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Gerard Butler is the Machine Gun Preacher

Gerard Butler is the Machine Gun Preacher

Gerard Butler dons slicked back hair, a leather vest and a sleeveless Harley-Davidson Motorcycles tee while shooting his new movie, Machine Gun Preacher, on Monday (July 12) in Detroit, Mich.

The 40-year-old Scottish actor plays Sam Childers, a biker preacher-defender of Sudanese orphans.

In this scene, his character returns home and his daughter is waiting for him with a “Welcome Home Daddy” sign.

10+ pictures inside of Machine Gun Preacher star Gerard Butler

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gerard butler machine gun preacher 01
gerard butler machine gun preacher 02
gerard butler machine gun preacher 03
gerard butler machine gun preacher 04
gerard butler machine gun preacher 05
gerard butler machine gun preacher 06
gerard butler machine gun preacher 07
gerard butler machine gun preacher 08
gerard butler machine gun preacher 09
gerard butler machine gun preacher 10
gerard butler machine gun preacher 11
gerard butler machine gun preacher 12
gerard butler machine gun preacher 13

Photos: GSI Media
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  • redOctober

    Thanks @fairy: and

    …for all the links.

    I’m not sure about Gerry’s look , but I’ve never seen a real USA biker except in movies, so I cannot tell if he looks authentic or not. Just looking forward to a good movie both for reverend Childer’s cause and Gerry’s future as a serious actor.

  • honestly…

    I have to be honest here, and I am SO embarrassed to admit this, but…
    I saw these new pictures and…
    I think he looks hot! I like the mullet! WTF is wrong with me?? I know in my brain that it is so so wrong but for some reason, I couldn’t help myself.
    *hangs head in shame*

  • Manny

    Here is what American bikers look like… in fact Sam Childers is one of them.

  • redOctober

    Indeed Gerry’s got the looks…probably of a younger Sam with more hair.@Manny:

  • Nuts


    Honestly….I join you in the land of shame. I can’t believe that I’m finding him very hot like that. My hometown and area has bikers. The real kind, not just weekend riders. I never found them attractive.

    But, ya put a hot scot in jeans with a tough attitude and I’m jelly.

    This is SO not my MO.

    For the record, I also found him hot as Creedy, Marek, One-Two, Mike Chadway, and Milo (go ahead, shoot me.) Even Clyde. And Charles from Jewel of the Sahara.

    I’m a lost cause, aren’t I…

  • Hmmmmm

    @honestly…: I know. I know. There’s just something about him in the getup that brings out my baser instincts. Oh, dear, my imagination is working overtime.

  • gotta be kidding

    i actually like the title of this thread, sort of bad-ass-y. i hope the flick is promo’d as such, like LAC was promo’d featuring G as badass. my fave kind of G!! (tho shamelessly admitting loved TUT)

  • LauraS

    @Nuts: you’re hopeless (((: can I add Johnnie to that list?

  • gotta be kidding

    i hope he has cool lines similar to “it’s gonna be biblical” the way he looks up and almost whispers……..

    ok, getting too xcited and carried away, i will calm down now.

  • Nuts


    Johnny…and Marty…

    Don’t get me started…that wicked twinkle in G’s eye gets me everytime…

  • CJ

    Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s facial features match Sam Childers better than Gerry.
    Yes, and JDM rides bikes all the time…♥

    Read more:

  • Simply Hopeful

    @Nuts: Beowulf.. Leonidis… sigh!

  • saw today

    Glad to see the mother ship came and posted …they have as much right as anyone to post. No reason to tell them not to come here and post. I think GB looks hot as ___, if you know what I mean. He is playing a part and he is right on as far as the look. This is not a mullet,mullet is completely different…this is the way they were wearing their hair in the 90′s. GB has a lot of hair and hard to tame. I would not want them to thin it to make it look more like Sams. Leave GB’s hair alone. I love it long like this..What a man….Go Butler, Go….

