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Joaquin Phoenix: Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Joaquin Phoenix: Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Joaquin Phoenix picks up some Chinese food and heads to his car on Wednesday (October 20) in Studio City, Calif.

The 35-year-old actor tried to keep his camera dry in the rainy weather by tucking it in his sweatshirt.

Recently, Joaquin appeared in a PSA for Rock The Vote. He urged people to go out and vote in the upcoming November 2 elections. The video also stars Casey Affleck, the director of Joaquin‘s controversial mockumentary I’m Still Here.

Joaquin Phoenix: Rock the Vote

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  • Buzzy

    He is so gorgeous. Glad he’s given up the crazy, bearded look.

  • tienda ropa

    Come on! He should quit smoking

  • ladylurksalot

    He rocked a crazy bearded look & act to convince us that he was certifiably nuts, now he wants us to take him seriously. You can’t have it both ways, bud. There is art, but then reality comes crashing into it. You gave up “reality” to create art, at the expense of someone else’s money. Sorry, Joaquim, but I can’t follow your brand of “art” or Casey’s anymore. My wallet doesn’t reach that deep. I have a family to take care of. I work a regular 9 to 5 job, and I find your attempt at “edgy” to be a complete and utter joke at the expense of someone other than yourself. As I am Canadian, I will look into how much my government spends to promote “art” in the taxpayers name, and urge my American brethern to do the same.

    I realize art and culture have their place in human history, but if one’s country have starving children to look after(as my own does), than how much weight does an over priced celebrity really amount to?

  • Brightside

    Only one word describes this guy! JERK!

  • anon

    Aw man, take a hike & why are you on here than??? Where would we be without art, Joaq is GORGEOUS GORGEOUS GORGEOUS & brilliant, he gives me & many others joy, go spend your time saving the people & get on their comment blogs instead of wasting your & our time being negative.

  • whatev

    ladylurksalot….stop wasting your time…no one gives a rats a$$ what you think!

  • milla


  • Trine


  • milla

    just one word… gosotosooo lol

  • martha

    He destroyed his career and credibility with audiences with his crazy publicity stunt, and no public service message will resurrect it.

  • nepenthes

    He should make more films.
    I’ve missed watching him, he’s a brilliant actor.

  • ohwell

    I think he had to finish what he started. If he did not then it would have been even worse. The problem is Hollywood likes superficial oh I am so great let me invite you in my bed stars. He never presented himself in that fashion. Until that movie and it wasn’t real and he pissed people off. They wanted it to be real, Hollywood and a lot of sick twisted fans would rather him be sitting in a mental institution than to feel like they were suckered. I don’t think it was ever about the public, it was about the media and the press. So we should not care. But Hollywood was had and they are pissed.

    If it had been done by Ben Affleck and Matt Damon we would not be having this conversation because Ben and his crew, except Damon, allow everybody in their business. Ben and Matt know how to suck a** and Joaquin doesn’t do that, I think that is why he has the reputation he does as being difficult.

  • hmm

    Eh, I don’t think anybody really cares about his crazy stint. There’s more to this world then watching Waldo’s every move? He should just press the skip button and get back to making good movies. And that Casey appears to have too much time on his hands…Ben should give him some work…

  • Susan

    There is no reason to bring Ben and Matt into this. Casey and Joaquin created their own problems. This Public service announcement is part of their damage control campaign. Given time most people will not remember that they made I’m Still Here. The average movie goer doesn’t even care about that movie and never had plans to see it.
    I don’t think Ben suck– up to anyone in the movie industry. Ben pulled his own career out of the ashes all by himself. Ben has done 6 years of co-staring, bit parts, charterer roles, writing, and directing in order get his career back on track. Warner Brothers asked Ben to direct The Town due to his work on Gone Baby Gone, because the original director drop out. This movie was Casey and Joaquin brilliant idea. So it is up to them to save themselves.
    Matt and Ben has always been a nice guys and every professional. The movie industry always takes notes on those qualities. It makes their jobs easier.

