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Rachel Bilson: Rocket Woman

Rachel Bilson: Rocket Woman

Big sis Rachel Bilson gets in some girl bonding time and takes care of her adorable half-sisters Hattie and Rosemary on Wednesday (July 28) in Los Feliz, Calif.

The trio picked up a bite to eat at hamburger franchise Johnny Rockets. Afterward, they picked up some supplies from Party City.

A few weeks ago, Rachel and her step-mom Heather took the girls to visit the animals at the LA Zoo & Botanical Gardens.

15+ pictures inside of Rocket woman Rachel Bilson

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Photos: AKM Images, Limelightpics
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  • JC

    Been a few days. I got scared. Thought she might have gotten a job. Still walking around doing nothing but she brought a couple of props this time. I usually think she’s hot but her hair looks greasy or something.

  • JC

    The one older sister always looks so miserable.

  • http://twitter annie

    hair is so awful,cut it smelly bilson. nothing hot about her. what a waste of time,must be nice to have nothing to do,so young so boring,so talentless.

  • okay

    this is laughable!

  • Baby Doll Jane

    @JC: Ho wod you know she doesn’t have a job? How do you know she is not on a vacation from acting? How do you know what she is doing in her personal life?
    Oh wait, YOU DON’T.

    There please stop judging her, it is truly none of YOUR business if she wants to walk around without a JOB in the summer holiday.

  • Baby Doll Jane

    @annie: How do you know she has nothing to do? Oh wait, you don’t.

  • Baby Doll Jane

    @JC: How would you know she doesn’t have a job? How do you know she is not on a vacation from acting? How do you know what she is doing in her personal life?
    Oh wait, YOU DON’T.

    Then please stop judging her, it is truly none of YOUR business if she wants to walk around without a JOB in the summer holiday.

  • JC

    @Baby Doll Jane:

    She is on a vacation from acting. That’s pretty much all you’re right about. I’m not judging her but you see pictures of her doing boring crap all the time on this site. I’m just replying to what I see. I see an out of work, I’m sorry, vacationing actress, doing not so exciting things. She should of at least washed her hair though.

  • Jessie

    @Baby Doll Jane

    Considering the fact that she has been spotted going to numerous casting offices over the past few months, she’s not on vacation from acting. She just went to a casting office a week ago. She’s trying to get a job but she isn’t booking them. Therefore she isn’t doing anything, and this is all she has to do.

  • lexy hates bilson

    Where are her brothers? How come they won’t be bothered with her? Is it b/c they didn’t appreciate her saying how it was all their fault she was a wild teenager involved in a drinking and driving accident??
    LOL! She’s probably hoping people will mistake her for Jenn Garner!!!
    Baby Jane – if you know so much about Rachel’s career do share!!! I mean maybe Angelina needs to worry that Rachel is going to start stealing jobs from her?? Do you know where her brothers are??

  • gillian

    y does her not-so-little-anymore sister need to be carried?!? bilson just used her sis as a prop thats so popular in hollywood… carrying a kid on one arm

  • lexy hates bilson

    Hey I thought the paps weren’t allowed to follow customers around the stores – unless of course the celeb says it OK??

  • viper

    Question Lexy

    Why are you obsessed with the brothers maybe like some families that they might not live in LA or even CA or keep in touch. Is there a reason you are asking this question all the time. Good chance know one knows the exact answer for you.

    Seems like she is dressing little sister to look like her now. Seeing the similar outfits on the older one even down to the hair style. It’s almost like she uses them as a piece of jewelry or accessory item to show offer when she wants fans or ppl to see her as some type of mother figure….NOTTTTT

  • lisa

    She would not travel to Thailand? Why she lied?

  • lexy hates bilson

    I just find it curious…she pimps out her whole family and she’s got all these fans who know so much about her and yet they have never been photographed with her. I mean she pimps out her mom and these girls and yet nothing on the brothers…Other celebs have their siblings come out and support them but never her – especially early on in their careers and also considering other than Jumper her other “films” have been VERY low key. She complains about how the paps stalk her sisters but how do her brothers manage not to get photographed???

  • Michelle Depp

    Okay, I know I will probably get some crap for this but WHY is she relevant? I think she’s cute and all & a great big sis, but has she done anything since Jumpers? and yet she is everywhere

  • MissAnthropica

    Same old same old.. she is doing nothing… using her sisters etc they look miserable etc etc Same old cr@ap!!!
    You know Im not sure it is worth commenting on her anymore to be honest. She is a waste of a post and a waste of a comment.
    She does the same cr@p over and over again and we point out that ii is cr@p over and over again,
    A endless cycle of nothingness that is her life ,these posts and the comments about her doing well… Nothing.
    Break the cycvle!!!
    She pays for the paps to follow her and she pays for posts… but that will only continue as long as people care to gripe about her.
    You want her to go away?

