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Gerard Butler: Rebel with a Cause

Gerard Butler: Rebel with a Cause

Gerard Butler walks and talks on his cell phone while out and about on Sunday afternoon (July 18) in Detroit, Mich.

The 40-year-old Scottish stud was taking a quick break from shooting his latest movie, Machine Gun Preacher. (He plays a former gang biker and drug dealer who becomes a member of the Assembly of God church.)

Gerry wore a Chicago Blackhawks Stanley Cup Champions hat as well as a t-shirt with the word “REBEL” emblazoned on the front of it paired with PRPS Barracuda Jeans.

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gerard butler rebel 01
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Credit: Matt Smith; Photos: Pacificcoastnewsonline
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  • Just looking

    @Old stuff:
    “He’s in it for the money. So what? Aren’t we all? The karaoke stuff? So what? It’s just for fun. Nothing bad. Why pick him apart like this?”
    ITAWY. stop judging him more harshly than you do yourselves.
    Are you back to spread your cheer once again?

  • I like

    Stupidfans! Maybe she can clean up all the crap on JJ the last few threads, and make room for some fun posts! Go Go Stupidfans!

  • Really?

    @I like:
    Stupidfans is an idiot; she’ll just add more strife to the thread.

  • I like

    @Really?: ok lets go back to Butler f.arts rainbows, at least stupidfans is not BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mellifera

    @I like: I’ll say, if I hear another “I know you’ll all hate me for saying this, but Gerry has a beautiful soul, and I know the facts, and you should all listen to me and not be such HATERS, and you can go ahead and hate me all you want but I know the TRUTH etc etc ad nauseum…”


  • stupidfansgetsitwrong

    @stupidfans: You’re misremembering the Esquire article. The writer was charmed by Mr. Butler, as most who interview him seem to be. Here’s the link; sorry don’t speak clicky:

  • Mellifera

    @stupidfansgetsitwrong: Well, the Mens Health writer thought he was an a*shole.

  • gossiphound

    Though the guy who photographed him for the Men’s Health Journal article and cover loved him.

    I think the Men’s Health Journal article just reported what he observed and what was coming out of Gerry’s mouth without a lot of his own judgment on the matter and one would certainly come to that conclusion, but it’s been a while since I read it and I only remember the words coming out of Gerry’s mouth and being very late for his next appointment.

    Watched RocknRolla again and did Guy write the role of One Two specifically for Gerry, Stella keeps saying to One Two you’re late.

  • peacesister

    Brrrr, at least we know where his doll is going: When I read about it in one of the last threads I thought it was some sick joke. They DO have this doll and send it around? He must be frightened as hell when he meets them. One of them might as well put up some “Mysery” scheme…

  • peacesister
  • gossiphound

    Ah so that is the Andre Marek doll, got the hair going on. There are several versions of the King Leonidas doll, not sure if there are any other Gerry characters made into dolls. Won’t hold my breath for the Milo Boyd doll, LOL. I wonder how many men bought the King Leonidas doll. I don’t get that whole thing but there are grown men with superhero dolls, Batman, Star Trek, Star Wars.

  • she

    @stupidfansgetsitwrong: I remember that interview

  • Florida Gal

    @gossiphound: That’s not the OFFICIAL Andre Marek doll. This is the official one, distributed by Dragon:

    I don’t know where that one came from, but it’s not the official one. This one, from Dragon, is wonderfully detailed and the resemblance to Gerry is uncanny. Every detail of his face is spot on, and his hair is thicker, darker, and more realistic than this other figure is.

  • peacesister

    Sorry, I don’t see the difference. The dolls look alike to me. It seems they made him different clothes. Are they from any of his movies? I can’t think of it. Just remember all his private grey shirts and ugly checkered shirts from recent movie. But I DO remember the yellow towel. :-)

    BTW, The WO ladies have a spy on set, Misty Mills writes about her experience working with GB.

  • Fritz the Boxer

    Run for the hills!!!!

  • Nuts


    Misty is a Detroit-area actress who was cast as “Biker Chick” (see IMDB cast list). And, yes, she has scenes/dialogue with Gerry

  • hellotheregb

    @stupidfansgetsitwrong: that is not the what Stpfans was referring to. He talked at length about the experience when interview butler in the gym. Butler was a total A$$hOle, a total bully and I have never heard of someone behaving like that. The story has been posted here many times. I am sure someone will come up with it.

    @Florida Gal: are you for real?

