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Leo DiCaprio: Cigar Aficionado

Leo DiCaprio: Cigar Aficionado

Leonardo DiCaprio puffs away at a cigar during a boys’ night out in West Hollywood on Saturday (May 8). Looks like no were girls allowed this time around!

The 35-year-old actor and his buddies played table games — chess? backgammon? — while watching the Los Angeles Lakers semi-finals game on the big screen.

The Lakers defeated the Utah Jazz at the EnergySolutions Arena in a 111-110 victory (to take 3-0 series lead).

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Credit: The Media Circuit; Photos: INFdaily
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  • ck

    I think the cigar has something to do with a penis.

  • Catarina

    Gorgeous man!!! Benfica just won the championship! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Quem fala mal do clube campeão, ou é de inveja ou é de mágoa! =)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) Beijos!

  • MB

    what a man thing to do.

  • lol

    No girlfriend and Leo looks happy and has fun! Who would have seen it coming? lol
    I don`t like him smoking either cigarettes or cigars. I know it`s not easy but I wish he could quit.

  • Lisa rose

    and now the break up talks will start…… LOL!!! ((:

  • stop smoking

    Stop smoking Leo – it lowers your sperm count!!! It also affects motility and viability of sperm. You may meet a non-model airhead someday and want to have a kid. Just say no!
    The sperm of men who smoke may be misshapen and may move more slowly than those of nonsmokers. Smoking can also damage your sperm’s DNA. Experts suspect such damage could even affect a baby’s growth and development and increase a child’s chance of having certain health problems, including cancer. And chewing tobacco isn’t safe either — it also may cause low sperm counts and damage. As if that weren’t enough, tobacco use can increase erectile dysfunction. Research shows men who both smoke and drink alcohol have lower sperm counts and motility than do men with either habit alone.

  • Lisa rose

    seems like its Jona’s son there with them (with the grey shirt)

  • Stand by Me

    Ah, Leo look’n Smooth here, ~ Is that Wil Wheaton? ~ Train!!!!!!!!

  • @5

    I hope so! :)) And hopefully they will be true! :)) Leo looks the best without what`s-her-name!


    I love you handsome Leo!

  • mimi

    Smoking is disgusting. People think it’s “cool” to get cancer from a phallic image.
    I am sure the boys and Leo “ordered” women later.

  • coco

    Thanks for all the Leo posts Jared!
    Less Bar posts with her scrunched up freckled face – those we could do without!!

  • hmm

    I guess the cigar smoke is one reason he looks so much older than his age

  • blah

    I think he is so hot.

  • Helen

    To “stop smoking” that applies to cigarettes and not cigars, which you don’t inhale

  • kay

    omg leo u ar sooo hot!!!

  • ping

    hmmm wonder is barf like out of town or something???

  • jay

    haha leo is such a player…he has such an aora of player coming off him!

  • huh

    man this is such a boys night out if i ever saw one

  • scrug

    i believe he wanted to stop smoking!!!


    Wow – they all look so manly and straight – NOT.

  • stop smoking

    Many people view cigar smoking as more sophisticated and less dangerous than cigarette smoking. Yet one large cigar can contain as much tobacco as an entire pack of cigarettes. Cigar smokers who have smoked cigarettes are more likely to inhale.
    Cigar smoking can cause cancers of the mouth and throat, even if you do not inhale.
    Cigar smoking can cause lung cancer and heart disease.
    Tobacco use increases the risk of infertility, stillbirth, and low birth weight.
    Cigars are not a safe alternative to cigarettes.
    Tobacco smoke increases the risk of lung cancer and heart disease, even in non-smokers.

  • LT

    He looks like a douche.

  • Brasil

    I hate see Leo smoking, cigars or cigarretes, what’s the difference? they both are not good for healthy, so Leo please stop smoking for good of your healthy! I think he looks gross smoking, I don’t like! I love him but smoke is disgusting, he should stop! well I read somewhere he stop with the cigarrete but continuing smoking cigars will not help him to quit! Leo STOP PLEASE! just one good thing that he’s seeing his friends, that’s nice!

