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Gerard Butler: CHOKED While Singing

Gerard Butler: CHOKED While Singing

Gerard Butler hops on stage and sings his heart out while a mystery man playfully chokes him at a party at the Cinema nightclub on Monday night (May 10) in Belgrade, Serbia.

The 40-year-old Scottish stud has been in town to film his new movie, Coriolanus.

Last week, Gerry was spotted kissing a mystery blonde. He most certainly attracts a lot of attention from the women in Serbia!

Just Jared on Facebook
gerrad butler choked while singing 01
gerrad butler choked while singing 02
gerrad butler choked while singing 03
gerrad butler choked while singing 04

Credit: Srdjan Stevanovic; Photos: Wireimage
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  • Yes


  • LauraS

    @Pictures?: on the kissing thread there is a link to facebook were there are some pics of Gerry…so check it out if you’re on facebook here—>

  • Lolita

    wow. I’m sad to hear that.

  • Pictures?

    @LauraS: Thanks!

  • Lolita

    so in the last thread we talked about his lingering parade of ex-girlfriends and how he likes all types of girls, even short ones like Gina. In this thread, we’re talking about him having 3-somes and supposedly shagging older women, 20 years his senior (Anna Wintour, Donatella, etc). So what’s the bottom line with this guy? What’s what?

  • Ivory

    Do you mean Gina Philips?

  • Lolita

    no Gina Rubinette, G’s makeup artist and ex-girlfreind. In the previous post it was discussed that she is Jessica Simpson’s height (5’1”). Here is a picture of her with Evan Hart, her new boyfriend, if that’s to be believed.
    who is Gina Philips and what’s her connection to the G-man?

  • bubu

    he is so funny and crazy

  • sukar

    @Old Mia:

    Well if you decide to visit Egypt, let me know and I will tell you the best places to go and all the dos and don’ts. There are lots of don’ts in Egypt :)

  • yes

    please tell us about the don’ts – i want to visit Egypt this summer



    Did you walk like an Egyptian? Sorry, such a bad joke! All kidding aside, hope you did have fun.

  • justsayin’

    @Funny girl: There’s a distinction between shriveling up and dying and acting like you’re trying to be 20 when you long passed that point. It’s called having class.

    You can have fun at 40 and act like you’re 40. George Clooney has proven that. Paul Newman proved it. 40 isn’t dead.

    Acting like you’re 20 when you’re 40 makes you look like a fool. Anyone with an ounce of dignity and maturity in their own right can see from that video that he looks like a fool.

    Grow up Gerry. If your gray hair and wrinkles aren’t enough of a hint, we JJers will tell you. You’re not a boy anymore.

  • highbloodpressure

    Look how red his head is. I think they’re right about his blood pressure.

  • she

    Egypt is so close and I it’s not even an option for me to go visit.

  • bed post

    Gerry probably does have high blood and it was discovered (again?) when he was in Belgrade. On another site a Serb wrote that there was a photo of him, right after he got out of the clinic, that showed a band-aid on his arm where an IV would have been. The photo was only published in a magazine, think it was ALO, and never made it online.
    That story Gerry told his mom about going to the doctor because of breathing problems might be true but its probably not the whole story.

  • Jessica Simpson’s Farts

    Remember when she farted at that event a few months ago and it was national news? Gerry’s would be INTERNATIONAL and the people who got to smell it would be interviewed by Larry King and awarded honorary plaques at the Butler Convention in Vegas.
    I hear the GALS have planned a special tribute to the fug toss-aways Bianca Jasmine Kristi Alicia Laurie Beatrice Martina Shanna PigPorkerChops.
    AND as a special bonus the “winner” (snickers) of the DatewGerard will be canonized as a saint on GALS.

  • news

    Machine Gun Preacher, starring Gerard Butler, is also set to begin filming in Michigan in mid-July. Butler, who is currently filming Coriolanus in Serbia, will play Sam Childers, a former drug-dealing biker tough guy who found God and became a crusader for hundreds of Sudanese children who’ve been forced to become soldiers.

