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Miranda Kerr: Frankie Fun Travels

Miranda Kerr: Frankie Fun Travels

Miranda Kerr travels with her Yorkshire Terrier Frankie as they pass through LAX airport in Los Angeles on Saturday (June 5).

The 27-year-old Aussie model recently stirred up some controversy when she posed as a Catholic school girl in a sexy photo shoot for French fashion magazine, Numero. Miranda even posted topless for celeb photog Greg Kadel!

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Credit: Hot Shots Worldwide; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • Sasha

    That was AWESOME
    the change of her hair color makes her look like an alien(cute one) a.k.a. High-fashion

  • yvette

    Here we go, get ready for the ignorant people to start judging her and saying she’s “too skinny”. Let’s just get this straight, its her body type, she’s perfect as she is. She looks gorgeous!

  • Rain

    Minus the Alien haircolor she, is stunning! If, I looked like that I would be weathy and have my choice of men to turn down! :)

  • laura

    I love her.

  • Sasha

    I just want you know by ignorant people” who did you meant…since i was 1st & no one actually called her “too skinny”

  • autumn

    Miranda’s going dirty and I love it

  • Sasha

    i’m so sorry i take back my first reply

  • Amelle

    Love her dress.

  • Jack

    she is so mouth dropping GORGEOUS!


    WOW! She is adorable. Orlando is such a lucky man

  • brows

    I like her look in that shoot

  • WOW

    She has mastered the commercial market, now she is going to take over high fashion.

  • YES!

    That shoot is amazing!
    She is so gorgeous!

  • Melody1836

    I wish I had a cute dog like that :)

  • min

    She is soooo gorgeous!!!

  • Jeff

    Sorry, dont like her as a blonde. Dont like her sexualizing religion, the two dont go together. Other than that, spiffing.

  • Dan

    Are these topless jobs the only ones she can get? I think it’s cause her face is jacked up.

  • Dirty, shameless,disgusting, etc, etc,etc

  • lar

    She so trashy now, what happend to her

  • jams

    wow she is looking more gorgeous than ever! personally I love her looking thin!!!! when you have a round face you cant pull off looking “thick”/curvy or you can look borderline size 16 (from the face alone) but in my opinion she has never looked prettier face wise. her cheekbones and chinline are actually apparent! keep up the good work stunner! I think we got a new hf model on our hands if she keeps the weight off. gorgeous!

  • msp


    umm how is that? because she is actually modeling for expensive high end brands now so I dont see how that is seen as “trashy”?? lol if anything it makes her more classy seeing her work with all these prestigious photogs,designers and magazines. so STFU.

  • delphidiot

    thets al we kin do
    we has no lifes
    we is lonli ugli unluved trols
    thets wy we iz alwaz heer
    we is so ful of hate thet we evon hate on lando fer spekin bout hiz dis-lex-ia
    we is shamlissly stoopid
    i meen moranda iz stoopid
    i got mixd up

  • @17

    yeah, that’s all the jobs that she can get if you don’t count being a VS Angel, Prada, Jil Sandler, Balenciaga, Vogue, i-D etc. etc. etc.
    You make moronic comments like that, then wonder why people attack you.

  • valencia

    Miranda is so gorgeous!!! And she has the “cute” quality too, love her! the pooch is adorbs btw :)

  • Jaded

    I just wanted to give anyone not familiar with the delphi girls a little sample of one of their finest hours.
    This is from a post on the new site ‘Gospel of Delphi’, whch highlights how low those trolls can go. It also has some rather choice comments about the post. The language gets rather colorful. But with good reason.
    They have tried to turn Orlando’s good deeds against hin in the past. But this just takes the cake:
    Come on you loyal delphites, defend this one.
    I dare ya.

  • Jaded

    When you click the link, scroll up for the body of the post.

  • @25

    Let me get this straight – Miranda’s fans made a site to make fun of Delphi posters? What are you people – 12 years old or something?

    Why do you bring your crap over here to Just Jared’s? I really don’t care what the delphi board is up to and I’m certainly not interested in what you LOL! fanatics are spewing.

    Not everyone has an alternative motive for visiting and posting. Gawd, can’t you folks just stay on topic for 5 minutes?: Is that too much to ask?

    Leave your hate on your own made up boards and don’t polute these threads with your crap.

  • Malorie


  • Interesting?

    Well it seems that certain individuals who probably have more influence over her career are referring to her as being a “disappointment”

    And according to them, she could have declined what the client wanted.

    Regarding those catholic school girl pics

    “It caused a stir in her native Australia, where well-known deportment queen June Dally-Watkins told the Courier Mail she was disappointed by the model’s latest pictures.”

