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Angelina Jolie: Oscars 2012 Presenter!

Angelina Jolie: Oscars 2012 Presenter!

Angelina Jolie will present at the 2012 Academy Awards!

The 36-year-old actress and In the Land of Blood and Honey director was announced as a presenter on Wednesday (February 8).

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Angelina Jolie

Previously announced presenters include Milla Jovovich, Cameron Diaz, Halle Berry, Tom Cruise, Tom Hanks, Jennifer Lopez, and the cast of Bridesmaids.

The Oscars will take place on Sunday (February 26) at the Kodak Theatre – the show will be aired live on ABC.

Can’t wait to see Angie at the Oscars!!

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Credit: Frazer Harrison; Photos: Getty
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  • Emma

    Yay! The Oscars just got sexier.

  • Bones


  • haha

    i guess she has to do something at the oscars since she wont be winning award and all she will be doing is consoling brad on his loss.

  • Sickley

    Hope she has the strength to lift the Oscar.

  • releka

    Good News!!!!!!

  • yey me

    yey!!! will definitely watch the oscars

  • 98 Lbs.

    - Don’t think she’s thin enough. Ang had better diet.

  • http://google sunflower

    Unfortunately she does not look as beautiful as she once did ~ she looks thin, pale and fragile.

  • Lila

    Of course she will…it only makes sense to have both halves of hollywood’s most annoying couple at the Oscars. They’ve earned it.

  • Sarah89

    Why is Jennifer Lopez a presenter?

  • rachel

    Awesome…her face is flawless…just look at the face…too beautiful.

  • cc

    Angelina already has the perfect black dress picked out.

  • dee

    I love Angelina, but I think she looks sickly and emaciated. Just 10 more pounds and she’d be so gorgeous it would be almost scary! :)

  • And The Winner Is?

    NOT Bradley

  • Dc

    The Oscars just got a whole lot better– and exciting. Looking forward to watching it.

  • Angie?

    Is this one of Clooney’s jokes?

  • plez

    Great News

  • Lara

    Not that I needed another reason to be watching, but now I will be glued. Angie will show them all who’s boss, can’t wait to see what she wears.

  • Chelsea

    Should be good for a laugh.

  • omg

    I see why Jared put up this picture of Angelina.The paid trolls are on the clock.As Usual.

  • omg

    No matter what ,the fact Brad and Angie are together for always with chidren.This x wife her days are numbered as actress and she is scared shi*****.


    I’m so happy that Angie will present at the OSCARS! I hope she wears a vavavoom dress!


    The troll is in deep AGONY because her idol hasn’t been asked to present at ANYTHING. LOL S.uck it troll! BwAHAHAHAHA

  • yap

    Oscar should learn a lesson from last time, no one wanna see Brad’s ugly ex wife at Oscar.

  • Rose

    Waiting anxiously to see BA on the red carpet on Oscar night.

    PT, as I said I did not see the clips you were talking about, thanks for clarifying for me. Also looking forward to see JL on Bravo on Friday night.

  • dd

    Yeah!!!! I will only watch when she’s up and Brad’s nom announcement, other than that, eh. But happy that she is presenting.

  • $-)

    I wish them all the fame in the world

  • DL

    Yay. Angie never been a presenter in oscar neither Brad since they got together. Great news.

  • DL

    @POOR TROLL: yes IT is. hehhee

  • blablaJolie

    God forbid. How could they call this scarecrow as a presenter. I hope they give her some hamburgers first.

  • Come on people

    argghhh im definitely not watching the show now im sick of seeing her and brads faces and stop bringing jennifer aniston into the conversation they were over a long time ago so drop it already

  • sweet JPs

    Oh, Angie is so articulate and simply elegant- PLUS she doesn’t mumble gets the names correct, which, from having seen past award shows, seems to be a rare talent. I think this probably is favor (in part) to Brian Grazer- he was a GISS & Changeling producer and is (helping?) produce the oscars.

  • viv


  • Angelina Statement

    I’m in Berlin, nobody has seen my movie, but no matter

  • DL

    Yes Angie lands in Berline. I can’t wait for red carpet pics.

  • DL

    BRAD brad. … if you go back to dare I say or some wuss stuff you will be through with me. It makes me mad to read the fact that Manny used used used the “triangle” she created and attack both Angie and Brad especially Angie now she want to act like nothing happened and that she is Brad Pitt ex wife only and all is mellow . As usual she has NO OTHER MEANS to get attention from us or from others. But guess what we talking about her only when she mentions or attach things like that. So please don’t talk about her. I just say this because I was So NEW to the news. I haven’t been online.

