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Matt Damon: 'Save Our Schools' March in Washington!

Matt Damon: 'Save Our Schools' March in Washington!

Matt Damon sprays sunscreen on his face and newly shaved head at the “Save Our Schools” march on Saturday (July 30) in Washington, D.C.

The 40-year-old actor joined thousands of teachers, parents, and activists to protest education policies and school reform.

At the demonstration, Matt briefly spoke with and said he supported the movement to recall Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, who made cuts to the state’s education system.

In case you missed it, check out the trailer for Matt‘s upcoming thriller, Contagion, which also stars Jude Law, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Winslet, and Marion Cotillard.

10+ pictures inside of Matt Damon at the “Save Our Schools” march…

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  • marq

    Thanks, Matt.

  • sarahh

    Good work, Matt. Our most important infrastructure is our educational system. America can only be a world leader if we educate our children with the skills they need to compete in the future. Every dollar we spend on public education will come back to this country 100 fold.

  • James Woods


    And your proof of that would be where exactly?

  • Kate

    @James Woods: It’s called common sense.

  • James Woods

    The hollywood elite are always welcome to put their money where their mouths are and fund the schools themselves.

    They all know better than we do of course.

  • James Woods


    Common sense as in pension plans that are unsustainable? Or common sense as in school districts that run themselves into deficits to begin with?

    As I recall in my last years of high school I was taught how to balance a check book.

    My local school system is far from being as bad financially as some yet they are broke running heavily in the red.

    I guess they don’t know how to balance a checkbook.

    Do you?

  • T

    Scott Walker wouldnt have to make those cuts if the unions werent so greedy. It’s them first and screw everybody else as long as they get paid.

  • James Woods


    I made a reply but I didn’t see it post so im not going to type it again.

    If common sense in public education prevailed they would know how to balance their books and not go into debt to begin with.

    My public education taught me how to balance a check book. Someone needs to teach the administrators how to do the same.

  • Love Matt

    Always great to see him taking time out of his incredibly busy schedule to do some good! Hunkilicious Matt… someone needs to help him put on some sunscreen. :D

  • Enya

    He looks good with or without hair, nothing beats his winning smile.
    @James Woods, take your issues to a website that cares.

  • riri

    With one paycheck he can help save plenty of schools.

    The guy makes 20 mill per film.

  • marq

    Marginalize the kids and then stick them with the collective national global debt: all those myriad accrued deferred expense liabilities from their predecessors’ living large? Is that the ticket?

    Or maybe we should equip them with at least a modicum of skills and tools do deal with our mess? Do we at least owe them that?

    Maybe not necessarily by slipping Rupert Murdoch that $27M no-bid contract from state Department of Education, based solely on the rave success of “Glee”, but at least consider what Matt Damon is saying?

  • sowhat284

    Wow I did not think this mf could get any uglier but now he’s gone and shaved his head… geez.

  • xxx

    It’s a good idea to wreck the economy with tax cuts for the rich and destroy the environment. That’s a great way to treat our kids.

  • tom

    conservatives think only young white f@scist males deserve to be educated

  • Trish

    People like James want a 1984 future for your kids.

  • Tater Tot

    let him give more taxes to the treasury. He is a rich bastard.

  • k

    matt needs too take speaking lessons/ ah.
    ah ah ah then a word.

  • cinda bender

    from a teacher and fan… thanks!

  • Janet Taylor

    Let me begin by saying I am a big fan of Matt Damon in fact I think he is sexiest guy ever but way to young for me. I have put 4 children thru school two graduated in top 10 % of their class and two at the bottom although they have very high IQ”s. graduated with degree in Engineering from U of I and the youngest is going to start in fall. I think education has become big business just as poliitics have.To say a teacher became a teacher because they love to teach is a very niave statement on Mr.Damon’s part. I know teachers who told me they went into teaching because they knew they would have 3 months off a year and long holidays. Also not all teachers with tenure are good teachers they just managed to fly under the wire until they got tenure.I know teachers that should have left their teaching positions long before they did.I will be welcoming my first grandchild this fall and I have told all my children to home school if at all possible do not turn them over to the public school system .

  • Michele

    Right – Matt Damon is the voice of reason and intellect – that’s why his last girlfriend was and unemployed high school drop-out – and his “wife” he knocked while she was “working” at sleazy Crobar – with her own kid whom she rarely saw? Oh, and Matt Damon’s MOM – (married 3X) teaches at a community college and is as much as a fame whore as his “wife”. ALL OF WHICH EXPLAINS WHY MATT DAMON IS NEVER VOTES AND IS PAYING BIG $$$$$$$$$$ to educate his own kids (plus the PR tool he bought off of his wife’s ex). $10 says his wife’s a grandmother within the year.

  • kab

    matt should take speaking lessons. that was terrible. matts so called wife wont let him pay more taxes .shes got him tied up real good. one of his many mistakes.