    Stop commenting about her and giving her 70 comments per post.
    And dont respond to Baby Doll Jane she is just trying to get people to respond to her bull in her comments… guess why?

    So Bileson’s posts get more comments!!!!!
    It is really really obvious.
    I’m done… I am not going to help her by stoping to talk about her anymore….As long as people say anything about her BAD OR GOOD your still caring and your still helping HER.

  • kaleigh

    So here comes the Bilsons… the next KardaSKANKS!!!

  • JC


    Sorry but I find her fascinating. For good and bad.

  • kaleigh

    And she got dumped becoz she doesnt do anything but all just mediawhoooring too much LOL

  • viper


    Better chance that the brothers don’t give a damn about her or her pimping out reason why they don’t care to be in the spotlight.

  • MissAnthropica

    Clearly as it doesnt take you long to check back to what other people have commented on HER post. That is just sad…. fascinating you had to use the word fascinating? LMAO
    She is a crash car of a person to watch for sure…. but fascinating is stretching it a tad dont you think JC ? LOL

  • MissAnthropica

    fas·ci·nat·ing   /ˈfæsəˌneɪtɪŋ/ [fas-uh-ney-ting]
    of great interest or attraction; enchanting; charming; captivating: a fascinating story; fascinating jewelry.
    Related Words for : fascinating
    absorbing, engrossing, gripping, riveting, bewitching

    Wow you find her that engrossing do you? lol

  • JC

    @MissAnthropica: You’re calling me sad? I’m just farting around at work with nothing better to do. I certainly don’t feel like doing any real work. What is your excuse? You’re the one who wrote a huge “break the cycle” post. People in glass houses…….be careful about who you label “sad”.

  • reedley

    This OC-Relic’s HW Bio/Profile:
    1. UN-employable in TV industry
    2. UN-employable in Movie industry
    3. SEMI-employable on a random fashion business
    4. SEMI-employable on all opening the envelope events
    5.VERY MUCH employable in anything & everything that has to do in famewh0ring.
    Case closed.

  • Blahzae

    Bil”tart is going to hate a new law being passed in California, that should take effect at the end of this year.
    Basically A list stars got tired of the Papz hanging out in front of their homes all the time and managed to push forward a new law that would make it illegal for the Papz to spend the day outside of your home and also illegal for them to hang out in front of your child’s school or a child related to you.
    So if a “star” has papz camped outside their home for instance all day long and doesnt want them there they simply call the cops and have them arrested, and make it clear that no one has their permission to stalk them outside their home.
    So people like Bilson will no longer be able to claim that the papz camped outside her home that she just cant seem to get rid of could not be there unless they had her permission to begin with ;p
    It is going to make presswhoring Z listers like Bilson lives alot harder( she wont be able to protend she cant make them go away anymore) and make it a little easier for A listers that are not begging for attention everyday to get the papz off their backs while at home.
    So I am sure Bilson will get in as much presswhoring as possible done before the law is passed this year.

  • Question?

    Does she ever wash her hair anymore?… Yuck. How can you be a “fashionista” with greasy deadishy hairo.0 Someone explain because I do not get it. lol. It is the middle of freaking summer most people shower more… not less. Ew ew ew ew!!!!

  • whizbang

    Hi, my name is R.BilPOOO and I’m an uneducated braindead inbred LA Valley chick. Here, let me do my routinary walk near my neighbor here in LA, then to get more attention, I tagged along my half-sisters this time around to show-off that I too have caring nature for little people aside from the freebie stuff that I get from my shopping & media-whoring addictions…
    And what, you’re all paying attention to me?
    You’re all noseyparker!
    How dare you pay attention to me?!?!”

  • soph

    @Michelle Depp:

    Agreed. JustJared I’m sick of seeing her on the site!

  • remi

    all i have to say is “WHAT A NIGHTMARE!!!!!!!!!!!”

  • anu

    i N-E-V-E-R E-VER see her shun the paps shes ALWAYS smiling at them which makes me think that she does call them.

    what a LOSEERRRR!!!

  • Critic

    Her pants are way too tight again.. she needs to except that she has gained some weight there and needs to go up about a jean size. Then atleast she wouldnt have a camel toe ride up going on and the clothes would look like they fit her, rather than looking like they are about to bust!!! on her. Your clothes can not be fashionable if they dont fit you, you know?

  • Brightside

    @Baby Doll Jane:
    Fair enough comment…how would anyone know?

