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Nicole Kidman: Silk Jumpsuit!

Nicole Kidman: Silk Jumpsuit!

Nicole Kidman enjoys some quality time with her family at the Ottoman Cuisine restaurant in Dawes Point, Australia on Friday (June 18).

The 42-year-old actress was joined by her parents, Janelle and Anthony, in addition to her little sister, Antonia Kidman, and new husband, Craig Marran.

The dinner was reportedly a celebration for her younger sister’s recent marriage. Antonia, an Australian journalist, married Craig in April in a private wedding in South Africa.

10+ pictures inside of Nicole Kidman looking sexy in a silk jumpsuit…

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nicole kidman silk jumpsuit 01
nicole kidman silk jumpsuit 02
nicole kidman silk jumpsuit 03
nicole kidman silk jumpsuit 04
nicole kidman silk jumpsuit 05
nicole kidman silk jumpsuit 06
nicole kidman silk jumpsuit 07
nicole kidman silk jumpsuit 08
nicole kidman silk jumpsuit 09
nicole kidman silk jumpsuit 10

Credit: Blue Wasp/Red Wasp; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • Shannon

    Very unflattering outfit for Nicole as it does nothing for her shape. And that belt hanging low is just odd. Her sister’s husband looks a bit like Daniel Craig.

  • gorgeous

    she looks amazing! love the outfit nicole is using! she always is so elegant and classy! she keeps looking better and better!

  • amei

    OMG,Nicole is so stunning!!!

  • Jennifer

    Nicole can pull off any dress. She is stunning as always.

  • Sarah

    ew I just had breakfast.

  • The Ewings-Dallas,TX

    Nicole always looksgreat. She let go of the botox and that was good.

    She has everything but her two eldest kids.
    I like her,but wish she could get them more.

    Also, she had her bio baby, the sense of being pregnant, and a godmarriage to a good guy, but she needs to lay off the movies that bomb. Stay with that marriage and Keith Urban.

  • ugh


  • Jason

    what a horrific sight

  • andre


  • FMGC



    She looks like a FISH.

  • troi

    Ah, the haters are out in full force already! I’m half convinced the lot of you are all Xenu cult members assigned to spew this hatred by that cult you belong to!

  • n.o.l.a

    She looks sooooooo much better as a redhead BUT her face…please stop whatever it is you’re doing.

  • Lizzie

    Wow, the Kidman’s are all decked out these days aren’t they? Mom’s especially ‘glamorous’. Personally, I prefer seeing Nic with Keith and Sunday looking like a real person. Also what’s with the three or four day separation limit? She’s been there a week, and Keith’s been in the states. It’s nice to help get everything straightened out in Sydney; but not to the detriment of your own marriage.

  • sharylmj

    she looks to beautiful and happy these days!! I love her hair, I hate that jumpsuit thingy… bad look the low belt… ??? don’t get it.. she should have sinched up the belt a little or something.. she is such a beautiful woman.. don’t understand the way she dresses sometimes.

  • Enclosed

    I’m not crazy about the jumpsuit but her face and hair are beautiful. @Lizzy, I don’t think couples have to spend every second together. A week apart isn’t detrimental to a marriage.

  • Penelope Cruz Laura

    Love her AQUILINE NOSE!


    Perfectly attired.

    As always, Kidman is wearing her clothes, he clothes are not wearing her. A lovely jumpsuit, casually elegant, hair loose and not overly done, with minimal accessories.

    One an easily infer the outfit was thrown on and that it was the event that was of import, not the label.

    True style is being true to your own taste and NEVER “trying”.

  • notbusy

    She looks stunning. Her hair and makeup are perfect. I love the jumpsuit. She is so elegant. She is there for her sisters wedding celebration. She and Keith don’t want to be apart for no more than 3 days but of course there will be times when that wont be possible. I think most people would know that’s what they mean when they say that.

  • Jon


    No troi, some people simply have different opinions … not everyone loves EVERYTHING Nicole does or wears and that does not automatically make them a “hater” or a “scientologist”. Why don’t you focus on the subject instead of the comments; that way you could save yourself a hernia!

    Nicole has about the same amount of misses as hits with her wardrobe. Blame the stylists.

    With so many gorgeous clothes to choose from, why choose this jumpsuit that does zilch for her figure?

  • Jon

    @TIM GUNN:

    EVERYBODY ‘tries’!

  • Jon


    It is just that Nicole and Keith have made a huge issue of never spending more than three days apart in so many interviews now. Best they actually say nothing to the press and just do their thing.
    It seems in any case that the rule applies to Keith not going away for more than three days at a time, not Nicole.