    ‘What a shame,’ she said. ‘It’s a very bad influence on young girls who follow her lead. Miranda does it to attract attention.
    ‘Sex sells, but it’s ridiculous and she could decline what the client is asking for.’

    Are you going to tell me that this person is also a member of the Delphi board.

    I don’t think so.

  • @ 29

    declined what the client wanted? What is Kadel and the Numero team asking from her?? They are giving her an opportunity to be featured in a very highly respected high fashion magazine. Would an actor decline working with an amazing director all because the role is risky?! She’s a MODEL. Not a Disney teen star. Obviously the article is trying to cause controversy, and this whole concept of ‘naughty school girl’ has been done plenty of times, hell, been done even raunchier in high fashion magazines by other respected models and photographers! Everything Miranda does is put into a magnifier glass by the aussie media. It’s the way it is. They forget that she’s a model, doing her JOB. And her job doesn’t define her as a person. Seriously, we’re in 2010, what is “shocking” about the photographs? Oh, is it because sweet Miranda is getting a dose of some High fashion edginess? Get over it.

  • ta

    No, it’s probably because Miranda sells herself as a lovely girl who has only good things to say and the truth is she’s not. She’s fake as a person and it is totally frustrating. She says one thing does another. She talks on facebook with her fans being so nice and charming yet every second sentence she mentions KORA and her book. She just has nothing wise to say and saying to chant to be your beautiful self and gain what you want is a shit. I am not a hater I just get frustrated by bimbos like her because there are some real artists up there who could get some recognition instead.
    Though, I myself like her HF work. It’s not outstanding and she’s not totally diverse, because everyone would look diverse with bleached eyebrows and a wig, but I think she looks quite interesting and I like it.
    I think the shoot was a bit tasteless in terms of theme, but there are more shocking things in fashoin and this one is rather not. And she looked good put in that theme.

  • @ 31

    And she’s fake HOW? I love how you base your opinion on her line of work. Once you know her personally then I’ll the “she’s fake” comment more serious.
    You deem yourself “not a hater” then condomn her as a bimbo. Yes, there is plenty of true artists out there, what is stopping YOU from noticing them? Go ahead, if you’re intrested in models, I can direct you to several who are true artists with the way they work in front of the camera, and maybe some who are more “real” then Miranda. If you don’t like Miranda. Simple, don’t pay attention to her work, ignore her. How hard is that for you? You seem to pay attention to her more then “true artists” (You seem to check out a lot of her work, check out her facebook, etc.. hmm)
    And she is very diverse, actually. Not much models can say they have a VS contract, a cover with GQ, and at the same time scoring a Prada campaign and cove with i-D. It’s as diverse as you can get in the buisness.
    Again, her work and job is not her. She’s simply doing her job as a model, as an actor would do the same.

  • @ta

    Why do you bother to follow such a horrible and stupid person on facebook? And what’s so bad about talking to her fans about her business? Her fans want to support her.

  • @27

    “Let me get this straight – Miranda’s fans made a site to make fun of Delphi posters? What are you people – 12 years old or something?”
    I guess that they simply had enough of the hateful lies that the delphi people are spouting. This site seems like just a place to vent. And until this most recent event, they didn’t often make fun of the delphi posters, only what those posters said.

    “Why do you bring your crap over here to Just Jared’s?”
    Probrbly because delphi brings their “crap” over. They are just fighting back, I guess.

    “…can’t you folks just stay on topic for 5 minutes?: Is that too much to ask?”
    yes, in this case it is. Anytime Miranda is mentioned in a thread (and often when she isn’t) the hatful comments start. It’s unavoidable.

    “Leave your hate on your own made up boards and don’t polute these threads with your crap.”
    That would be nice. But I wouldn’t hold my breath.


    Shippers, money and fame aren’t all in the world.
    Orlando has a good stuff to show for his sons and grandsons . Downhill. Worse and worse. Well done, Orlando!

