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Speak Now -- Taylor Swift's New Album Drops October 25

Speak Now -- Taylor Swift's New Album Drops October 25

Taylor Swift will release her new album, Speak Now, on October 25th.

The title, she said during a live chat today, “pertains to the album as a concept, and as an entire theme of the record, more than I can even tell you.”

Taylor‘s first single is called “Mine” and we can’t wait till its release in mid-August!

“My tendency is to run from love,” T-Swift says about her new single. “Every really direct example of love that I’ve had in front of me has ended in goodbye and has ended in breakups and things like that. So I think I’ve developed this pattern of sort of running away when it comes time to fall in love. This song is sort of about finding the exception to that.”

Starting on August 20th, you can pre-order the album at

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  • Dominic

    Seems a lil’ early for a new record but I’m ready for some more T-Swizzle!

  • Catchy


  • Melinda

    she is really attractive and smart

  • Jessica

    @Dominic: Not really. Her album Fearless was released in November ’08. It’s been almost three years. This will prove whether or not she’s gonna be in the business for the long haul or if she’s a one trick pony. Hopefully she’s around forever!

  • Ava

    “Really attractive and smart” is the understatement of the century! She has so many wonderful qualities it’s difficult to list them. The fact that they are all packed into a beautiful human makes Taylor very rare and special.

  • Alaia

    Just when you thought she would disappear for a while, she comes back with a new album filled with glum teenage experiences. Grow up, love.

  • Ava

    Taylor writes songs about ‘love’ as well as any other artist today. There is no more complex, mature, or universal subject. She is both a poetic genius and a really classy person. I only hope that she doesn’t ‘grow-up’ too fast.

  • lucy

    i’m excited but I hope she changes her style a little bit..i mean less high school theme and more country!

  • Zoz

    Oh shut up Ava. She sales to little kids. Shell to lose her following 2-3 yrs when the girls start to rebel and they start liking someone elsa.

  • JC

    There is a lot worse out there than her. She at least writes her own songs so I can respect that even though I don’t like her music. I believe she runs the risk of overexposure by not taking a break. Her last album might be old but she’s been promoting it for years.

  • Ms. Anonymous

    She has an innocence that is refreshing. And really, who wants to hear songs about sex all the time?

    Can’t WAIT, Tay makes everything better!

  • Ms. Anonymous


    No, people love her for her amazing personality also, so that won’t happen.

  • jen

    @Alaia: GROW UP??? And you make how much and work how many hours a week?
    This girl works her butt off! This kind of a job takes long hours and total commitment. I think you need to look up the real meaning of “grow up”

  • Kaz

    I hate

  • linna

    I love her!!!!!

  • xxxxx

    She’s a great songwriter. But her vocals are bad. Her music isn’t really ‘country’.

  • mailey

    here comes rainbows & unicorns again. sigh. she’s such a cheeseball. and i agree with the “grow up” comments.

    she sings, acts, styles her apartment in fairytales, princesses etc
    i dont mean be negative or grandma about things, but let go of the care bears-type references permeating everything!

    she is in lala land in her head. you’re not a teenager anymore!! grow up!!

  • jess

    the melodies are good. the lyrics are just ok. the themes are played out. her vocals are def bad.

    she’s def not country. country just likes to label her that and hang on to her bec she’s popular.

  • savannah

    if the antithesis to her is Megan Fox, then I much prefer Megan.

    she handled the joe jonas thing like a retard. she went on and on about it for forever.

    if he was a jerk to her, he shouldnt have been worth all that attention from her.

    she was so bitter about it. it just made her look pathetic and stupid.

  • tiger

    Another album, same love songs. She has absolutely no diversity, and in the end that’s what’s going to kill her career.

  • Abbeye

    She doesn’t sell her albums to little kids, I’m twenty years old and can’t wait for the new album. I’ve been listening to her since the beginning. She’s a very genuine classy girl and has a lot going for her. She sings about love, but so does everyone else. She’s growing and her music will too!

  • xxxxx

    About the ‘grow up’ comments. What do you mean? First, love doesnt have age, and it will feel the same when you’re 3 and when you’re 90, so when she writes about it, she writes about how she feels, and probably adds more things that are related to teenagers, and as she is 20, more people of this age will follow her.
    so please look up the meaning of grow up.

    i think his will define if she’s still gonna be into music republic. i think she will, cause her image has improved a lot, and she has many fans, and she is adorable and innocent, so no doubt that she will continue like that and that she will be in our headphones for a long time.

  • srgaag

    taylor swift is a breath of fresh air.

    and her albums doesnt sell to little kids
    her audience in age varies
    from little kids to teens to adults
    just see it at one of her shows.

    i love how taylor doesnt have to sell her body. she actually sells…. MUSIC<3

    shes very creative and everyone knows taylor loves to write love songs.
    and every song is about love or about sex.
    so stop hating on what taylor writes about.

    beyonces songs are love song, or sex
    usher is love or sex
    christina aguilera is love or sex
    britney spears is sex
    and if its not about sex they usually tie something sexual to it.
    its a trend ive noticed.

    just because one artist said thats their favorite subject to write about dont forget thats what all songwriters write about.
    love or sex.

    so dont hate on taylor for that
    this is her style of singing and writing
    you dont like, than go listen to someone esle.

  • sharmila

    i think u guys who said Taylor writes about fairy tale is wrong i mean i know she can really be so dramatic about a breakup but that’s just who she is . she real so what if she sings about fairy tale . she just being her self and FYI her music is for anyone . look its just my saying shes a better than any singer she just relating to something nobody can if u don’t like her don’t listen to her music . Joe Jones is an idiot he like a fearing player he went out with like three girls . she is a way out of is lead he cant even make a commitment relationship with her .