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Miranda Kerr: I'm Four Months Pregnant!

Miranda Kerr: I'm Four Months Pregnant!

Miranda Kerr has confirmed her first pregnancy!

The 27-year-old Victoria’s Secret model, who married longtime love Orlando Bloom in July, told the Spanish edition of Vogue (via People) that she’s four months along.

“I remember on one occasion in the early days [of my pregnancy] when it was still too soon to say anything, and I had a dreadful time at one job,” she said of experiencing morning sickness.

Could you tell Miranda was pregnant last month? She was three months along!

Congratulations to Miranda and Orly!! Super cute baby on the way…

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Credit: Denise Truscello; Photos: WireImage
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  • Saudia

    wow congrats!!!!!!! Definitely a cute kid <3

  • BEAN

    Omg! One celeb pregnancy Im actually shocked about. Ha. Congrats guys! What a gorgeous baby these two are going to make eh!

  • miranda-adriana

    After Alessandra, Adriana, Karolina and Doutzen, it’s Miranda’s turn ! I’m sure she is going to be a great great mother ! congrats to Orlando and Miranda !

  • Kris

    Shocked? WTF? It was so obvious it was a shotgun wedding!

  • timothy

    Who would have thought an elf and a chipmunk can procreate???

    Miracles happen every day.

  • oldfurniture

    “I’m four months pregnant”….well, time to start EATING then, Miranda!

  • Kate Bosworth

    I’ll stop eating right now if the swedish doesn’t impregnate me…. :(

  • Dominic

    That baby is gonna have dimples deeper than the grand canyon! lol


    they got engaged and eloped less than 3 months ago

    and she’s all ready 4 months pregnant

    hmmmmm …..

  • superman

    Hmmm so thats why they got hitched hmmm well not surpising. Yesh it wasn’t hard to see this coming.

  • Not a smart move

    Mariages for this reason NEVER last.
    So in 10yrs she will be 37yrs old, her modeling carreer will be over, she’ll be divorced AND a single mother.

  • @9

    They got engaged in june, married in july…and she is 4 moths pregnant…of course they married so quickly!

  • Does he know IQ is genetic ???

    If he thinks that its just an accident that she got pregnant he is THE DUMBEST person in the world.

    Blegh I dont understand women who will stoop so low to trap a guy in to marrying them and use a baby like that.

  • @11

    Well, I got married for that reason and we’re up to 15 years now.

  • lexy hates bilson

    Trap a man into marrying her with a baby?? You’ve been watching too many soaps. For starters it’s not like this girl has no money and career of her own. She could easily be a single mother or find some guy to knock her up if she only wanted a baby!! He loves her!! Get over it!!


    Yes I’m sure it was just a coincidence that she was pregnant when he asked to marry her.

  • Rachel

    That baby is going to be out-of-this world cute!

  • superman

    Ok it was a shotgun wedding we all know that and he knocked her up not surpising. I see no need to be PC about this or to open my mind as the hippies these day’s call it.

  • Ashes

    congratulations to them

  • @ 15

    A career of her own???
    HAHAHAHA She does now, but 3 yrs ago when she started attaching her name to Orlando she was just one of the thousands of models no one cared about.

    People have a very short attention span.

  • Di

    I’m so happy for them.

  • Somewhere in Sweden

    Kate is sabotaging her birth control.

  • Ruined

    I wonder how he’s gonna feel when he wakes up and realizes he’s married a woman who would use him like that.

  • nowonder

    OMG no wonder they got married so quickly.

    The little slut got pregnant.

  • nowonder

    OMG no wonder they got married so quickly.

    The little sIut got pregnant.

  • callmewhatever

    Did she sell her soul to the devil? Seriously can someone get any luckier?! This is almost like a movie about a girl who sells her soul in exchange for the BEST POSSIBLE life. VC model and married to and pregnant by one of the most appealing men on the planet???!!!!!

  • @22

    @Somewhere in Sweden:
    I’m afraid that could be true, what are these two capable of to get into the limelight….

  • S

    @@ 15: Did you mean memory?

  • jamie


    Most appealing man on the planet?


    Orlando Bloom is a washed up hasbeen

    Does he even work anymore? What has he done lately?

    And he used to be so cute but he aged terrible. He’s not hot at all. Ugly, in fact.

  • http://justjared kingofpopforever

    LOL The Delphi loons gracing us with their presence to congratulate Orlando and Miranda awwwwwwwww how precious LOL I feel your pain psychos but guess what it is what it is LOL.

  • Coincidence

    I bet its just one big coincidence that her birthcontrol just happed fail, just around that time of month you can get pregnant.