  • the truth

    Love him ! He cute and talented. Glad that what he did was joke.Hope he do more movies.

  • Dan

    @Susan: I completely agree. Ben Affleck and Matt Damon are hard-workers and extremely talented.

  • Dan

    P.S. Did they say my grandparents were going to die? That’s not very friendly…

    And I actually applaud what they did with I’m Still Here, it seems creative, although it did backfire. They gave all they had for a couple years, just because he announced some things for the film doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world.

  • ohwell

    I meant nothing about Ben and Matt personally, I like them and their work, I was just talking about the way they go about their careers is totally different. What I meant was that Ben and Matt would have been hailed as great and fantastic if they had done that because of their clout in the business and the media loves them.But. Because Joaquin and Casey normally keep to themselves, they paid for it.

  • S*8hallo

    Loved Joaquin and Casey in “To Die For” years ago.

    but the stunt they pulled was annoying and not necessary…plus he lost all cred with me. If you want to prove a point there are thousands of charities to help.

    I’m done.

  • Issaiah_Favian

    He is a very nice looking man, sometimes I miss the older appearence he had in “I’m stil here”, It grew on me and I thought he was still gorgeous and then he went back to his good old self, Although I think, Joaquin would look neat with red hair ,, just a thought,, I always thought he was beautiful; from when he was young until now. { Sigh,}, In the city I live in thier is no snow yet and I’m dyeing for it, I love winter cold so much, the rain in LA looks like spring rain in canada,, peace!

  • Emily

    I LOVED “I’m Still Here;” it was fun and ballsy (I’ll say!). If it wasn’t your cup of chai, so what? Joaquin is/was/always will be a consummate actor. If you liked his work before, you no doubt will again. In the movie/art world of the same old, same old, however, I admire the risk he and Casey took.

    Now, Joaquin, my darling,

    I’d eat Chinese food with you any day of the week. I can offer you a vegan dim sum that will fill you up but make you crave more an hour later. I can’t wait to open your fortune cookie; I hear it’s authentic and I like the real deal.

    Smart and naughty,

  • Hailey

    I know Joaquin is short but in some shots he looks like his legs are so long. He kinda has the reverse body of most men. Most men have long torsos and short legs. Joaquin has a short torso and long legs.

  • Hmmm

    Emily – you are bbaaaddddd, girl!

  • Emily

    You have noooooo idea. I spent two years in Japan studying with geishas. I know EVERYTHING about pleasing a man.

  • Yeah-EE-Yeah

    It’s all a mythol-o-gee-e!

    Google Joaquin and Players on Youtube to see and hear Aria’s break-up song. Aria is the goddess of super gorgeosity.

  • ugh!

    OMG here we go again with the idiots who keep bringing up that french trash! YAh….the song of which you speak is RIDICULOUS and has the cheesiest lyrics I have ever heard… wont be a hit needless to say… go to her website if you want to prise the nontalent loser! And by the way…he did right in getting rid of her! How pathetic does she look now???!!!! HA!

  • Really

    Quit talking about her. Damn that was two months ago with that stupid song. Nobody cares!!!!! She is ugly and can not sing. The only people who will remember her in a couple of years are the pathetic losers who kiss her butt. I can not see why, she is talentless loser who has to use other people with talent to try to get attention.

  • joww

    Joaq is looking OLD.

  • for real?

    Wow. I saw the video. is that like a real song? is she gonna release that? i would think Joaqin would be pretty mad.

  • Lindsay


    I agree Joaquin is looking pretty old. He is only 36…I think it’s the smoking. Casey looks like a damn kid for God sakes and they are almost the same age.

  • Flash

    Candid photos of people generally make them look older than they do in person. Think how terrific he looked on Letterman and Kimmel. Also, it looks like he just got his hair cut. He looks younger when it’s a little longer, when the curls on his forehead are a little longer.

    He has a lot of character in his face. I think he gets more handsome every year.

