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Diane Kruger & Joshua Jackson: Sunday Dinner Date!

Diane Kruger & Joshua Jackson: Sunday Dinner Date!

Diane Kruger looks lovingly on her boyfriend Joshua Jackson as they leave Nobu restaurant on Sunday (July 31) in Malibu, Calif.

The 35-year-old actress and her 33-year-old beau ate a leisurely dinner before heading on their way.

Joshua was recently hospitalized for an allergic reaction, according to E! News.

He was reportedly rushed to the hospital on Saturday (July 23), but according to his rep, “[He had an] allergic reaction, that’s it. He’s perfectly fine.” Later that evening, Josh left the hospital with Diane by his side.

10+ pictures inside of Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson leaving Nobu in Malibu…

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diane kruger joshua nobu 01
diane kruger joshua nobu 02
diane kruger joshua nobu 03
diane kruger joshua nobu 04
diane kruger joshua nobu 05
diane kruger joshua nobu 06
diane kruger joshua nobu 07
diane kruger joshua nobu 08
diane kruger joshua nobu 09
diane kruger joshua nobu 10
diane kruger joshua nobu 11
diane kruger joshua nobu 12
diane kruger joshua nobu 13

Photos: AKM Images
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  • kà simply amazing

    nice dinnar and they Noo

  • tweener

    the cutest couple in hollywood

  • kà simply amazing

    today i went to shopping with slig ahehehe

  • http://ja slig o lambert^_______^ cute

    couple just want go out to eat food uum me to iwant food

  • http://ja slig o lambert^_______^ cute

    yes ^_^ kà simply

  • Tanye

    Yes, cause nothing says ‘nice intimate dinner w/o stalkerazzi’ like going to dinner at Nobu. I hate when celebs go to places where they KNOW the paps are going to be and they try to act all, ‘Oh you don’t want to take a photo of me…’

  • Kate

    @Tanye: But Nobu’s food is gooood. I would put up with it too.

  • Luiza

    diane kruger is the most stunning woman in this world

  • lucy2

    Yay!!!! My favorite couple –Diane and Josh (aka Suri’s biological daddy)!
    Absolutely LOVE them!
    oh — and Tanye, you are an idiot

  • I Dont Like Mondays

    Thank goodness that Katie lost her mind and signed up with that short, over the hill, delusional freak of a cult leader named Tom. JJ and Diane belong together, and btw Josh looks exceptionally yummy in these pics :-)

  • anon

    Hey, her NEW boobs are looking rather nice. Please, you know she’s been tipping off the paps lately. No shame, she just wants people to know who she is.

  • Ginny

    Wouldn’t it be awesome if Diane was pregnant? Those two would make great parents.

  • Christina


    Thank you Anon. It’s mind boggling that people don’t realize that. And she has been displaying the new puppies a lot hasn’t she? And someone needs to tell her that she just isn’t going to ‘happen’ in the US. She’s only known for being ‘Pacey’s’ girlfriend and for being in Troy. And no one in their right mind would want to be remembered for being in THAT movie. It’s also hilarious that if you say something bad about them you are called an idiot. You don’t go to Nobu for the food, you go to get your photo taken. Have you eaten there? I have and it’s not what you think it is.

  • sunbears1

    @Christina: aw your jealousy is showing. it’s cute that you think SHE’S famous for dating HIM.

  • Deanna

    Why does everyone on this website think that Joshua is Suri’s father? Josh and Katie broke up way back in 1998 and Katie dated Chris Kline for 5 years. So why do people think that he is her father? I will admit, Suri does look a lot like Josh and I don’t think that Tom is the father.

    For the record, I’m not trying to be sarcastic. I’m actually asking a question.

    Also, what is this about Diane getting breast implants? If this is true and I was Josh, I would break up with her.

  • Suri Jackson

    Hi Deanna. Let me give you the Cliff Notes version:
    End of Feb, beginning of Mar 2005 Chris and Katie break up.
    Last week of March, Katie goes to visit Josh in London where he was doing a play.
    Second week of April, Katie disappears for 10 days for the Scientology brain washing.
    Josh never again has communication from Katie after the abduction.
    2 weeks after returning from the brainwashing Tom is jumping on Oprah’s couch, professing love for Katie(but actually thrilled about her ready made bun in the oven).
    June or July they get engaged.
    Oct 6 Katie displays her “3 month” pregnancy belly (with the 6 month belly button protrusion)
    Suri is born Dec 05 or Jan 06, and Katie wears the fake belly until the April “birth”.
    Got it?

  • Suri Jackson

    Can those of us who like these two just agree that they love each other and not fall into the traps being laid by jerks like anan, Christina, and Tanye?

  • Christina

    @Suri Jackson:

    Um why am I a jerk? Because I gave my opinion? If that’s the case I can say you are a jerk for giving yours. Sorry that I don’t agree with all of the people here but I was under the assumption that this was a commenting board and could leave a comment. I all of a sudden feel like this page (or any J Jackson one on JJared) is full of crazy fans of his that think he can do no wrong. Sorry I had an opinion of my own and made it known. If that’s not allowed here then have fun all agreeing on the same thing.

  • Amory

    @ Christina –

    One problem I have with your “opinion” is that you don’t seem to know anything about Kruger’s career. She was great in Inglorious Basterds and she was cute in National Treasure. She’s about to play Marie Antoinette and she’s been in a number of other films. She’s well regarded. You don’t need to be in nonstop huge blockbusters to have a great career.

  • alyssa

    Did anyone else spot what appears to be a wedding ring on his ring finger?

    I heard she said she’d never marry again (I guess a bad marriage in he younger years) but it looks like he’s basically saying, “We’re married in our own way”. I LOVE Josh Jackson, I wish people would have been able to see past his teen star status and give him real credit.

  • annon

    LOL at the new boobs comments. They’ve been looking like that for years now, just go back and look at photos from when she made Troy onwards.

    No wonder they got papped, the papps were there because Sean Penn and Halle Berry were also at the restaurant.

    Diane also made Unknown with Liam Neeson and Jennifer Jones recently.

  • Unknown

    Diane is a nobody, Josh is barely known in the acting world. Yes that’s right I’m speaking my opinion, so let the bashing begin. These two try way to hard to make themselves appear legit. Yeah, he’s wearing his ring but she never wears hers. How’s that for loyalty, she’s using him to get herself noticed (even though it is in small circles).

  • annon

    Unknown, Diane isn’t a nobody. Diane is the face of Calvin Klein purfume, the international spokesman for Loreal, and also a face of Loreal. She has been also one of the faces of Chanel and also promotes Jason Wu. She also has done some big movie projects.
    Diane is probably more known in Europe, but she’s done some big american movies and is known by people here. That’s not a nobody. JMO.

    Plus she gets papped alot when she’s by herself. She doesn’t need Josh. Other celebs get papped doing stuff, and it’s not any different for them.

  • kelsey

    these two are so quirky.
    their outfits are more like people going out in montana rather than Calif lol cute tho :)

  • oh

    She doesn’t need Josh.
    That´s true.

  • oh

    She doesn’t need Josh.
    That´s true. And she will probably dump him as soon as she becomes a big movie star.