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Amy Winehouse Dead at 27

Amy Winehouse Dead at 27

Amy Winehouse has been found dead in her London apartment, according to multiple reports.

The Grammy-winning British singer, who battled substance abuse throughout the years and most recently checked into rehab in May, was found Saturday (July 23) in her flat, according to Sky News. She was 27.

A Metropolitan Police spokesman confirmed to the BBC that “a 27-year-old woman had died in Camden and that the cause of death was as yet unexplained.”

U.K.’s Daily Mail reports that Amy had been seen with her goddaughter, Dionne Bromfield, earlier in the week as the teen performed during the iTunes festival.

Monte and Avery Lipman, President and CEO, Co-President of Universal Republic Records, respectively, said this in a statement to “We are deeply saddened at the sudden loss of such a gifted musician, artist and performer. Our prayers go out to Amy‘s family, friends and fans at this difficult time.”

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  • Mrs. Toth is a JOKE!!!

    Deep demons she couldnt over come! Rest in Peace Amy!!!!

  • kiki

    Sadness :( Addiction is horrible and devastating in so many ways. She will be very missed.

    Has it been confirmed she died of a drug overdose? Or something related to drug abuse? I suppose it would have to be, 27 is too young to die of natural causes.

    Rest in peace Amy.

  • lafamepoma

    She had to go to rehab

  • lafamepoma

    I regret so much to not like her before, I will listen her music remembering her.

  • DJ

    I Am SHOCKED no one coudd have foreseen her death Its traggic and incomprehensible those that keep saying i am not shocked are th ignorant fools who are able to calmly pass judgment on other when they are not involved when they dont know what to fear and the struggle to stop drugs I am Trully devasted she as my favourite singer

  • Radical

    What a waste of talent.

  • Jacob and Pete

    OMG No!!! Thats horrible!!! I´m Crying so much right now.

  • Miroslav

    AMY.. AMY… GOOD BYE! :( :(

  • mimi78

    F*ck, no! This cannot be true.

    Loved her voice. I’m f*cking crying here. Why do all the geniuses die? Why are they so self destructive?

  • Shamrock

    Bless her family, fans, and friends that will miss this Lil young lady, who shared her beauty and talent of music with us. It’s truly heartbreaking to see a young life taken so early. We the people of this world, must take action on substance abuse and other habits that take over a troubled soul with so much future ahead. Peace and Love to Amy*

  • Holic

    That truly sucks. She was a great singer, and one of the few artists left who make true MUSIC.
    I wasn’t a fan of soul and everything, she was the only artist that made me like it. She was great, too bad drugs and other sh*t like that will be the first thing we’ll remind of when we’ll talk about her.


  • Brandon


  • reeven


  • mrcina

    It was expected, really.
    So it goes.

  • alimo

    Much Love Amy. R.I.P Babe. So very sad. Peace Love Empathy. xXx

  • http://paul9689 onyx

    Great singer, great soul, rest in peace Amy.

  • http://@Nourhan4 nourhan

    i am not surprised but i will respect her forever she was so talented and this advice for anyone who will use drugs :( to remember Amy and the others

  • linda

    She was such a great talent real not sophisticated or fake…she didn’t faked who she was..too bad this was waste just like that, so young may she rest in peace.

  • lily

    nooo oooooo wayyyyyyyy

  • gg

    I remember an interview of her where she was scared of death, whene someone asked her, i remember it was at the time ofHeath ledger death and she said she doesn’t want to die like this…im so sad now about her because she tries to help herself out, this f-cking addiction is really terrible and uncontrolled something that you can’t control

  • sowhat4555

    I’m glad to finally see some good news about her.

  • Not surprised at all

    Addictions kill. Whether it’s food, alcohol, drugs,cigarettes. But no one ever listens and thinks “that can’t happen to me.” The morgue is full of dead people who thought like that.

  • delay

    @Lisa: #12
    Lisa @ 07/23/2011 at 1:02 pm

    Crap singer who was overblown in the media & went nowhere after her first album.
    She lived a drug & alcohol filled life & why be shocked to hear this, knew it was coming, she has ALL THE HELP in the world but chose to ignore the pleas from family & friends, well look where it got her.
    Thanks for the truth.

  • brosef

    “cause of death unexplained”


  • the dr.

    death doesn’t know any comes suddenly to steal people who we love..

  • http://ja slig o lambert^_______^ cute

    no not good news

  • Jordyn

    Other artists on this path should take note. Such a sad ending for an outstanding talent.

  • Jan

    OMG, R.I.P. Amy Winehouse. Thank you for the great music!

  • вова

    Очень жаль…

  • matchbox

    R.i.p Amy, you’ll be truly missed. I was so waiting for your musical return :(

  • a curse of club 27



  • Scarrr

    I hope Lindsey lohan sees that this could be her.

