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Gerard Butler: Surfing Accident Was A 'Close Call'

Gerard Butler: Surfing Accident Was A 'Close Call'

Gerard Butler ducks out of The Box nightclub on Friday (January 6) in London, England.

The night before, the 42-year-old Scottish actor attended a special screening of his new movie Coriolanus.

Gerard also recently appeared on The Graham Norton Show where he talked about his scary surfing accident while filming his other movie, Of Men and Mavericks, in Northern California.

“[The waves] just took me in, and I couldn’t get up. It was pretty hairy. It was maybe of of the few times that reports were not exaggerated. It was a pretty close call,” he shared.

“I was actually in the ambulance and wanted to go back, which was a little crazy. But [surfing is] pretty addictive,” Gerry added.

FYI: Gerard is wearing Joe’s Classic Fit with Rogue‘s leather biker jacket.

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  • stud

    Love you Gerry. Bless You. May you live a long life :)

  • lani

    So glad he’s ok.

  • pathetic

    too old to keep getting trashed at clubs, stop already

  • what?

    OMG. He looked like he needs an intervention.
    very sad.
    I just saw him on TV last night in Lara Croft and this looks like a beaten sad old man compared.
    He is a young man stil.
    Gerard time to put down the stuff.

  • pathetic

    too old to keep getting trashed at clubs, stop already

  • Josekun

    I hope that he feels well!

  • Marie.Devereux

    I’m glad that he is doing much better. Here’s hoping he takes a little more precaution next time in the water, because you never know, and God forbid.

  • Tina

    @pathetic: I agree! Every time he’s in London he’s photographed coming out of some nightclub! Geez, doesn’t a 42-year old man has anything better to do when he comes home to the UK???

  • she

    Thank God that he is O.K.

  • scary looking

    wow, he did NOT want to be photo’d. Never saw him hide his face like that. He’s usually smiling or glowering. Very glad he’s ok from the accident.

  • carrie

    it ‘s the worst pics with him that i saw since a long time:he looks so tired

  • Disick

    Couldn’t care less. Sorry.

  • cara

    Wishing you a long and healthy life. You deserve good things. You’ve been a good son, friend, brother, wonderful to fans, supporter to those in need and most of all you never stoop to talking bad about others no mater what is said about you.

  • Lad

    I think he has a drinking problem he always looks unhappy.

  • Marion

    OMG….he looks sooooo tried….How long is he staying in UK???

  • Emily

    If he keeps this life style .. Sooner we will have a statement from his rep that he fathered a child with someone he doesn’t know but he can’t wait for the baby to arrive

  • Stacie

    Love him . Wish I were in London with him. Swooning. Thanx, JJ for the photos.

  • GerrysFascinatingWoman

    His posture appears to indicate an exhausted man who could have been coaxed out now sleepy craving to get to bed to crash after meeting friends at a club, and little more. That, and his look is all him. Love to see him in his leather jackets. And a wee bit thin.
    who loves the shiny curls pokin’ out from under his wool cap

  • mki

    too much hard living

  • Joie de Vivre

    He looks pensive, even somber. I’d love to be that wool cap! Love denim and leather together. Chin up, Butler! This is going to be your banner year!!! XXO

  • Code of Silence
  • she

    I really hope that the paps caught him in a bad moment and there is nothing serious going on, because he looks sad.

  • bystander

    @she: he looks simply terrible!
    My last night in London and I’m frustrated to be back at the hote. If it was decent and safe for a solo woman of a certain to be out partying, I’m sure I’d be enjoying more than gb!
    Get some sleep Gerry, you’ll burn yourself out.

  • Truth

    Butler should consider gaining a few pounds. He looks rail thin in these photos and he looks so much healthier and sexier with a few more pounds on him.

    Still love him no matter what!

  • chicken little

    Pehaps why he doesn’t want to be seen?
    Gerry must of got sick of the realatives! lol lol lol

    I’ll just spank him and send him to bed!

  • she

    @bystander: We all have our bad moments, part of life that we would like to ignore, but it’s there. I learned to accept those moments as part of my existence…sleep well tomorrow is another say.
    Sometimes people write here how they expect Gerry to amuse them, but Gerry is not our clown.

  • wtf?

    @chicken little:


    sure wish i hadn’t read that……wish even more that gerry should have stayed home with his mom that night…….not a place i’d go to for sure….i’ll try not to judge but………….

    …….ew….NOOOOOOOooooooo phannie glasses are sure foggin up again…..,gulp

  • God Bless yoou all!

    Matthew 5:16
    New International Version
    Let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven.

  • Kim

    @chicken little: I have to agree with you. That explains why he looked miserable. He wasn’t happy that the paps caught him at The Box.
    GB was looking healthy, refreshed, and rejuvenated just the day before, so I don’t think he’s run down in any way.
    I think he was p’issed that the paps caught him at this place.