  • CJ

    Well I want a doll of JJ so I can stick pins in it…this site needs cleaning up JJ tech staff…♥

  • David

    @Florida Gal:
    “…wonderfully detailed and the resemblance to Gerry is uncanny. Every detail of his face is spot on, and his hair is thicker, darker, and more realistic than this other figure is.”


  • http://guido guido
  • spanky

    some people do sudokus,
    others do crosswords with their morning paper
    or maybe a word search………………

    we here on jj,……….. have guido………..

    missed you my little gnomed puzzle piece

    (and stupidfans their hate makes you great) :)

  • Funtospec

    @Get real: I think Gerry is in a relationship. He tries to kiss women in public to avoid incorrect speculation that might affect his career and personal life. The Serbian blond he kissed for the photographers and allowed her to speak about a “relationship” to the press to deflect the press from his involvement Laurie. He kissed the planted violin girl to deflect the Aniston smoke. He is behaving more so in Detroit either because he is more cautious or in a relationship. He looks happy and spoke of s*** as heaven. He is probably having good chemistry with someone (Laurie?). All you people are so caught up in her looks cannot fathom she may have major chemistry with the man. If we all thought superficial, all men would only chase, go out with and marry models.

  • Funny!

    @Funtospec: Or there are no hot women in Detroit. But isn’t Philly one of the fattest cities in the country? He did well there.

  • Sukar


    Laurie is a model. There are plenty of photos of her modeling stuff on the net. She’s not really a rocket scientist. But yes I do think she is in a relationship with Gerry. I think it is just hard for people here to swallow.

    Anyway, I’m really interested in that interview with Gerry in the gym. I hope someone finds it.

  • Funtospec

    @Sukar: She has a Masters in law. It’s a start. Ok I will restate:

    If we all thought superficial, all men would only chase, go out with and marry Barbie.

  • Sukar

    Laurie is a model. There are plenty of photos of her modeling stuff on the net. She’s not really a rocket scientist. But yes I do think she is in a relationship with Gerry. I think it is just hard for people here to swallow.

    Anyway, I’m really interested in that interview with Gerry in the gym. I hope someone finds it.

  • Old Mia

    I’ve tried to post, but they have disappeared. This place is a technical mess today, at least for my computer. Besides not being able to post, I’m getting the “Page cannot be displayed,” message again.

    Hope we get new pix today.

    Guess I’ll go away awhile and watch Lindsay go to jail. Maybe when I come back things will be more computer friendly.

    I remember the gym article, but I didn’t remember it as being the Esquire reporter.

  • Sukar


    Didn’t someone here say that she doesn’t have a Masters in Law but a prerequisite degree that you need if you want to enroll in law school? Anyway, I do agree with you, looks are not everything. Charisma and personality are extremely important. I am just curious how they will do the long distance thing. If she has two shows starting in September does that mean that she can’t move to the US to be with him?

  • http://. Tonya

    Really, who wants to see him kissing. You women must not have men in your lifes. I Hope he just gets his career on track with a good movie.

    That’s what he needs to focus, not requests for him to be seen out in public. His PR person needs to be fired.

  • angel

    This is getting really tiresome. What’s hard to swallow is the same thing being discussed over and over again by some posters and their incessant imposing on something that’s PURE speculation on said poster’s part. Whether people agree or not, doesn’t make it more true. People know nothing and tabloids hardly tell us like it is. Just because some are skeptical and a bit more realistic when it comes to GOSSIP, doesn’t mean they have to swallow sh*t.

  • Sukar


    I didn’t mean to say that I am right and everyone else is wrong. But the idea of Gerry being in a relationship is a bit difficult for people to take. One reason is the fact that many of his fans are jealous of any GF and the other is that he has been such a manw…hore in the past few years that it is hard for people to believe that he has settled down.

  • Funtospec

    @Tonya: Sorry, Gossiping about random women (i.e. Miss USA,Serbian and Brazilian women) seems ok because their are no strings attached. Potential girlfriends make people quite upset.

  • angel

    @Sukar: I’m sorry Sukar, it may not be what you mean, but that’s how it comes across. In every other post, that’s what you seem to be talking about. I understand that some people have a hard time dealing with the idea of him and someone being serious, but on the other hand you seem to want to pair him up at any cost. Again, that’s just how it comes across and it may not be what you mean at all but then saying you think it’s hard for people to swallow? Well, I’m sure it’s hard for some to swallow a lot of things said here. This is hardly a fan site and I think the great majority here have very realistic views when it comes to him. It’s a free and public forum and therefore you have the right to post whatever you like, whether people agree or not. Some things just get repetitive and meaningless after a while, that’s all. We all just have to learn to agree to disagree without sounding like we’re trying to impose our impressions as the truth. Just my opinion.

