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Victoria Beckham & Baby Harper Hit NYC

Victoria Beckham & Baby Harper Hit NYC

Victoria Beckham heads into the Plaza Hotel with her adorable daughter, Harper, on Thursday (September 8) in NYC.

The 37-year-old designer and her 2-month-old baby girl are in town for NY Fashion Week.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Victoria Beckham

Victoria recently tweeted her excitement about Spice Girls band mate Melanie Brown, who gave birth to a baby girl last week.

“Congratulations to @OfficialMelB!! love, David, Victoria, Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and baby Harper x VB,” she wrote.

Over the weekend, Victoria took Harper out to The Grove in Los Angeles.

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Credit: Thornton/Swarbrick; Photos: INFdaily
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  • Pooter

    Baby Harper is a cutie! Wonder if she will look like mom or pop?

    blue eyes or brown?? can’t tell.

  • emma

    they look great

  • emma

    they look great

  • vip

    The bay is. Well all the babies are cute.

    But man, i’m so surprised at what Victoria is wearing! I didn’t expect something like this from her. That dress and those boots look just wrong together.

  • @vip

    @ I meant the baby is cute.

  • sam

    surprised to see what she is wearing!

    wrong boots . you dont wear boots with a summery dress!

    plus that dress looks like a sack and too long.

    guess she is busy with new baby to pay much attention to her own dressing

  • nguyen tran gia linh

    Hot MOM Cute BABY

  • Cathy

    Like everyone else, I’m surprised with what she is wearing! She is usually such a fashionista! The whole out fit is just wrong together

  • sillyme

    Will she forever be known as “baby Harper”?

  • runnergirl

    Harper is adorable! I love how Victoria carries her around and lets us see her face.

  • gracie

    Harper is adorable…such a sweet litle face and so much hair!
    Maybe fashion is taking a backseat while traveling with a 2 month old. I am sure VB will be back in her fashion form when she heads out to the shows

  • Bee

    Victoria a fashionista!! Ha thats funny she has never been known as such. She has never wowed anyone with her style!!! She has dressed tacky and always matchy matchy. Its only after working with Roland Mourets team to design her line that she is ok but still her bags and clothes are a ripoff

  • Tara

    OMG these are the cutest photos i have ever seen of her!!!!

    First off, her hairstyle is stunning, great color, and nicely styled like that, perfect extensions. The dress with those boots, is perfection, and Harper? OMG look at her Bon Point two set!!! So cute, she is so stunning, thanks JJ for photos of VB, alwaya. love her!

  • miley

    watch out suri!
    im the only one who thinks about katie and suri? the baby is nicely dress and the mom, forget about herself for the baby… just like katie and suri a couple of years ago

  • sarah

    too cute! victoria looks great for her age!

  • S

    too cute. hopefullyvbwill notbe walking around so much with the littleone.justsaying.sotiny. those ful streets evenif it walking to the car.

    why don’t these people use a carrier for more support?

  • Bella

    she is so cute. The Bekhman family are beautiful. They finally have a little girl.

  • laraso

    Little Harper is a cutie pie. The boots and that dress just don´t go together. But somehow I like the fact that she is not perfectly dressed.

  • http://facebook liz

    they both are gorgeous!!!!!!!!!

  • Lona

    David’s genes are so strong! All his kids look just like him (Thanks god).. This little girl is so cute, but look how scared she looks with all these paparazzi following her! Like come one she’s just a baby!

  • sam

    romeo is the only one that look like victoria

  • they ask for it

    that is one Fugly looking baby… what can one expect with UGLY-Spice as her momma. Oh, well at least she’s rich, that will take her far, just ask Tori Spelling- another UGLY rich entitled Hollywwod Spawn.

  • justme

    Cute baby. Hope David and the boys teach and let Harper know it’s ok to smile A LOT because smiling certainly doesn’t come naturally to stone-face VB to do so, poor kid needs to know smiling is not a taboo.

  • Why?

    I wonder why she’s suddenly taking this child everywhere with her? She never did this with any of the other brats, she couldn’t wait to dump the boys with the closest nanny and then jet-set out of town, what a total BITCH this woman is.

  • mikaloca

    Cute baby…..didnt she ask katie holmes about using blankets in LA ahahhahahha

  • Brains

    @Why?: Were you living in a cave with no phone or internet or tv connection at all for the past 13 years? Victoria has been carrying her kids around everywhere she goes for as long as I can remember, or for as long as Brooklyn is living! Don’t you ever remember that Victoria has been to New York, London and Paris with CRUZ in 2006-2009 when he was not entering school yet?? For your info, unlike YOU or other celebrities, the Beckhams, and in this case Victoria, stopped or decreased the amount of time carrying their children around with them when the kids entering school, thus the fact that we saw her going around with Brooklyn or Romeo only on school holidays!


    all of a sudden she takes baby everywhere – awful couple designer baby just to keep this couple of parasites in the media pathetic

  • Camden

    It would be nice if her travel plans included a first class ticket on a Russian Yak-42.

