Halle Berry 'Reveals' Herself to Stephen Dorff

Halle Berry 'Reveals' Herself to Stephen Dorff

Halle Berry arrives at LAX airport with her daughter Nahla and her ex, Gabriel Aubry, on Tuesday (September 21) in Los Angeles.

The 44-year-old actress was in New York the day prior supporting breast cancer research at Swarovski Elements‘ 22 Ways to Say Black event along with Sofia Vergara and Julianna Marguiles.

For the upcoming release of Halle‘s new fragrance, “Reveal,” she shot an intimate interview with actor Stephen Dorff capturing her sentiments on the sensual insights of being a woman. Watch below!

FYI: Both Halle and Nahla are wearing AllSaintsHalle chose a “Jamila” dress and cropped brox leggings and Nahla‘s rocking a Children’s Darwin Tee! Halle is using her phil&teds stroller!

Halle Berry & Stephen Dorff – “Reveal” Fragrance Ad

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  • http://jorevcosmetics.com Ms Bar Jolie Gaga

    Why are these drop dead gorgeous women getting cheek implants??? Halle, Madonna, Kim Kardashian, Kim Kardashian’s mom. The list goes on. Leave the cheeks alone. Besides that, Halle is flawless. Like the ad.

  • J

    Halle has never gotten cheek implants, she’s always had high cheek bones, that’s what she is known for and also why she can sport her short infamous haircut.
    Nahla is adorable and looks like a perfect mix between her mom and dad, happy to see they are working things out for the sake of their daughter. God bless them.

  • Maira

    “What makes a man?”
    “A woman”
    I looove that, great add! Halle is beautiful as always

  • http://jorevcosmetics.com Ms Bar Jolie Gaga

    Ok, I thought she got cheek implants. They just look pronounced the older she get. Since everyone is getting them, I would not be surprised that she got them too. Maybe she didn’t who knows. It just looks like she did. I agree that Nahla is a perfect combo of her parents.

  • http://thepopulist.net The Populist

    That’s a great ad. And Halle is a natural beauty. She does not have cheek, or nose, or toe implants.

  • Lilakoi Moon

    My Goodness, Nahla is gorgeous. Her hair is marvellous. It grew so much. Her eyes are stunning and she has the most beautiful skin tone. What a beauty she already is. I’m so sure she’s gonna break a lot of hearts later. =) But when you see who her parents are…… XD no wonder!

  • http://W.com Kaz

    Nahla so cute! hey jared where
    photo most beautiful child dannielynn birkhead?!

  • UL

    Wow! I cannot believe that kid is 2 years old, she is huge!

  • tb

    Wow, I cannot believe that kid is only 2 years old. She is huge!

  • http://Tjmdj Slig

    Halle berry like india bad

  • http://Tjmdj Slig

    Does not have a natural beauty and holly wood always performed cosmetic operations insecret and people do not knew the truth about hollywood

  • http://Tjmdj Slig

    To bad

  • Leni

    @Slig: Are you retarded?

  • Ellen

    Sorry but Nahla is NOT cute!

  • pathetic sick

    Slig know all this thinks because it has done all those cosmetic operations on itself

  • pathetic sick

    At least Halle looks very natural whatever she has done or not.

  • Sue12

    Great Advert = Sexy.

  • Too Cute

    Nahla is Adorable!

  • mimicha

    Are you blind? This kid is gorgeous!

  • yeah

    Both parents are attractive and the kid is a great combo of both, beautiful child.

  • juniper

    The whole family has no shortage in the looks department. I only wish Halle would grow out her hair, even a bob to the chin would look cool strait or curly, I just don’t think this Mia Farrow cut is the most flattering on her.

  • kayla

    That’s not true, she’s had cheek implants and an eyebrow lift as well as breast implants and a nose job! I know this because I know of the plastic surgeon who did it! Sorry to burst your bubble

  • eliza

    Halle is gorgeous. It never fails, though. People just can’t believe a woman can be naturally beautiful over the age of 40. The “surgical procedures” garbage starts. I guess people feel better about themselves when they can say someone else’s beauty is the result of cosmetic surgery. That way they don’t feel as bad when they look in their own mirrors.

  • Holly

    She needs to retire.

  • bella bella

    @Ms Bar Jolie Gaga:

    Cheek implants are you people making an effort to sound this stupid or are you really this outta whack?

    Nobody gets cheek implants unless is below the waistline. Women of color in particular have a problem with plastic surgery…their skin does not heal without leaving a scar (keloid) so choosing to have your face sliced and dice in the name of beauty even by a good plastic surgeon, means you may have a scar on your face. So do just a bit of homework…before you make silly uninformed statements.

