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Miranda Kerr Pumps Her Own Gas

Miranda Kerr Pumps Her Own Gas

Miranda Kerr stops at a gas station to fill her car up with a full tank of gas on Sunday (July 3) in Los Angeles.

The 28-year-old Aussie model wore her workout gear as she made a trip to the gym and a market to pick up a green juice earlier in the day.

Miranda and her husband Orlando Bloom got coffee with each other earlier in the weekend before heading off to the gym together for a workout.

15+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr filling up her tank…

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miranda kerr pumps her own gas 01
miranda kerr pumps her own gas 02
miranda kerr pumps her own gas 03
miranda kerr pumps her own gas 04
miranda kerr pumps her own gas 05
miranda kerr pumps her own gas 06
miranda kerr pumps her own gas 07
miranda kerr pumps her own gas 08
miranda kerr pumps her own gas 09
miranda kerr pumps her own gas 10
miranda kerr pumps her own gas 11
miranda kerr pumps her own gas 12
miranda kerr pumps her own gas 13
miranda kerr pumps her own gas 14
miranda kerr pumps her own gas 15

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  • JC

    She pumped her own gas? Wow this is some exciting news. Thank you JJ.

  • craig

    at times i pump gas because i have to go to market for tomatoes and a jolly rancher. i understand her plight.

  • wind

    now if she passed her own gas, that would be exciting news

  • Mike

    Fugly chick.

  • Bella

    She’s beautiful!

  • sadie

    I like Miranda. She always seems to be very sweet and happy. And she does have fabulous figure. I just never find her face that gorgeous. Well, at least not an extraordinary beauty compared to some other women such as Audrey Hepburn.

  • yuck

    I want her killer’s body but hate her chubby face.

  • aby

    Wow. Posing much?

  • kimluvsolando

    Some woman posted a pic of Orlando posing with the staff of a restaurant on tumblr and said that Kerr here was a byotch. You could see her hat in the background of the pic sitting in a booth and hiding from the camera. It seems that she refused to pose for a pic. But here she is smiling for the paparazzi. I see how it works, Kerr. fans aren’t good enough for you but this pap that you prolly phoned up on your way to the gas station is good enough to smile and pose for because his pics will end up on gossip blogs and you don’t exist to the world unless you are posted on a gossip blog because if it wasn’t for gossip blogs no one would know or care who you are. Such an effing famewh@re.

  • tae

    Look, Miranda! It’s a pap! Strike a pose! Please keep your top on. I mean, I know you like to get naked when a camera is pointing at you but please have a little self respect and don’t drop trou at a gas pump!

  • David

    There is some thing about a hot woman pumping gas :)

  • good job

    there is being skinny and looking healthy and then there is being so skinny that your chest bones poke out and your head looks WAY!!!! to big for your body and she is the exact example of the second one she looked so healthy after her baby but now she wont stop losing the weight those curves she said she loved having have officially dissapeared

  • Miranda Kerr

    Oooooh! A camera! *pose*pose*pose*giggle*giggle*look coy*pose*pump gas*pose*pose*giggle* Good thing I called them before I got here! *giggle*

  • LOL!

    Isn’t she the one who babbled about liking her post baby curves? Why does she look like skeletor now? Could she have been lying?? Gasp! What a hypocrite.

  • Kerr

    I’m not only a model by profession but an excellent famewh*re by profession =)

  • you know

    @good job: She’s a liar!

  • @9

    You forget that she was holding Flynn. Maybe that’s why she refused to have her photo taken. Either way, refusing to have your photo taken does not make you a b*tch. maybe she just didn’t feel like it?
    And she is probably smiling at the paps because they are saying something silly. They always talk to celebs now. And if they like one of the celebs, especially a beautiful woman, they can be quite flattering and flirtacious.
    And why would she call a pap when she is sweaty and not wearing make up? That makes absolutely no sense. But of course, asking a hater to make sense is expecting the impossible.

  • Mayfrayn Bloom


  • LOL!

    First you idiot haters call her fat when she had not dropped her baby weight before leaving the hospital.
    Now that she has her ‘model’ figure back, you are calling her “skeletor”.
    Oh, heck yeah!

  • LOL!