  • John

    Haters just SHUT UP. Nicole looks AMAZING in these pics, never seen her so beautiful. Your hatred comments won’t change the facts. Come back to urban mhyts.

  • Eve


    They know exactly what they mean. They just hate that Keith and Nicole are still together. Every few weeks they predict “something” will happen with nothing to back it up, just a nasty wish for a family to break up.

  • Annie

    I’m so glad she’s gone back to the red hair. It’s the only color she looks really stunning with.

  • Lizzie


    Eve, I’m sorry you’re placing me in the group of Nicole haters. If you follow these posts, you’d know I’m a huge fan of both Nicole and Keith.
    But I do agree with Jon above. I wish Nicole wouldn’t say a lot of things to the reporters. The last thing I read was that she was going to slow down on her career and concentrate on Keith and Sunday. Then the separation thing. I remember them saying that they analyze situations and make sure it’s beneficial to their marriage. Maybe I’m corny, but that impressed me. I just don’t want to see anything happen to them. They seem to have a special thing going and in the entertainment business of phonies, that’s rare.

  • stop it

    she looks perfect and yes she said she tries not to spend more than 3 days away from Keith but sometimes you just cant make it.. you have to remember that she is not only a wife but a sister and a daughter and she also has to be there for them.. i’m sure Keith is fine on his own and will try to go to Australia as soon as he can for Nicole’s b-day..

    PS: in picture #9 it looks as if the guy is starring a Nicole’s butt.. lol! love everything about her, her outfit, her air, her make up her jewelery.. everything!

  • John

    “But I do agree with Jon above. I wish Nicole wouldn’t say a lot of things to the reporters”
    I’m sorry? There’s not any person in Hollywood more private than Nicole. what she says about her marriage is essantial. So, don’t let your fantasies run fast.
    I wonder why Keith’s fans have always something to say about Nicole..And most of things aren’t exactly good

  • troi


    Well Lizzie, I believe they said they try never to be separated more than three days.

    AND if a five to seven day separation is going to break the marriage, then it wasn’t very strong at the moment was it?

  • troi


    Dear John,

    There are ways of expressing hate and dislike. And the comments that are expressing it are cruel and rude. They are things you would, unless you are a total jerk, never say to anyone to their face.

    And if I want to spend my time replying to comments, that is my concern isn’t it? Not yours.

    I don’t care for the jump suit either, but that doesn’t make her ugly, a witch, a b-itch, the worlds worst actress, etc. etc. etc. which are the comments I think are stupid.

  • Eve


    I’m not lumping you in Lizzie. There’s skeptics here who post under various names (they know who they are) every time JJ posts NK photos and that’s who I’m talking about.
    Life happens and of course there is no possible way with their chosen careers and families who live on the other side of the planet for them to keep to the rule 100%. Anybody with common sense knows that. What is sick is that these women who would do anything to be with the man make fun of the fact that he wants to be with his wife. The biggest double standard.

    There wouldn’t be an issue here if it wasn’t for the skeptics. They monitor her every move and then go on sites and post boldface lies.
    The latest ones are Keith is gay with John Mayer, Keith was never in Hong Kong with Nicole despite the fact there were photos of him at the Omega event and out on the tarmac leaving and coming into the city. You’ll see later they will lie about why Keith wasn’t at Antonia’s party. It’s a fact he’s in Nashville working on a new cd, but these whackos will say the marriage in is trouble, or Keith used the time to cheat, or NK banned him from coming because she wanted all the PR.

    They talk about rumors circulating when they are the ones perpetuating them online. They don’t even believe half the stuff they post. They post it because they can. They really need mental help. it’s been 5 years of this.

  • Eve


    John most of Keith’s fans are a the very least respectful of NK if not supportive of the marriage. There’s message boards and blogs for fans of NK and KU as a couple but you won’t hear that from the skeptics.

    The skeptics use different screen names all over the place. It’s the same 7 or 8 people. There used to be a few more but they have moved on because they know what the skeptics stand for is nothing but lies.

    Please don’t think these haters are the majority because they aren’t. There sick obsessed women who don’t know what to do with themselves.

  • Soniaintown

    I never knew Jumpsuit can be worn so elegantly and beautifully!!
    Nic really shows people ‘how not to try’!

  • Allen

    Plastic face. Just because one doesn’t think she can act at all doesn’t mean one is a “hater.”

    At the magazine I worked for, her covers always sold the worst of any star’s.