  • news

    Gerard’s just a big sweaty man who loves drinking and shagging
    Posted by: 3am 11/05/10 05:32 pm Tags:

    Our hopes for Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler died a long time ago (well, a few weeks back, but we like being dramatic). He clearly isn’t ready to commit to our Jen. Ergh, we sound like a sycophantic ladies’ mag.

    But it’s not just Jen he’s fobbing off by snuggling up to this neck-sniffing ginger lady, he’s letting down Martina Rajic – who was the love of his life last week. The blonde Serbian model said: “Gerard told me he did not expect Serbian girls to be like me.”

    Hmm, he obviously didn’t look very far, because he found this lady in a different Serbian joint, just a few days later.

    Look at the big drunken lout. If only we didn’t fancy him, we’d call him something like a big, sweaty drunken lout.

  • LOL


    No Ivory not Gina Phillips – Jeannia/Gina Robinette – Gina Phillips is a whole other story ha ha . For those new to Gerry Gina was the white female he was spotted with in those gorgeous pics from the LA cafe in 2005?? white shirt/jeans – he is also photographed with a black female I think called Cassie?? – both are actresses – Gina was female lead in Jeepers Creepers. Can’t recall which one he had his hands down the back of their jeans when they were hugging. Never seen him with her much after 2005.

  • sallyo

    So Gerry has been farting loudly in the general direction of several fans? the brute!!

    I am waiting for Martina to confirm what exactly his farts smell like because you know she wrote it in her diary under ‘how to milk every last drop of gerry juice’.

    im so surprised he doesn’t have a baby momma crawling out of the woodwork . jeffrey dean morgan has 2 and he isn’t half as bad as gerry.

    i cannot believe he slept with anna wintour – PLEASE! you think anna would put up with some philandering, bad karaoke-singing, farter? there’s no way that would happen. no. way.

  • Merlin

    @Manny: Gina – so she is still his makeup artist… so we have her to blame for the tangerine dream that Gerry is on the red carpet… bad Gina… hehe :)
    * * *
    You rock girl!! So we know why sometimes he’s orange… it’s when Gina is in a bad mood and wants to have a bit of revenge… *evil grin*
    Beautiful post!! Good morning to you too!!
    @Fritz the Cat: Leonida’s look isn’t my favorite but I have to admit.. wow, I breathed slowly looking at that picture…. ;-)

  • Cora

    As far as Gina and GB holding hands in a video in 2009, I would really want to see the video first. I don’t doubt the sincerity of the person who saw it. I’m sure that’s their honest take on the video. The problem is I’ve heard things like this before. Someone said GB was holding hands with Laurie. I looked at the photo and it was clear to me they weren’t. Someone saw GB holding hands with Martina. I looked at the photo in question and they weren’t. I’ve written about his before, with two-dimensional images it can be very easy for some to see hand-holding and others to look at the same footage and not see any.
    With regard to GB needing to get permission from a g/f to go clubbing. I take that one with a huge grain of salt. I’m sure that’s what GB told his friend, but I’ll bet anything it was just an excuse he made up so his friend wouldn’t be disappointed. He probably did something else that night and didn’t want to hurt his friend’s feelings. I think we’ve all told little white lies to get out of social engagements. There are photos of GB clubbing and partying all year round. It’s obvious he doesn’t get permission from anyone to go out.


    I think “girlfriend” is code for Alan. He’s the one G need permission from. he he

  • Love the G-man
  • Cora

    @THE BUTLER DID IT……..AGAIN: I know! With all the speculation about GB and his various long-term friendships, his relationship with Alan is the one I find the most intriguing. I don’t think there’s anything sexual. I don’t believe GB is gay for a second, but if he was I would think he would be with someone a lot prettier than Alan. I see Alan more as GB’s surrogate mother. I don’t know why but I’ve always had the feeling that Margaret and Alan get along really well.