  • Nuts

    Can we move on?

    It truly doesn’t matter if he has one or several girlfriends…or fwbs…whatever. No one seemed to fixate on the beautiful brunette who was photographed eating lunch with Gerry and his folks at an outdoor cafe in NYC at the time of TBH premiere. He was quite ticked at the paps who photographed them, jumped over the little fence and berated them for photographing a private moment. Don’t know who she is, speculation was model Cinthia Moura but could be another beautiful brunette…or a casual date.

    Anyhow, his actions there were more protective about a personal moment.

    Not posed for tabloid/news agency photogs.

    Whatever…can we go on to debate the box office projections for Coriolanus and MGP? What his next project will be? Will he seriously do Broadway (he has considered it in interviews)?
    And, what filming will be like in South Africa…

    The old Laurie/Secret Girlfriend stuff is fruitless. Next week we could see him with a completely different woman…we could get news that Laurie is dating a Paris businessman. It is all just wishful thinking/speculation until we see G out and about publically acknowledging this is MY WOMAN…and not just a photo op.

  • Sukar


    Look I apologize if that’s how I come across. I am just saying what I think. He’s behaving like he is in a relationship, that’s all. And I’m not desperate to pair him off at all. I can’t seem to make up my mind about Laurie. Sometimes I like her but there’s something about her that makes me uncomfortable. So it’s not like I am crazy about her.

  • Nuts


    Tonya…his PR Team seems to be quite squirrely. They don’t seem to have good focus…and he seems like he is very difficult to reign in at times.

    Coriolanus and MGP could go a long way to reinforce the serious actor imagine and let it overshadow the playboy image. He said in Cannes that he wasn’t exactly Mr. Morality…but this same guy is the one seeking peace and enlightenment from a variety of sources.

    Anyhow, let’s get the Serious Actor vibe going and keep the partying quiet (like others do all the time.)

  • angel

    @Nuts: I’m with you there Nuts. On that note, and I may be way off base since it’s a bit early for projections, but I’m thinking Coriolanus being the arthouse film it is, may have a limited distribution and not make bucket loads of money in the end. However, it may bring some lacking critical acclaim for GB, prestige and the chance to get offered better scripts and work with better directors. I think it was a very smart move on his part to be a part of this.
    As for MGP, Marc Forster has directed Finding Neverland, which is a movie I love and got some oscar nominations for it. On top of that, he made the Bond movie, which was a huge box office success. I think MGP will rely a lot on it’s marketing to appeal to audiences, regardless of it’s stars and the story itself, which to me, sounds very interesting and relevant.

  • craigy

    Is it Groundhog Day?

  • It’s his Assistant

    Right there in plain sight.

  • wondering

    when is the release date for Coriolanus? I cannot wait for some new movies…
    and what about that Farelly comedy…is it released soon?

  • Really?

    I can’t make up my mind about her either. What about her makes you uncomfortable?
    @It’s his Assistant:
    what about his assistant?

  • Sukar


    She seems a bit calculating?

  • Funtospec

    @Sukar: Yes agreed. He is behaving as if he is in a relationship.

    @Nuts: His goal is to be a credible Oscar worthy actor. So, he will probably do Broadway. Gerry’s intention with MGP more Indie award rather than mass appeal/money maker. Marketing can only go so far on this kind of film. He was very enamored at the Slumdog phenomena. Thus a pay cut was necessary from his vantage. Marc Forster captures gritty and honest film. (i.e. Monster’s Ball and Kite Runner also). This is Gerry’s best chance thus far for his dream.

  • Veronique


    Thanks Heidi!!

  • It’s his Assistant


    She’s the girlfriend. The others are a decoy. Mark my words.

  • Sukar

    @It’s his Assistant:

    Why the hell does he need decoys though?

  • Really?

    yes, i was thinking the same thing.
    JJ is swallowing my posts. it happened on 7 different occasions today. wtf?

  • Really?

    @It’s his Assistant:
    maybe, we’ll never know.

  • It’s his Assistant

    He can flirt openly, keep his “image alive, keep folks guessing but have the stability of a long-term relationship that is free from pressure.

  • Sukar is a mowdiewort

    You s-u-c-k big time Sukar, how can’t you bloo-dy understand ye that Gerard isn’t in any relationship? I can tell ye ’twas I’m enough close to him to know he’s single.
    You’re a fo-k-k-in’ de-me/nted idiot who believed all that Laurie-sh!t shown in the tabloids… give JJ a break and get laid instead of spending your nights here!