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Kate Bosworth & Alexander Skarsgard: Movie Mates!

Kate Bosworth & Alexander Skarsgard: Movie Mates!

Kate Bosworth and her boyfriend Alexander Skarsgard go to the movies together on Sunday (October 17) in Los Angeles.

On Saturday (October 16), Kate cheered on Alex as he won two awards at Spike TV’s Scream 2010 Awards for his hit TV show True Blood.

Earlier that day, the 27-year-old actress went to a photo shoot with a hand full of shopping bags.

FYI: Kate‘s winter sweater is made by H&M!

20+ pictures inside of Kate Bosworth and Alexander Skarsgard at the movies…

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kate bosworth alexander skarsgard movie mates 01
kate bosworth alexander skarsgard movie mates 02
kate bosworth alexander skarsgard movie mates 03
kate bosworth alexander skarsgard movie mates 04
kate bosworth alexander skarsgard movie mates 05
kate bosworth alexander skarsgard movie mates 06
kate bosworth alexander skarsgard movie mates 07
kate bosworth alexander skarsgard movie mates 08
kate bosworth alexander skarsgard movie mates 09
kate bosworth alexander skarsgard movie mates 10
kate bosworth alexander skarsgard movie mates 11
kate bosworth alexander skarsgard movie mates 12
kate bosworth alexander skarsgard movie mates 13
kate bosworth alexander skarsgard movie mates 14
kate bosworth alexander skarsgard movie mates 15
kate bosworth alexander skarsgard movie mates 16
kate bosworth alexander skarsgard movie mates 17
kate bosworth alexander skarsgard movie mates 18
kate bosworth alexander skarsgard movie mates 19
kate bosworth alexander skarsgard movie mates 20
kate bosworth alexander skarsgard movie mates 21
kate bosworth alexander skarsgard movie mates 22
kate bosworth alexander skarsgard movie mates 23

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  • Annie

    Together? They couldn’t look any less together to me.

  • Acey

  • zenaida

    That’s not bill….where do you get your info 4 pete’s sake

  • Veselin Minev

    These two will regret that they are together

  • Lonely Robot in a wasteland

    hhm, Bill Skarsgård is a 20y old hot swede, that is so NOT him! Not even close.

  • Not Bill Skarsgård!!!

    That’s not Bill Skarsgård or anyone else of Alex’s brothers

    Bill looks like this:

  • kitten

    Kate , go and wash your hair!

  • Sophie

    Oh My God! Stop it with this chick already! For God’s sake.

  • cute

    They look good.

  • slanted view

    JJ, that’s not Bill. At all. And I’m surprised from the postings of the photos from another thread here last night that you didn’t pick up on the fact that they apparently went to see Jackass – couldn’t that have made a great title here, huh? This parade/charade of planned outings (really, who paps movies in the middle of the day) is getting very tiresome, PR people – are you listening? And you’re kind of making us hate him as much as her.

  • AussieTBfan

    This is getting ridiculous!! If Elvis showed up @ a 7-11 and ordered smokes and a 6-pack he wouldn’t get this much press! Fine, you want us to believe they are a couple. WHAT EVER – just don’t publish stories like she’s someone famous or talented. She wants to be WITH someone famous or talented.

    I could probably find 50+ more famous people that went and did mundane things today like shopping, vet with their dog, and the movies and who did not get papped. Or wait, no I can’t because THEY don’t call the paps before they poop, or deign to leave the house.

  • JM

    Happy Anniversary to the biggest famewh*re’s in HW. In that spirit, my gift is I will no longer participate in this three ring circus. No more visiting your site JJ and no more posts. She will never be relevant except for who she is boning and I’ve lost all respect for him. Won’t be seeing Straw Dogs or Battleship and if the writing doesn’t improve, True Blood may be off my must see tv too.

    Thanks Burnt Bacon, True Blade, Wilson and Eva the Diva. You guys have provided me countless hours of side splitting zingers but I’m just done. Over & out!

  • kimi

    LOL Bill is the opposite of that guy. As for Alex and Kate, all I will say is that I hope it’s worth it!!

  • Toodles

    @JM: Thank you so much for leaving, that is the greatest KB and AS anniversary gift that anyone here could ever ask for.

  • Clue

    TrueBlade @ 10/17/2010 at 10:35 pm

    Thumb up Thumb down +5


    When it doesn’t look like PR sits on this site and tries to correct everything the posters have negative comments on. In recent posts it was called to light that no one seems to want to be in pictures with her and the TB cast (Anna) couldn’t stand her. Now we once again have pictorial evidence that we were wrong. Too bad it’s sad and painful to see that the Moyers obviously would rather be anywhere but there.

    ****NEW PREDICTION”****
    Since that it has been noted that his Swedish friends can’t stand her and won’t take pictures with her, we will see pictorial evidence of the couple out with one of this friends.Other than the Larsons, that is.

    Read more:

  • burnt bacon

    Hasta la vista, JM, it was fun while it lasted. It’s getting boring, though. They do the same damn thing all the time. Same pointless outings, same surly expressions on him, same lack of connection, same, same, same. It’s like Groundhog Day with these two.

