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Teresa Palmer: Strawberry Shortcake & Santa's Little Helper!

Teresa Palmer: Strawberry Shortcake & Santa's Little Helper!

Teresa Palmer is white hot in a sheer top while leaving Katsuya with her iPad on Friday (February 11) in Hollywood.

The 24-year-old I Am Number Four recently recalled how she was discovered in Adelaide, Australia.

“I was working in a mall but I was doing character work so I would go to the supermarket and dress up as Strawberry Shortcake or Santa’s Little Helper just to get extra money on the weekend,” she told

“I signed up with an acting agent … [and] I ended up meeting this director Murali Thalluri,” she said about the then 18-year-old filmmaker who wanted her in his movie 2:37.

“It had its premiere at the Cannes Film Festival and that’s what kick started my career,” Teresa dished.

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  • misstrindade

    S L U T

  • http://Tj Sligo lambert ^__^ cute

    Change channel pleas

  • lauren

    so many fans hate her because she might have been with zac efron. so yea.

  • lola

    i HATE HER

  • bambi

    of course the H O E is not followed by paps, she’s getting what she wanted which is attention! FAMEW H O R E!!!

  • bambi

    is now***

  • Kaz simply Amaazzing !!!!!!

    Mmmm Yeah baby

  • http://justjared mig345

    I hate her

  • Kaz simply Amaazzing !!!!!!

    Yeah baby more and more

  • TINna

    F*cking Bitch I Hate her

  • hii

    I find it ironic that before all “that” happend no one knew who she was and she was never followed by the paps, then those news came out, and every article I sumbled on about it all had the “so who is Teresa Palmer…” and then mentioned all of her projects, I found that to be a bit to fishy and that gave it away that her people at least were the once that continued to spread it *lol* oh well, she seem to enjoy the attention so good for her I guess, let’s see how long she will find it funny, she is also on twitter so peoples assumption that she is looking for attention is more then likely coorect.

  • Soni

    No body ever heard of her until she supposely was with Zac Efron.
    So I think she achieved what she wanted to do and that is to be noticed

  • Chris

    She is worse then the girls who bang Hugh Hefner on his gravy train to get on the cover of PB the fact she is smug because now she finally gets attention shes a bottom feeder and that is all she will ever be she is getting more attention then she deserves no talent troll.

  • lexy hates bilson

    It’s a nice story!! Let’s hope she has some talent!!

  • rosie

    hoe keep ur paws of zac

  • Chris

    Wait until Beastly and Sucker Punch comes out and Vanessa gets rave reviews like she did for Bandslam that is when Zac and Teresa will come out as a couple because he cannot stand her getting more attention then him Vanessa never dumped him he dumped her to get his banana wet.

  • Casey

    This was the woman who was to be in the Jumper movie Liman took Teresa out and replaced her with Bilson a woman who can’t act herself out of a trash dumpster. At least Teresa has talent which is more then I can say for Bilson. Think Liman was on stupid when he hired Bilson, I’ve seen Teresa in Remember Me and she actually does act well.

  • V

    OMG I cant get over the immaturity of some people. Teresa is a good actress shes been in many films. You prob haven’t heard of her because your horizons don’t stretch farther than High Muscial.
    How is Teresa a slut? Because she may have been out with Zac Efron? Grow up people.

  • Chris

    Zac Efron you dumped Vanessa for this sour puss bad version looking of Kristen Drunkst? You just made every red blooded male who has a brain happy Vanessa I am here for you babe. Teresa used her brain she saw a drunk Zac and made a beeline for him she already went through Harry Potter, Topher Grace, Russel Brand, Nash Edgerton, Adam Brody, and Stuart Dew thats how many men? 8. Vanessa has dated how many men for how long? Zac Efron for five years who is the ho Teresa is you fan girls who put Zac Efron posters on your wall and see his movies just paid for this douche bag to be more famous you wait in a month or two him and Teresa will come out as a couple because Vanessa is about to hit the big time she will be actually have a box office hit and him none. Jared already has sided with Teresa Palmer and is kissing her tail from left to right now that he knows her and Zac are kicking it way to go Jared stand by Team Tac . Team Tac will be making kissing faces on the kiss cam at MTV next year when Vanessa is nominated. Team Tac will be at the Oscars, PCA, Golden Globes, and Sag Awards when Vanessa is making her acceptance speech. Team Tac will have a shared Facebook and Twitter for all their Tac fans.