  • He is looking fat and older than his age these days.

  • Meg@nFoxxF@n

    Wow this is the most relaxed pics of Leo I seen in weeks…but minus the Joker of course…..But the more U look at these photos…the more interesting they become……It’s something in his EYES??….It’s like he’s giving off a Mysterious, Erotic Bad Boy vibe??…hummmm ;)

  • Brasil

    Catarina, você é de Portugal?

  • hater
  • crazy b

    Notice how Leo NEVER speaks about Bar publicly like she made a speech about him and their breakup. He NEVER supports her modeling stuff like the MET ball or fashion shows or goes to Israel after that one time. This is a totally one sided relationship and he is not that into it. I am surprised it is still going on. It will end eventually.

  • Nice

    Good to see Leo having a boys night finally. I noticed he doesn’t really go to the clubs now he just prefers sports bars. It’s good he still can have fun with friends. I’m sure bar let him have some time for himself like most couples do. Bar probably had her own girls night. Anyways I’m sure Leo and bar had a good mother’s day with leo’s mom irmelin. I wonder who these friends are? Whatever happened to Lukas, Kevin and tobey?

  • Interesting

    Leo always looks not very cheerful in pics these pics included. I’m sure he was having a good time but he never looks it lol. I bet he saw the paps or something, he doesn’t look like he’s having fun but I’m sure he was having a blast! He’s good at that

  • @Interesting

    Lol ya Leo never looks happy in pics because he either knows the paparazzi is there or has a feeling they might be hiding around. Either way he never really shows that much emotion. We all know he enjoys his friends, I wish he was smiling in these pictures or something. It’s the same thing when he’s with his girlfriend too he’s really self
    conscious of someone watching him I guess. If we saw him at his house it would be a different story lol.

  • Cool

    I also wonder what Leo and Bar did with irmelin for mother’s day. ThAt’s nosy I know lol. I’m still really happy Leo and bar are able to spend so much time together, obviously it’s because bar took a really long break from modeling. I’m sure all this time together allowed them to do some amazing bonding. I’m sure bar and irmelin are really close by now they looked really cute together at the cinema of peace event. That’s why I’m sure the three of them had a fun mother’s day!

  • Come on

    WHERE’S LUKAS HAAS! man the only time i get to see him is when he’s with leo. I’m sorry but i think lukas is soo hott, WAY hotter than leo. someone needs to tell leo that he needs to start hanging out with his hot friend in public again. Well where the paprazi can get picture hehheh.


  • jessie gross james

    ya its weird Leo has stopped going out to the clubs and now it looks like he has a new crew of friends (which i’m pretty sure are old friends that we don’t see) Actually to be honest i miss when he would go out to those dance clubs because we could see more of him. now i think he just spends time with that chick, i heard she lives with him now…

  • Come on

    But seriously does anybody know whats up with lukas? i find it really disturbing because we use to see pics of leo and lukas like almost every week but so far this whole year we rarely see any if any. Not even any sightings its like lukas doesn’t exist if he’s not with leo. Now whenever we do see anything concerning leo its usually associated with Bar Refaeli. i find that really annoying because i love lukas. Can people please post lukas news if you find any. thanks.

  • mandy

    All you barf lovers from 30-36,don’t worry! Leo and Barfie will break up soon enough and then you can follow Barfie whereabout sall DAY LONG!!!! Who knows? Maybe she’s in Israel now?!?!:) As to Leo not going to clubs…wtf!?!?!?!….I dont know wtf you people are talking about? The man can’t take a break?!?! Or do something else like play board games?!?! lol I’m suuure he still loves clubbing and I’m suuure Lukas is still around and you know what is best of all?!?! LUKAS WILL BE AROUND LONG AFTER BARFIE IS GONE! HAHA! :)

  • lilli

    leo is always in the goal sports bar. and the goal sports bar is the new bar of lukas haas. the guy who was with leo and bar buying a pool table was lukas haas little brother. and on the pics you can see milan, (in the grey shirt) the son of leos long-time friend. leo has the same friends as always. and leo goes also to clubs. he was seeing in club trousdale often now. there were sightings with lindsay lohan and paris hilton. and leo was in las vegas last week and there was a leo – sigfhting at a nightclub, too.