  • TrueBlade


    1) Alex can now walk by her side.

    2) Swedish friends don’t hate he or else wouldn’t go on yet another group date and be seen on film with her.

    3) Hole is nice to people, like “the stranger” she spoke to in movie theatre.

    4) Alex not mad at her because of “paps”. See how he smiles at her in the car?

    5) Hole doesn’t play up to the “paps” or engage them in conversation. It’s obvious the poor thing is just trying to live her life.

    6) Hole isn’t pathetically grinning like an idiot when she sees obvious PAYparazzi.

    AS/Hole went to see Jackass: The Movie. I wonder what they thought of their biography?

  • GPS

    These two fools are as persistent as the undead McDonald´s meal that doesn´t decompose. Bound to stay forever in an infinite pap loop! And dude with grim face, you´re doing a fantastic job being not only barely recognizable but also almost invisible in your hot new outfit and your dark shades. What a sophisticated disguise! I only wish the chick with no function would pull her cardigan all over her head, because seeing her smugness on a daily basis on JJ is simply stomach-turning.

  • boomer

    wow hotest couple in the movies no doubt!

  • evathediva

    @Toodles: why don’t you leave, you are just as delusional or more than the fangurls, especially if you think she is relevant, pretty and can dress nice, that is really delusional. Face it she is one of the most hated women in HwOOD, waay befor Askars, so take that in that pipe you are obviously smoking.

  • evathediva

    @JM: ahhhh, JM I will miss you too, I enjoyed your posts as well, but even though I will eventaully be following you out the dopr. I just can’t right now, it si too easy, the game is too easy, and its fun!!! Come out and play with us from time to time. I’m sure they will milk this for all that its worth.

  • Scream Awards Report

    @boomer: This doesn’t sound like a couple. Report from someone at the Scream Awards with Alex and Kate….

    This just in: My friend Graden was working at the Scream awards last night mixing drinks for all the celebrities. He said that Alex was extremely nice and gracious, not just with him but with everyone. He said he was constantly hugging his castmates. Whereas, Kate wasn’t so pleasant. She asked for a vodka tonic and told him to make it fast so she didn’t have to wait around. He said that she seemed sort of upset and he guessed: bored. That was until cameras starting clicking and she was nice and smiling to people as she was getting her picture taken. Okay then! He also pointed out that Alex barely acknowledged her when he was with his friends, the cast of True Blood.

  • beautiful couple

    @boomer: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie? Yeah! This showmance? No!

  • Lawton

    That’s definitely not Bill Skarsgard. He’s been hitting the film festival circuit so you’d think JJ would know who he is. Bosworth must be the one who pays this blog to post about her 24/7 since they can’t even i.d. the Swedish dude’s siblings correctly.

  • always

    I see he took his fu**ck buddy out for walk.

  • AussieTBfan

    I think the universe is trying tell these two PR ninnies to quit it.

    Jackass, Village Idiot, Scream. Anyone see a pattern here?

    I think they should make another movie together based on Love in the Time of Cholera and call it Love (or FWB or Friends or Hate Her Guts) in the Time of Bad Freaking PR.

    Turn it around Askars, its getting nasty out there!!

  • not the brother bill

    The third wheel looks like that weird surfer dude who’s friends with Alexander.

  • Poo Poo Party

    What a pair of douchebags.

  • more to come

    There’s a concert tonight the two of them will surely attend – Mumford and Sons, I think – so JJ will have a post a day or more at least on them to keep this going.

  • TrueBlade

    Why the hard sell of this whatever? You see it with bad movies all the time. The worse the movie is, the more Spectacular!!! Unforgettable!!! Laugh out loud!!! reviews you get.

    Whatever this show is about it’s definitely for her benefit and obviously paid for. He doesn’t need it. The REAL paps called out AS’s name on the Scream arrival video but ignored her completely. Not one voice said her name.

    AS is a fish squirming on a hook…hope he can get out of it intact.

  • AS

    Cute couple!!

  • WhAtEvEr

    Is it their method in life to confuse people?
    Well, job done Askars and Boswh0re.
    I don’t “get them” what are they trying to prove?
    Are they an actual couple or are they attention hoes? They certainly don’t mind having their pics taking like this .. but at public events like red carpets and at the Scream awards they aren’t seen together? o.O
    If it were a sham relationship then they certainly spend a LOT of time together? whether it is fake he still takes her to all these award show!? argh! IT’S ANNOYING ME NOW! :I

  • Sasha

    Lol well hasnt “Bill Skarsgard” suddenly aged by at least 10 yrs, dropped a good few inches in height, put those inches around his waist and wow i’ve never known hair to grow so fast.

    JJ Bill is cute, this man is not and as always ASkars is HOT!!!!!!!!!

  • AskarsLikesBaldChicks

    Female pattern baldness?
    What will she look like in 10 yrs time when she’s 37? a bald lampshade.

