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Rachel Bilson & Jaime King: CW Launch Party!

Rachel Bilson & Jaime King: CW Launch Party!

Rachel Bilson and her Hart of Dixie co-star Jaime King step out in style at The CW’s launch party, held at Warner Bros. Studios on Saturday (September 10) in Burbank, Calif.

The 30-year-old actress wore an Erin Fetherston dress and accessorized with an Edie Parker clutch, Giuseppe Zanotti heels, and Anita Ko earrings.

Inside the Bing sponsored party, Rachel chatted with Warner Bros. Television president Peter Roth and her Hart of Dixie co-star Wilson Bethel. Jaime was spotted posing for funny photos with co-star Cress Williams!

FYI: Jaime is wearing Prada.

10+ pictures inside of Rachel Bilson and Jaime King at The CW’s launch party…

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rachel bilson jaime king cw party 01
rachel bilson jaime king cw party 02
rachel bilson jaime king cw party 03
rachel bilson jaime king cw party 04
rachel bilson jaime king cw party 05
rachel bilson jaime king cw party 06
rachel bilson jaime king cw party 07
rachel bilson jaime king cw party 08
rachel bilson jaime king cw party 09
rachel bilson jaime king cw party 10
rachel bilson jaime king cw party 11
rachel bilson jaime king cw party 12
rachel bilson jaime king cw party 13
rachel bilson jaime king cw party 14

Credit: John Sciulli; Photos: Getty
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  • tina

    Thumbs up Rachel!

  • today least we forget!!!!!!!!

    why jared?
    have today of all days have this prick on here?

    does she even know what 9/11 is about?

  • aberfitch

    Yeeesh!!! Already looking like a “dirty rotten cougar” here…
    She really is her “witchy-looking-momster’s daugther”!

  • just me

    @today least we forget!!!!!!!!:I don’t think she care about that. Are jared for that matter.

  • Jenessa

    Rachel dosen’t age! Still so pretty!

  • Jax

    Haggard and gaunt. Eat something for God’s sake.

  • Hmm…

    If Hayden is her boyfriend, he must not be a very good one. They are never together and when they are photographed together they look miserable.


    @-8 MMM

    its called only beaning seen when the paps are there,
    if you get my meaning “cough cough”

  • LMAO

    Two posts in one day? LMAO. Notice how we get a play by play of what Rachel is wearing,yet all that is written about what Jamie King is wearing is that it is Prada?LMAO
    Looks like the romance rumors are about to go into full swing for the shows debut. Rachel is always linked with her latest male costar. So I wouldn’t be surprised if there are soon candids of Rachel hanging with Wilson. If the show is a success he will probably be her next for publicity boyfriend LMAO It will be Wilson and Bilson.LMAO Fans of the for press relationship can call themselves WilBillys LMAO@JUST ME,JUST SAYING,,: You would think after years of being together and pressing the relationship out since itis no scret that they would attend eachothers events and be supportive. But of course as you said they are only seen with eachother when the paps are there “wink,wink”.

  • Really?

    Rachel just went out of her way to say in the INsytle Makeover September issue and Women’s Health October issue that she and Hayden are still together. There are photos of them together in the Instyle magazine. In July Hayden was photographed at a hardware store in Los Feliz with white paint on his face and hands, then two days later Rachel was seen buying paint with her mother at a home depot, or some such store. In one of her interviews about her show, she said she was painting her house white, because it had been pink, and she was turning 30 so she wanted it white. Hayden was obviously painting her house and there was no publicity for it. Why would you paint someone’s house if you were planning to break up? I’d say hire a painter, she can sure afford one. They spend more time together now than they did before they broke up, he was just with her for two weeks in LA. There are random twitter pic sitings of them by random people, the last one from Labor Day weekend, a twitpic of both of them at a booth at some park or something. The photo is on a couple of Rachel’s fansites. They were in Canada about a month in June. There are photos on a Hayden and Rachel fansite of Hayden having a Mercedes delivered to Rachel’s house the day before her birthday one the internet the day before Rachel’s birthday (they are on one of the fansites, as well). Then Hayden in photographed buying flowers the day before he flies back to Toronto. Rachel is working on her show, and did the fashion thing with Sunglass Hut. Why would there be so many random twitpic and fan sitings of them over the years, like the one at a beauty shop in June of them getting into a truck in Canada taken by someone in the beauty salon through the window (a twitpic that is on, if their relationship is just for publicity? There is barely any publicity of them together at all, so they are not doing a very good job of creating publicity for themselves, if their relationship is just for publicity. After 4 plus years, if their relationship is fake, they would have no lives. And they would not be seen so randomly at different times by people without any paps around.


    @ REALLY,

    like you just said they both have a good team of publist’s ,
    ok he was seen with the paint brushes and her buying paint
    does that say he was doing the said job
    and as for the flower and car buying has there anything been said he brought them for her? no and no
    also she may go to canada but do you think she would stay there as long as she say’s and never be papped for the said time
    know her love of the paparazzi she cant live without them
    as for twitter anyone can say anything with out the photo’s beening seen,

    just a photo of the very happy couple

  • Really?

    @ Just me saying…..

