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Jennifer Aniston Talks Baby-Making!

Jennifer Aniston Talks Baby-Making!

Jennifer Aniston enjoys the summer weather as she arrives to make her appearance on Chelsea Handler‘s Chelsea Lately talk show in Los Angeles on Thursday (July 29).

Last night, the 41-year-old also stopped by The Tonight Show and chatted with Jay Leno about making babies! Jay asked Jen if she knew about donor banks. “Jeez, that question’s never been asked to me!” Jen joked. “You go to the bank and you have a card…I honestly don’t know exactly!”

As for her fave pizza, Jen admitted she loves a three-cheese thin-crust pizza with shiitake mushrooms and pepperonis!

FYI: Jen is carrying her favorite Ferragamo brown bag!

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147 Responses to “Jennifer Aniston Talks Baby-Making!”

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  1. 101
    Jack Daniel's Says:

    Jen was damn hot in the interview! What an amazing blondie! Delicious killer legs!

  2. 102
    Jen's Perfume: Lonely Tears Says:

    She may need to go back to school to take Speech 101

  3. 103
    anonymous Says:


    I look better than Suri Cruise!

  4. 104
    fren Says:

    She looks HOT, HOT, HOT in those white pants! she looks healthy and sexy. I saw her on the Jay Leno show and she looked beautiful with that dress on and peep toe shoes. She looked sexy once again. I love the way she dresses. Anything she wears looks good! I wish her the best.

  5. 105
    jordan Says:

    @Jen’s Perfume: Lonely Tears: thanks for the comment! keep the hate coming it only makes jennifer stronger! salt is # 3 at the movies! the # 1 movie had over 700 less showings! inception #2 – charlie st cloud nearly bet jolie! you loons are destroying your idol – that is what hate does! jj where are the pictures of jennifer in her black dress? (by the way carolina kennedy graduated from an ivy league college – and wasn’t a good public speaker – so your comment is really shallow! being in carolina kennedy and hiliary clinton company isn’t bad at all! lol

  6. 106
    truth is Says:

    @jordan: yeah! Caroline Kennedy i believe she’s smart lady but her problem was she doesn’t know about politics. she was just got pressured from her family and fellow democrats. See if you enter on that business, you should be prepare do some research of your own not waiting from someone to feed you. Just like Angie said, do some research on your role in order to learn and then when you learn from it it is just easy to emote. If Angie did not understand the script she turn the offer down. for Angie, it’s a good thing that she doesn’t have publicist at least no one will pressure her to work even if she doesn’t want to. with a publicist, you got pressure to work more for him/her. this is the case of Jen, she got pressured from Huvane. she doesn’t have a choice. she has to follow his order. remember her mom on her book, she said she was worried about her daughter that someone whom she is close to will take advantage of her. by the way this case like Jen more often happened to not smart, dependent and lazy people.

  7. 107
    Fan Says:

    and seriously you dont have a life either otherwise you wouldnt be here to respond to my post. Now let me think, who is the smartest of them all?

  8. 108
    Fan Says:

    @This Just In:
    yes because she has no other thing to do than look after her body just like yes..

  9. 109
    pr product Says:

    After watching this interview I am now sure she is a PR product, no more, no less.
    I would expect someone that can benefit from this kind of media coverage to be more professional both in studying for the roles she is playing and in preparing carefully her interviews and pr activities.
    Here she failed in both.
    She did not succeed in presenting properly the core topic of her next movie, giving the impression that this important issue has been developed in a superficial and silly way by the director, and, most of all, she did not succeed in presenting herself as an interesting and smart person. This is strange, because, usually, pr reps always give to their proteges a full and well documented Q&A doc to help these poor (and mainly ignorant) celebrities giving their best in these expensive pr activities.
    I think she didn’t prepared herself enough for this interview. At the same time I would suggest her Reps to move to other topics, because this workout – suntun – yoga – pilates – sculpted ass – balance thing is really boring. And it is becaming ridiculous due to this lady’s age.

  10. 110
    the truth Says:

    @pr product: i know what you mean – kinda like angelina not remembering how many children she has in a seat down interview – not even being watched by millions! or calling a child a blob – even more so the mother continues to call this same child goofy – at least the child’s father saids she has an imagination! my mother had 7 children – it isn’t that hard to start with the oldest and work your way down! also suggest to her reps that she decide how she is going to market as a mother, mental or sex symbol that is too skinny to pull it off! the public is tired of seeing the children have to promote her movie salt and the last stop saw the fatigue physically on the children – let’s hope they are getting paid! calling the media every time you do is charity – well as you see with #2 and #3 spot in the box office isn’t working anymore either! (even when you are the only new movie coming out) the slit of to your … doesn’t work as you are a mother of 6 also are too skinny – however i am honest and your face is pretty and beautiful when you have weight!

    so to pr – i guess angelina failed at both media and box office – if we are using your standards!

    mirror mirror

    both ladies have more money and success in pr than we ever will… so i really don’t think they need lessons from us!