    Well, let’s take a helicopter view here; so far the evidence for a career seems fairly minimal given that, if she were working, or had work lined up, then it would get mentioned very quickly. It’s actually in her best interests (in any actress’s best interests) to show that she is still regarded as marketable. The fact that there is no noise being made about any up-and-coming projects (that aren’t rumours) is a pretty clear indication that she has nothing lined up. No actress has ever advanced her career by being secretive about what they do…it’s all publicity and work is the best publicity of all. It shows the world that people still want to hire you.
    Re taking a vacation…her life could actually be more accurately described as a vacation interspersed with brief periods of employment rather than the other way around.

    By the way, most people in the states and elsewhere don’t have the luxury of ‘walking around without a JOB in the summer holiday’. Most people have to work very hard to afford a vacation and definitely can’t afford to spend their summer days swanning around doing sod all! They don’t have daddy to pay the bills!

    Well, thank God, no more fashion ‘advice’, just Rachel Bilson looking her dowdy, predictable and pedestrian self!

  • wow just wow..!!

    she should started a reality show..

  • lois

    Rachel is going to be on the season premiere of How I Met Your Mother.

    You people only see a few minutes worth of someone’s 24 hour day in a few photos and you think you know everything about them. You can only guess.

  • Brightside

    That doesn’t actually mean a lot, you know. There’s a big difference between regular work and the occasional guest appearance. In fact, there’s a huge difference!

    Looking it up, I found this from Hollywood News and I am amazed at why people consider her beautiful. She is not. She’s just a rather ordinary looking girl stuck somewhere between cuteness and plainness.

  • Sweetie

    the older sister hattie is plain ugly

  • hana_

    yeah I love the whole bilson fam :)
    rachel will be a good mom someday! but I want to see her in some new flicks! hope so :) stop haters – go to the nex thread please!
    thanks JJ for rachel posts!!
    big rachel fan hana_

  • Blahzae

    Whoopdeefreaking doo!!! Not!!
    She is coming back in a small part as Cindy again for “one” count them “one” episode.
    I think it is strange they didnt announce this sooner. Maybe they were afraid if people knew ahead of time too much they wont tune in but tune out to avoid the torture of her attempted acting. An episode is hardly work and surely not a career . They had Britney Spears on for christsakes more times and with better ratings, Britney Spears!!! So that sums up Bilson fairly easily.
    I swear the same Bilson “fan” posts the same bullsh@t over & over about how she has something “big” coming up and coming up .. comes and goes and nothing…. ~crickets~.
    She is cheap labor more or less but has a name more so than a “complete” unknown actress would so they bring her back get a blip of press for it and move on with the rest of the season. She is cheaper than Britney to bring back for the permiere episode so that is why she is back. Simple.

  • Brightside

    Children go through phases as their facial features become more adult. Hattie is just going through a plain stage. I’m sure that if you look through your childhood photographs you will notice the same sort of progression from baby cute at a year old, to plain at two years, cute again at five etc. I know I can with mine. Hattie still has a lot of growing to do.

    I must say that Rachel is one of those people who look far better in sunglasses than without them. Her eyes and eyebrows are simply not her best feature. I understand now why she wears them so much. Also she’s got the goofy, airhead expression down to a fine art. Does she really need to look quite so dumb!

  • Lora

    @Brightside: I could sign under each of your words about RB in all your posts. By the way, I left a comment for you in the topic “Kids …right!” but you evidently did not see it.

    @kaleigh: RB Dumped
    You know, it is fair to say that Adam Brody dumped RB. But as far as
    Christensen is concerned – for me is not so obvious as we have not seen any official statement of their final split up. And in general I should say that when people say RB and HC are done… I feel some unrest. I sense some TRICK behind it.
    Look, in the mid-May in his Brazilian interview HC said he was deeply in love and could not wait marrying. I have never heard him saying such things about any of his ex or being engaged before, so I can not suspect him paying the lip service. In mid-June we got the info about HC & RB taking a break and it was mentioned that they did it a couple of weeks ago – so the beginning of June. What so extraordinary could has happened in between mid-May and the beginning of June that stopped their plans for wedding?? I am a little bit on edge with curiosity.
    And now this parade in LA with the see-through blouses, shopping, going out, auditions, expositions of being a great sis. You know, I have an impression that she does it for purpose – she is pressing HC for something. So she dresses the way he evidently likes ( cut shorts, see-through blouses etc.), she demonstrates what a wonderful mother she will be by nursing the younger sister, she shows that she is still wanted by press and in the industry. She wants him to see that he might loose a great wife… How chip and predictable… May be I am all wrong. But this is the way I feel about their split up. What do think guys??
    By the way, I read at Wikipedia site that RB would like the kind of roles “that Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johansson are offered” – she shot me dead. Guys!!! Is this woman capable of any kind of self-analysis?? Somebody stop me!! I have cruel intentions to kill this fake, goat’s-legged “beauty”. Sorry to sound aggressive but I really can not help it! How stupid of her. And ridiculous. Imagine RB in same roles as NP and SJ. This would be the end of Holywood.