  • Oh – My, My

    There was some talk to expect another Cobain situation. it’s just so sad. Her voice is in the league of Joplin, Aretha, the greats.

    But it was upsetting how people were making fun of her instead of taking the steps to get her literally ‘certified’ so she could get the help she needed.

    But can you believe a popular stupidmodel was making fun of her disease? For all her PR-instructed image, CINDY CRAWFORD doesn’t understand empathy – unless it applies to herself, of course. Check this

    A little insensitive, non? Possibly sociopathic.

  • rosie c.

    When will people learn. Such a waste of a life! It saddens me when I read about people like Amy. She was immensely talented and so young. As a mother, I hurt for her parents. Amy’s life is over but her parents will have to bear the burden of her death for the rest of their lives. As a child, my mother told me not to touch a hot stove as I could get burned. I didn’t need to touch the stove to know the wisdom of her warning. Why can’t people see the hot stove in drugs? You shouldn’t need to be hit over the head with a two by four to know that drugs are extremely bad for you and you should NEVER get involved with them. RIP Amy. May God watch over you and your family.

  • kevin McCluskey

    At the age of 27, just like:


    Too weird!

  • Toni

    People not only on this sight, but on other sites and on YT are sick, sad and pathetic people to be happy some one is dead. She was a person with feelings and emotions, she was a person who had family, friends, and fans who loved and cared for her and were rooting for her during all the hard times. I was one of them and never did stop defending her. When people said they couldn’t wait till the b***ch was dead because it would make the world better, I felt for her and defended her.

    Addiction is a disease as much as people want to deny it and it can happen to anyone close to you or you. I know this and the pain her family must have felt because I’m dealing with it with a family member. My cousin is addicted to drugs with one of them being sherm. I pray for her and pray she finds her way because I would hate to hear something such as death Amd feel the pain in which Amy has felt.

    Rest in Peace Amy and I hope you find happiness wherever you are and I will pray for her family, her goddaughter, and close friends who lost a person close to them due to drugs. I will also pray for the people with the rude comments on her so that they will never experience a family member with a drug problem or a death due to drugs.

  • ianlynn

    she deserved a better end…

  • J

    27….Damn! I’m not really surprise though. She try to make a come back, but she just didn’t have it anymore, because of the heavy usage of drugs.

    R.I.P Amy.

  • SadCase

    Great voice but look like a man in drag !

  • Kim

    Very sad but no surprise. I hope she finds the peace that never came to her in this life.

  • Heather

    R.I.P Amy

  • coral

    they tried to make me go to rehab and i said NO NO NO

  • Javita

    She was so talented! this is sad :C but it wasn`t surprise :/

  • Charles Bronson

    Lisa you sound like She stinks.You probably are.Go talk aboutJlo. This Lady is dead.

  • Hayley Harper

    Such a sad waste of enormous talent & beauty. Rip Amy xxxx

  • sowhat284

    And this is bad news because?

  • So tell me something new


    Not surprised.
    Between Amy Winshouse,Britney Spears, Lyndsay Lohan, it was at one time a 3-way race.
    Britney will be ok as long as she stays on her meds and her father has conservatorship over her.
    I think Lyndsay is coming up next.She is barely hanging on.
    She is still a drug addict, alcoholic.

    Well,Amy had it all with a strong talent, something a lil different than what is out there now. She could have had it all.

    Take note to others, DRUGS=dancing with the devil.You might win one day and you migbht not win one day.
    ALSO, drugs/alcoholism IS NOT an illness or a disease.
    A disease,illness is something that befalls you like a 6yr. having Luekemia. Saying it is a disease or illness is just something people say today to make themselves feel better. Same goes for overeating,,lying, etc. CHOICES, not diseases.

    Drugs/alcohol is CHOICE. It is addicitve. Some people can handle alcoholand some can’t. No one can handle drugs.

    While she had some talent and could have gone somewhere and grew ,changed, AMY WINEHOUSE did not change the music scene or do anything significant like that.
    Sorry folks.

  • So tell me something new

    @kevin McCluskey:
    No, not weird.
    It is called Drugs =Dancing with Devil.Some peoplewinand some don’t.
    keith Richards won, but he had many,many cost.
    it was a free ride and it a few decades.
    the list of folks you did not win.
    It is ok,really,in that most people don’t win against drugs, and if they can’t handle alcohol, then that too.

    Sad thing is ,if you have somebody with this addiction, put them away. Tuff love. No communication with you. get them to a rehab or mental hosptial.
    If not, well, go see them eventually at their grave.

  • Ella

    I don’t really want to be mean but I can’t say I’m shocked… she did refuse to go to rehab. Anyway, a sad loss RIP

  • Wendy

    … maybe she is more be happier up there