  • Chris

    @V: V want to be famous in Hollywood? Screw Zac he’s drunk and available he will be at any local bar the rest of the celebtards are at he’s not picky just tell him you are his biggest fan and are signed with Celeb Ho Studios.

  • :)

    So she has a one night stand and f**ks efron behind his girls back and all of a sudden she’s everwhere. Funny how that works. I guess that’s what they call sleeping your way into the spotlight.

  • Chris

    @:): Thats why they call it the casting couch she knew what she was doing it was not the first time she has blown her way to the top.

  • :)*

    Teresa WHO?

  • :)*

    Teresa WHO?

  • :)

    opps did I take your screen sign? We aren’t the same person just so ya know.

  • Chris

    @:)*: Teresa is dating Jared it will now be renamed Just Teresa she needs the exposure Zac was not enough next it will be Perez then Ken then Harvey then Braed Pitt or Johnny Depp or even Steven Tyler so she can win American Idol.

  • peggy


    I’ve seen 3 of her movies act worth a damn it’s not her acting she using to get ahead anyways so no matter

  • wackzac

    she is fugly. word that she gets around with hollywood guys including russell brand while he was with katy. so she’s no stranger…

  • kgg

    Look, it has never been proven that Zac did anything other than talk to this girl at her premiere after party. She and her public relations people knew how to get publicity for her, so they made up the whole night club thing. She is barely an acquaintance of his and he doesn’t do one night stands….so what’s the point? Now Zac is wiser and won’t let people use him to get their name/movie out there. Cut him some slack, please.

  • pop86

    No one is interested in her or her movies.

  • kami

    ha her pr ppl alerted the paps. and she’s posing for them. lol

  • Fauve

    Teresa reminds me of Kate Bosworth of Leann Rimes and their love of attention and now my eyes are blinded by this Medusa.

  • No TAC

    I guess last week with Zefron worked, before that day nobody heard of this chick. To let herself be fondled in public by some actor just shows she has no respect for herself or anyone else. Efron picking this ? just shows how spitful and disrespectful he truly is. In Touch magazine said they had been dating and that came out the day before her press premiere. To support this ? who has a film coming out the same day as his ex girlfriend of five years is bad enough. But then to publicly humiliate her is unforgivable. I know there has been people who say they broke up but he has been with his ex just five days before. This team TAC just shows no class. This will be the only time I post for this ? Jared making a post about her is horrible but if people keep commenting he will keep her famous. Which is what she wanted to begin with.

  • Hmm…


    I am, I think I am Number Four looks great. It will do well at the box office.

  • http://! kgg

    @No TAC:

    Seriously are you going to believe In Touch magazine? a gossip rag whose job it is to create lies and havoc? No, they have not been dating. He was in New Orleans filming from Oct. thru Dec. When would he have had the time? and he’s been seen with Vanessa and went across country to visit her in NC. Why would he bother if he was dating someone else. Use your head and think!

    Not posting anymore on this thread or JJ will keep bringing her up and posting threads about her.

  • peggy

    When we stop posting in the threads JJ will stop – he and his staff only post fort controversy – ignore the posts and they will go away.

    As for Zac and her he couldn’t have this much of a career death wish in a career already unstable lately

  • Jeff

    what the hell is with all the horrible comments. As far as I’m concerned that girl is a freakin stunner not to mention a leap above that high school musical girl.

  • lauren

    @ chris,
    what is your problem?
    clam down

  • Pamela

    @Chris: you are such a moron, I pity u, really.