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LeAnn Rimes & Jake Cibrian Have The Munchies for Menchie's

LeAnn Rimes & Jake Cibrian Have The Munchies for Menchie's

LeAnn Rimes holds hands with boyfriend Eddie Cibrian‘s son, Jake, as they go out on Saturday (October 23) in Calabasas, Calif.

The 28-year-old singer and Jake headed to Menchie’s for frozen yogurt!

LeAnn is back in town after traveling to Canada for two shows!

“[T]here are three boys and me under one roof,” LeAnn tweeted to a friend this morning. “They are in my heart and in my life always. Maybe one of mine biologically one day, maybe not. Families come in so many different forms. I['m] so blessed to have them all in my life.”

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    DAMNNNNN look at that adorable little boy with that BEAST-like mongrel

  • witch

    She’s paying more attention to the paparazzo than to the young kid.

  • http://www. V

    @OH SHIIIIIIII: lmfao!

  • Janey

    Beautiful little boy. I hope she treats him and his sibling with love and respect. It’s so hard to be a child of divorce when one of the parent’s is dating someone. Especially since the kids are so young!

    Think good thoughts for these kids, people! No matter what you think of their dad or LeAnn, put the kids and their feelings first!

  • Ben

    @OH SHIIIIIIII: cutie and the beast

  • Yasmin

    he’s dressed better than she is

  • Shuan

    She is the definition of BUTTERFACE.

  • blair

    This site should now be called Just wewe.
    JJ you got this in so quickly you goofed….her luv is EDDIE, not Jake.
    Jake is the cute one.

  • blair

    Brandi’s boys are adorable.

  • Ano

    If your family came in the form of CHEATING/DECEIT/WHORING then it won’t be ever yours and won’t last. Try making your own, and let’s hope it won’t come out like horses, toads or pigs.

  • blair


  • Tacky

    She’s dragging him around to clean up her image AND carry the bags

  • Bella Coola

    Why would Brandy let her kids walk with her?

  • Grubba

    The way she holds BRANDI’S BOY she doesn’t convey motherly instinct at all, she seems like spewing “ulterior motive” and “opportunist.”

  • Eileen

    JJ do you have to post every story you get from wewe? Is there some contract or do you get bonuses for more than 3 a week? This trick is OVER-please stop trying to make her relevant.

  • blair

    Didn’t EC want to keep the boys out of the spotlight? Good job, pops.

  • boston61

    Gorgeous kid. His Mom must be thrilled that he is spending the day with the home wrecker.

  • Starbuxom

    EVERY post above but one is Brandi’s TROLL aka by hundreds of names.

    FACT IS LeAnn loves those boys AND they LOVE HER. Eat it TROLL!!!

  • sweetie pies

    Both of them are beautiful

  • sweetie pies

    BET THE KIDS LOVE LEANN more than the old crapapple at home.

  • krissy

    Precious photo of a lil one happily going along with a wonderful LeAnne!

  • Kyle

    @Starbuxom: WRONG check the ISPs if you can, only 1 person has posted twice.

    REALITY CHECK LeAnne Rimes is unpopular GET OVER IT

  • Pauline Rose


  • who?

    oh god i honestly cant stand her
    ugly inside out

  • Ona

    Cute mommy and baby

  • pj

    Only positive thing I can say is that that kid is adorable.

  • blair

    Posts 19-22 same poster.


    Hideous woman dragging another woman’S child to a staged photo-op.


  • http://bettyj2u betty

    @Sweetie Pies Leann is just a fill in and she will NEVER replace the real thing their mother. She is the only constant thing in their lives. Leann will only be around as long as Eddie is. Leann only uses these kids for her own self promotion. Why would she have pictures taken for an ice cream outing but she hides her face when photographed in Canada but postures with Brandi kid. PULEEZ!!! Who does she thinks she fooling? I bet Mason the eldest has already let Leann know she isn’t his mother. After that ER thing and Wendy Williams most women look at Leann with disgust and pity.

  • Starbuxom

    Troll KYLE ya ain’t foolin me or anyone. You can’t check ISP’s unless you hacked JJ’s site. I know you think you’re of-so-clever but you are trying to make other posters think you’re innocent AND you sound JUST LIKE GWEN.

    LeAnn & Eddie got the prize and Eddie left the booby in the dust.

  • donna

    LeAnn is such a warm and giving and funny mommy. Bet those boys love her to death.

  • butterflier

    No LeAnn, they will not be in your life forever. He will cheat on you eventually too. Once a cheater, always a cheater. By the way, you are a cheater too. And get your adulterous hands off that sweet little boy.

