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Jensen Ackles & Jared Padalecki: 'Supernatural' Returns Tomorrow!

Jensen Ackles & Jared Padalecki: 'Supernatural' Returns Tomorrow!

Supernatural is back on The CW TOMORROW (April 15) – and the show’s stars, Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki, filled MTV in on what to expect from upcoming episodes.

“We’ve got a few new episodes coming up – we go back in time…to the old west,” Jensen, who grew up in Texas, dished. “When I read that there was a slight western episode, I got pretty excited about that.”

“When we do come back, I think y’all can expect a nice departure from reality again – Supernatural has this wonderful way of poking fun at itself, from episodes about conventions to episodes about where we play Jared and Jensen to now we have a western – that’s my personal favorite!” Jared added.

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  • biblophile

    Jared knows about the triple Goddess Fate. I think Jared shares an appreciation for research with his character,Sam. I want to see how the Winchesters will interact with Atropos.

  • Chace

    god is that tired show still on?

  • jrfan

    I’m so excited for this episode!! If only there were more shows with actual character developments and a creative mythos.

  • -’-
  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    They free in hollywood , just play

  • -1Fan

    Wish this show was still watchable, sadly the cr@ptastic writers lost this hardcore fan with their dismally boring out of character writing for this season. If they ever get rid of the stupid Angels and get back to the show that revolves and focus on the Winchester, I’d gladly return, but even Jensen and Jared couldn’t get me back due to the current bad writing. Plus so sick of the writer/creator all out lying, according to them S6 was going to going to be getting away from the Angels storyline, and we’ll we all know that was a bold faced lie! B@stards, I really used to love that show, the one about 2 brothers, a car and the family business . . . god I miss that show, it was fresh and new not repetitive/recycled bad writing that this show has become.

  • Heather


    I agree. I mean, it was such a good show. But, now, I feel like the writers are ripping off fanfictions. ESPECIALLY with the Sam and Dean are now Jared and Jensen episode. It used to be cool, but now it’s just ridiculous.

    When Castiel was introduced in the 4th season, I was ecstatic. I LOVE Misha Collins. I personally think that Sam being trapped with Lucifer/Michael/Adam would have been a good finale for the whole damn show, though.

    tl;dr: S6 episodes are ridiculous and silly.

  • supe

    these guys are going to be trapped in these kid type roles forever but their acting skills aren’t that great so ideal for them

  • windykl

    -1Fan–totally agree with u..i miss the show that revolved around sam/dean..i am so tired of cas and the angels as well…thank goodness i have s1-2 dvds to watch…i still watch spn cuz i adore jared/sam!!! i just hope s7 gets back to where the show started…my ony real concern is in what form cas comes back (if the angel storyline is really over by the end of s6)

  • -1Fan

    @Heather: Hey I hate to be mean, but I was 1 of those very loyal fans, didn’t miss an episode, tried as hard as possible to get the people I knew with a Nielsen box to watch the show. Sadly, as s4 progressed I found myself unable to recommend the show to anyone. Personally, I’m not a fan of Misha’s personality or the character of Cas, for many ex fans, he and Ruby 2.0 where the harbinger, for the creative decline in the show. I think (maybe incorrectly) that the creator/writes are only keeping the character around out of fan-service, to the determent of the over quality of the characters and the show. IDK it just got too frustrating for me to watch, when the fanbase is doing a better writing job with fan fiction than the writers of the show, we’ll I think that is really a sad state of affairs. I just wish they’d get the focus back on the Brothers Winchester, and let all the side characters . . . REMAIN PERMANENTLY DEAD. I remember when that was actually a fresh idea on the show, know they reserect the dead so much it’s taken away from any emotional impact of a character death, since we know they be back at some point, so why GAF. Eh and I’m so done with the 4th Wall shows, ha ha ha the first time was funny, now it’s just plan stupid, I think Ben needs a time out.

  • -1Fan

    @windykl: I think the creative team are very lucky they got Jared and Jensen, because I know quite a few people who would have left the show long ago if it wasn’t for the J’s. It’s a really sad/bad day, when even the guy’s as cowboys (an episode I’ve been waiting for since S1) isn’t enough of an enticement to get me to watch the show again. Eh at least I’m not spending my money on the ridiculously over priced fan conventions, got to look on the bright-side.

  • tl;dr

    I see all the Cas-hating Samgirls and Wincesters are out in full force. Yuk!

  • liz

    love love love SPN and jensen and jared . No matter what people say ,the show is still great ! And I’m sure you’ll always find a way to criticize !
    PlusThat’s exactly what happens to every shows ( GA , DW …)
    that’s normal ! But I think we should be glad to have still that kind of show instead of having teenagers in highschool dealing with craps ! I’m just saying ..

  • Mia

    I’ve watched every season with my boyfriend. And yes, when it began with the Angels and stuff it wasn’t what it used to be. Very sad because I loved it when they drov around in their car.. And I loved their dad too and ofcourse the great relationship between Sam and Dean.
    I will watch it now again, but I do believe they need to come with something good now.
    However I agree with Liz too saying there are so many crap things seen on tv I don’t watch those one time!
    I love the supernatural world and I LOVE JENSEN AND JARED (L)

  • helen

    thios show has become a joke and i dont see them the same way anymore.they are in no way attractive to me anymore cos they are married.but at least if the show was still watchable then i may have watched it but it has become beyond terrible.too bad it was great

  • ch


    So they’re less attractive because they’re unavailable. HA!!! As if you’d have a chance with them anyway!!

  • Nikki

    Once they got to Season 6 it went all downhill and combine that with the fact they are over the year mark of marriage–totally loosing their charm.

  • Maria

    Jareeeddd, finally there back!! <3

  • jensenLUVER tanya

    GOSH I LUV JENSEN!!! I had 2 play it lik 20 times jus 2 get wat he said. he had me memorize.LOL CANT WAITTIL FRIDAY!! LUV THM!!