    Talk about stalkers…..
    JJ posted this thread at 11:00.
    First post at 11:04.
    Then about 12 hater posts, all in less than 30 minutes.
    P A T H E T I C ! ! ! ! !
    And so desperate!

  • @17

    She could have put Flynn in his baby seat or just held him in the pic. it’s not like those two famewh@res haven’t let the paps take that kid’s picture before. let a fan take his pic. She has been rude to fans before and refused to take pics with them. One woman a while back said she stalked off and plopped down in the car and refused to come out for a photo. She is a rude byotch. why call that paps when you are sweaty? Are you dim? You call them to “catch” you pumping gas so that sites like JJ can post the pics and say, “OMG see, she’s a glamorous model but she pumps gas just like we do!” she is smiling because she knows the pics will be sold and people will talk about her and comment. She is not the nice person you think she is who vomits rainbows and farts butterflies. Face it. idiot shippers are idiots.

  • LOL!

    Is that a crater on her big old moom face? What an ugly ho.

  • Please

    Stop posing so many pictures about her jared! I know she’s beautiful but so what?! Seriously is this “pumping her own gas” thing really worthy here? That’s annoying.

  • @20

    With you it is a serious case of the lady doth protest too much. You yell and you scream and
    Y O U P O S T I N A L L C A P S !!!!!!!!!
    and I have to wonder who you are trying to convince more? The haters or yourself. It seems to me that if someone has to make as much noise as you do it’s because you don’t really believe what you say and you have to keep repeating it to justify your beliefs to yourself. You make your points loud therefore you make them valid. Only it really doesn’t work that way. You are as much a vapid moron as the Kerr woman.

  • sara

    OK people-post baby curves are just that POST BABY curves! If you have a baby when you’re a thin twenty-something and haven’t gorged yourself throughout your pregnancy, you will return to a similar body shape eventually. Just because the average woman is a size 14, and gains more weight than medically necessary during pregnacy, which therefore makes it likely she’ll remain bigger after childbirth, does not mean there is something wrong with you if you don’t!

  • Please

    Stop posing so many pictures about her jared! I know she’s butt ugly but so what?! Seriously is this “pumping her own gas” thing really worthy here? That’s annoying.

  • Mayfrayn Bloom


  • here’s a question

    who the f— cares?

  • la la land
  • @21

    So now you are saying that she is so popular that she knows that her pictures will be sold? Even if she is doing something mundane like just pumping gas?
    Gee, one minute you guys claim that no one cares about her. The next you are claiming that any photo of her is guaranteed to sell.
    Which is it? You delphites really need to get your stories straight.
    And @24
    LOL! doesn’t really post that much. And when she uses all caps it is just for (hilarious) emphasis. She points out the idiocy of your sockpuppet multiple posts, and that ticks you off, I see.
    That makes it even funnier.

  • @24

    “if someone has to make as much noise as you do it’s because you don’t really believe what you say and you have to keep repeating it to justify your beliefs to yourself”
    Is that why you delphidiots post the same garbage in EVERY thread?
    You think that this is like your hater site where lies become truth if you keep repeating them?
    What’s the word that everyone uses to describe you delphi gasl?
    Pathetic? Yes, but not the word I’m looking for.
    Losers? Yes, but again, not the word…
    Desperate? Close, but no.
    Hypocrites? YES!! That’s the one.

  • @30

    So what? You think your points are solid enough to prove that you are the more rational one? You find haters points contradictory. But how do you know if there’s only one hater commented here? Even the haters may hold different points on Miranda (maybe some think she’s not popular while some think she trys hard to seek fame). Oh yes they could be kinda subjective, but you are definitely no better than those people you called “idiots”.

  • @32

    LOL Shippers are as pathetic and idiotic as haters!

  • @32

    “maybe some think she’s not popular while some think she trys hard to seek fame”
    That’s kind of like saying that haters hold different views because some think she is ugly, while others think she is homely.
    Saying that she is “not popular”, means that you don’t think people care enough about her to buy her photos.
    Saying that she “trys hard to seek fame” means that she is not yet famous, so people aren’t interested enough in her to but her photos.
    Both statements are quite different to your original proclamation that she knows her pictures will sell.
    And the big difference between fans and haters is that we don’t have to lie or twist facts to state our opinions. Not to mention that unlike you haters, we never claim that our opinions are fact.

