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David Beckham & Tom Cruise: Laker Game Guys

David Beckham & Tom Cruise: Laker Game Guys

Tom Cruise and David Beckham chat during the Lakers game at the Staples Center on Sunday (March 27) in Los Angeles.

David and his 12-year-old son, Brooklyn, sat courtside in the Virgin America seats and caught up with Tom and his 16-year-old son, Connor! (Both Brooklyn and Connor came out to support Katie Holmes at her Holmes & Yang preview event last weekend.)

Tom is back in town on a break from filming Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.

FYI: The Lakers beat the New Orleans Hornets and won the game with a score of 102-84.

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Credit: Noel Vasquez; Photos: WireImage
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  • kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    They spiled

  • toria

    Wow, I never realized how much alike Tom and Connor look. I was looking at pics on another site and they have the same nose, mouth, ears, and even eye folds. Mmmmmm. What could this mean?

  • Kirsten

    @toria: @toria:
    I agree Toria. People have been saying for years that Connor is Tom’s biological son. They do look alike and have the same mannerisms.

  • http://Tj Sligo lambert ^______^ cute


  • Aurie

    Connor is looking very handsome!!!

  • shirabee

    @toria: its true..look on every other site, including black celeb babies and their faces are the exact same and same posture, hand movements..its insane! if it isfact his bio child he should man up and tell the world the truth!

  • Lyla Says

    Connor looks suspiciously like Tom. The same exact nose and smile. When will Tom Cruise own up to being the biological father of Connor?

  • Kimmy

    @Lyla Says: tom’s sperms are dead. everyone knows that!

  • lindsey

    david beckham would be such a cool dad

  • Annie_S

    My grandma once said “If a person has two kids, one acknowledged and the other one not, the latter always looks more like him and takes after him” :D:D:D Kinda funny

  • Justice

    @Kirsten: Here, here. I agree too.

  • Allie

    David’s tattoos look disgusting. I don’t know how Victoria can stand it!! And please, the USA can keep him. I’m dreading the day this overrated footballer decides to come home.

  • Eins

    Connor is a very handsome black boy. And that’s so dumb, he doesnt look like Tom at all. Another stupid comment like that one of Suri being the daughter of Joshua Jackson.

  • C

    Connor DOES look like Tom, just look at him! it’s ridiculous how much they look alike.
    I think Tom had a relationship with an African American woman hence Connor.

  • nguyen tran gia linh

    I Love Beckham

  • Ali

    Connor is very handsome, but he doesn’t really look like Tom, who is handsome in a different way. Connor has a dimple in his chin – no so Tom. Connor’s nose is very straight – Tom’s has a beak shape. Connor was probably born from a mixed race union, but not so Tom and an African American. Also, Connor is going to be tall; whereas Tom is no taller than 5′ 8″.

  • Jane

    Aw so cute. Connor will be so handsome once he gets older, you can see it, same for Brooklyn, that aface is stunning. And Becks always looks amazing, Tom looked nice as well actually.

  • mommy

    Yes, Connor takes after Tom. Connor is like Tom.

  • Bell

    David likes Tom’s as*. Look how he looks at Tom.

  • Romeo

    It means nothing, #2 and #3. Just a coincidence.

    Why does he owe the world anything and have to tell the public about his personal life, #6?

    If he is, maybe he has but doesn’t feel the need to share that with the world, #7. Why should they?

  • toria


    No he doesn’t LOOK like Tom, but compare the nose, the mouth, the ears, and the eye folds. Almost exact. Coincidence like Romeo states (since he is the only one that knows anything) or is he the bio son? I don’t care, it just struck me looking at the other site’s pics that their noses, mouths, ears, and eye folds are the same. What are the chances that a non-related child would have the same features as the dad. Maybe it is someone else’s child from within Tom’s family. I don’t care as I said–I was just struck suddenly by the coincidence of the same features.

  • marta

    Tom and connor are both so handsome

  • gigi

    Connor is so grown up now. I wonder if he’ll become a star. He definetly has the good looks for it. It would have been nice to see Bella too!

  • Frozoid

    Beckham’s tatoos are nauseating.

  • http://Tj Sligo lambert ^______^ cute

    Connor like tom? HiHi that funny

  • jane

    Stop hating on Beckham, that man is one fine piece of ass! good lord, Victoria is one lucky whore!

  • einstein

    @toria: Really, do not even answer me. You bore me with all that analysation.

  • elle

    So cool

  • black

    That boy is Tom all the way.

    Scientology is advanced after all…

  • http://j carlota f.

    vanessa hudgens and josh were hanging out with them too

  • luka

    @Allie: bitch please, he’s hot.

  • Lisa

    Cruise and his son don’t look alike at all. Connor may share Cruise’s mannerisms, but in terms of looks…..not even a little. As for the clueless little girl who keeps saying they have the “exact same……”, bet a grip, sweetie! Cruise has a huge beak of a nose. Connors is small and straight…..nothing like Cruise’s. They have completely different chins as well and their eyes are not even slightly similar. Also, if you are dumb enough to believe there’s a biological link between them, you would have to admit that Cruise is a complete and utter CREEP since he would have had to have an affair with an African American woman WHILE HE WAS MARRIED TO NICOLE KIDMAN and then he adopted the child with her. That would make him the biggest piece of crap ever to walk the face of the earth. Hey….if you wanna believe that, go for it, but that makes Cruise an even bigger piece of GARBAGE than I already think he is.

