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Hayden Christensen: Hugo Boss in Berlin

Hayden Christensen: Hugo Boss in Berlin

Hayden Christensen suits up for the Hugo Boss fashion show during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week at Neue Nationalgalerie on Thursday (January 20) in Berlin, Germany.

The 29-year-old Canadian actor was just one of several celebs to attend the show – also pictured inside are Chloe Sevigny and Tilda Swinton!

Hayden‘s latest film, Vanishing on 7th Street, hits theaters on February 18! Check out the trailer featuring Hayden and Thandie Newton if you missed it.

FYI: Also making an appearance at the BOSS show was The Gates alum Colton Haynes!

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Credit: Andreas Rentz; Photos: Getty
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  • Buzzy

    If he needs some instruction on how to tie a tie … I’d be happy to give him pointers. Face to face or from behind. Whichever he prefers.

  • Nina

    Seems he gained weight almost thought he was Leo for a moment there he seems to have copied his hairstyle.

  • Alias

    Liking this look, even the slick hair, especially the hair down the middle of forehead just like Superman.

  • Jokergurl

    He looks good, that’s not weight that’s muscle I think. He’s bulked up for some role.

  • Jokergurl

    This site keeps saying not available all the time! Anyway he looks great, I don’t think he’s gained fat I think that’s more like muscle for a role.

  • Chelly

    I agree…he doesn’t look like he has a gut. He looks really good. Plus, he doesn’t look like he’s carrying his cigs like usual. Maybe that’s another reason? Damn he looks good…

  • Wow

    He looks healthier than he did last time he was spotted in November alot better.
    Guess we know why Bilson didnt look happy coming home earlier this mouth like someone dumped her…. she knew he was going to a big fashion event and not taking her butt along.
    But he does look like he put on muscle.

  • phat-ruley

    Whoa HC ddint take little BIlson as his date?!
    Thats no so sweet if the showmance is really back on LOL

  • Ka simply Amaazzing !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hyden nathing

  • phat-ruley

    “NOT” as I mean…

  • padme

    OMG, we finally get to see sexy Hayden again and damn, he sure cleaned up nicely…..looking HOT, Hayden!!!

  • padme

    OMG, we FINALLY get to see sexy Hayden again and damn, he sure cleaned up nicely…..looking HOT, Hayden!!!!

  • Aphrodite

    Not diggin the hair here looks like he went for the Leo DiCaprio look. His face is fatter looking and know where else.

  • ozzie

    it took a lot of chemicals to get the curls out of his hair … looking cute as usual

  • amblo

    Lol hes doing that garrett hedlund expression in the pics. Hayden, cute as usual.

  • RKate

    Ooo, another picture of Hayden, what a treat! I like his hair curly and longer better but perhaps it is for a role. He look like he’s bulked up for a role but it looks so doggone good on him, it’s just not fair! He’s such a hotty, he looks a lot calmer and happier now. I hope he has quite the cigs, such a nasty habit. Love him either way. Buzzy, I’d help Hayden with his tie anyday!

  • 09

    JARED please remove the thumbs up and down option. It has nothing to do with hayden, but in general I find people can thumb down comments just because they dont agree with it.

  • Brightside

    Well, if he did, then that was one hell of a short-lived reconciliation!
    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…hell I was saying it three years ago when I first saw the two of them on JJ…Hayden Christiansen and Rachel Bilson are just not compatible. There was nothing in their behaviour to each other that ever spoke of a deeper commitment. I could believe Orlando and Miranda’s relationship, it seemed, and still seems, founded on feelings for each other that are genuine (although…with all celebrity relationships you wonder how long that will last)…and I could even believe in Jude Law’s relationship with Sienna Miller…they have so much passion for each other, problems and passion…but I find it impossible to believe in this one. Two years of barely seeing each, followed by a break up, followed by rumours of getting back together again but still with the immense gulf of indifference between them. If it is true that they are back in some sort of relationship then my big question is…seriously, why bother! If, as a couple, you can’t be bothered to be together, then why bother at all. Move on and find someone else that you can be bothered to be seen with…with 6 billion people in the world, it’s not like there’s not plenty of choice.

