal

    sammie, racist much? your attitude is fugly.

  • francesa


    You’re nasty. Horrible ugly pig.

  • Caroline

    They look cute, but the dress is weird.

    @Shelbie She’s wearing a bra, that’s all I guess

  • pj

    Naleigh is so cute! So is the other baby that Katherine was holding.

  • @ shoegal and francesca

    Well, the poor kid has slits for eyes. Racist? Nope. I’m just telling the truth.
    And what a ridiculous thing to say that I’m ugly, ROFL! You don’t even know what I look like. I’m definitely NOT ugly btw :)

  • Good


  • scrug

    cute girl!


    Dear Gawd, she has borrowed her grandmother’s Mau-Mau.

  • Ana

    Baby cute but the dress KH is wearing HAS to go. Ugly ugly.

  • lexy hates bilson

    JJ you need to stop paying for pics of celeb parents at the park. Show a little respect!! It’s not appropriate for the paps to stalk mothers with children!

  • Oprahsboobs

    There is something wrong looking with that kid.
    Is it slow?

  • denise

    I can’t stand this nasty woman. But the baby is precious. I just hope the mothers nastiness and conceitedness does not rub off on her.

  • troi

    @@ shoegal and francesca @ 05/01/2010 at

    Maybe you have outside beauty, but you are certainly mean and ugly on the inside.

  • denise

    Why isn’t anyone saying this child should not have been taken out of China?

    Every time a celebrity adopts an African child, people always say they child was kidnapped and should stay in their own country. The child is an accessory. The child is a bought pet.

    Why don’t people say these things when a child from Asia or Europe is adopted by celebrities?

  • Jenn

    #29….Also people always say, when an African child is adopted. Why don’t these celebrities adopt American children?
    You never hear that when children are adopted from Eastern Europe, Asia.

    It is racism.

  • Jenn

    Also why isn’t the Natl Enquirer, or the Sun looking for this child’s birth mother, to say, she was kidnapped, like they do when an African child is adopted.

    They never look for Asian and European adoptees birth parents.

  • sam

    The girl is super cute. But what is KH wearing?? Got extra pounds to hide? (Newsflash: wearing such a hideous shapeless dress only accentuates extra weight)
    She adopted, but she seems to have pregnancy weight to lose lol

  • Sarah

    Supe Cute!!!

  • mimi235

    awwwww she is SO adorable!!!!!

  • sarah

    Poor baby! Heigl is an IDIOT!

  • Marie

    Cute baby !

    But, why did she take the nanny with her? Can’t she take care of her baby alone, as any other mom ? Weird …

    Boots & dress are ugly. All that kind of fashin attitude makes me laught : she’s wearing boots and long dress wherease everyone around her is wearing flip-flops ans light shirts …

  • Marie

    I have my answer : she takes the nanny with her because she doesn’t want to carry the stroll and the baby bag … Logical!

  • Maritza

    Her daughter is a cutie pie! I wonder who is the baby boy? Is she planning to adopt another baby?

  • Sweetie


    It’s not the nanny, it’s her Korean sister with her sister’s babay boy!!!

  • Sweetie

    The baby boy is her Korean sister’s baby!!! Heigl has an adopted Korean sister and the sister had a baby.

  • Marie

    @Sweetie: You’re sure ? Cause on the 1st pic we can’t see any other baby, as in the picture where the pink-tshirt lady is pushing the stroll.
    But maybe you”re right, I do not her family ;)

  • Taylo

    what was she thinking??

  • Natalie
  • Nile

    What a cutie pie!!

  • Amy Seeker

    When did Katie quit smoking?

  • Raichill

    Katherine’s dress and boots are hideous. I don’t think anyone would look nice in that dress though. Her daughter is a cutie.

  • Mara Jade

    Just another White Hollywood actress adopting a non-white baby in order to show the world just how unprejudiced and anti-racist and caring and blah blah she is. With all the poor White kids in this country in need of adoption or those in Eastern European orphanages, why is it that actors always get non-white kids? Publicity, that’s why. So-called “anti-racist” liberals are the true bigots, for they act all morally superior and high and mighty, when they actually are nothing but condescending, patronizing attention wh**res. “Look at me – I’m better than all of you. I’ve got such a big heart that I actually adopt poor little orphans from Asia or Africa or whatever.” That child would have been much better off adopted by an Asian couple, with whom she’d have something in common. Psychologists admit that kids are best off being raised by someone of their own cultural/racial background.

  • whoop-de-doo

    @Mara Jade:
    I agree Mara. These white celebrites treat asian and black kids like pets or fashion statements

    Ooh, what’s in now – kids from subsaharan africa! And now – its kids from Korea!

    Sad, really. Seomone ought ot complain.

  • Mara Jade

    Because the White celebrities adopt non-white kids specifically to make a political statement and for publicity purposes.

  • sunaqua

    In the 2nd picture I thought at first it was the nanny–I mean, look at her butt, its HUGE!! And she has a double chin. Bad bad picture.