  • Cora

    @Butler’s chart: GB did say that an ex-g/f was with him at the London TBH premiere and that they tried and failed to get together three times. We do know Gina accompanied GB to TBH promos. If GB and Gina were holding hands and re-kindling their romance at fashion week in 2009 then maybe this was their third bite at the apple. Especially if Gina is the one who keeps breaking up with Gerry. I can believe his ego would have a problem with that and he would be constantly trying to coax her back. The problem is the timeline doesn’t quite work out. If Gina’s b/f was in LAC then she would have already been involved with Evan Hart well before the photos at fashion week. Who knows maybe they all keep going and back forth with each other. LOL! There are people who thrive on emotional drama and chaos. Perhaps this is the case with this particular group of friends.

  • Cindy Lu

    there seems to be a lot of prudish people on here! I’m 37 far from shriveling up. My boyfriend farts lol, we have done karaoke in bars and left are ass off. everyone around gerard in the pics are mostly his age group. He seems like energetic social person who likes to have fun. He hasn’t done anything career ending in these pics. As far as clooney goes classy yes, lots of women yes, drinking yes. career full steam ahead.

  • Cindy Lu

    laughed** lol

  • Cindy Lu

    @Cindy Lu: left meaning laughed lol

  • sukar


    Don’t eat raw veggies or fruits, drink only bottled water, tip everyone, avoid anything with ice, drink lots of water because of the heat, dress conservatively and avoid Egyptian men in the tourism industry because they are not interested in you, they want your passport.


    There is actually an Egyptian walk. It is slow and aimless. I am Egyptian myself and can never keep up with the Aussies, they are way too fast :)

    Anyway, back to Gerry. My hubby is 40 and loves going out and having fun too. Being 40 doesn’t mean that you should sit home on a rocking chair. However, there is something very immature about Gerry’s behaviour. I am not sure what, but there is.

  • Cora

    @Cindy Lu: Not to worry! The lack of an edit feature means we all engage in creative spelling around here. It’s why I have a problem any time a spelling nanny appears on the thread. We all make typos and with the tiny font size in the posting window it’s very easy to miss them even after you proofread.
    I also don’t understand “f*art gate”. I don’t know anyone who has control over their f*arts 100% of the time. He was at the 300 premiere and likely nervous. Nerves = gas for most people. If he was dancing and the music was loud he may not have thought anyone heard it. There’s a lot I’ll criticize the man for, but an accidental public f*art here or there isn’t one of them. Given the pressure he was probably under when this film debuted, a good f*art probably made him feel better. LOL!


    @Love the G-man:
    That is just too funny! OMG I shouldn’t laugh bc of the real sh!t happening and it seems wrong, but that is clever.

    Well, at least with Alan, it does show he can make a long term commitment. Yes, I do suppose Marg has Alan over for tea and bagels. As far as the pretty, now c’mon you know G would never have anyone prettier than him by his side. *snort”

    @Cindy Lu:
    Girlfriend, ITAWY on this. My g-d, what people say and think. I mean it’s not like he’s crashing the kids party at Chucky Cheese and scarfing all the pizza. Thank g-d he doesn’t wear his c*ck hat backwards and then he fa rts. Oy! the shame!

  • Cora

    @sukar: I know what you mean. It’s not that he goes out clubbing, it’s the frequency of it. I don’t know any 40 year old that goes out clubbing as much as GB does and stays out all night each time. He doesn’t just do it on vacation. He’s out all night even when he’s working long hours on a film set or a press tour. He got incredibly run down during the LAC press tour and yet we were still hearing about him dragging his carcass back to his hotel at 3 am.


    Cool, I’m glad you weren’t offended. You may have said it before, but I didn’t even realize you were Egyptian. There may be a small part of Gerry that doesn’t quite want to grow up, I respect your point. I really just think he likes to have fun, be the life of the party, he appears to be very friendly, maybe overly friendly. If he were still living at home with mommy or was married w/children and shirking his duties as a parent and out doing this, I’d pop him a good one on the back of the head, but he’s not. I really don’t know. Hey, but that’s our Gerry.

    F@rt gate-LOL
    Officer-Now ma’am, can you tell me at what time this expelling of gas occured and where exactly you were standing? And did you see this gentleman’s face.

