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Nicole Kidman & Aaron Eckhart: 'Rabbit Hole' Discussion at Apple

Nicole Kidman & Aaron Eckhart: 'Rabbit Hole' Discussion at Apple

Nicole Kidman and Aaron Eckhart discuss their new film Rabbit Role at the Apple store on Friday (December 3) in NYC’s Soho neighborhood.

The 43-year-old actress signed autographs for fans outside when she arrived.

Last night, Nicole attended the film’s red carpet premiere with husband Keith Urban.

Nic revealed that their 2 1/2-year-old daughter Sunday Rose can already sing and dance!

“She sings incessantly. She has a repertoire of about 30 songs,” Nicole told People, while Keith added, “[Sunday is] a wonderful singer. But I’m your typical proud dad as well.”

FYI: Nicole is wearing a Stella McCartney suit and Church’s shoes.

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Credit: Jason Kempin; Photos: Wire Image, INFdaily
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  • jesse


  • chord

    One of the best movies of this year. Just..moving.

  • marta

    happy fans:) it’s funny that I had a dream in which I meet her last night and there are so many info about her today

  • so

    Nicole makes me fear adoption. It is obvious she is not as attached to her two adopted children. They are hardly ever with her. She doesn’t talk about them.

  • linsy

    So beautiful. Nice to see lots of pics of my fave Oscar winner.
    And Aaron looks hot also.

  • w-ja

    @so: I hope you return to this thread and read this.

    Don’t fear adoption because Nicole is selfish. Adoption is the best thing that happened to me and my husband. We have 4 kids. I forget which ones I adopted. Lol. Honestly, biology has nothing to do with being a mother and the love you share with your kids.

  • dhun

    30 songs uh huh. needing video proof on almost everything she says now.

  • Allie

    You know what’s strange? Whenever she sits for an interview, she is always gushing about Sunday. Whenever Tom Cruise sits for an interview, he is always gushing about Suri. What happened to Connor and Isabella? They obviously don’t live with Nicole, but I don’t see them with Tom and Katie either. It’s fortunate that the kids were adopted into a comfortable life, but very sad that they’re parents seem to ignore them in favor of their birth children. Why adopt if that’s how you are going to treat them?

  • Galey

    They are teenagers. I have heard both parents say (Connor and Isabella) forbid them to talk about them in public. If any of you have teenagers you understand. Children of to a certain age don’t mind or even know when they are in the spot light Nicole tries to keep Sunday out of the lime light.. How many celebrities do you see with their older children. It is hard enough being a teenager let alone being on in public.

  • Babs

    You people are just mean haters. Nicole loves all her children she doesn’t display her children like Tom. I think it’s about time you haters get a life. I think Nicole is a wonderful caring person. Also, she is down to earth an shops at Target….great movie nicole. You are talented

  • andres

    omg,, she looks amazing¡¡¡¡¡¡

  • j

    I think that its different with their bio kids more because they are babies versus teenagers you can gush about little kids but teens will say please dont talk about me or tell them this or that that will embarrass them. I had a similar feeling that some had but realized that they are teens so probably spend more time with their friends also NIcole lives in Nashville so when they visit maybe they are not photographed as Nicole is rarely photographed there. everyone is silly with this notion that if it doesn’t exist on camera then its not possible

  • 2

    @Babs: nobody is doubting her talent. its undeniable. but whats also undeniable is the fact that she is never seen with her children. even tom cruise is with them more, and thats saying a lot because he barely is.

  • Kate Ford


    Kidman stated in an interview years ago, the young pre-teens forbid their parents to speak of them publicly. They find it embarrassing being the children of movie stars.

    But, then the troll with ten names already knows this, and is simply an OBVIOUS delusionally “spurned” Urban lunatic.

  • JACK


    Bella has lived in NYC for quite a while…in her mother’s penthouse.

    She attends a prestigious art school and remains invisible to the press…happily.

  • Xavier

    lol who gives a shittt if she talks about them or not. the point is she is never seen with them. face it she doesnt care about her teenagers as much as sunday rose. same with suri. you cant even lie.

  • Nashville Here

    Poppycock and horse bells.

    We locals see the baby weekly.

    Tabloid photos are almost non-existent. A few horrors take cell phones at the local shops and sell to photo agencies.

    The only other photos you have are unavoidable at public airports.

    Other than that, good luck finding photos of child hood photos of Connor or Bella in the ten years Kidman ran their lives.

    Kidmanb protected her babies from the press like the CIA and still does.

    A GOOD Mother. Not a fame whore, ah la Ms Holmes, who has no career other than courting the paparazzi with her underdressed, spoiled, high heel wearing brat….and shopping.

  • Nashville Here


    Xavier, I saw Bella at Panera last month. Guess where? The Green Hills Mall.

    It was a mile from her mother’s house, but probably just coincidence, maybe she was visiting the Opry,


  • missy

    And how exactly do you know this info?

  • Carti

    @JACK: Tom Cruise is dat chu?