  • kiki

    She has a great body. Not too skinny at all, just right – especially since she is a model. And uhh so what if she is posing?? Isn’t that her job? And doesn’t everyone pose or at least smile when they are having their photo taken – regular non celebs as well?

  • http://@72 ella

    i like Miranda but find it pretty hypocritical that she drives a big 4WD Land Rover when she says she’s all about being environmentally conscious etc…

  • @36

    It could be a diesel. Rover makes a relatively fuel efficient diesel model, and they have a history of being a very environmentally conscious company.
    Besides, as someone reminded us on a previous thread. Orlando stated years ago that being green has never been all or nothing. He stated that if having an SUV makes you feel safer driving around your family, then go ahead, just make up for it in other ways. Nothing hypocritical there, at all.
    I think that his converting his homes to solar power, and supporting green causes more than makes up for his feeling safer surrounding Flynn with a lot of steel.

  • Jude

    I love her, she’s so beautiful

  • @12

    Has it crossed your mind that maybe she did like her curves, especially considering that everybody was praising them, but had to lose them because other people such as the ones who give her jobs didn’t want them? For some strange reason the modeling industry prefer thinness to the fantastic curves she had a couple of months ago

  • .

    So she refused to have her picture taken? so what? I don’t even think that fans have to find excuses like the fact that Flynn was there. If a person doesn’t want to pose for a picture, she/he doesn’t have to. Period.
    I’ll never understand people who believe that celebrities are forced to sign autographs or pose for pictures. They aren’t. If they do, good for them. If they don’t, that’s their right.

  • eco eco

    I like those huge, big, expensive cars that very rich and very hypocritical ecology people are driving from one environmental protective event to another. They are pathetic posers and liars.

  • @41

    And I guess that you live in a wooden house in the mountains and post here through telepathy. Isn’t it way more hypocritical to adopt this “greener than thou” attitude when you pollute as much as me or the next person?

  • @21

    I doubt Flynn had a baby seat in that restaurant because Orlando is wearing a baby carrier in the photo.

    I think if she was really selfish and horrible, there would be a lot more bad reports about her. Members of the public are quick to label slebs “entitled” for behaving pretty much like anyone else; I can believe she’s nothing like as sweet as she behaves on TV, and she’s not very bright, but so what?

  • eco eco

    What are you talking about? I don’t make money from selling mine “environmental protective organic ecological” lifestyle. Miranda and Orlando are all in that- Kora , planet earth, eco house etc etc. They are on every “protective” event smiling and making photos. They are talking a lot, doing less. I don’t have such a huge car because I don’t need it – as well as they don’t need. They are not living in the mountains. I also have small child and I drive carefully. A lot of environmental things are just a pose for celebrities- they show how great, and careful, and modern they are. Half of them is flying or even own private jets. If you want to protect nature, just use the less you need. Common people are doing that because of saving money. Celebrities should stop pretending to be common.

  • @eco eco

    You don’t have to live outside modern society to support environmental causes. Nowadays we depend too much on technology and even those environment supportive organizations know it. The things you’re suggesting are unrealistic, nowadays we can’t live without airplanes and cars. Even the guys from Greenpeace use engine propulsed zodiacs for their activism instead of using oars. It would be great if we didn’t need technology, but we can’t change the whole world.
    Like #37 said, you can choose to own a safe car instead of the most ecologic car if you do as much as possible to make up for it.

  • Courtney

    um pretty much all models are fame whores thats nothing new. if a pregnant women gains weight responsibly and has no complications & nurses like Miranda does it doesn’ t take six months to lose baby weight. a model isn’t a star and she’s not married to some huge one either so the paps should quit paying so much attention to her

  • 12

    Here’s JJ posted its daily piece of news of Miranda Kerr to feed hatred of a part of these readers !

    Played well and tomorrow………………………………………………………………….

  • jaga

    gosh her head/face are too big for her little body. weird mis proportioned girl.

  • cookie

    @Courtney: models aren’t stars? did you have a blackout during the 1990′s or something? I know models aren’t as big as they once were, but yes Models are famous. They are on big magazine covers,they attend big events that other celebs attend. They’re famous! duh.

  • burnt bacon

    Nothing against Ms. Kerr, but who the F cares if she pumps her own gas? We all do. I doubt if she considers it an achievement.