    And your point about the photo links? They are being photographed by paps, if they don’t want to be photographed, it makes sense that they are not smiling. Check out the photos from January 2010 when Rachel is leaving the airport in Toronto, Hayden and Rachel are smiling at each other before a goodbye kiss, it is very cute. There are photos of them smiling in the House Hunt thread here on JJ in May, paps are present then. They smile with and without paps present. You searched to find the nonsmiling photos, why don’t you look up the twitpic photos I mentioned in my last post on their fansites? I only mentioned twitter sitings with twitpics as “proor” , but there are many random sitings of them mentioned over the years. Like the sightings of them in Cape May in late June on vacation, there were several random sightings.. There are less posts of Rachel here on JJ than there used to be, as well, she used to be on here every day almost for a long time. I check out their fansites a couple times a week and the twitpics or sighting reports come up on a couple of Rachel’s fansites, and Hayden’s fansites, as well. You do not have to research twitter to find them. Check out the candid sections of their fansites for the twitpic photos I mentioned in my previous post, if you are interested, I have already seen them so am not going to do it for you. You are entitled to your opinion, as am I, but judging a relationship between two people you do not know based on pap photos that take a few minutes out of their day is a little far fetched. When all they would have to do to get lots of publicity for themselves would be to start relationships with new people. Yet they got back togeher, even though there are plenty of people who would be happy to date both of them. The candid photos I mentioned in the other comment I made are not of them smiling, it just shows they are together when people think they do not spend time together. And yes, if Hayden had white paint on his face and hands at a hardware store buying paint rollers, and Rachel was seen buying paint a couple days later, I would say the chances of it being Hayden painting her house is almost 100%, lol!

  • Fact Is…

    They are each other’s career ALBATROSS; most esp on the side of that SW hacktor who’s been bumming in LA for over a year now or so but still struggling to even get a single (& a small budgeted at that() movie to be materialize. Jeeez what a “cursed” that have striked him yet probably well deserved. And why is it that they havent been married yet?! As its “not” like that there’s any kind of career hindrance at all. So “more” money, fame, hype – most likely; they’ve been Dlisters… since forever.


    @ REALLY,

    if you want to go on about such thing’s fine you rabbit on about it,
    at the end of the day its there choice to have pic’s taken of themselves,
    if they did not let the pap’s know where they will be no one would care,

    they are not A lister’s (sorry some has to tell you)

    and a final thought if you have many so called happy pic’s of them together as you do, feel free to post them.

  • LMAO

    @Really?: If so many pictures exist of the happy couple recently… Post the links dont just say some site LMAO Also don’t you think JJ would have posted some of the pictures and some stories about it. Since he posts her going to the store to get tp and anything else he can find to write about her LMAO. That would have been much more interesting. Also there is a difference between twitter” sightings” and pictures. Anyone can make up a sighting but when asked to cough up the pictures . They never do LMAO

  • LMAO

    Part Two

    This photo again, same problem LMAO It uploaded on Labor Day but it could have taken on any day ,at any time LMAO.Also it is one photo and you can’t see them LMAO.
    Now as far as this whole Mercedes nonsense. Um dont you think if Rachel Bilson had been given a Benz for her birthday she would have been driving it around. Just like she has been carrying her new purse everywhere? LMAO . Also her father could have easily given his daughter that. LMAO Rachelonlineorg seems to get their hands on every picture they can . So if the other ones existed they would have them for sure LMAO.
    The dude bought a potted plant.. not just flowers LMAO. Because nothing says romance like a big potted plant. If he wanted to be romantic dont you think he would have bought flowers from a florist not a grocery store LMAO

    As far as the rest ,twitter sightings are twitter sightings anyone can make one up.I think I will now..Hmmm something along the lines of “Big Foot seen out late night snuggling up with the Creature from the Black Lagoon,holding hands and looking so happy on vacation.” See how easy it is. LMAO Now I must go tweet that. LMAO.

  • LMAO

    Had to split up my comment. Because it was moderated twice. Really moderated? How lame LMAO.Fail. I mean you have “Really?” writing books on the thread and I’m the one that gets moderated. LMAO Luckily I have a good sense of humor.

  • Really?

    @ LMAO

    Aren’t you the same person that last year insisted that Hayden and Rachel would never get back together, and then kept insisting that she would go after Jake Gyllanhall instead of Hayden? I never said the Mercedes was for Rachel, I think Hayden bought it for himself, it looks alot like the car he drove to the grocery store when he got the flowers. So I said truck when it was a land rover or SUV, big deal. I also said the photo of them getting in the land rover was from June (there were no posts of them for about a month then). If you want some background comments on when that photo was found, check out the thread here on JJ where Hayden and Rachel are having lunch from a food truck, they were “house hunting”, look at the last couple of pages and you will see a discussion on the photo of them getting into a “land rover”. The date of the photo on the twitpic is in June. I am not going to look up photos, I told you where to find them if you are interested. @Just saying is right, they are not A-listers, so believe what you want about them. They could break up tomorrow. So random people have no reason to go around taking photos of them and putting them on twitter. Like the one from Labor Day weekend where they are facing a ticket booth in what looks like a park, a random sighting from a fan who said she met them (on RachelOnline). Everyone said there was no video of them putting groceries in their car last October when a comment on twitter mentioned it, but that video that did not exist is on Youtube now. Not all twitter comments are false, apparently.

  • Helper

    Google Unimedia Images, then check out Hayden Christensen photos from 8/24/11 “Hayden Christensen has a Mercedes delivered to Rachel Bilson’s house” , there is a description of the photos, too.


    honey get it right, it says to his home nothing saying its her’s ok?

  • sk

    your link does not work. looked it up and there is a button at the top of the page that says -hide info show info- click on it and it says hayden had ‘a special delivery to his home that he shares with girlfriend rachel bilson. that delivery was a used mercedes benz that he took for a spin’, and it goes on about them. That is rachel’s house you can tell that is her front door when he walks in the house.

  • lexy hates bilson

    OMG!! What an awful picture??? She looks like a deranged bobblehead. Her head looks so big for her stick body!!
    And yes, Hayden isn’t a very good boyfriend. Her “career” is finally taking off and he isn’t very supportive…then again, these 2 seem to think they are some sort of super couple like Gwenny Paltrow and Chris Martin and shouldn’t been seen together!!