  • mandy

    and barfie did not take a break from modeling. She’s not modeling because NO JOBS are being offered to her because of her oh so classy subway sandwich shot and dead fish eye photos!! I do believe Playboy and Penthouse have contacted Barfie though. Its not like modeling jobs are hard workd that take months and months to do! A couple days the most! lol Leo would NEVER not take a job for Barfie which does take months and months!! lol When Leo dumps her azz she’s going to be real screwed for sure!!!!

  • mandy

    @lilli: and he was also clubbing in MIami which prooves he still goes to clubs but these barf lovers don’t know what’s coming just like the coming “break up” that is going to hit them over their heads in no time!!

  • Jess

    I know that it’s bad for you to smoke but Leo looks hot doing it <3 :D

  • rossy40

    I highly doubt he gives a damn what ANY of you think re: smoking cigars or cigarettes – He’s NOT related to anyone posting here. And he never claimed to be a saint & therefore is entitled, like other mere mortals, to have vices. Better lighting up a cigar once in awhile than driving drunk or overdosing.
    Must be tiring being perfect & having absolutely NO FAULTS whatsoever.

  • wow

    Just because you don`t read about it it doesn`t mean that Leo doesn`t go to clubs anymore… I`m pretty sure he does.
    I can`t remember where but I read that Lukas was/is making a movie in Austing, TX so maybe that`s why he is so absent these days…
    @30 `I’m sure bar let him have some time for himself…` Barf lets him? Like he needs her permission or something? LMAO! Are you delusional?

  • @93

    Barf taking a break from modeling? Or simply nobody wants to hire the sandwich girl? lol
    Barf and Irmelin close? Irmelin was close with Gisele, they were seen out together in public. How often do you see them together without Leo? Never. If that`s what close means to you… They looked cute at a public event? Maybe only for the cameras? Don`t we just love it how these Barf fans ( I`m fairly sure it was only one with diff. names ) come up with these ideas? Whatever makes you happy! lol

  • twilight

    @@93: its not like she had a busy schedule to begin with in her “IT” days! lol

  • wow

    @rossy40: You should take it easy. Nobody said the we were or he was perfect ( he is dating Barf so clearly he is not perfect ) but why is it such a big deal that his fans wish he would quit smoking whatever he smokes? Even if he doesn`t give a d*mn about our comments we have an opinion that we wanna share. With your attitude all sites like this should be closed because celebs don`t care about the comments posted…
    @32 You see I don`t think you necessarily need to be in his house to see Leo differently. Just look at him when he is out with his friends or family in public and you`ll see him different than he is with Barf. Or look at his old photos with Gisele.
    @35 Yeah, there are rumors that she moved in with him and apparently that`s all the `supermodel` does these days… lol

  • @33

    I just saw an article about Leo and Barf. They indeed went to Malibu for a Mother`s Day lunch with Irmelin yesterday. They look just as cold and distant next to each other as usual. The article mentions ( based on google translation ) that Leo didn`t really bring the two women together because apparently they don`t really like each other. The article does mention that it`s getting better between them but it doesn`t sound like Irmelin and Barf are `close`.

  • Catarina

    Yes, I am, Brasil. =) Benfica!

    It’s obviously bad for him that he smokes, but it’s not like he’s te devil for it. Relax, people. He’s a big boy and he can decide what is bad for him and what risks he’s willing to take.

    I’m sure he’s well aware of all the consequences, and I bet he’s tried his best to quit. Apparently it’s just not that easy.

  • stela

    to @33

    where did you read that?

  • Catarina

    That sh*t has gotta leave a horrible taste in that beautiful mouth tough.

    That kid should probably not be around all that smoke. I have never smoked a single cigar in my entire life and I have the lungs of a smoker (all messed up), thanks to people close to me who smoke all the time… so yeah, smoke all you want, but leave the kid at home! =S