  • bella

    God Nicole looked stunning and gorgeous, she really know how to keep her skin well – so perfect, She is a great talented actress and she had all in her life, happiness with great husband and adorable Sunday Rose, God Bless Nicole and all her family.

  • Jim

    O boy… she really know how to dress for her great body, he has a body that tall and slim – so proportional, and everything must fit for her, She looked so elegant, Nicole is one of my favorite actress.

  • John

    isn’t urban myth a good place for you little troll?

  • Katherine in NASHVILLE


    Dear Eve,

    it is obvious you are the blogger known as skewer Mistress. I’ll be frank. I’m a die hard Kidman fan. I understand your intent.

    However, you are NOT helping.

    You’re writing on Skewer is uneven, emotional, and well, you’re not a very good writer. Your posts seem almost hysterical, as though you are breathless as you type.

    Your site is more harmful then helpful as you seem like a kook in your hysteria.

    [The photo of Kabob is disturbing and NOT a good choice]

    The granny/Maclean set are obviously JEALOUS of Kidman marrying Urban. They are only a handful of people who matter to no one.
    Crazies do tend to find and love each other. Your site and your constant posts here only give Myths attention, publicity, and create more ugly posts about Kidman.

    Take the high road. Ignore them. Kidman and Urban do NOT need you defending them. If you understood PR, you would understand you ARE PUBLIZING the enemy and helping Maclean.

    As for bring your fight here, it;s bad judgement and again, over emotional.

    So, unless you have a mental disability, go back to your blog, learn to write and calm down a bit, change the photo to a nice family pic of the Urbans, and make it a fan site.

    The reward will be that you enjoy your life ore. DO NOT go to Myths again, let them stagnate.

  • Katherine in NASHVILLE


    Again, “EVE”, UM was being snarky, not serious.

    Don’t go to chat rooms where everyone hates you and Kidman, it’s madness.

  • Joy

    Bet that jumpsuit is extremely comfortable to wear and still VERY dressy.

    She seems really excited to be celebrating her sisters marriage. She wasn’t able to be there for the actual event & since they are close I’m sure she couldn’t wait to catch up on things with her. The Kidman clan dresses up very well.

  • Land

    Antonia brought her kids – where are Nicole’s? It looks like she made this jumpsuit out of her silk bed sheets about 20 minutes before she went out the door.

  • Eve

    @Katherine in NASHVILLE:


    I’m not the Skewer blog writer. Why do we need a reminder from you that the skeptics hate that blog and Kidman. I mean c’mon, really.
    Do you think that if fans don’t say anything they won’t post here anymore? They’re the first ones here. Between the spelling mistakes, patronizing tone, and what you think the Myths blog intended I don’t think you really are a fan. The number of posts I’ve left compared to the skeptics post count pales in comparison. What do I care. I’ve already been attacked for leaving a few comments out of 100 before.

  • love the jumpsuit

    Different look for Nicole but I just love it so much.

  • anon

    @Katherine in NASHVILLE:

    YES YES YES & YES!!!

    This person (SkewerMistress) is rampant and accuses anyone, who posts an other-than-stellar comment about the Urbans, as being a “hater” “liar” “skeptic” and/or “scientologist” and of having multiple names, when that is just exactly what this person does: on EVERY Urban thread. She shoves everyone into one basket and heaps scorn on them at every turn. She NEVER discusses the subject of the thread, in this case the “silk jumpsuit”, but uses the opportunity to attack others in a generalised fashion. She HAS gone too far and I’m glad that others are now noticing too. She ignores the fact that some of us do like either Keith or Nicole or both, but don’t necessarily like everything they do or say, especially the contradictions. She is wrong in saying that “most of Keith’s fans hate Nicole”. It’s just lazy.

    And watch, she’ll reply to this by saying that you are me or vice versa!! And she’ll probably keep clicking the thumbs down/up buttons on our posts to make it appear that there are many people who agree with her!!

  • anon


    “There’s not any person in Hollywood more private than Nicole”

    A ‘private person’ doesn’t tell the world that they “get up every day at 5 a.m.”, amongst other personal trivia. Keith too reveals a lot of private details about his homelife. He says he “gets up at 6/6.20″ when not performing the night before. When discrepancies like this come up, of course you are going to have doubters or people questioning. Didn’t Nicole show a very intimate photograph of her sleeping with Sunday on Oprah: how private is that? Stick with the truth.

  • Anon Is


    stoptheposterbashing. Same crap every day.

  • Alison

    Nicole does NOT look stunning. Nicole just looks average for someone who has millions to spend on herself. Just average – if not below.