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Adam Lambert: Beach Brawl!

Adam Lambert: Beach Brawl!

Adam Lambert gets into a scuffle with a photographer while hanging out with his friends on Thursday (September 16) in South Beach, Fla.

The 28-year-old singer, who’s staying at The Raleigh, got annoyed with one particular photog who appeared to get a bit too close!

“Eeew paparazzi killed my peaceful afternoon on the beach!” Adam tweeted after the incident. “They’re real good at provoking, but there ain’t any pics or video of the b.s. they spew out… Haha well… I lost my temper for a sec but wow it felt great lol MIAMI!!!”

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  • Jory

    The papz deserve it, I love You Adam you ROCK.

  • J.Taylor

    Haha.. LOVE it!! Get them Adam :)

  • http://@lovingadam Sharon

    There’s more to it than these pic’s. Adam is my hero..

  • Natalie

    He’s a lover. Not a fighter… Ah, who am I kidding? Adam, you should have put on your glitter platforms and kicked the sh*t out of him. I whoreship you, you fierce betch. Lol Never a dull moment. No but seriously, all we need in this world is some love. <3

  • Mel

    LOL that he tweeted an apology about his hilarious hat but not the paps. LOVE U ADAM!

    Hahha the photos are hilarious !! Lol please everyone forgive me for that hat. – I was attempting a disguise- clearly failed. Hahah

  • jazzp

    LMAO Adam LAMBERT u is the sh*T!!!!
    this made my day! hahahaha!

    dusty madrid in the house!

  • quincy

    lol his hattttttttttttttt. and he kicked pap a** w/o it even falling off his head. u go boy

  • s

    People bashing paparazzi while on a gossip site .. hypocrites.

  • Mari


  • KatieMG

    LMAO!! You go Adam! Everyone knows the paparazzi are leeches, look at the smile on his face, scumbag! Adam allowed them to take pics and be creeps for an hour, more then most people could tolerate, when Adam asked them to leave they said they won’t til he leaves, which resulted in this much deserved incident. The only wrong thing I see in these pics is Adam’s outfit! LMAO! Yikes! Good disguise though! :)

  • lmao

    Nice disguise but maybe he should have removed his finger nail polish too.

  • Ms Bar Jolie Gaga

    LOVE watching a hot gay man fight! ;)

  • Sarah

    Aww, poor Adam! He needs a private beach lol.

  • Vicki

    Alpha male- so hot Adam!

  • Buck

    I think I love him more now.

    that hat tho…LOL!

  • Seatheflea

    LOL…love it…glad Adam loved doing it. He is so intelligent, articulate, decent yet SO FIERCE….Love the mix…love HIM!!!!!

  • Dwayne

    ROTFLMAO!!! OMFG!! This is too funny!! Beat him…Adam…kick his fsucking arse…………Boy has a temper. Damn!! He’s a big boy too. Wouldn’t want to tangle with him.

  • Sarah

    @s: LOL

  • Vj

    Adam is not getting laid. He is taking out on the poor photohgrapher. He is wearing stupid clothes btw.

  • Mary S

    OMG!! It’s GLAMBO!!! Love Adam to death!!

  • Roni

    Adam is one fierce biotch and a teddy bear and a sexy beast all at the same time! I LOVE THIS GUY!!!! AND HE CAN SING!!!

  • J.Taylor

    @s: You can get gossip and pics without being complete f*cks. Paps that stalk people for hours and say rude things to try and provoke are the scum of the earth.

  • PapsRScums

    Love you Adam. Nice way of dealing with these scum bags.

  • boston61

    He looks so much better without all that sh*t on his face.

  • Monelle

    lmaaaao, that’s adorable

  • Andrea

    I love this guy to death!I got his autograph two days ago and was so indredibly sweet and nice to all the fans..and now he’s all HBIC haha.

  • Jermaine

    Stalkerazzi are scum.

  • http://www. V

    This video of JGL filming these sbags is priceless.
    Watch what the pap says to him at the end….I can’t even lol.

    Joseph Gordon Levitt’s Pictures of A**holes

  • Super Sachiko

    idiot paps! adam showed them!! good for him for standing up for himself. he was trying to grab the guy’s camera away. it’s so rude of them to disturb adam on his day off, adam is VERY busy and hardworking.

  • cacey

    I wonder if he would have fought 6″1 black pap…JUST saying…

  • Leila

    I’m laughing so hard at his disguise. & at his friend trying to stop him lmfao

    I hate certain papz like these ones that cross your personal space & say certain things to provoke.

  • http://www. CosmicLove

    @Vj: It’s called a DISGUISE you muppet LMAO.

    It obviously didn’t work. Idk how these paps manage to stalk down celebs no matter where they go. BTW LOL at your entire comment. You’re so clueless about his life.

  • kelly

    He’s a big guy, and if he had wanted to, he could have bloodied that pap. Excellent self control, Adam. Totally love this guy.

  • DD

    LOL!!!!! First time seeing Adam lose his temper!!! He must have been really angry this time!!!

  • nodoubtfan

    @boston61:Because he suddenly fits your ~norm a bit more? He’s handsome whatever he does. ROFL at his disguise here though bwahahahahahaha.

  • DD

    @boston61: – Hey I am a huge fan and I completely agree with ya!

  • Tyrone

    @cacey: would you have? be honest

  • Jonte

    @cacey: I’ve never seen a black pap.

  • Jennifer

    lololol I love how he apologized for the hat! ILH

    Adam may wear make-up and be super sweet, but dude is all man and sometimes his patience gets worn thin. I know I would flip out a whole lot more than he does if I had to put up with the nasty crap that gets spewed at him.

  • Amy

    You get ‘em, Glambo.

    So sad your well-deserved day of rest had to be ruined.

    Hey photographer, you just got your ass handed to you by a guy wearing nail polish. Go kill yourself.

  • :(
  • Amy


    You said it!

  • Andrew

    @s: You must be a Pap. Lowlife.

  • Ms Bar Jolie Gaga

    Mary S #120 has one of the funniest posts I have read “GLAMBO”! Awesome and witty! lmao.

  • Andrew

    Some paps ain’t too spiteful but most of them are pl0nkers.

  • :)

    OMFG the hat is killing me hahahahahahahahahahahaha.

  • Sonia

    He’s SO UGLY! EWWW!

  • Sonia

    Adam is so Ugly!

  • loll

    @Sonia: Why do you keep posting the same thing in every post? You were so angry and upset in your Bill K post just because someone called him ugly and you ASSUMED it was an Adam fan. What’s your issue? You need to get over it already and stop asking for attention with your tired trollcomments.

  • wtf?

    @Sonia: yet you can’t stay away from his posts! lol!