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Nicole Kidman & Faith Kidman-Urban: Birthday Party Arrival!

Nicole Kidman & Faith Kidman-Urban: Birthday Party Arrival!

Nicole Kidman and her adorable baby Faith arrive to her parents house on Friday (July 1) in Australia.

The 44-year-old Aussie actress held onto her 6-month-old daughter as they entered older sis Sunday‘s birthday party! She turns 3-years-old on July 7. Happy early birthday, Sunday!

Faith dressed for the occasion in a light pink bib that displayed her name embroidered into the fabric. Proud mom Nicole was all smiles for her daughter’s special celebration.

Earlier this week, Nicole went toy shopping with her younger sister and checked out some Sesame Street goodies.

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nicole kidman carrying faith 01
nicole kidman carrying faith 02
nicole kidman carrying faith 03
nicole kidman carrying faith 04
nicole kidman carrying faith 05

Credit: blue wasp/grey wasp; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • Ana

    don’t mean to be rude but… the kid looks kinda “puffed”

  • Thai

    Little pig.

  • LondonCalling

    faith is so sweet

  • kå simply àmazing!

    faith so cute and soo sweet!

  • moh123

    So cute!

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  • Dasha

    aw so cute, i love chubby babies :)

  • Alaia

    Cute child, but it reminds me of that Friends episode where Rachel puts a bow on Emma’s head to make people know it’s a girl. Not that Faith looks like a boy.

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    nicole not more good looking she just ok and faith so pretty and cute

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    faith beautiful

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  • http://comcast Dee Goolee

    Adorable baby. Always like to hear what Nicole is doing, also like to hear where her Hot husband Keith Urban is entertaing. My favorite couple in the entertainment world. Happy Birthday to Sunday.

  • Yak

    What an awkward way to hold a baby. Faith Margaret doesn’t look too comfortable.

  • carrie

    beautiful heathly baby

  • boston61

    I wish I could afford to buy a cute baby.

  • Frozoid

    Kidman ALWAYS looks awkward holding the babies. She never holds them in a loving way- but as if they were a sack of groceries she’s forgotten about.

    I hate it when people put bows in a baby’s hair in a desperate attempt to show the world that the baby is a girl.

    Quelle phony!

  • irene olson

    Negative people —– go to bed and perhaps you will wake up in a more positive, happier mood. How can you waste your time being negative about a little bow in a child’s hair, or how the mom holds the baby. The Urbans are a happy, healthy, loving family……. how fortunate for them.

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    Irene, aren’t we all trained to, irrespective of what’s happening in our private lives, go out into the world and show a brave happy smiling face, even if we don’t necessarily feel that way? I’m not commenting on anything at the Urban household, one way or the other, because how would I know, but how then does anyone else know otherwise?
    Just saying, as the saying goes.

    What i find MOST interesting to observe in this blog in general is the thumbing up + down process; no rhyme or reason for the negative or positive impulse; no logic …. just a seemingly superficial knee jerk reaction; … I mean, how can a comment by ‘Dieter’ that posts “I came on her ass” get less than a handful of thumbs down (when that is pure p.orn) versus a shallow inconsequential comment about Nic’s hair for eg getting a feisty 366 thumb’s down? As will this comment of mine, no doubt, which is neither impolite nor incorrect; simply debate. I have come to the conclusion that those who don’t respond with a valid argument or discussion, and use only one finger (a thumb), are simply cowardly or juvenile; as in young and/or uneducated.

    It is a sad reflection of where society is headed. No respect, basically.

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    The haters CANNOT stay away!

    Forehead blog lady is upset because her BS gets thumbed down. It’s a “statement on society”. Suuuuuure.

    Tara aka hitnrun back at a KU concert last night. Her complaint is she doesn’t want any music pre Nicole Kidman. That makes me giggle! Let’s see if she admits she was there over at the E board!

    Sue aka nomorefan admits she still has Keith Urban music on her phone. Doesn’t nomorefan mean no-more-fan.


  • iris

    faith so cute

  • s

    adorable baby,love her cheeks;
    nic’s so fine.
    Happy early birthday, Sunday!

  • Katelyn

    What an adorable baby!! Her eyes look like Keith’s the way they turn down at the ends. The haters must be so jealous!!!! Nicole is beautiful!

  • monique

    Faith is soooo adorable…love those chubby cheeks!

  • FB

    @Dum Dums:

    wrong SKEWER MISTRESS!! I am NOT ‘Forehead blog lady’, or any member of your “group”. Your arrogance is getting the better of you. I did not say I was upset if my comments get thumbed down; they, in any case get more attention that way, so I could care less! You are such a joke! And a coward; hiding behind constantly changing usernames; instead of simply discussing issues/ideas raised; but then, you don’t know how to! All you do is swim in the swill and call people “liars”.

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    At least quote ONE comment of mine about the Urbans that you disagree with!

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    Seriously, FB, this site isn’t about YOU. Your low ratings indicate that the majority of people here disagree with whatever hateful thing you come up with. Nobody HAS to discuss anything with you. You seem to think every person who says something nice about Nicole is really one person with a bunch of usernames. I don’t know anything about any blogs and I don’t listen to haters. I happen to like Nicole Kidman and I like Keith Urban too and I happen to think their baby is adorable. There are other people in the world, you know, besides you and your troll friends. Find a life.

  • Joey

    Love the pictures. Thanks ! Love seeing the Urban girls. All 3 of them!

  • FB


    If I may, let me dissect your post:

    “you crave negative attention” = untrue, just the opposite.
    “You … tell people how to post and what to post” = untrue, I am telling one person, Skewer Mistress to quit telling lies about me. I have to repeat it as she disregards my requests.
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    “There are other people in the world, you know, besides you and your troll friends.” = really?
    And, they are not my ‘friends’. I am an independent commenter. And as I have said many times, I agree there are some despicable things said about the Urbans.

    “Find a life” = you have spent as much energy here as me, so that means you need too to ‘find a life’. Amen.

  • queen2105

    is she afraid to forget her daughter’s name ;)

  • Shirley

    My babies looked like that at that age. Now, they’re so skinny!

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  • Iluvthe90s

    I don’t know what everyone is talking about here. I only know Nicole’s little baby is sooooooo cute! She seems happy in her new marriage and her husband is a hottie!

  • FB


    Wrong!! That makes YOU the ignorant idiot!

    And there is NO doubting who YOU are!

  • FB



    This is your FINAL LEGAL WARNING:

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