    Lady-Well, First of all, I”m very insulted it took you 45 mintues to arrive. I mean this is an emergeny. Someone f@rted in public and I haven’t been able to function. Officer, no I didn’t see his face, his back was to me, but I know what I heard. It was exactly at 9:57 PM and I’m so horrified at this, this horrible creature who did this. I’m calling my lawyer. I’m sure there must be some city ordinance.

  • Shallow & immature

    I know what you mean. It’s not that he goes out clubbing, it’s the frequency of it. I don’t know any 40 year old that goes out clubbing as much as GB does and stays out all night each time. He doesn’t just do it on vacation. He’s out all night even when he’s working long hours on a film set or a press tour. He got incredibly run down during the LAC press tour and yet we were still hearing about him dragging his carcass back to his hotel at 3 am.

    Read more:

    Contrast his behavior with let’s say…Angelina Jolie. Angelina drags her “carcass”(LOL @ the way you used the word) all over the world for humanitarian efforts whereas Gerard’s humanitarian efforts are all centered on pleasuring himself. He’s shallow and immature.

  • Scottish clown

    I really just think he likes to have fun, be the life of the party, he appears to be very friendly, maybe overly friendly.

    Read more:

    I think that’s the image he wants to convey but his way of going about it just ends up making him look juvenile and clownish to many people.

  • Iva Serbia

    HE IS JUST A N O R M A L P E R S O N!!!!!!

  • Fritz the Cat

    @Cora…..FA*RTGATE! Bwahahahahaaaa! Sh*it! My mascara!

    @Merlin…Not my favorite look either but since a lot of peeps were talking 300….lol!

    GH! Isn’t Cannes underway? Time to put on your reporter’s cap! We’re counting on you.


    @Scottish clown:
    I guess. Point taken. I really don’t know what to make of him. Some of the stuff does make me cringe, well mostly the singing and, some of the acting. Maybe I just look at things askew from most with a lot of cynicism or too much seriousness. So let him be a clown. A cute, sexy, Scottish bafoon.

    But then again, I’d rather play and laugh along with his antics than other celebs who are molesting children, trolling the internet for child p*rn, being busted for drug possession over and over, having numerous dui’s, abusing and mutilating animals, beating the cr@p out of their girlfriends or wives, having babies left and right with numerous people, having his genit als examined or shaved for public viewing, etc………and these people are around his age, too. I could go on and we all know the celebs the above are attached to. These are the ones who should be ridiculed.

    Right now, he’s having the time of his life. Maybe he is immature, maybe he’s not the man his fans, dectractors, etc. think he should be, maybe his tactis are juvenile. That’s for him to deal with. I don’t see him hurting anybody else or causing another living creature severe pain or agony or death.

    When this guy does sh*t like these other people, then I’ll judge more harshly and walk away.

    Now, you’ll please excuse me, I have to hop on board The Butler Express, he’ll be in Cannes soon and I don’t want to miss the fun.

  • gossiphound

    @justsayin’: I have no problem with the singing on stage quite frankly, me and my friends have fun at karoake occasionally just no one bothers to film it, thank god and we rock out at concerts, going dancing, even have a bit too much to drink on occasion. And often we are more fun than the kids, they are too busy trying to look cool or hook up. However we just don’t and can’t do that every single night and we aren’t out to sunrise either. Because you just can’t be effective at work and all your other responsibilities and maintain your health.

  • Cora

    Iva does get awfully mad at us doesn’t she? LOL! I think this is the third time she’s told us off!

  • gossiphound


    Well it was interesting that the one article indicated even his own people were not happy that once again the image put forth whilst doing a film that should signal a turn to a more serious commitment to acting or at least more serious roles was instead the same old same old party boy Gerry.

    It does have the potential to hurt his career which is the one thing he values we think above all else. Let’s say this movie comes out and all the critics say his performance is not up to par or not up to the other actors, the ones that seemed to stay out of the limelight if not out of the clubs, they could have been out there partying away but the Serbian press did not care, you know exactly what they are going to say next. Too bad Butler was too busying partying every night to take this role seriously. He blew a golden opportunity. Now if he puts in a stellar performance then clearly in this case his extracurricular did not affect his acting, this time.