  • Speak Now

    @Kyle: @Kyle:

    Get over it and stop bashing Leann every chance you get. Hating hurts the hater rather than the one being hated on.

  • ka-blamo

    She won’t feel so blessed when Eddie decides its time for younger poon and starts cheating on her too.

  • lol

    lol “mommy” this fan is HILARIOUS…wewe is not even there step momma how much their honey being in these boys lives for 50% for not even up to a year does not equal motherhood..whats so funny is that leann is just a TEMPORARY fixture in there lives Brandi is when eddie cheats on wewe will u still call leann mommy or will that be reserved for eddie’s next side piece..haha mommy too funny..wonder if kfeds kids with shar call brit mommy or if laura derns stepkids will call her mommy..

  • fan001

    I am a leann fan so all the statements saying she has none are false

  • Eileen

    @Starbuxom: Seriously lady…GET HELP.

  • http://bettyj2u betty

    Leann is NOT a mommy , babysitter,nanny maybe. Mommies love their children and would not pose them for photo for their benefit. I hate to see kids used as pawns in this farce. Their sperm donor father is going to regret allowing his kids to be used in this manner. Brandi should be happy to be away from that loser hopefully she can continue to bring some type of stability in her childrens life.because their scumbag of a father surely isn’t.

  • http://deleted lol

    no one said leann didnt have fans..she has very few fans..and if you want proof i have many example i.e twitter followers 76,000 is a very small number for a “celebrity” not to mention if u do a search its the SAME 10 people that tweet to her..single flopped horribly..where are her fans? tickets sales low so concerts were cancelled..where are her fans? ALBum was pushed back and wewe makes up some ridiculous lie about needing to add a new song when she already said earl this year the album is ready..where are these “fans”..dont forget her last album flopped so her fan base was already dwindling..add to the fact that whover tweets to her that she should respect brandi and stop tweeting about the boys she blocks them immediately..who wants to be a fan of someone like that

  • fan001

    Brandi and stability do NOT belong in the same sentence or even the same paragraph. Mirror worshipers are not stable people. Remember that video she did on TMZ. She herself said she didn’t want a second child it was Eddie that pushed it. Those were her words. Love comes from the heart not a label or a title. Biology does NOT make love. Caring and nurturing do. She may do some of that and so does LeAnn. Love is not isolated in blood. They can receive it from more than 1 source.

    Blessings to LeAnn for she is attacked by the hired creeps and she is not the source of the hatred.

  • blair

    Leann brought all this on herself with her selfish cheating homewrecking ways…..that’s lust, not love.

  • donna

    Blair aka THE TROLL. YOU HATE WOMEN b/c your wife left you with good reason. Also your an MCP!

    EDDIE LOVES LEANN. Eddie does NOT love Brandi!!! DEAL!!!

  • blair

    Donna/racy….take Eileen’s advice….GET HELP

  • Liv

    I love how all the negative comments are voted down by the same people. Leann doesn’t have that many fans, and hasn’t been relevant in years. People who actually care don’t call the paps on outings with small children.

  • blair

    donna/racy….take Eileen’s advice & GET HELP

  • Liv

    If anyone’s hired it the same 4 posters who talk about how awesome of a person Leann is and vote down negative comments. This woman is a joke and is using her adulterous relationship to make herself relevant again. A real parental figure wouldn’t call the paps for a photo op with a small child.

  • http://bettyj2u betty

    fan001 Brandi probably didn’t want another child because she knew Eddie was a cheater and he probably lied and told her he would change.She should have followed her gut feelings because he did not prove her wrong. Brandi was caring and nurturing both her kids before Leann came into the picture and while scumbag was out bed hopping. Leann has not been in their lives long enough to nurture. With love comes respect and that is one thing Leann has not shown. As the saying goes “it takes a village”.No one hates Leann they hate her selfish and self centered behavior. This is not about Leann but Brandis kids. either you are a lousy parent or you know nothing about child rearing it is too obvious.I might be a creep but not hired as you are with you one of many phony names.

  • fan001

    @blair How would you know about either … if it isn’t hate its not in you … you really need help … but the research says that won’t happen …

  • char

    I agree with almost all the comments about the homewrecker and would think the negative comments about her would have a ‘thumbs up’. Apparently there’s a Leanna super fan lurking who’s making sure all of those comments have a ‘thumbs down’. Honey, go spend your Sunday wisely. Don’t hole yourself in your room sitting in front of your computer all day.

  • blair

    Fan001/racy….you are as delusional & unstable as your idol.