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Irina Shayk: Blue Valentine Vixen

Irina Shayk: Blue Valentine Vixen

Irina Shayk struts her stuff at the New York premiere of Blue Valentine hosted by Quintessentially at The Museum of Modern Art on Tuesday (December 7) in New York City.

The 24-year-old Russian model is reportedly suing GQ Spain after finding nude pictures of herself in the December issue, while she asserts that she was actually wearing underwear. Gail Marie of Elite Model Management said, “Irina is the victim of ‘Photoshop’ and a breach of contract.”

The magazine responded by saying, “Irina posed nude and Irina herself, the Elite agency, the photographer and the stylists know this as do the 15 witnesses that assisted at the shoot. Why lie?”

FYI: Irina is wearing Zac Posen paired with Christian Louboutin heels.

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Credit: Stephen Lovekin; Photos: WENN, Getty, SplashNewsOnline
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  • viv

    I like her in Armani campaign, she looks HOT!

  • Gab

    She’s gorgeous, but not unusual, especially among the Russian models. I keep forgetting who she is until I look at the captions.

  • LA

    Irina Shaykhlislamova, she is Russian – Bashkirian, her parents are bashkirians, that’s why she has darker hair.
    Russia is huge with many regions, so there are many different types of beauty. Many think Russians are all blonds, but dark hair + bright eyes or dark hair + dark eyes, are very common in Russia, depends on what part of Russia you are from.

  • Mary from Russia

    She doesn’t have a typical look of bashkirian either. Her appearance reminds me tatar. Some of their women are very exotic and beautiful. Isn’t her last name tatarian?

  • LA

    @Mary from Russia: Yes, I think it’s tatarian too, but you know in Russia are all mixed. Her father could be tatarian, her mother could be bashkirian or something else, I’ve read somewhere her grandma is bashkirian. Usually tatarians have hazel eyes, her eyes are blue, unless she isn’t wearing coloured lenses.

  • Mary from Russia

    Some of my tatarian friends have blue eyes. I don’t know if it is typical for tatarians. Surely she doesn’t have the typical Russian look.

  • LA

    @Mary from Russia: I don’t know either, but I see a lot of Russian in her, she looks more exotic because she tanned also.

  • @viv

    you’re right, love her in that campaign too,

    she is gorgeous and perfect for ARMANI, hope to see her more!

  • Jonh


  • leo

    she looks like Adriana Lima a lot

  • Aaron

    @leo: yes she does! ONly better!!!!! younger and sexier. Plus she is prettier in my opinion because she has straight teeth and no fat chipmunk cheeks. Much Better!!!!!!!! MUCHHHH hotter less bulky bod as well. HOT!

  • Marta

    who is she???

  • nina

    she is the only russian girl/model i think is beautiful and and yes gorgeous maybe because she doesnt look russian not like that anna kournikova eeeeeeeeeew she really looks like she fell off the map of russian and ive been there its a horrific place and i never saw a a decent looking girl let alone pretty she is gorgeous

  • mila

    @nina: Irina looks more Russian than Anna Kournikova, trust me.

  • @MILA ana

    i am Russia from Moscow and irina does not look more Russian at all most Russian girls are blonde ANNA JOURNIKOVA looks RUSSIAN and shes not pretty at all Irina looks like she can be almost from anywhere she has a very exotic look maybe latin etc…she does look a little bit like ADRIANA LIMA another beauty ANNA KOURNIKOVA yuk noway is she pretty

  • yeah right!!!!!!!

    and who are you MILA to trust that irina looks more russian then anna kournikova? are you MILA KUNIS? because mila kunis is from Russia and she looks nothing at all like a russian girl MILA KUNIS IS ONE OF THE MOST GORGEOUS GIRLS IVE EVER SEEN AND DOES NOT LOOK RUSSIAN AT ALL A NATURAL BEAUTY.