  • Can’tGetEnough

    After reading the article about The Box, I’m wondering if Gerry just looks sick from what he saw inside, worn out because he enjoyed it or embarrassed that the paps caught him coming out of such a place! I’m not going to speculate any further then that. LOL

    Some GB sightings:

    JackMathew Jack Mathew Williams
    Gerard Butler is sitting right next to me in The Grove #lovinglife
    1 hour ago

    Chelsea Dowie
    Sitting next to Gerard Butler….. Ekkkkk #fml
    1 hour ago

    Mindyd78 Mirinda Dawkins
    Gerard Butler is sitting inches away from my sister at The Grove Hotel in Herts. I am so JEL right now…have ordered her to kidnap him!
    54 minutes ago

  • niknoks


    If you want to find out about The Box I suggest you go to their website, don’t read The Daily Mail, they hate anything and anybody that isn’t white, Christian, straight and British. It’s the darling newspaper of the right-wing. Their rants are quite amusing though. ;-)
    A few pics of GB when he isn’t happy or smiling and the psycho-analysis starts….. could it just be he’s tired, sick of the paps and didn’t want his photo taken… ?

  • Can’tGetEnough
  • Can’tGetEnough
  • kat

    Gerry has been to The Box before, as I recall. So I think he knows what it’s all about.

  • Sharon

    “I’m wondering if Gerry just looks sick from what he saw inside, worn out because he enjoyed it or embarrassed that the paps caught him coming out of such a place!”
    ITAWY. The place is disgusting. Trust me, you wouldn’t want your kids anywhere near that place.
    BTW, what is he doing in a gay bar?
    I agree with the daily mail, they have standards. Too much permissiveness, takes you down the road of deterioration of morals. Some of us have higher standards than the usual lowlife that hangs out at The Box.

  • Sharon

    ITAWY. The place is disgusting. Trust me, you wouldn’t want your kids anywhere near that place.
    BTW, what is he doing in a gay bar?

  • Sharon

    I thought my first comment didn’t post, but I guess it has.
    Yes, I think I read an article about a year ago about him going there after it first opened. Still….what is he thinking?
    And besides, from the look of him he seems totally uninterested or bored, even disappointed or something. Very weird look on him.

  • niknoks


    I’m not r.acist, x.enophobic or h.omophobic so generally the Daily Mail doesn’t appeal to me. They do have standards though, really poor journalistic ones, it makes Fox News look relatively balanced. You only have to look at the people that write for them, Melanie Phillips, Jan Moir, Richard LittleJohn ( someone that even Rupert Murdoch didn’t want working for him) and then there is David Starkey.


    I don’t think you know too much about The Box as it is not a and never has been a ‘Gay’ bar.

  • Moi


    Whoa, hey, wait a minute now…..What’s so bad about The Box? Burlesque shows are so much fun. But certainly not for virgin eyes. I’ve only been to The Box in NYC, but I love it.


    GB get some rest and a home cooked meal darling! But you still great. :)

  • Moi

    Wait I just re-read, is The Box in London totally different from
    The Box in NYC? If so, sorry about the above post. Never been to the one on London.

  • SwansongPaisley

    A few crappy pics of the Butler and peeps go over the deep end. This is one restless man. I’ll look forward to the next batch of photos that show him at his best: energized and upbeat!


  • niknoks


    There is nothing wrong with The Box, you’re exactly right it’s a burlesque cabaret show, apparently at the one in London (can’t speak for NYC) it’s done in a quite a comedic way as well, I haven’t been but I have friends that have and they had a blast.

  • Sharon

    LOL, to you people with some interest in morality are r.acist, x.enophobic or h.omophobic. To me they are only people with differing opinions than the usual Lett doctrines that are taught in British schools.
    Maybe you should be a bit more tolerant of others view point since you speak so much about tolerating all these other groups???
    what do you call the gay Burlesque show?

  • Sharon

    I suggest you go before you tell us what it is

  • Moi


    Thanks for your reply. I was wondering. I love the shows. They do get dirtier the later it gets. You’re right, it’s like a mixture of comedy and eroticism that’s makes for great Burlesque. Lots of fun.

  • niknoks


    You’re the one with such strong views on it so I can only assume you have been. I’ve been to burlesque shows before in Paris and Milan and they are a lot less reserved than ones in the UK, I know exactly what they are and entail, The Box is just another burlesque club.
    Being sexuaIIy repressed and having a problem with the naked form doesn’t make you any more moralistic than the next person.

  • Hmm

    #34: He sounds adventurous and willing to try anything. I guess twice in this instance.

  • Manny

    @chicken little:
    I know I’m a provincial American but… ewwwwwwww……….
    Sorry but that is just…. well… ewwwwwww…….
    For the sexually open-minded? What is open-minded about watching a guy please himself with a vodka bottle. Seriously??? That’s entertaining??? Sounds like scenes out of Caligula – Table for Many please… The owner of the club says it is just warming up. What are they going to do next? Cue the livestock???
    And that is what the elite and celebrities do huh? I’m suddenly glad I’m not running in those circles.
    Maybe Butler was ducking in shame… If he wasn’t he should be…

  • Moi


    Well I’ve been to The Box twice and never saw a show quite that *clears throat* um ( trying to think of the appropriate word. Bottle masturbatory?). Like I said, it’s not for virgin eyes and yes, you do have to be pretty sexually open minded. But let’s stay calm, it’s not Boys Town, Mexicoesque by any means.

  • Can’tGetEnough

    GB at the game tomorrow???

    Ann Gallagher
    Seemingly Gerard Butler is in my hometown of Peterhead for their game against Celtic tomorrow, and Rod Stewart and Sean Connery!!! Aye right
    7 hours ago

    Ann Gallagher
    Its confirmed Gerard Butler was on the Celtic team coach so he is here to see the game tomorrow – YUM! Pity im not going :-( no ticket!!
    6 hours ago