  • Carla Nelson

    For a KB ana Anna to be about the same age Kate looks way older than Anna. That red loud lipstick does not become her and go with her skin color. These designers well tell you that anything looks good on you to get money. They don’t care how a dress looks on you they will sell it. Some people look better in pants. Her legs is through and she loves short dresses with them stick legs. If her legs was big that could make a difference in her looking better and bringing here short dresses out.

  • Cheryl

    I realize they have to take their time and want to keep things as private as possible. But I wish he would protect her at least when they’re out in public. He needs to hold her hand and walk in front of her to protect her and show a unified front. Walking away from her and leaving her on her own when the paps swarm doesn’t look respectful or gentlemanly. It would help them and lessen the negative pap and fan pressure.

  • trolltroll


    Kate at 37?

  • the truth

    Kate Bossworth need to stop doing this. She can’t be using him like this. She doing the same thing Rachel bilson did with hayden christensen. Alex really don’t need to be used like this.Us weekly will not change their story about them broken up .So why is kate letting everyone think that they’re together.? Just because her career isn’t going well she don’t need to do this.Her and rachel bilson is are the same they love to use people. You know she called them with that smile on her face.If they just want to talk t him at the party tthen you know what that means. Alex don’t need to be use like that. No one buying them as a couple anyway.You can’t make no one like her like you did rachel and hayden. Kate is not worth posting her unless its work.hey can’t be the the its couple that you made hayden and rachel to be. You see all that attention got them. Don’t want it to happen to them. I hope that Alex don’t buy into what kate is doing. Kate is not a super star.Doing this is not going to make it happen. Alex is trying to get there on his own. Both hasn’t said they was couple anyway. They just was going to a movie.I will alway support Alex in true blood and the movies he going to make. I can’t say that about her. After superman she didn’t do nothing with herself. But start acting like rache bilson.Alex’s career will get better than hers.Ca’t hate for the pictures it . its kate you should hate for him in the media.You can’t sell people that they are a couple.

  • Jammie

    You know Alex could wear a black bag, and I would still think he’s delicious!

  • Carla Nelson

    If I had a teenage daughter I wouldn’t let my daughter be caught up in all this glamour in Hollywood. I can understand in the movie industry people do things to make money but a line has to be drawn. I know a woman who is a church person and she has a son that works in a strip club. She says that is still my son but I don’t approve of his life style. She tells him son that all this nudeness will cathc up with you. He has a daughter and now he can’t tell her Jack shit and do nothing with her. His Mother told him what I tell that this catches up to you now you have a child that you are pleading with her to make some better choices. These to Kb and AS I should not be anybodys idol. Because they are probably living together and doing everthing. So how would I wnat someone who has went through a lot of men and someone who has went through a lot of women what could these two who do anything for money and fame even if it means going nude on all the magazine to get attention. Why would anybody want their child to imitate these two. One thing that I can say for sure is that Stellan stays in his place as a married man and family man. You don’t hear of his father taking nude pictures and if so very seldom. He needs to take to his son and tell him I know you are ambitious but you are going about it the wrong way. You can send a message out to people that you are a money dog and you will play any role that requires you to take your clothes off and get known. His body is not all that hot.

  • JohnDoe

    That someone going to the theater will bring out so much rage… lol Take a pill, or 10…

  • Oh, brother!

    If they’re trying to pull a page out the Stephen and Anna secret dating book then its not working. It’s a mistery to me how Stephen and Anna did it but they sure pulled it off. They DO know how to keep their private lives out of the public eye. AS and KB, on the other hand, end up going to places that are crawling with paps.

  • Carla Nelson

    If you really want to know the thruth the reason why he have to take small parts because his money and hers is going to the paps to get famous. I would photograph you to if you paid me 500 to a thousand dollars to take pictures and fix up the story like they have a fairytale romance. Thats not bad money if I can get this much from you and go pap someone else that calls also.

  • KB bye bye

    OMG I can’t believe they brought someone with them on one of their dates……they NEVER do that !!! HMMM it;s almost like they can’t stan tobe alone together, then why would they make such and effort ,,oh never mind…..they are patetic famewhores ..actually this is kinda heartbreaking..AS is a fine actor and his career has been flushed down the toilet!!!

  • Lucy

    So I have a new theory on these two. They are “entertainers” after all. Maybe this is some sort of public service they are doing….giving us something to laugh at. I mean they are utterly ridiculous in there attempted showmace. Maybe this is their good will gesture to give us something to laugh about because Lord knows, NO ONE takes them seriously!

  • JohnDoe

    Cool, I see Alex is groing out his beared again…

  • http://justjared mjforlife


  • Lilly

    ASkars is so hot and to be honest them together doesnt really bother me, i can think of worse people he could date.

  • For Real

    @JohnDoe: u want him Hans/Jamz, don’t you, you want him badddd….?

  • For Real

    @JohnDoe: what rage dude? Everyone is pretty much expressing their opinion, rage I don’t see. Maybe some of you fans of the AS/KB pairing are delusional in the fact, that no one likes or cares about them much anymore. Everyone is kinda tired of the horse and pony show.