    My opinion?? Cruise can’t get ANYONE pregnant, including Katie Holmes (not that she is anything more than his beard). He’s infertile. He couldn’t get Mimi Rogers pregnant or Nicole Kidman yet both went on to have children after him. Don’t know who Suri’s biological father is and I don’t care. Cruise is raising her, so he’s her father, just as he’s Connors Dad and Bella’s Dad.

  • Roberta

    Well Lisa, how do you know all that???? How can you say something like that if you don’t know them… That is your opinion. FYI Nicole suffered a miscariage after the divorce and she garanteed that it was Tom’s baby. And Suri looks a lot like him, Connor on the other hand doesn’t but he resembles a lot. But that doesn’t mean anything, because I know a guy who looks a lot like Tom but he’s not Tom’s child.

    And Tom is not a piece of gargage, that’s so mean to say. How can someone say something like that of a guy that spents more than 3 hours talking to fans. He is thoughtful, caring and really nice. I had the pleasure of talking to him in one of his premieres here in rio, and I became more of a fan of his than I already was.

    Sory for my grammar mistakes, english is not my first language.

  • carrienae

    Tom’s son is so handsome. My goodness… what a face!

  • boston61

    Have you ever noticed that Beckham’s arms are too small for his body? He was hot back in the day when he didn’t know it. Now, he just seems like such a poser. And dirty.

  • FFer

    Two days ago I dreamed that I married Victoria Beckham so that she could become a US citizen.

  • tanya

    Connor looks so much like his daddy. It has been common knowledge for years, that Connor is Tom’s biological child.

  • Wade

    Who cares about Connor’s bio background? Even if you really did, what diff would it make? To him? To you? To anyone?

    Yeah, so a phtographer took a pic at a bee-ball game. Big deal. The real story will be if the film is a hit, and if Beckham gets his own game back on track.

  • mickey

    David and Posh try so desperately to be relevant in America and Tom tries so hard not to be a cheesy dork. Neither are succeeding.

  • Anastasia

    I <3<3<3<3 David Beckham!

  • carina

    yes, they have a huge resemblance. Father and son don’t have to look EXACTLY the same, but the share some features, like the two here.

    Wade> let us decide what is the real story for us, honey.

  • Romeo

    Josh who, #30?

    Right, #33.

    No such thing has been common knowledge, #37.

    You reading too much into them, #39.

  • mary

    Kimmy@ 03/28/2011 at 2:33 pm
    no, Kirsten is right. people have been suggesting that Conner is Tom’s biological son for years now. and this is not the first time such a thing as happened. years ago Loretta Young “adopted” a little girl. but there were those in Hollywood who knew the truth. the little girl was the daughter of Loretta and Clark Cable. although, i hope that Conner doesn’t have to wait as long as the girl did to find out the truth

  • boston61

    I think Connor is Tom’s bio son. They look too much alike.

  • Patticake

    @Lisa: What makes you think he didn’t cheat with someone? He cheated with Penelope Cruz.

  • Fella

    Wowww Tom n beck are The hot daddy…
    Love them ^^

  • madmoni

    Connor resembles Tom a little (eyes and smile) but I don’t think he’s Toms biological child. The same with Suri- she has some features that look like Tom’s a little bit but she really doesn’t look like mix of Katie and Tom

  • zero

    How does Connor look like Tom Cruise?
    What a bunch of morons you all are.
    TC has raised Connor for years now and loves him like a son.
    Fact is, it is his son in every way but not biological, that’s it.
    Connor is amazingly handsome and seems very content.
    Happy for them.
    Great family.

  • Lisa

    @ Roberta

    Tom is a piece of garbage. Just because he talks to fans doesn’t make him a good person, you cretin. Have you ever done any research into his involvement in Scientology?? He is being investigated by the FBI right now for HUMAN TRAFFICING!!!! Do you know what that is?? It’s SLAVE LABOR!!! There is PROOF out there that Cruise used religious slave labor – people who are not paid and work for the church (like nuns and priests) to renovate his offices and his homes, build him custom motorcycles and limos and all kinds of things! They take care of his children for free, run his house….etc. These religious people are NOT GETTING PAID!! WTF??!! Is he the Pope or something!!!!

    Like it or not, THAT IS ILLEGAL and that is why the FBI is investigating him. Also the IRS for tax fraud. What he’s doing is wrong and he knows it. He is a rich man who could more than afford to pay a decent wage. HUMAN TRAFFICING AND SLAVE LABOR IS ILLEGAL. Google the whole situation. There are pictures of his motorcycles, cars and his offices out there and testimony from many people who were in the religious organization and who actually did the work.

    So he’s nice to fans. OF COURSE HE IS YOU DIMWIT!! His fans are the people who make him rich. Without the fans, he’s just a crazy little twirp involved in a cult and being investigated by the FBI. He is NOT a good person. Good people don’t take advantage of people in a religious organization which is illegal. So is not paying taxes on services provided. Sorry, but because he makes movies doesn’t give him a pass on breaking the law.

  • Romeo

    Or maybe there is no truth to find out, #43. It’s none of your business anyway.

    No one knows that, #45.

    There is no proof, #49. It’s why he’s not in jail and the media has been smart not to target him. He’s not the one being investigated. His church is.