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Madonna Launches Hard Candy Fitness Center

Madonna Launches Hard Candy Fitness Center

Madonna launches her first gym, Hard Candy Fitness Center on Monday (November 29) in Mexico City, Mexico.

The 52-year-old pop icon opened up the 30,000 square foot space in Mexico City, which focuses on music, dance lighting and design. She said Mexico City was chosen “as a place to fine-tune our brand and then expand it to other countries and, in the long term, develop a global brand that includes the United States.” There are plans to roll out more branches in major cities around the world in the next year.

Madonna also gave a 45-minute gym and dance lesson to around 20 club members. The club’s slogan is, “Harder Is Better.”

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  • look at

    She looks great …and soooo rich !!

  • Danny

    I disagree. I think age is finally beginning to catch up with her

  • Thai

    …and she looks like crap. Maybe is it because MADONNA is not the same person as that from the beginning of her career? Compare her pics along the years and swear she’s the same person. Puhleeeze…

  • Leti

    Her face doesn’t look good, plastic surgeries and botox don’t make you look younger, just weird and deformed.

  • Sweetness

    There are many actresses ho have not had botox and plastic surgery and they still look beautiful…naturally. Madonna looks horrible…OMG…this is so sad. And being 50 does not mean your faces goes to being a lumpy potatoe!

  • DarkEmpress

    Her face looks like death. I feel like if she touched me she would suck away my youth. To make matters worse she wears clothes that are not good for someone her age. Are there any other White female celebs who are 52 like her and aging well? I think it’s just her genes and all the exercise in the world won’t help.

  • anoano

    Makes me sad as big fan of Madonna’s, but her face looks weird now. Too many fillers and cheek injections. Strange how she did all that to look better & younger, yet her face ended up looking worse and it ruined her looks.

  • kimi

    OMG I’m not easily spooked but she looks scary. Two steps away from Priscilla Presley

  • siennagold

    She looks scary up close. Yikes.

  • Sheigh

    Her face and her legs make me speechless! Looks and older and pathetic version of Chuchy the doll!
    She opens fitness clubs all around the world to their members looks like that mutant ??????
    Noooooooooooooo way for me.

  • Kayla

    Enough with those boots already. They’re not flattering and she’s worn them a bunch of times. Accept your age!!

  • Butter_Fly

    OMG. She does look lumpy. Not good. Her chin looks really strange, like a wooden puppet’s…or a nutcracker.

  • Just

    damn, at first i thought she was rachel zoa aka raisin face. Lolz

  • Lillianne

    This is why you shouldn’t mess with the face God gave you. She’s beginning to look like Howdy Doody. She was unique and special just as she was.

  • slambang

    She looks like cr@p. Nice roots.

  • Lee

    I just read that Christie Brinkley is 56. I’m not a fan, but she looks 1000 times better than Madonna. She was looking incredible.

  • Brightside

    Madonna will always be an icon but her face is now beginning to scare me. No matter how much women may wish to turn back time using medical procedures Madonna’s face is proof that it is just not possible. Better to grow old naturally and enjoy it than end up looking like something went terribly wrong with your face. Her career and ability have been incredible and have shaped a decade (or more) but she should leave her face alone now before it gets worse.

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    Madonna, you are 52, not 22. Accept it. Grow old gracefully.

  • cubedweller

    @DarkEmpress: There are several women that I admire for their natural looks. Laura Linney is 46 and looks great:
    Two more that look very good are Diane Lane, 45, and Christine Lahti, who is 60!

  • Glambert

    OMG she looks horrible!

  • bae


    Christie Brinkley is also a supermodel.. I think Madonna looks great for 52. Who says your just supp to stop being sexy because you aren’t in your 20s? More power to her

  • marta

    I love her so much but have to honestly say her face look horrible! I love real Madonna not this, she doesn’t look like herself.

  • lola

    Oh my god, her face. She is starting to resemble that crazy socialite who made herself look like a cat with plastic surgery.