  • Patricia

    she is wearing the same dress as leighton meester

  • @31

    It’s funny how you can claim that a total stranger is “fake as a person”, when everyone who actually knows the girl sing her praises. She has been called sweet, funny, warm, engaging, considerate, friendly, compassionate, etc, by people who KNOW her. Who are you to say that she is “fake”? Why? Because she advertises her products on her Facebook? How does that make her fake? A facebook account for any business person becomes an extension of their advertising campaign. And since every product review (by professionals in the business, mid you) has come back giving Kora high marks, she is selling a quality product. Again, how does that make her fake? You can be sweet, and still be a business person.
    Oh, and just so you know, you outed yourself as a delphi girl with this statement:
    “…. saying to chant to be your beautiful self and gain what you want is a ****.”
    There was an interview done a while back where Miranda stated that in Buddhism, you can chant to gain what you really want. Her examples of the things that you could want were peace, love, etc. The reporter jokingly asked if you could chant to get a million dollars if that’s what you really wanted. Miranda laughed nervously and said “I guess”.
    The delphi girls twisted that statement to claim that Miranda was not a real Buddhist, because she chants for wealth and fame. Not really what she said, right?
    You just that repeated that ridiculous twist of the facts in your post.
    You are a delphi girl, so you ARE a hater. Why deny it?

  • @29

    A small time newspaper caommentator and an etiquette expert now have influence over a professional model’s career??
    Reaching a bit, aren’t you?

  • @35

    Who said that money and fame “aren’t all in the world”?
    But money and fame CAN help you, help others.
    Orlando wouldn’t be making as big of an impact helping others if he wasn’t rich and famous. And Miranda does a lot of charity work.
    I think that all of Orlando and Miranda’s grandchildren will have a lot to be proud of about their grandparents.

  • hmm

    Just saw this on ONTD and had to bring it over…
    In a post about Orlando speaking at the conference…
    “I actually went to this event and have been waiting for it to be posted on ONTD.
    Also, Miranda was there in the front row and they KISSED when it was over and it was just so presh!”
    Now ONTD (Oh No They Didn’t) is NOT a fan site, but a general gossip site where the posters have to have a membership. No fly by anon posters or sockpuppets. It’s real people giving their real opinions.
    Delphi will claim that this was a pr set up, or that Miranda paid someone on her staff to post it. Or even their old standby of “pics or it didn’t happen”. But that will just make them look even more stupid. This poster has no reason to lie, they just posted what they saw.
    He kissed her when no paps were taking pictures. Deal with it Delphi.

  • @ 40

    yes, also look at this post by a member on bellazon from this year when they were in paris. scroll down to post #7752. “damn, they looked so happy together.”

  • @ 40–

    Oops!here’s the link! — here is the link. scrawl down to post #7752 . : )

  • RubyTuesday

    I just read your blog. It is about time that someone put them in their place. It doesn’t matter what Orlando or Miranda says or does, they find fault with it – not all – but most. I find it humorous that Ruby posted on the blog when she is on the forum and says alot of nasty things about both of them there and then posts on his fansites applauding him. Unless someone took the name to take the mickey out of her name. If they don’t like him, why bother writing about them – oh yeah, what is it that they say – just jellusfathaters?

  • sara

    Just saw a video of Orlando in the UK for Soccer Aid.
    he does so much for UNICEF, no wonder they made him an ambassador.

  • @43

    I took a look at delphi and it is strange that, considering all the people who write there, someone is always attacking the same one. Personal affair?
    Anyway, I find it hilarious both haters criticizing orlando and the shippers criticizing haters and creating a blog against them.

  • @45

    No, they aren’t always attacking the same one. it’s just that this particular hater recently said something so repulsive that it offended “haters” and “shippers” alike.
    She set herself up for this. It’s no one’s fault but her own.
    if she doesn’t like it, then maybe she will at last learn to think before posting.
    She SHOULD be ridiculed for her comments.

  • @46

    Now I am curious, what did she say that was so repulsive?
    Downthere everyone writes repulsive things.

  • @47

    To quote the idiot ‘Jaded4good’:
    Referencing Orlando opening up about his troubles with dyslexia…
    “BTW can anyone tell me why Orly gets so much praise for this interview? (Apart from the fact that he kinda kept a straight phace at the mention of his gf of 4 yrs and only stattered a little.) Is dyslexia a stigma? Is it something to be ashamed of? Is admitting you have it like coming out? What is the big ephing deal? It’s not like it makes you live a half life, it only affects reading, and although that can have a serious effect on your studies, after school is over you can pretty much forget about having it. So why are blogs crawling on their knees kissing his arse for it?”

  • Melanie

    she is pretty

  • SadieJo


    Jaded is not an idiot. You may not agree with what she’s saying but surely she has a right to express her own opinion. Why would you encourage people to ridicule her just because she stated something you don’t agree with? I think your post has more to do with your own level of immaturity than anything Jaded wrote. You feel that strongly about it, why didn’t you go to that board and join the discussion?

    By the way, Jaded has always signed her posts, But it’s clear to see that you prefer to hide behind an anonymous number to attack her. Why don’t you grow a pair, join the discussion and own up to your own postings. Then maybe we can take your point of view seriously.