  • CJ

    Actually what G is sporting would be considered a half mullet…♥

  • Simply Hopeful

    Tweet – patrauchman There’s a lot of people stalking Gerard Butler over here. Lol

    Hmmmm… wondering if the phannie express arrived in town? ;)

  • http://justjared lolita

    @ Nuts. I said it before and I’ll say it again. I’d shimmy up his leg anyday. He is smokin hot.

  • nyob

    @gotta be kidding:

    God Almighty, are you serious? That was one of the worst lines ever.

    If getting ugly wins oscars, then butler better dust off a place on his mantle. He looks horrid. The hair is bad, but the pasty arms in the wife beater are just killing me.

  • JewelryMaker

    I’m not sure this is supposed to be a mullet at all. I think they just tried to make his hair look longer, so they added some to the back. Since it is shorter on top, it looks mullety. ha ha. He still looks great. Of course if he wears the helmet, his hair will go flat on top, no more puffy hair. With it so puffy, it almost looks like a hair helmet. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t be so mean….

  • http://. WTH

    I think Gerry looks good. The look fits the movie!

  • redOctober
  • Shelley

    The people who commented on d-list and celebitchy sound like they have absolutely no idea who Sam is and what he looks like and what the film is about. They posted negatively about Gerry’s biker look like he is supposed to look like he is attending Oscar or some dressed up event. Totally idiotic.

  • cindylou who

    now he looks like my mechanic

  • shadowplay

    Just when you thought this guy couldn’t look any skeezier….he always looks sweaty and like he smells bad.

  • honestly…

    @Nuts: @Hmmmmm: Thank gawd I’m not alone. It’s embarrassing but there’s something about that puffed-up mullet that’s getting me going. I need help.
    You know, I think that the hair vaguely (and I mean vaguely) reminds me of Dracula. Maybe that’s it?

  • gotta be kidding

    wow a plumber, mechanic, makes me wonder if G shows any butt crack in the movie when he squats down to fix his bike or something. You kno he’s dying to any chance he gets!

  • honestly…

    @gotta be kidding: Just the thought of GB’s plumber butt has me laughing! Let’s hope he cracks it out for the DVD extras.

  • Fritz the Scribe

    The chain dangling on his thigh….holy crap!. And I’ve always loved G in leather.
    *dirty snicker*
    God, I’m a perv.

  • Dumb Girls

    He looks fat and out of shape. I miss the 300 body or even the Jerry Kennedy dork. This flabster is gross and uncalled for. Ew.


    I just saw where Jon Hamm (top of the page) answered this question. Now this is the definition of what a man’s man is to me ….nicely stated.

    Jon on being a ‘man’s man’ or a ‘ladies man’: “I was raised by a single mother. I think the definition of a man’s man has shifted in recent times to this sort of fratty bro, different from the older version which was aloof and different—Gary Cooper or Cary Grant or James Bond. Now it’s a little vulgar, kind of a lowbrow, adolescent. I’m not that guy. Part of being an adult is treating women like women.”

  • http://justjared lolita

    @ Fritz, Nuts, Honestly, Hmmmm. All you ladies have excellent taste in your choice of this man. He does cause heart palpitations.

  • Fritz the Scribe

    Thank you!
    Yes…heart palpitations=powerful sexual attraction. It’s great fun. Just don’t mistake sexual attraction for love. *grin*
    BTW…confession to my chummies. I know a lot of you don’t care for POTO. I’m the polar opposite. Phantom is what brought me to G. I love that character. Always will.

  • romeo

    He is still sooo hot. it is just a character he is portraying, we have to remember that. he will go back to the Gerry we love soon!

  • oy

    Did I accidentally click on a Billy Ray Cyrus pictorial? I’m confused.

  • Nela

    He looks like he’s playing Shia Leboufs dad

  • Tonto

    I think some people here confuse the characters he portrays with the man himself. They are all different and maybe we find each character attractive in their own right. I’m with Fritz on this one. It was POTO that brought me to take notice of GB. I also fell for Attila and The Stranger. In each of his incarnations we find someone interesting and unique or maybe not depending on the viewer. What ever the reason we all ended up here just for the fun of it. Even the snarky ones. I’m interested to see who he will become after this one is in the can. Glad to see he is taking this job seriously despite the understated hair-do. ;)

  • cubedweller

    I really think he’s got this greezy biker dude look insanely accurate. The hair, the shirt, the skinny but out-of-tone bod – it’s all there. And I couldn’t be happier that he is (finally) disappearing into a role. I’m also glad (thanks, Manny) that they have closed the set. Even tho it’s fun to see the pics, it has to be so difficult to film with the phanniestalkercontingent hooting and catcalling from the sidelines.
    His stunt double looks like Tony Vincent, his other SD from Booty Hunter.