  • Yolanda

    I agree with you, Flash. Joaquin looks great. And he hasn’t worn out his skin in the sun. So many celebs have that leathery skin look or fake orange tans. Joaq looks real.

  • paradisa

    arias song says did I scare you? do you think Joaquin told her he was scared by how strong his feelings were for her? is that why they broke up? I don’t think he’s sleeping alone though like the song says

  • fashiongirl

    The shape of Casey’s face makes him look young. Leo DiCaprio too. They will look young until they go gray.

    Joaquin had the jaw of a man when he was still a kid. He’s handsome rather than cute. Casey and Leo are more cutesy than handsome.



    It’s all a mythology because she imagined most of it. He ran away from that nut. I don’t blame him. He had other people in his bed before he threw her to the curb. She wishes he cared for. He obviously loves his friends Casey and Amanda more than anybody. She is crazy

  • Eggrolls

    Why do people say he looks old? Alot of guys his age are fat and he’s skinney.

  • splishsplash

    Probably because people are used to seeing stars who do not age naturally. Some people age slower naturally and others, like most in Hollywood, have had work done on them when they hit their mid 20″s and we do not see it. So when we look at people who don’t have anything done at all, they look older, even when they look like what a normal 36 year old looks like. Sorry but I would take Joaquin Phoenix over Justin Bieber any day. I want a man, not a boy.

    With that aside, the smoking does not help and quiet frankly I have this sneaky suspicion he is just not happy with himself totally. I think he carries a lot of baggage for whatever reason.

  • yuck!

    ummm…that is because justin bieber IS a boy!!!!!!

  • Eggrolls

    This time next year people will be saying Justin who? There’ll be some new boy toy making records for 10-year-olds. Justin will get a buzz cut to try and make peple think hes grown up.

  • SUZ

    I agree with Susan 314. They created this mess. The ROCK THE VOTE video is a PR stunt to help change people’s perception. Their hoax blew up in their faces. JP has not landed a big role yet. The director’s like him;it’s the finance people who don’t want him. It’s a financial risk. NO ONE saw I’m Still Here which tells the investors that people have moved on. JP will never see roles like the Gladiator and Walk the Line. He’s a financial risk….He looks good? Ok…he looks old to me.

  • Lily

    SUZ, that’s nonsense. Casey has landed a couple of major parts. Joaquin could snap his fingers and get major parts. Anyone who saw Gladiator and/or Walk the Line knows he can act his way into the next universe. There won’t be any problems with finance if/when he decides to star in a big film.

  • paradisa

    song hasnet been releesed yet. do you theek Joquin got injuncshun?

  • Lin


    First of all for many years joaquin himself was fat. He didn’t lose weight until recently. And weight has nothing to do with looking old. In fact, heavier people usually look younger than thin people because the fat fills in their wrinkles.

    He does look old. It has nothing to do with a hollywood standard. He looks like he’s going bald too

  • paradisa

    Arias twiiter links interview. She says the joquin song is by doloris hazzar and ziggy star dust. doloris is pretend. Next album is going be aria album solo

  • Sandrine

    New photos on Joaquin Central! Hey, is the redhead the famous Lena Denasha?

  • Poppster

    The caption says the redhead is Kimberly Moeller. But who knows? Maybe Lena and Kimberly are on and the same? Whoever she is, her hair is beautiful.

  • splishsplash

    HAHA that is funny, the lady with the dark hair is Balthazaar Getty’s wife. I don’t know who the other lady is but I would bet the farm it ain’t Lena. She is too old. LOL.

  • yuck!

    The red headed lagy is not lena…it is michael mueller’s wife.

  • denashacreatedbynutjob

    Lena Denasha : Identity Theft is a form of Fraud or Cheating of another person’s Identity in which Someone Pretends to be Someone Else by Assuming that person’s identity, typically in order to access resources or obtain credit and other benefits in that person’s name.

  • Michelle

    Much joy for you, Joaquine, on this day you celebrate your birth. More happyness in returns.