  • Brightside

    Don’t agree with the comments or don’t agree with the arrows? If your point is that others don’t agree with the comments then that’s the whole bloody point of the arrows, to agree or disagree! I am not sure what point you are making here…

  • Lexy hates Portman

    @Brightside: Brightside stfu, you act like you know their relationship when you don’t. This post is about Hayden being at the fashion show, let’s keep it on that topic.

  • Lake

    Stunning. He looks healthy and happy, so glad to see him looking so amazing. I hope he starts filming his next film soon.

  • Brightside

    @Lexy hates Portman:
    Hiding behind a borrowed and b*tchy username are we? Just stick to one username. You know that Lexy doesn’t hate Portman so why do that? It’s vulgar, it’s a cheap tactic and it’s hypocritical! Use the one name when you comment and stop hiding behind other people!


    Hayden may been in Hugo Boss but, did he bother to shower. His hair does not look good. It looks greasy! Hayden looks like he STAAAAANKS!! Hehe…

  • Lexy hates Portman

    @Brightside: Sorry, does it bother you honey?? :)

  • Brightside

    @Lexy hates Portman:
    No, but it just makes you look cheap (and a little pathetic) for using such a tactic. Especially when people can see right through it, you numpty!

  • crapshack

    I can’t actually wait for some ?Twitter sighting/s” all over again; like that Crapchel is actually w/ him there in Germany but not just on the event. (A fashion event that she breathes in aside from famewhoring really?!)”
    Just a “plain & a few lines from Twiiter; nothing much really else and their fantards would be flippin’ w/ soo much joy & gratification LOL

  • annie

    HC looking good as usual,better without the smelly bilson.

  • Lawrence

    Hayden’s always so lean looking, it actually looks like he’s gained some weight!. He always be a cutie though!.

  • http://justjared Mjforever

    Hi there long time no see he is one of those celebs you forget how they look like he hates cameras .
    Lets hope for movies from him this upcoming year I like him as an actor.

  • lexy hates bilson

    He could use a good stylist. He looks like some sort of Leo wanna-be – minus the successful Bar by his side!
    Odd that with all the awards going on HERE in the US he’d choose to show up at this event. Guess he didn’t want to watch his lovely former co-star bask in her success and happiness!! It must hurt!!

  • MissAnthropica

    He looks pretty good I think. A bit uncomfortable in front of the cameras as always but good.

    @lexy hates bilson:
    Lexi seriously are you that obsessed with Natalie Portman that you had to mention her in your comment about him.
    Jesus freaking christ woman grow up.
    No one was attacking Portman on this post so why say such a retarded thing. Since its obvious you meant her by ” former costar” mixed with award season.Since she just won a freaking Golden Globe.
    Well you know what?
    Good for Portman.
    Im sure Hayden isnt jealous at all but happy to see a former co star do well.
    The only one being pety is you right now and it shows like the sun during the the day.

    Hayden didnt go the any award show events last year if memory serves me correct or the year before. The man doesnt seem to like LA..
    Tilda Swinton and Chloe are also both considered to be good actresses and yet there they are at the same event as Hayden,
    Far as anyone knows Hayden is going to do something for Hugo Boss coming up…he did that whole Lacoste campaign.

    Either way Hayden’s attending of a fashion event in Berlin has nothing to do with your precious Portman. Cant you just be happy shes doing well? Sheesh.
    Im starting wonder if your insane i swear lol
    Oh well probably. but it doesnt matter.

    Takers just came out on DVDand VO7thst is on demand now and soon to be released into theatres most likely he picked a random event farrrr away from LA to get some attention for the films.
    Plus Germany is beautiful this time of year the man seems to like to travel so where would you rather go La or Berlin?
    Berlin of course.
    You should stop being so bitter and go on a vacation.