  • bella bella


    You first Holly…off any websites that allow anybody to post.

  • bella bella



    The only way Nahla is not cute, is that you are smart…and you have just shown that intelligence is not part of your equipment….thus Nahla is gorgeous! and you remain some idiot with a computer and no life.

  • Luna

    I don’t love and I don’t hate Halle, but…
    Nahla is gorgeous!!!
    She’s not an ordinary beauty, she’s unique!

  • Kate

    O boy, that poor women, who make a movie in 2weeks, it must be for tv, her career is downhill fast, I agree she looks shot up with botox and injections and that crazy looking eyebrow lift, she looks like a mad person in her eyes, her kid will be shape like Wendy Williams, Halle will give her an eating disorder, you know what comes next, When you can’t act, you sale clothes, perfume, and junk, to make money.

  • joe

    Someone said at least she looks natural, get some glasses, lol, she looks like a crazy women who stuck her finger in a socket, lol, they all look crazy, no wonder men cheat, do they look in the mirrow?


    Halle is gorgeous always was but she had a nose job very early in her career post the Miss America peagant but that’s not a problem,she was already drop dead gorgeous without it and her nose job was nicely done.
    She is a beautiful woman.

  • elaine

    @Ms Bar Jolie Gaga: That’s because as you get older the cheeks loses their fat and the cheekbones appear larger. But in the case of facelifts (like Madonna and Babawawa), there’s a new technique that lifts the cheek. I think they had too much lifted.

  • lol

    Nahla looks normal girl

  • http://jorevcosmetics.com Ms Bar Jolie Gaga

    Ok, I just didn’t know. I know for a fact Madonna and Joan Rivers got cheek implants. Kim Kardashian got them too so this is a procedure that must be available. What do I know? Maybe it’s make-up in Halle’s case but I am not quite convinced. Anyway, I love her complexion and dropd dead gorgeous body. She has the best boobs in the business and they are 100% real. I just think someonen like Thandie Newton is more beautiful but Thandie never got the breaks that Halle got. However, of course Halle is gorgeous. She is one of the most beautiful women to ever grace the big screen. That is a fact. i just don’t like the cheeks these days, that’s all but I would give anything to have her body and her ex Gabriel and that beautiful child!

  • mysticbeauty

    @bella bella:
    Obviously, you haven’t kept up with the new procedures. Doctors can now do procedures up through the roof of you mouth and also the upper gum line….no scars!!! Not to mention going through the nose. I suggest YOU do your homework and stop shooting down anyone who has an opinion about Halle or any other attention seeking celeb

  • ****

    Nahla is only 2??? I thought she’s 4yo. SHE IS SO BIG

  • SSDD

    @kayla: SSDD Kayla. Yes she had her nose, cheeks, teeth, etc done. No boob job–always has been busty even before Nahla. You’re always saying you know her plastic surgeon, seriously doubt it that any reputable plastic surgeon will risk his medical license just so some immature person can post on a flamming gay Asian man’s blog saying she knows the plastic surgeon who did Halle’s nose job over 20+ years ago and other surgery. Several other claim they know too, he’s a friend of the family, etc. Yeah right.

  • SSDD part 2-Kayla

    Prove it…give the guy’s name etc. Don’t think he’s going to violate the HIPPA laws. Let’s see if you want to see someone lose their license.

  • JenfromOZ

    Ellen is entitled to an opinion. Each to their own. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Despite that, Ellen is still an idiot. Nahla is not conventionally cute but she has beautiful complexion, hair colour and eye colour. Her sparse, highly arched eyebrows and the shape of her eyes kind of creep me out though. Halle Berry is gorgeous. I don’t care if she’s had surgery if indeed it is true because she looks natural.



  • Seyana

    Donkey! high cheek bone is kind of a color people feature, Halle always had the cheek bone, sorry but she always had a cute small nose, and she is known for her c plus cup. High eyebrow bone and cheek bones are what makes black woman age nicely. Why are you so effing dumb ppl. see Iman is fifty and she doesn’t look the part because she has the highest eyebrow keeping her eyelid lifted and high high cheek bones which is keeping her face all together. Some ppl are just that damn lucky with gene you don’t have to try so hard to knock her down cause she doesn’t know your existence and you know hers. She WINS

  • michelle

    Can someone please tell me who makes the top she is wearing?


    damn! hollup….what happen ta combin ur daughters hair???? nahla looking like a old ass lady – halle looking perfect….looks like somebodie cant take care of her own flesh and 1/2 blood

  • Bella

    Halle is half black and lots of black people have beautiful high cheek bones. Halle has never had any cosmetic surgery. Nahla is gorgeous and I think she is the most beautiful hollywood baby.