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Leonardo DiCaprio & Blake Lively: Holding Hands in Monaco!

Leonardo DiCaprio & Blake Lively: Holding Hands in Monaco!

Blake Lively and Leonardo DiCaprio hold hands as they walk through the streets in Monte Carlo, Monaco on Friday (May 27).

The 23-year-old actress and her 36-year-old rumored beau spent time together at a yacht party, and a source told Us Weekly that he introduced Blake as his girlfriend.

Once they returned home to the U.S., Blake, Leo, and a group of friends took a late night visit to Disneyland, where they rode StarTours and were spotted out on Main Street and walked down to Downtown Disney.

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blake lively leonardo dicaprio holding hands 01
blake lively leonardo dicaprio holding hands 02
blake lively leonardo dicaprio holding hands 03
blake lively leonardo dicaprio holding hands 04
blake lively leonardo dicaprio holding hands 05
blake lively leonardo dicaprio holding hands 06
blake lively leonardo dicaprio holding hands 07

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  • tami

    They sure are getting a lot of posts lately.

  • dvSdv

    ahh first!

  • kablamo

    Leotardo Dicrapio sucks and she is a fool.

  • Karin

    Uhmmmm what? Blake and Leo DiCaprio? Uhm… what?!

  • BEAN

    LOL why does Leo never look like he’s “trying”? I’d hate to have a boyfriend that when we’d go on dates I’d dress up and he won’t even bother. I don’t think Leo really feels passionate love for any of these women or else he would try harder. It just looks like he doesn’t give a damn whether he is there or not – all the time.

  • Lisa


  • BEAN

    @BEAN: Actually I take it back. It appears its just with Blake. Him and bar were never showy about their relationship and when you saw them they were both casual. Miss lively just seems ott.

  • Karin

    I am sorry to all the Blake fans, but I can’t stand this girl. She’s pretty and everything but I refuse listening to her interviews, she’s dumb… He can do better than that.

  • Isabela

    oooh no! leo you deserve someone better!

  • harley

    This has become the leo/blake lively website. This is old news, and old pictures.

  • Lo

    AGAINNNNNNNNNNN! I’m going to vomit and I’ll return later!

  • A
  • I’m loving the new KS :)

    what the hell?? I thought these were posted already? i don’t even know on what thread to post anymore LMAO

  • LEO & BAR

    I prefer him with BAR!!!!

  • uhmm

    Leo seems to be pimping this relationship more than all of his ithers combined.
    What’s going on Leo?
    All of your friends getting married and having babies making you feel the hands of time?
    Or is it that Blake has the paps on speed dial?
    Maybe both?

  • lexy hates bilson

    LOL! I don’t think he’s dating her. I think he’s finally having some fun with the press! He’s never been big on PDA – even before Bar!!

  • classy chick

    I definitely agree. But I guess nowadays the girls only need to be beautiful and the guys are head over hills. It’s sad.. what about the inside, the personality?

  • Stephanie

    Why is everyone bashing Blake? I have seen most of her interviews and she seems like a sweet and intelligent girl. We have no idea what they are feeling but it seems like he is really into her and vise versa. Good luck to them.

  • rada

    I like both of ‘em but this reeks of a fauxmance.

  • They generate $$ for JJ


    and other sites. They and the advertisers don’t care whether your a lover or a hater or somewhere in between, your hits translate into $$$$.

  • kiki

    i hope he leaves her for someone more intelligent and grounded. if you hear her speak, you will really lose it because she sounds so dumb when talking about her roles as if she’ll ever be a good actress. she will never be the likes of carey mulligan or natalie portman. i hope he leaves her. the only good thing about this relationship, is that we’re seeing leo’s handsome face on a regular basis.

  • how do you know

    @I’m loving the new KS :): Lol,that’s what I’m saying,old news old pics…back to the other thread…lol

  • teehee

    That’s not Blake.
    There’s an imposter going around pretending to be her.
    You know.
    Taking pictures and such.

  • shila

    These pics are old……maybe 2 weeks old

  • Jenna

    Leo is a man-child. He will never commit to one woman. He thinks he is “the king of the world”.

  • Clothes


    It looks like they don’t tell each other how to dress and don’t feel compelled to copy each other’s style. Good.

  • Monte Carlo Photos

    @I’m loving the new KS :):

    I don’t think JJ ever posted these. They were probably too expensive at the time. Other sites had a few of them, but Us purchased the whole set. It looks like Bauer-Griffen has just made them all available to other sites. I’m sure they’re much cheaper now that they’ve been in Us mag and on the BG site.

  • Domino

    What is going on here? This is like two weeks old. Jared, get on with the times, what is wrong with you?

  • BEAN

    @Clothes: What are you talking about? Who is talking about telling each other how to dress? When you date someone you really like it’s natural to want to look your best. If that is Leo’s “best”… well.

  • Exchange

    @BEAN: Sadly, this IS Leo’s best. SMH.

  • donie

    @Domino: Because it is expensive to purchase when it was exclusive at that time. Bidding war what is called my friend.

  • Clothes


    Clothes don’t make the man or woman. It’s what he is comfortable in. If he really likes her, hopefully he has found more substantial ways to show it.

  • foxxworthy

    are they a couple?? or what?…
    …Didn’t even have to go shopping 4 Father’s Day…Walmart been giving back becuz a lawsuit they just got…lol i got 2 of em ..

  • Showmance

    These are OLD! JJ, wakey- wakey! Why posting old photos? Someone needs hits really bad! lol

  • Jacky

    Fake Boobs,Fake Nose,Fake Hair…and she`s still looking like a horse!!!

  • rachel

    Oh I prefer him with Blake than Bar she always looked so mean never smiled you go Leo would much prefer if he was holding hands with me but thats not going to happen love you Leo all the best xxxxx

  • twit

    more photos with Blake & Leo from Monte Carlo are here: and here:

    really cute :)

  • Jacky

    Fake boobs,fake nose,fake hair….and she`s still looking like a horse!!!

  • Sarah

    gross…hate Blake!

  • sick o’this ess

    tired of reading this sh/t, he’s good actor, she sucks, hate these two together! that is all!

  • donie

    Here is exclusive video of leo and blake walking hand in hand in italy. short but..

  • FrG

    Already seen!!! You’re late Jared, you’re late…!!!!

  • so many!

    I’m a leo fan, and I am not used to getting pics of him everyday! Its crazy! But I do like it!

    Wonder what else we are going to see leo and blake do tomarow!

  • ida

    these are oldpics…and they definitely dont make a good couple…is just…weird *.*

  • SashaT

    Whenever I look at these pictures, it looks like a client who just got himself a prostitute. High heels with a miniskirt while he’s in jeans and cap….. very weird.

  • LOL

    these were posted before!!! thanks for confirming this is all a PR STUNT, jj

  • Nicki

    So how many series of pictures we got of Leo with his tramp within the last week?

    If he wanted this relationship to be private, he’s going to regret the one he had with Bar Refaeli…!

  • Showmance

    Team flakey ran out of new stuff so they are pushing out old ones again. We have recycle already? I give credit to Bar. It took her longer to start reposting photos! Lol! Whoever mentioned LSA is spot on. Only those can’t see through this PR game who don’t want to. It’s embarrassing to see Leo like this. Where’s his dignity?

  • tao

    I don’t think this ridic pr stunt makes him look good, but at least it makes him look straight, I guess.

  • donie

    @tao: What’s up homo! lol