  • hellotheregb

    yes late 80′s early 90′s he reminds me here of an old boyfriend! he was tall, had an accent from boston and same great hair. I remember he would have a fit if I touched it! haha thanks for the memories Gman!

  • Jessi

    I love Anistan

  • trying to figure it out

    Canada Goose flying by – Mannikins, what are you thinking? If he plays Liberace that will really fuel the gay rumours.

  • Heidiho

    Long time no see.

    I’m with team biker. OMG.

    I don’t like bikers. They make too much noise. But, this is a biker I just want to take behind the roadhouse. LOL. Oh, my.

    I usually like preppy guys. Like G’s Neal in Shattered. But ……… I’m facing my inner fears right now.

    Is there nothing this guy can’t become?

    Baby, I’m along for the ride.

  • hellotheregb

    how is G going to get neked in this film? you know he won’t just settle for a little bum crack! he likes the whole enchilada! what are your guesses? this is not ment to be dissresp. towards S. childers etc.. just a little fun … you know the Gman must get neked on every pic! He sometimes reminds me of George Castanza who fanciend himself velvet couches and robes! and call he is p0rn name “vandelay”?

  • trying to figure it out

    @Fritz the Scribe
    And I’ve always loved G in leather.
    Conjures up all sorts of X-rated pictures – bad me!

  • Fritz the Scribe

    @trying to figure it out:
    If he plays Liberace that will really fuel the gay rumours

  • Simply Hopeful

    @hellotheregb: you know he won’t just settle for a little bum crack! he likes the whole enchilada! what are your guesses?
    I think it will probably be a nekked scene with Michelle Monaghan

    Read more:

  • Hello

    A friend told me about this place because she said I’d be so into the new Gerard Butler. I always liked him. But now I just want to jump him. That’s my guy. And you all had better stay away. I’ve been waiting a lifetime. You were right. Thanks, Beth.

  • Hello

    @Hello: Don’t spaz. How many people on earth are named Beth? This sure won’t out you. (Just some fun between friends.) I likey GB. And I got a thumbs down? Come on. Party p-oopers.

  • observer

    You got a thumbs down because the old guard here can’t take anyone new and spontaneous. The think they rule JJ.

    Talk among yourselves.

  • lanna

    I think the pic with the blond woman who’s holding his face is an actual scene in the movie.. If you notice there’s a guy holding a microphone in the pic wearing headphones…

  • Yes

    That was a scene being filmed. It’s weird how movies come together. A little bit here, another bit there. How do they make any sense of it? Especially the actors.

  • frannie

    A Phannie I’m not! Now give me Attila and I’ll follow that hair anywhere! But I have a question ,,,,,If you don’t like Gerry and you find him disgusting or a sleaze or “Gay” why the hell do you bother coming here? Move on to a celeb you like and slow down your heart rate,,,, Why get all hot and bothered by spewing your vile insults about some one you do not know, and probably will never know! This man that you people like to constantly berate has one of the largest fan bases in the business! As for his American accent….another piece of trivia you probably have no concept of is that a Scottish brogue is the hardest of all to overcome. I agree his American accent is not as good as some others but it seems (and I don’t know why) he picks the movies that call for such. I think he just likes the challenge but what is great is that he doesn’t mind admitting that he struggles with hiding the brogue sometimes… BTW…my husband loved TUT and actually said “I wouldn’t mind having a beer with that guy” too bad Gerry doesn’t drink! BTW…I also have many friends that have been up close and almost personal with Gerry and they tell me he always smells wonderful…clean and not over powering ….I’m hoping someday I find that out for myself!