  • diva715

    HUGE Madonna fan. Not sure what is going on here…sometimes photos are simply BAD. First, bright red lips on pale skin = old looking, horrible combo. That loud print dress w/black thigh high boots, also = BAD, then her face looks weird, as a couple shots you can see she’s holding back from laughing…overall just BAD. Her face looks really full and puffy…i’m guessing too many fillers. She was such a naturally sexy/hot woman. Bottom line is genes. I have 50 yr old cousins that look 35 (no botox, nothing!). Some get really lucky.

    I guess there’s so much pressure being that famous people’s faces are in HD and on the big screen. I wish Madonna had left her face alone. If she stops messing with it, her face should be normal in about one year. No more fillers/botox for Madonna. Please stop girl.
    You don’t need all that nonsense, and your body is insane. Just relax!

  • peapo

    Those boots look like they were squeezed on. She’s looking bad in some many ways.



  • The Truth

    I know one thing, Madonna herself needs to cut back on the exercise! She has been looking “hard” for years and it’s not a good look. I always thought she was an attractive woman but the gristle is not cute!

  • Marieme

    Oh no, sister. Hellz no.

  • notafan

    OH MY GOD!!!! WHAT IS THAT????

  • Kyra

    Madonna’s face looks so messed up now. She was never any great beauty to start off with. She just acted very sexy. Her hands are all veiny. The outfit is horrible.

  • Jokergurl

    I’m surprised she picked Mexico City to build this in, because it’s a very dangerous city, one of the most dangerous in the world. There’s an average of 60 kidnappings a day there, and guess what they’re mostly American tourists and Europeans. Just not a good idea, plus there’s the drug cartels that basically run Mexico too. I wish she’d quit getting botox, it’s really noticeable now, she looked great before she started this.

  • Dr.Coffee

    What is wrong with her face ???

  • Victoria

    The red lipstick is much too harsh.

    She is starting to look like Bette Davis in “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?”

  • Eric


    ha!!! LOL most ignorant person on planet earth!

    i can clearly see that you don’t go out too much!

    i’ve been to mexico city several times (work thing), let me tell you it’s amazing, it’s the mexican NYC you just can’t explain the vibe of the city i mean it’s the third biggest city in the world!

    and i’ve never been kidnapped or something so shut ur mouth ignorant pig, cuz it happens that i have a lot of mexicans friends!

  • ihateph

    she’s 52 pple. I have to say she doesn’t have the best gene’s some pple age faster than others. i’m not stupid i can tell she has had work but give her a freakin break it was a bad pic she was probably getting ready to talk or laugh. look at other pics and she looks much better. Another thing Madonna puts on this tuff exterior but being a huge fan I noticed she has aged considerably since the divorce. stress is a b*tch and I do believe it was much harder for her than she lead us to believe. I wish this country would celebrate age a not bash great pple just cause they can’t stay young forever.

  • CommonSense


    If you haven’t been in Mexico City then you don’t have the right to talk about it.
    The gym is located in one of the best zones of the city. The city is so far away from that “Tijuana” or “small towns” you have seen on TV.

  • CommonSense


    Well said Eric!!

  • EB

    This is to #1 thru #37—–>one word—> “really”

  • Jokergurl

    @ ERIC
    Ignorant? No, there’s a book called THE MOST DANGEROUS PLACES IN THE WORLD, Mexico City is in it, nope you’ve been lucky ERIC and I bet you don’t wander around after dark either and you stay in the nice hotels. You have NO idea. Ignorant pig? Really? Why should you give a shit? I don’t about what you say. :)

  • ZZZ


    The thruth is that you have never been there, right? You believe everything you read.
    There is nothing like travel and find the truth by yourself. Anyway…

  • ZZZ


    The truth is that you have never been there, right? You believe everything you read.
    There is nothing like travel and find the truth by yourself. Anyway…