  • Oh, Missy, Carti, Allie, Dhun,

    You’ll NEVER know :)

  • Maya

    Nicole looks gorgeous! All parents talk more about thier toddles and young kids moreso than their teenage kids. Most teen cringe whever their folks talk about them to ANYBODY, including but not limited to their friends and relatives. To speak of them in press interviews would likely be the cause of a serious case of child/parent suicide of their relationship. lol.

    Why can we put an end to this pointless discussion that comes up in every post regarding Nicole Kidman-Urban.

  • Dieter

    These adopted kids of hers’s are spoiled bratt’s who do not appreciate the mother of their’s. They better have stayed in the trailer park they came from and learned how to work. Her mother wasn’t able to teach them love and how to work. Stop talking about these kids and have a look at the beautiful fingernails and hairs’ of Nicole and her pooper’s !!!!

  • Dieter

    These adopted kids of hers’s are spoiled bratt’s who do not appreciate the mother of their’s. They better have stayed in the trailer park they came from and learned how to work. Her mother wasn’t able to teach them love and how to work. Stop talking about these kids and have a look at the beautiful fingernails and hairs’ of Nicole and her pooper’s !!!! Is Nicole still having a smoke now and then- She looks so beautiful doing so !!!!

  • Alexis

    It’s difficult to know the truth from outside.

  • Sally


  • hopeso

    Nicole, gorgeous as always.

  • Sam Hanson

    Worst. “Actress”. Ever.

  • KNut

    @Galey: Kidman has said herself in a televised interview that Isabella and Connor love being photographed by the paparazzi. Kidman can’t discuss Isabella and Connor because she has no clue what is going on in their lives now. You have to be with your children to know that.

  • KNut

    @j: Kidman isn’t photographed in Nashville? That’s a good laugh! Maybe do a search on here, and you’ll be proven wrong!

  • Bella

    I love her outfit style, makeup, hair style and her shoes, she is truly fashion icon.

  • Eli

    Nicole and Keith’s home is much further than one mile from Green Hills area.

  • Eli

    They live in Leiper’s Fork. They could have another home in Nashville.
    I have seen Bella and Connor in Whole Foods but that was right after Sunday was born.

  • yep

    i am happy keith and nicole found happiness! they seem so good together. about the children i don’t know what is going so no comment.

  • bety

    # 17 Nashville Here
    Did you get paid well for writing the little gem

  • Sally

    As if we don’t know where the children questions come from every day! Ha HA

    Tranparent multi screen names never fool anyone.

    Ever notice no matter what the name posting is, it is aways the same theme!
    Scarey world out there knowing those people exist.

  • Lynn

    Nic looks surprisingly fantastic here !

  • Yawn

    I think KUNK needs to get a restraining order for nashville here – someone seems to know (or at least claims) way too much information about the family’s coming and goings for it to be healthy.

  • little my

    My gosh she’s so lovely. Love the new style, she looks different!

  • Nashville Here


    Sorry, Eli, they have two houses, one in Green Hills, one outside Leipers. So, do I.

  • LH

    Fake hair and injections all over the face. So natural? I don’t think so.

  • taco

    It must be a very sad life for those who have so much hate and anger inside the heart. hating someone is bad, but hating someone you don’t know, well, it’s insane.
    Really, get a life because nobody cares about what you say haters! and first of all nobody understands and shares the hate you have for this woman.
    Deal with it: she’s the one with a brilliant career and Oscar-potential movie; a devoted husband, three beautiful kids; a status of super star known in every part of the world.
    Who are you? A bunch of stupid selfish childish kids with 10 different names without dreams and hopes. She’s so much higher than you, in every sense…That even if you are in front of her she couldn’t see you. How can you think she comes here and read your stupid comments? You’re not hurting anyone, but just yourselves and your families that if the read the bunch of bullshi*s you write they would feel ashamed and asking “what did get wrong?”.
    I’m enough of your crazyness…See a doctor, you need help.

  • Jim

    She looks incredible stunning and her skin so perfect, she appear so classy.

  • sweety

    Nicole is fantastic!!!Why always talk about her family!!This is movie ,we need focusing on Rabbit Hole ,not the things that is private!!!

  • Girl Next Door

    Celebrity Polls:

    ╭⌒╮╭⌒╮ ╭⌒╮
    ,)))),”)~~ ,”~)
    ╱◥█◣ ╱◥█◣

  • little my

    She’s beautiful here! Love Nicole Kidman!

  • Jean val Jean

    Worst. Actress. Ever

  • Oh so ironic


    The same posters that say we know too much because we live in the same area as Nicole and Keith are the same ones desperate for information.

  • shelby

    She looks amazing!!! Hair, makeup and outift are amazing!

    To the poster who uses various names to put her down: get a life. You can’t have hers. Keith is hot. No doubt. He has a wife. Move along. Putting Nic down on internet message boards will not sway Keith’s opinion of her. All it does is make you look like a pathetic, scary psychopath.