  • Messina

    as a mom i know you feel a lot more safe carring a baby in high heels if you’re using boots and not stilletos, it’s a real cool look, but i would wear it different. that dress BUT above the knee and a tight black, or sand boots, would be perfect. may be she’s still insecure about her post pregnancy body that’s because she’s wearing the clothes a-la-Olsen

  • Response to Brains

    Re: Brains:
    You should really grow some. If you are such a ‘FAN” of this Vile couple/family, then you would know this woman (before having this one, obviously the preferred child) spent 99.9% of her time Away from her family and children and Never brought those boys with her on her so-called “work commitments”, if you can even call what she supposedly does- signing her name to the back of a label- “work” Get a Clue, she is NO Angelina Jolie, that’s for damn sure, before this latest “brat” entered the picture she thought nothing of dumping her boys on the live-in nanny and high-tailing it out of whatever country she happened to be in. She’s a Vile human being who has no business being a mother.

  • You certainly need brains

    @Response to Brains:
    Response to brains, the only vile person is you. Your comments are disgusting about someone you don’t even know. And how could possibly know how she spends her time. Instead of hating her maybe you should do a little soul searching about yourself and your anger issues. And no, I am not the person who originally responded to you. Am just someone who finds your comments ridiculous.


    also when daddy david spent the last three years while playing for la galaxy six months at a time in italy, uk etc etc SKELETOR ONCE A FORTNIGHT VISITED HIM W I T H O U T THE BOYS and hopped on planes whenever she felt like it for her FASHION LABEL didnt have the boys with her, the boys have been withouy BOTH PARENTS FOR WEEKS – brad and ange NEVER LEAVES THEIR KIDS ALONE WHEN ONE IS WORKING THE OTHER IS WITH THE KIDS – this couple is all about keeping in the media to sell their products – lowest of the low implanted girl baby to keep in the spotlight

  • Marinés

    the baby is soo perfect, and gorgeous

  • Response to # 31

    #31 and maybe you should do some soul searching and figure out why you admire and stick up for a woman you don’t know and why you feel compelled to defend her- you don’t know her either, so therefore you have no idea what kind of person or mother she truly is. This vile couple has courted the media and press from day one- they have the resources available to keep their children out of the spotlight and away from the craziness, yet they choose not to- they built their “Brand” on exploiting their relationship as well as their family and their children’s privacy, I have Zero Respect for them, their shallowness, greed and selfish pursuit of more, more, more is Disgusting, maybe you share the same Disgusting priorities as your Idols, that’s why you feel the need to defend a woman who wouldn’t even give you the courtesy of a hello or a smile if you met on the street. Maybe you are as uppity and snotty as this vile B****! It’s a Free Country and we are all ENTITLED to our own opinions positive, negative or in-different, you don’t have to agree with my view of this woman/family, if it is my choice to not like them AND comment on my dislike, then I am free and able to do so and will continue to do so until this Vile B**** is 6-ft. under!

  • quite sad, really

    Ugly Mother= Ugly Baby
    I am not surprised that baby harper beckham is not that cute, all one has to do is look at the rest of her family to see why. oh, well as long as there are deluded beckham fans running amok, this family will continue to be fawned over and ahhed at, nauseating really, what have they done to deserve their fame/celeb status? She’s a lip-synching rubbish so called singer and he’s just a pretty boy who can side kick a soccer ball and for all that miniscule talent they have acquired all the fame, fortune and wealth that one can only hope for in this lifetime, pretty sad that this is what our society worships. Sad.

  • hmmm

    Just heard that there is a new terror alert for NY since the 9/11 anniversary is on Sunday, maybe there is a reason why she’s in NY this weekend- one can hope.

  • Callie

    What a pretty baby ! She looks so much like the youngest son Cruz !

  • margo

    I’m so happy for VIc, finally she has a daughter. A beautiful baby daughter!

  • Lulu

    Baby Harper sounds better than H7. :-)

  • jo

    I was SO glad not to have to see countless pics of vb posing/pouting/standing with that one foot in front/one hand at her ear /walking and modelling her way through airports and streets blah blah blah and basically showing off. It was such a relief that she felt so vain and self-conscious about getting fat that she strove to keep out of the public eye as much as possible during the pregnancy. But now, darn it, she’ll be back, all fake posing/pouting etc etc etc . And that new baby will be her new accessory. She is so contrived and tries way way too hard

  • Marieme

    Sooo happy for this wonderful family! They were fantastic before Harper Now it just seems so complete. What a joy for them all.

  • Jory

    Harper is too cute

  • Sean

    fashionista in training… <3

  • Chelsea

    Cute baby harper…, but I prefer to suri..