    Try Berlin… maybe Haydens onto something you arent lol

    Anyways Hayden look healthy and although the tie is a little off looks good.

  • the truth

    @Brightside: Good to see hayden here and he looks good. He bring a date with him at the fashion event Her is Chloe sevigny she play on big love.And don’t know why jj didn’t mention her.Alot are people has broken-up and they was not back together as it was suggested. you’re right rachel should start dating other people and move on like hayden is doing with his life.Someone said about twitter sighting there won’t be none. Cause hayden brought someone with him there.Love how he look . Think he’s getting ready to shoot the film the cold.Good to see him.

  • Shanda

    @MissAnthropica: Like what you said. I think that chloe was his date.And he s proud are his o- star natalie.But la and the whole film world don’t like to get to know anyone different . They treated him like a outsider and that’s wrongThey are losing out on a good actor.its their lost and our gain. They he has alot going on with him without hollywood help. Look good there.See he has moved on without bilson being in his face. are his name mention with hers. That’s what he needed.Looking good there gettting ready to do the cold.They wasn’t back together anyway.

  • friederike

    Why don’t he style his hair like back in star wars III? the haircut looked so sexy :D and why the hell is every star in berlin while i’m not there? where’s the justice? :(

  • lexy hates bilson

    LOL! He picked some random event to try and get press for Takers and his new movie coming out in February?? For starters, he’s BARELY in Takers – so perhaps he should let TI & Chris Brown handle any additional PR that needs to be done for that movie.
    Seeing as he hasn’t had a movie in theaters in a while and he’s not exactly in the same league of acting as Tilda or Chloe he might want to be out and about trying get some press for his movie.

  • Lisa

    @ the truth alias Shanda

    Chloe Sivigny is not Hayden’s date anymore than Tilda Swinton is his date! He is standing next to Tilda in the photo, not Chloe, they are just all at the Hugo Boss show. There are other celebrities there, as well. He was at the after party solo, mingling, having photos taken. He just attended the event like alot of other celebs.

  • Nina

    As for the extra pounds maybe he found a new g/f who actually can cook for him while living in Canada. As for Chloe I think she has a b/f i remember a beach photo of her and the b/f a short time back I don’t think Chloe or Hayden are a match wasn’t thrilled with her in SG. She is good in that Big Love show she is the evil 2nd wife. I think the events are random offers to who they can get to come to it for the company promoting. Could be his new agent wanted him to go to this event. As for the bit on NP pretty sure he is happy for her in everything going on in her life why be bitter i’m sure she isn’t about him and both were in TIFF last year. Not to mention Nat has a home in Los Feliz in LA where he hangs about at times.

    Now looking at his pic he seems a bit more like Michael J Fox in the face and the style hair he is wearing that and Leo.

  • Alias

    @35 – Your precious Nat may have won a GG but she’s in a cr@ppy movie with Kutcher, talk about cancelling each other out.

  • RKate

    Whoa, Hayden’s bulking up for a role or something, he’s lookin good. Don’t like the hair much, like it longer and curly but you just can’t keep your eyes off this guy…he’s such a hotty. He was destined to be a movie star, he looks so doggone good on the big screen!

  • Lexy hates Portman

    @Brightside: HA! I’m the one who is pathetic? You are the one who rambles on and on and on about Hayden and Rachel when you know nothing about them. You obviously are not a fan of them together yet you can’t resist always talking about them. You have NO clue what their relationship is like so quit trying to act like you sit on their shoulders and can hear every conversation they have. And as for @lexyhatesbilson, you NEEED to get over your Natalie/Hayden obsession honey. Natalie and Hayden have never, and will NEVER date. Natalie is to busy being knocked up and gushing about her “amazing” new fiancee. And Hayden clearly is in love with the one girl you hate! AND I JUST LOVE IT! GO RACHEL AND HAYDEN YOU GUYS ROCK!!