  • Amanda

    Congrats again! Wish her a safe delivery a healthy baby. I hope it is gonna be a beautiful one like his parents.

  • superman

    Ok we all knew this was coming why should we be surpised. I haven’t seen Orlando Bloom in anything since the last pirates film.

  • Abbie

    The cabbage patch kids are coming!

  • @Callmewhatever


    I’m gonna guess she did, because you really cant sink any lower than trapping a guy into marrying you. Its beyond pathetic. There is no real good reason nowadays for pregnacys to be acidental.

    She should put that in her selfhelp book for young women, if you cant get a guy to marry you; get knocked up.

  • lexy hates bilson

    Why do you presume SHE didn’t use birth control?? What he can’t afford condoms??

  • What?

    Yeah, some time ago, around the jurassic period men married women if they knocked them up.
    A baby on the way may be a slight push into marriage for people who want to do things the traditional way, but to say he’s “trapped”? Are you kidding me? If he can’t stand her he wouldn’t have married her, with or without a baby.

    “There is no real good reason nowadays for pregnacys to be acidental.”
    There is no good reason nowadays to marry someone for a pregnancy. That’s what you really meant, right? Granny?

  • burnt bacon

    I KNEW IT!!!!
    I just hope they don’t give the kid some obnoxious name like Nebuchanezzar or Shazbat or something.

  • burnt bacon

    @nowonder: Hello, no wonder, I’m the 21st century, and this here is my friend feminism. I don’t believe we’ve ever met.

  • burnt bacon

    @Somewhere in Sweden: “Kate is sabotaging her birth control.”
    LOL! She probably hasn’t menstruated in years since she’s so underweight, but she’ll give it the old college try! I wonder what she’ll pull to try and top this.

  • Cecilia

    OMG people here are so jealous is pahetic!!! LOL congratulations to Orlando and Miranda!!! What is the problem with you people???? Get over it… they are married and are having a baby. so what?? happens all the time

  • LOL!

    The delphidiots are in free fall, and it is just so fun to watch!
    No matter what you hateful, bitter, sad women say, Orlando and Miranda are happy, in love, and about to be parents!
    He married her because he loves her.
    No man can be FORCED to marry a woman just because she is pregnant. Especially a man with Orlando’s financial power. If he didn’t want anything to do with Miranda, he would just have his lawyers set up a custody hearing, and then he could turn his back on Miranda forever. But he didn’t, did he? He MARRIED HER!!!
    He married her because he WANTED to marry her.
    Get over yourselves.
    That is going to be one BEAUTIFUL baby!

  • http://j ivanka

    wow not shocked, i was sure she was pregnant, orlando you disssapoint me , first dating her, then engage, then wedding, now thiis??

  • superman

    @LOL!: you sound like a brainwashed moran who is stuck in la la land. Really don’t make me compare you to those Twilight fan girls.


    LOL at people saying he didnt HAVE to marry her. Maybe it had nothing to do with her, but with the child.

    And her shippers can say all they want, but it doesnt change the facts. It wasnt a coincidence that she was already -+2months pregnant when they got engaged.

    And this from a girl who goes around saying she’s “old fashioned”.

  • Cecilia

    wow people here are full of jelausy!!! How SAD!!! Congratulations to Orlando and Miranda. I hope they have a healthy baby and I wish happiness to them. Just be nice people!!!!! Dont treat others the way you dont like to be treated… All the hate in the comments I read is just pathetic. (sorry for my bad english). Bye

  • burnt bacon


    “No man can be FORCED to marry a woman just because she is pregnant. Especially a man with Orlando’s financial power”
    And never mind that Miranda is worth a freaking fortune on her own and doesn’t need his d@mn money anyway. She’s probably just as if not possibly more flush than he is. But let’s not upset the resident self-loathing misogynists with things like that, shall we? Of COURSE she has to trap him, because it’s 1962 and that’s her only option in the big, bad man’s world, amirite, girls? We’re all just man-trapping h00rs, after all. ‘Specially if we’s purdy.
    If you need me, I’ll be over at Jezebel attempting to restore my faith in humanity.

  • superman

    @Cecilia: Really and what evidence do you have of that besides you say that people are hmm. And thats really no evidence at all people have seen this before meny meny times outside of Hollywood. It has nothing to do with jelausy though its a nice scape goat excuse though.

  • I wonder

    If Orlando married her then odds are he’s stupid enough to believe that it was an accident that she got pregnant.

  • Hippy Hop

    Well yeah, she had said that she is 4 months pregnant. Some women bear small tummy during the first stage of pregnancy especially for first time mothers. Some may have not notice it till their fifth month. It will bulge when she starts eating more for the baby.