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Miranda Kerr & Orlando Bloom: Downtown Duo

Miranda Kerr & Orlando Bloom: Downtown Duo

Orlando Bloom and wife Miranda Kerr go for a walk through downtown NYC on Tuesday (October 25).

The 34-year-old Three Musketeers star carried Miranda‘s purse and a bottle of One Lucky Duck’s green smoothie.

Miranda‘s yoga instructor, Charlotte Dodson, recently revealed how she got the 28-year-old Aussie model back into tip-top shop after giving birth to Flynn.

Miranda follows a dynamic yoga regime I’ve personally designed for her, incorporating all her favorite poses. This would certainly aid her in maintaining the ‘elasticity’ of her muscles and tendons,” she told BellaSugar.

Miranda is naturally beautiful and being truly healthy in all aspects of her life, including both her yoga practice and food choices, it’s not surprising that she’s bounced back into beach body shape so quickly – motherhood has brought an even greater glow to her loveliness!” Charlotte added.

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Photos: Flynet Pictures
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  • Laura

    Starvation really does wonders for the body…

  • Lola

    These people are on at least every other page on this site. For a supposedly unbiased celebrity site, you’re not doing a very good job, JJ!

  • cierra

    damn. holding her puppy now her purse. she can’t carry it herself? damn, he’s whipped. well at now we know who has the balls in this relationship. idc wat u guys say, courtesy or whatever, she can hold her own purse.

  • cyan

    why can’t he hold her purse? that’s just being helpful, considering there’s usually some stuff in there that are the guy’s. purses are handy that way.
    -i- think they look lovely, and he’s ultra-adorable in that leather jacket.

  • @cierra

    Maybe she was just drinking some of that green goo? The other guy with them is also carrying a bag for her.

  • sara

    Holding her purse? A sure sign of a comfortable, married man.
    They are so cute together!

  • @3

    LOL! You just told the world that you have never had a boyfriend. LOL!
    Guys do this all of the time. It is the sign of a gentleman and a good husband. Any man who would feel “whipped” for holding his lady’s purse has some issues with confidence of his sexual identity. It doesn’t bother secure men.

  • Frozoid

    @Laura: I don’t think she starves bloated faces/chipmunk jowls are a sign of the other ED…

  • Monkey

    I’m sure they are nice people but honestly Jared I’m getting over posts of these people!

  • mel

    Well from taking a look at the pictures… It seems like she buttons up her coat, which is a prefectly good reason for Orlando to hold her purse and drink.

  • @8

    Is Frozoid another alias for kerrazy?
    She is just as bitter, and just as full of lies, as old bealze.

  • awww

    Such a sweet couple!

  • Angela

    I’m not trying to be critical because she is gorgeous… BUT her face is so full. Can you imagine if she were at a normal or fat weight how huge it would look? lol

  • hollywoodgirl


    lol Angela. Jared is obsessed with her right now, thank god he is has finally moving on from isabel Lucas. We either get Skeletor face or unbaked loaf of bread face.

  • shimmy


  • ha

    Miranda is gorgeous! Her full cheeks and amazing dimples are beautiful. You guys are just grasping at straws to hate on her.
    Such a sad bunch of losers.

  • Judy

    Nice in those boots.
    Also, did I mention that I am hearing rumours that Brat Pitt drinks his own pee?

  • @17

    Gee, I thought he drank yours , Judy dear!

  • tosch

    Looks like it must have warmed up nicely that day.
    Everyone went from jackets and sweaters in the AM, to shirtsleeves in the afternoon.
    Must have been a pretty day in NYC.

  • cierra

    @ all of you who think my comment is being or wrong for saying or the one that said i never had a bf i did, 4 in fact, but they neer held my purse. its just my opinion and they way i grew up thinking that the dude shouldn’t hold the purse. its the way i grew up. its not stupid or anything its just that i think if you can hold a kid, baby bag and walk in heels at the same time then you can you can hold your own purse. just saying.

  • @cierra

    Ok, whatever, just relax. You were a little exaggerated castrating the man for carrying her purse for a while, that’s all. I’ve made all kind of guys carry mine, including my dad who is a man with capitals.
    Is it because it’s a purse? Would you find it less terrible if he had held her drink instead? It’s just silly.

  • @20

    If you think that a dude is “whipped” because he holds his wife’s purse, then you have some serious gender equality issues.
    Especially if he is holding it because she is buttoning her sweater.

  • senna

    @Angela: I don’t want to imagine, that’s why I prefer her to be very model thin, her facial beauty would disappear if she had normal/extra weight. Only girls with thin faces can get away with extra weight because their faces don’t get so dramatically affected. Thye have to gain 20 or more to see a difference. Miranda can gain 2 lbs and it will look like 20 just in her face. Let’s just say, she’s gotta watch it and I’m glad she’s skinny, lol…

  • Rachel

    @@8: Frozoid is a troll and bashes all beautiful women espcially models. She doesn’t have a life.

  • @23

    I don’t know. She was still gorgeous when she was 30-40 lbs heavier when she was pregnant.

  • satchel

    If I knew I’d be paid millions a year to look a certain way, I’d be quick to get my body in shape, post-pregnancy and all! It’s rather a win-win situation: she gets paid for being in shape and she gets attention for doing it so quickly: which gets her paid more! I’d sign up too++

  • menolike

    she has one ugly face, sorry..I am not a fan. Who is she anyway?

  • YAY!

    Such a gorgeous family!

  • Jadeyye

    Miranda is “cute” not much else. She look like a chipmunk and that’s not a compliment. I recently saw my ex bf and he got fat and my friend said “omg he has huge chipmunk cheeks now” and she was not complimenting him that’s for sure….

  • @29

    Well to each his own.
    I, and apparently a LOT of other people, think that she is drop dead gorgeous.

  • http://justjared not again

    nooooooooooooooooooooo not again, she wants to be in the news, no matter how useless might that be. this article is a piece of crap!! holding her purse got her into the news!! this was quite a scandal *eyes rolls*, next i see an article that miranda doing kaka in the loo.

  • S

    @cierra: why cant he carried her purse? she carried her son for 9 months!

  • @31

    No, them being a beautiful, successful, famous, popular couple got them into the news. He just happened to be carrying his wife’s purse.

  • Maya

    Wow – can anyone say: Cabbage Patch Kids???

  • Zeeshan

    wowoo…Cooling people always looking cool. Orlando Bloom you are very looking very hot and your is very cute.

    We all are always prayers for both Live long and stay happy to gather.
    massage houston

  • Beautiful

    Chubby or skinny…. Miranda is still beautiful. Her skin is rosy and the dark hair and beautiful eyes, plus dimples will always look good.