  • Lyonna

    if he shoots in S.Africa such around Johannesburg or Cape Town there won’t be a need for a google translator. English is the main language, unless the articles are written in Afrikaans..
    But if he shoots in countries were Swahili is spoken such as: Kenya, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo, Zambia, Mozambique, Malawi, Rwanda and Burundi, Somalia, and the Comoro Islands. (You can scratch out those countries listed that aren’t part of S.Africa) then you better find a good translator which includes a Swahili to English!!

  • Lyonna
    I underestimated google, Swahili and Afrikaans are both listed in google translate! LMAO

  • Cora

    @THE BUTLER DID IT……..AGAIN: I understand what you’re saying. No crime has been committed (except for the pap incident) and no one is getting hurt. There may be a pile of models getting their egos bruised when they realise they weren’t “special”, but I’m not going to cry in my Corn Flakes for them. That’s why I do continue to be a fan of his. I’m not a fan of any of those people you listed. I don’t support John Mayer’s career, because even though he’s a womanizer/play boy like Gerry he has said same racist and misogynist things that really make me loathe him. Gerry for all his ho-bagging and foot-in-mouth disease in interviews has never crossed that line.
    I think we get concerned and frustrated because we look at his personal antics and worry about his career. We see some real potential early on in his work and wonder if his high-flying celeb lifestyle is why a lot of that potential is being squandered. As a fan it’s natural to want to kick him in his (rather lovely) rear end and remind him that fame is fleeting and the chatter out there from journalists and columnists is that his career is in some trouble.
    For all the actors you mentioned who are beating their g/f’s and siring kids in unstable homes, there are men like Hugh Jackman, Johnny Depp, Daniel Day-Lewis, Matt Damon, Robert Downey Jr., etc., who pulled themselves together and their careers have gone through the stratosphere. I want that for Gerry.

  • New to JJ Posting


    Excellent point GH. Those considering him for big budget films may decide he’s not worth taking that chance. If it seems his partying negatively impacts his performance, like any other employer they may take a pass. Gerry needs to seriously consider whether he wants to sustain the party/celeb image or whether he wants to cultivate a reputation as a serious actor. Party guy wears thin after awhile. Serious actor offers longevity.

    I think he’s actually a really good actor. He just needs to get into a good vehicle (again) and become known as a committed professional and not just the guy who gets poured out of his limo each morning and into a makeup chair. If he gave his all to a role I think Hollywood would see a truly impressive performance.

  • Merlin

    I see Alan more as GB’s surrogate mother. I don’t know why but I’ve always had the feeling that Margaret and Alan get along really well.
    * * *
    As always you read my mind Cora!!! ;-)

  • Merlin

    @Cora: Iva does get awfully mad at us doesn’t she? LOL! I think this is the third time she’s told us off!
    * * *
    Lol!! Another delusional butler’s gf in Serbia?? Muahahaha…Hey Iva, did you queue after Martina???

  • Kelly

    I’d PAY to hear this guy choke(as long as he doesnt die!). I LOOOVE Gerry Butler! People…esp women are also mean on the Vin Diesel websites, asking when is he going to grow up, marry, etc….. as if he was their personal property or something. I just enjoy both Vin & Gerry and their movies. Simple as that.

  • Fill In Name Here

    @Love the G-man: I’m still trying to figure out why he made TBH in the first place.

    @sukar: I agree. People like to have fun. I have no problem with that. In his case thought, remember the donut incident?

    @THE BUTLER DID IT……..AGAIN: Crashing the party at Chuck E Cheese’s – don’t give him any ideas. Then again, if we can think of, there’s a good chance it’s already been done.

    @Cora: The man has a lot of potential. Why he hasn’t realized it yet, I don’t know?

    @New to JJ Posting: I agree. But I think people are beginning to question whether or not he was ever serious.