  • Brightside

    @Lexy hates Portman:
    Yes, you ARE the one who is pathetic! It’s a celebrity gossip site, you fool…for people comment on celebrities, their successes, their failings…and, yes, even their relationships. And, please, try to be a little more original in your username…you just make yourself look stupid by pulling cheap stunts with the usernames of other commenters. It doesn’t make you look clever and, worse, it makes you look like you don’t have the courage, or honesty, to back up your own convictions.
    Ok, so you think these two are good together…that’s your opinion. I think the opposite…that’s my opinion. I back up my opinion with many photos, and some are clearly candid, which show a different story than the lovey-dovey one you seem to believe. Plus the fact that, even in the ‘honeymoon’ period of their relationship they never appeared comfortable…or even happy…with each other. This is not how a relationship is supposed to be. Remember that, according to sources, Rachel Bilson felt that the relationship had gone stale…do you honestly think things have changed?
    Celebrity relationships rarely last and that’s the sad truth.
    Even when they initially look like they’re working, they inevitably fail.

  • I don’t know why…

    He looks bloated and his eyes look puffy. Not good looking at all like he used to be. Too bad. Career over and how his looks are going. When is he marrying Bilson? It’s this summer, right?

  • S

    Maybe he is trying to stop smoking? I must say, i prefer him being skinny, but that’s just me.

  • Madison

    I think he looks perfect. Not bloated, not fat….healthy and glowing. Good job Hayden!

  • Madison

    I think he looks great. Not bloated, not fat…healthy and glowing. Good job Hayden!

  • Lake

    I agree, That suit fits him perfectly, can’t find fault with that. He’s grown up, almost 30, not a kid anymore.

  • Nina

    don’t think it that he stopped smoking when ppl thinks he stopped he didn’t he might have just found someone who knows how to really cook for him instead of living off of some ex g/f’s cooking by numbers version. Feel he is more comfortable in Canada then in LA. Sorry to say i truly hope he stays away from the toxic relationship it always seems to make him look bad.

  • ewwww

    What happened to him?

  • finish the story

    @ Brightside #41

    “Remember that, according to sources, Rachel Bilson thought that the relationship had gone stale ” is what you said. You did not finish the rest of what the source said in that Star article I remember reading on here in another thread, which you remember as well. The rest of the quote went on the say “but she missed him (Hayden) badly, and texted him that sentiment several weeks ago”. There is more to that article, but basically things changed for them to try their relationship again. That was back in November when that aritcle was written. When you don’t know someone, you have no idea what they are like behind closed doors, judging by pictures alone means nothing. She spent 2 weeks with him after Christmas, do you know what went on then? I didn’t think so. They will either stay together, or break up again, time will tell.

  • Brightside

    @finish the story:
    Judging by pictures can give a good, overall image, though. Do they look happy? Are they holding hands? Smiling at each other? Walking apart? Frowning? Having fun? Not having fun? It’s certainly possible to tell through pictures whether a couple is pleased to be with each other or not…body language, the type of body language and the frequency with which it appears is a big, visual clue!
    Also ‘she missed him badly…etc’…read that as, she broke off the relationship, realised she had made a mistake and went crawling back to him with her tail between her legs. Psychologically speaking, she has put him in a position of power. Because she is the one that went crawling back, he doesn’t need to do anything to change the nature of the relationship or fix any of the problems she had with it. He can just as easily say, ‘Honey, you’re the one who came crawling back, if you don’t like it, leave…you know where the door is!’
    Never a good position for any girl to be in.
    So of course this is going to end in another break-up further down the line. How many successful celebrity relationships do you know? And how many break ups have you read about in the last year alone?
    There are too many differences here to make it work…her stupidity, his intelligence, her lack of career, his ability still to get work, her need to be seen as someone famous, his desire for a private life, her need to be in LA, his to be in Canada e.t.c.
    If they were people known to me I would say to them…’WTF do you think you’re doing? You’re mutually incompatible…go find other people…because it isn’t going to work!’