  11. 111
    the truth Says:

    @pr product: also it isn’t ridiculous due to her age! jennifer is single with no children – good body, pretty, known to be a giving person, good friend and has success. so her market is different than angelina who has a live in lover and a mother of 6. my nephews and male friends will go see switch where as salt doesn’t appeal to them. why? because jennifer is a hot single female! lmao! so jennifer has the best of both worlds as my mother love jennnifer too but for different reasons. so i think her pr person knows what they are doing – seems like you are petty.

  12. 112
    Eddie Cibrian Says:

    Jennifer, call me! I’m your next meal ticket and you are mine. Steal me from Leann Rimes. You and I can be the power couple that finally rivals Brangelina. I want to costar in one of your romcoms. Huvane, call me!

  13. 113
    anonymous Says:

    Do we have an earthquake here? Hahahahahhaha

  14. 114
    truth is Says:

    Jen Anuston and her fans are always worried how she look but they’re not worried about how her brain works. Jen should go back to kindergarten for her fans sake and she should bring Bet with her too.

  15. 115
    Media Wh@re MANiston Says:

    truth is @ 08/01/2010 at 10:23 pm


  16. 116
    ManistH0n Says:

    She is ugly and she looks like Fiona Shrek in the face. UGLY and DUMB !

  17. 117
    Media Wh@re MANiston Says:

    the truth @ 08/01/2010 at 11:26 am

    Salt opened less than two weeks ago (11 days) and it made 103 mil. It did better at the BO than The BH. Although, 103 hasn’t cover the production & marketing costs yet but it will. My point is that Salt has reached 100 mil faster then The BH did. Also, the Bounty Hunter made a little over 130 mil in 15 weeks total. So, Salt still has another 13 weeks to go. Come back in 13 weeks and then you can scream failure if the TOTAL doesnt please your eyes. In the meantime, STFU!!!

  18. 118
    ManistH0n Says:

    Hey TheUltimateDelusionalTruth.
    Your idole latest action flick ‘the ‘Booteyt Hunter’ got 67 millions in its FINAL DOMESTIC run, a number that Jolie’s latest action flick has already surpassed in the domestic market in just…10 days….and without using any finger in the a** p0rn promo to achieve that aim.
    Thell your boss ANUSton to stop embarrassing herself and to go back to TV or to take extra classes in elequence and courses aimed at reducing the massive mass of air beteen the two ears…the old bimbo will never get that Bond Girl role she is so craving for even if she begs, bends over with a tiny bikini and let the producer put his finger in her a**.
    Too late for the aging cougar. Time for her to play her perfect role, the one where hse has her expertise “Boytoy high consumption at a quick turnover” …on TV to imitate life.

  19. 119
    he will make it Says:

    @ManistH0n: @ManistH0n: have you lost it! jolie’s film is going to have to make over 200 million in the US to make the same percentage as Aniston – when that happens – then talk you trash! also salt hasn’t been # 1 yet! in fact #3 its 2nd week! move on.

  20. 120
    lol Says:

    @truth is: spiteful are your comments. so jolie needs a class in motherhood 101! to help her remember how many children she has!

  21. 121
    Fingered Gal... Says:

    She always looked R*TARDED when a basic question in par of her age is asked. She really has those lapses like she is mentally challenged and has a perpetual finger stuck in her ass.
    Ugly face, normal body for Hollywood and European standards, masculine agressive voice, no conversation whatsoever, malnourised with poor chicken salad every day, bad breath smoker, constantly whining, immature, uncool, unapalm & asexual and perpetually in cleansing springs when she is not doing yoga; fearfull to the core who is scared of taking some vacation elsewhere even if that elsewhere is in Mehicco without Cabo …
    and she wonder why she can keep a boytoy and doesn’t seem to attract a nice decent guy. When one is taken out of pitty he got sick and fell into depression. She is poison material for any man…she is not even good enough tobe used as a toilet for a long period…Mayer got sick pretty quick of dumping his sh*t on her. That tells a lot about the ‘quality’ of this woman that no man seems to want.

  22. 122
    ManistH0n Says:

    Losing it is a Manistonmaniacs privillege. You should know sinxce one of yall’s has been sent to jail for making your nasty little business around your stupid idol, since you can’t behave properly and alays LOSING IT.
    Again, Maniston is a moron and so are her fans.

  23. 123
    i love horses aj Says:

    @Fingered Gal…: i know what you mean – jolie couldn’t even remember she had 6 children when asked by an interviewer – with just the interviewer – not a million of people watching her about her own children! yep, jolie had the body and looks before pitt came along! now her movie can’t even make it to the number 1 spot! a comedy beat it! sad for angelina that she has loons for fans! in fact i think angelina is a good actress but wouldn’t go see her movies because of fans like you – hate to hate!

  24. 124
    rucker Says:

    jennifer is beautiful and an amazing lady.

  25. 125
    yes Says:

    @ManistH0n: speidi go away

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