  • Thorne

    How I Met Your Mother has lost a large part of its audience after the 5th season people got bored with it and tired of the same old same old.
    It is about a hair’s width away from being canceled before a season 7 happens.
    I am sure Bilson will help it on its way to being canceled.
    She is cursed like that ( and a bad actress)
    Oc- she replaces Barton as the female lead- Canceled
    Chuck- appears for two episodes- Not re-newed and almost canceled.
    How I Met Your Mother was cute show at first but it lost it’s charm long ago and has become dragged out and dull… just like Bilson. Shes perfect for the ill fated show :)

  • sterling

    REPRISING her 3 mins appearance w/ 5 or less speaking lines on the show – whoa that could another “challenging” stuff for Midge(t) lol!

  • sterling

    @37 – the older sister hattie is plain ugly.
    That she is… coz Hattie ACTUALLY looks the very Little R. Midge(t) Bilson.

  • Thorne

    Lora first of all that is one long post!!!
    Secondly Rachel is doing everything she is doing for one person and one person only..the only person she cares about in life…. HERSELF. She always runs around like this and pays for posts like this and so on and so forth. She is a desperate woman looking for attention from the PRESS, her other love besides herself.
    Also that “interview” in Rio with her EX, was later in question greatly because of where it came from, most likely it was made up by her people. Since it was all about how great SHE is.
    Prior to that her ex never spoke of her so openly and many felt it did not make since that he would out of nowhere,
    The entire interview was about her and fashion not about the event he was there to promote for Lacoste and the charity event attached to it. Strange.
    Most people always called them a showmance as in faked!! and figure their “arrangement ” ended back in May.
    Now pleas stop with your little conspiracy theories.
    Bileson runs around with her sisters because it makes HER look good or atleast she thinks it does, she dresses the way she does so she will be talked about and her attempt at finding “work”. That is because she is broke without her ex’s money and the attention she got from him.
    That is why her clothing is getting shabbier and shabbier (less free-bees and giveaways).
    Her attempt to get cast is because if she doesnt find something soon she will fade into the abyss and she knows it . she cant afford to pay the paps forever or pay for posts forever. Her life without her ex is like what her life was like with her ex…. empty shallow and attention seeking. She doesnt care about getting him “back”
    She cares about if she will be talked about and have her picture taken down the road and if she will continue to get free purses and money from her daddy.
    Honestly I think the reason she looked so unhappy before and after the announcement is because she knew her little press relationship was over and that she couldnt find anyone else who would get into one with her. So she is trying a different route, she gets a little work on tv trys to find another actor boy to get in an arrangement with and starts rumors about her and everyone she can think of. Like that pathectic Andy Samberg rumor.. still lmao at that. That shows you right there she is desperate but not smart enought to do research and make sure the guy she started the rumor about wasnt with his girlfriend still and wouldnt have his people deny it right away. lol

    You give her way too much credit in the “brains” department.

    And now I did one long @ss post lol

  • Blahzae

    Speaking of Exes.
    Hayden will be apart of a fundraiser event on Augusst 10th in NYC held at The Standard Hotel in the famous ” Boom Boom Room” for
    The Christopher Reeve Foudation,
    Hayden, as well as the late greats Christopher and Dana Reeve’s children will be hosting the event, to raise money for people with paralysis and celebrating the 20th Anniversary of
    the American’s with Disabilites Act.
    Somehow I doubt Bileson would be interested in this because she wont get a free purse out if it.
    i do think it is great that Hayden is involving himself with it. It is a wonderful cause and should be carried on even though Christopher Reeve and his wife both sadly passed away.

  • lexy hates bilson

    Ugh! What is wrong with the folks at How I Met Your Mother?? They have a fabulous cast of talented actors and keep bringing these losers on board for guest spots. Perhaps Rachel will pick up a few acting tips from the group.
    I like the Kardashians – sure they are fame whores but they know it and don’t claim to be actors. Not to mention say what you want but they all have JOBS!! They own their own business and get endorsement deals – Rachel does neither…not to mention the Kardashians do something other than shop ALL the time.

  • austine

    The little blond girl is really pretty (looking a bit of Shiloh)
    And her ageing-twink Auntie Rachel who now keeps on parading her would “apt” to look more like her nanny or their house-helper.

  • Lora

    @Thorne: WOW! What a job! Thank you for time and effort!!
    Ye, it was naive of me not to try and suppose that this Brazilian interview could be made up and paid. It surprises me if she does not bother to get him back. I think he worth it. But if this is really a showmance to promote her career – I am astonished. I thought he is not the kind to make such agreements. I really thought he would merry her (though disgusted the possibility).

  • tennille

    Why she keeps on showing off her bra (w/ sporting see-thru clothings these days) when she badly needs a “b00b job” first – what a nerve!