  • brian

    YEAH!!! love them BRUNETTES theyre so much hotter and sexier and exotic looking then blondes all those blondes look alike

  • Max_V

    @nina: you must be kidding or jealous much, russian girls are the most gorgeous girls in a whole world, have you really been in russia? nothing horrific at all

  • @Max-V

    YES i have been to Russia i traveled the world for modeling myself and have been all over so do not tell me Russian girls are the most gorgeous girls in the world either your blind or an ugly russian or anna kournikova writing you want to see gorgeous girls go to Brazil, Spain, Italy, Uruguay, Argentina, the least most pretty girls if you want to call them pretty are from RUSSIA they all look fat old bloated and gross ive been there believe me or not dont speak if you dont know!

  • @Max-V


  • mila

    @@MILA ana: You doesn’t sound like Russian, you sound like you don’t like Russians and hate Anna Kournikova.

    I’m Russian and in Russia there are many women like Irina.
    There are more women with dark hair and grey/green/blu eyes than blondes.
    Irina doesn’t look latina at all.

    @yeah right!!!!!!!: Mila Kunis is Ucranian, not Russian.

  • mila

    @jealous hater

    WOW Russian are fat old bloated and gross? it’s new to me.
    That’s why a lot of Russian girls are working as models, HA!

  • @21 @22

    actually i dont sound Russian because you never heard me speak just sound RUSSIAN ‘ YOU DOESNT SOUND’ LEARN HOW TO WRITE OR GO BACK TO SCHOOL!i have nothing against russians or anna kournikova dont even know her how can i say i dont like her i dont think shes pretty at all my opinion …irina does look latina alot of ppl compare her to adriana lima gorgeous brazilian girl again ive been there havnt seen any beautiful brunettes blue eyed green eyed girls there go to Brazil there you will se the most gorgeous girls and @ 22 Ucranian Russia same crap! well i guess yoiu were never there to see those big fat bloated ugly looking russian woman! enough said!

  • Mary from Russia

    Why do you think Russian girls all have blond hair and blue eyes?Russia is northern country, but it is also partly Asian. We have a lot of nationalities and ethnic groups here – Russians, Bashkirians, Tatarians, Chuvash, the last three have Asian looks, but sometimes there are mixed marriages, so children have both European and Asian features.

    Never heard that Russian girls are considered ugly, fat and bloated. Believe me they are slim, fit, beautiful, as well as Ukrainian girls. By the way Milla Kunis is Ukrainian Jewish, it’s a big difference. Maybe she speaks Russian, I don’t know. But Milla Jovovich is partly Russian, her mother is Russian actress, she is very beautiful either.

  • Mary from Russia

    Do you really consider Russia horrific place and Russian girls ugly and fat? I think you’ve never been in Russia.

  • mila

    @Mary from Russia: She is jealous and hates Russians, just ignore her,
    she probably has some serious issues.

    @jealous ignorant hater
    get some help


    SAY WHAT YOU WANT AND THINK WHAT YOU WANT I HAVE NOTHING TO BE JEALOUS OF ANYONE …. ive been toi Russia and all over the country Russia has the least attractive woman ive ever seen yoiu are jealous because you are russian and know the truth irina and mila kunis are the only 2 russian girls that i ever saw are beautiful and i dont care if mila kunis is Russian Jewish she is gorgeous and she speaks fluent Russian iv heard her on tv so does irina and i have no issues with russian some of my friends are russians that doesnt mean theyre beautiful im talking about the topic IRINA SHAYK IS GORGEOUS AND MILA KUNIS IS GORGEOUS they are RUSSIAN never saw another beauty like these 2 in your eyes you have cause youre Russian now i have a life you dont continue if you want by the way my maid and cleaning girls are russian blonde blue eyes and not good looking at all!

  • Mary from Russia

    did you rally visit Russia? What Russian cities did you visit? How long did you stay there?
    The fact that you have ugly maid doesn’t mean all Russians are ugly ))))

  • mila

    @Mary from Russia: Not only jealous, even racist, see? Probably because she is fat and ugly, that’s why.
    She should clean by herself so she gets slim a little bit.

  • Mary from Russia

    haha, exactly

  • Angie Voit

    sweet, brighton beach rox

  • brad

    i have had the unpleasant experience of dating a russia girl to find out later she came to this country to get her green card and become a citizen of America she married a man twice her age got her green card and became a citizen and divorced him 2 months later i then found out all her friends were doing the same she was blonde just soso looking as far as im concerned all russian girls are pr-stit-tes!!!!!!!!