  • ZzZ

    I will cry my eyes out when we watch Brad taking the Oscar and Angelina telling him ‘I love you so much Brad’

  • DL

    @DL: I forgot to say the so called triangle can’t work after Brad said all Anways, Jared please keep up update with Angie news in Berlin.

  • ben


    wait, you know he isn’t winning right??? every actor in his category deserve it over him…..esp, gary oldman

  • soi

    I love you Angelina! Can’t wait to see you and Brad on the red carpet!

  • soi

    Trolls are so boring and predictable. (Sounds like someone else we know).

  • from JJB

    Cr IndieWire

    OSCARS DEATH RACE: Surveying the race for Best Actor
    Blogs by Sarah D. Bunting | February 8, 2012 | 0 Comments

    [EDITOR'S NOTE: Sarah Bunting of is watching every single film nominated for an Oscar before the Academy Awards Ceremony on February 26, 2012. She is calling this journey her Oscars Death Race. She has completed the category for Best Actor and now surveys the competition. For more on how the Oscars Death Race began, click here. And you can follow Sarah through this quixotic journey here.]

    The Best Actor category is more interesting, to my mind, for who didn’t get a nomination than for who did, although I guess the actual nominations are interesting. “Baffling” counts as interesting, right?

    Let’s get to it.

    The nominees

    Demián Bichir (A Better Life): The performance looked better than it was thanks to subpar acting by his castmates. A solid outing, no more.

    George Clooney (The Descendants): The Cloon did his best under the circumstances, and I acknowledge that the performance proceeds from the script, but I hated the script and the performance is not very good in the second place. It’s not Keanu, but it’s not very good. The blocking is lazy; a lot of the scenes land like first rehearsals, or he’s letting the ugly shirts craft the character beats. From a craft standpoint, I don’t get this nom at all. From a “sometimes, the universe wants — nay, needs — to remind the Cloon that he is loved” standpoint, it makes more sense and I can mostly live with it. A win would kind of gross me out, though — and Vegas has him sitting at short odds…

    Jean Dujardin (The Artist): …but SAG went for Gallic charisma, and that award is a pretty reliable indicator. Dujardin is very good, and while this isn’t my favorite performance nominated, I won’t mind if it wins, and it probably will.

    Gary Oldman (Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy): Initially, I had a “wait, seriously?” reaction to this nod, but much like the movie itself, the idea grew on me. But he’s good here because he’s so quiet in the role…and he might be too quiet. Should win for something one of these days; probably not for this.

    Brad Pitt (Moneyball): Great, welcoming, confident performance by an actor who has finally grown all the way into his face. Born to play the role; hit all the notes in it. He’ll likely have to content himself with a job well done, though.

    Who shouldn’t be here: Bichir and Clooney don’t rate, given the talent that got passed over entirely.

    Who should be here, but isn’t: Hope you packed a lunch: Woody Harrelson in Rampart, Tom Hardy and/or Joel Edgerton in Warrior, Michael Fassbender in Shame, and Ralph Fiennes in Coriolanus. You could make an argument for Paul Giamatti in Win Win; you could also argue that you’ve seen that work from him before.

    Who should win: Pitt.

    Who will win: Dujardin, I’d say, but Clooney isn’t a waste of your money.

  • a fan

    As an Oscar winner, Angie gets to present by herself.

  • who


    I’m sure Brad will manage fine without you as his fan. He won’t miss you.

  • Passing Through

    # 10 Sarah89 @ 02/08/2012 at 2:17 pm
    Why is Jennifer Lopez a presenter?
    Because she’s the lessor of two B-list “Jennifer” evils…

  • MJ

    Yes! I’ll be watching the Oscar award. This is a great news. Oscar organizers knew that the best part of it is to have Angie on the stage. I’ll bet they will put her in the last like at the Golden Globes Award. Organizers in these type of awards always save the best for last. At least they learned their lesson from the Oscar 2010, they don’t want some idiot woman who cannot even read the teleprompter to present the award. The organizers want a smart and a classy woman that will light up the room, and that’s Angie.


    jolie dirty girl+filthy tart
    present her fjwp likely
    jolie biggest vvhore ever
    vile stench
    use thick rubbers

  • SO Beautiful

    This is such a great reminder of how amazing TOL is- enjoy!!!
    Fox Searchlight has released a new 2-minute featurette focusing on Emmanuel Lubezki and The Tree of Life’s Oscar-nominated cinematography. Says star Brad Pitt, “His style, what he’s after, is capturing a moment. He’s standing there with a butterfly net, waiting for some moment of truth to go by.” Watch below.


    u need gas mask 2
    banned again

  • ZzZ

    @ben: I don’t know if he’ll win or not. But it’s so moving everytime I watch them. They gone through many people in their lives and watching them so in love is so emotive.