  • brad

    i have had the unpleasant experience of dating a russia girl to find out later she came to this country to get her green card and become a citizen of America she married a man twice her age got her green card and became a citizen and divorced him 2 months later i then found out all her friends were doing the same she was blonde just soso looking as far as im concerned all russian girls are pr-stit-tes!!!!!!!!

  • Jokergurl

    @@Max-V: Yes well Anna Kournikova has been with the GORGEOUS Enrique Iglesias for 8 years now, so I don’t think she cares what any of us think. :)

  • balding

    yes this is true and hes not as gorgeous as he used to be hes skin and bones and BALD BALD BALD this is why he wears a cap 24/7 and wh hes not wearing the cap check out that fake hair piece he wears its so fake looking its a joke and nobody really cares about anna kournikova and enrique iglesias this thread is about the gorgeous irina shayk

  • HUH???

    Shes 24?!?! I thought she was like, 35!!!

  • pretty


    I actually agree with you, I love Mila Kunis, I think she is gorgeous. And its true that in America most of the Russian women we hear about are the blond, blue eyed ones… So the exotic ones like Mila and Irina are not as heard of here… I prefer the exotic brunettes to the blonds myself… I do not think Kournikova is that pretty either.. I think Irina does look a lot like Adriana Lima, I actually thought Irina was Brazilian when I first saw her. I never thought she would be Russian to be honest with you.

  • Jokergurl

    @balding: I didn’t start the Kournikovia thing, she’s Russian though. So it sort of has something to do with this. Yes, this model is pretty.

  • kiley

    irina shayk is the most gorgeous russian girl and mila kunis is even more gorgeous anna kournikova no way

  • mila

    @brad: HAHA! Maybe because you are not that smart.

    @Mary from Russia: Looks like all jealousy and hate are coming from americans, funny, the cold w@r is over, do they aware of that?

    I have many american friends and none of them are hateful like you ppl.
    Maybe ugly Russians go to America and beautiful Russians go to the other countries.

    Anyway, Mila Kunis or Anna not even half beautiful as Russian girls could be, Russian girls are usually very tall and slim.
    Irina is the example and she looks like Russian for sure.
    So calm down with all your hate, jealosy and blond stuff.

  • @ mila

    stop showing your stupidity again learn english ‘do they aware of that’ you sound like you just fell off the boat with your russian pr-stit=tes hahahaha russian girls are tall and sl all i saw was fat old hags in shacks and i think brad got it right when he said they all come here to get their citizenship.. irina looks nothing like a russian girl and mila kunis doesnt either thats why theyre gorgeous anna kournikova she looks russian bloated face and all russian looking just deal with it and trust me no Americans are jealous of the Russians what for? nothing!

  • ohh

    I lived in Estonia; where theres a large population and know for a fact that a lot of most Russians are very beautiful. Its funny how people on here are blatantly insulting Russians and yet they claim they’re not jealous…

  • get over it!

    why dont you all just get over this crap already ppl have their opinions and thats it this is what these threads are for if you cant stand reading any of the negative comments dont come here anymore im a fan of irina shayk i think shes gorgeous and i dont give a damn wheres shes from but i will say and agree she does not look russian at all!

  • mila

    Haha! ‘do’ was for you, jealous hater, there are many other languages to learn, not just english. You learn those as well.
    And stop making a fool of yourself, it’s clear you are JEALOUS.

    @ohh: Exactly.
    Some ppl are just ignorant.

  • babushka

    jealous of who? IRINA i think shes gorgeous but not jealous and if you think im jealous of Russians please get a grip still you cant speak the english language and sound like you fell off the boat go back to your shack and get english lessons ‘DO THEY AWARE OF THAT’ is not at all correct english i guess youre also illiterate and ugly as well!!

  • lol

    @babushka: “i guess youre also illiterate and ugly as well!” nice english…

  • lucky 7

    at least i can spell and read an write english you cant think of anything else to say but copy me? i have no time for losers dwell in your sorrow of being an dumb ugly babushka hahahaha godbye enjoy the rest of your empty headed thread……..