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Nicki Minaj's Grammys Performance - Watch Now!

Nicki Minaj's Grammys Performance - Watch Now!

Nicki Minaj levitates during her performance at the 2012 Grammy Awards held at Staples Center on Sunday (February 12) in Los Angeles.

The 29-year-old rapper kicked it off by confessing the lyrics to her new single, “Roman Holiday,” while sitting next to The Pope, the same man she walked with on the red carpet earlier in the evening.

The performance, called “The exorcism of [Nicki's alter ego] Roman,” was choreograhed by Laurieann Gibson and featured religious imagery, pyrotechnics, and backup dancers dressed as monks.

“OMG @ that chris brown performance. >>>>>>>> SHUT DOOWWWNNNN,” Nicki tweeted about another one of the night’s performers.

Nicki Minaj’s Grammys Performance 2012

10+ pictures inside of Nicki Minaj performing at the 2012 Grammy Awards…

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Credit: Kevin Winter; Photos: Getty
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  • Arty1

    Wtf was that Ish!!!Another wanna be lady Gaga?Can you say publicity stunt gone bad?Dam girl,sales must be low..Lol lookin like a cracked out Little red riding hood.Performace was Garbage & very offensive to the Christian Faith,next time try dancing aroung the stage w/your crazy ass . over it!!!

  • rikki

    I couldn’t wait for this psychotic b*tch from the ghetto to GET OFF MY TV SCREEN. After watching the Grammy’s this year, I returned to my cynical and negative ways of thinking. Can you blame me? What the hell kind of a world do we live in where this is considered “talent” or worthy of anyone’s time? The music industry has officially gone to sh*t. Today marks it.

  • Heatherella

    Well I think we now know what really happened to Whitney. She killed herself because she couldn’t bare to live in a world with music that unpleasant.

  • jennifer Nguyen

    …i don’t get it

  • Sean

    I’d rather shove a screwdriver in my ears and eyes.

  • B

    I think we saw the true talent on display with Adele and at the end of the show. Minaj and Gaga are just puppets of the system, sideshows, not worthy of being mentioned alongside such genuine artists.

  • B

    I know we saw, we know we saw. We saw, we know.

  • Lovelydee


  • Anya

    What a load of crap!

  • Maggie

    Satanists mock the Catholic church, Hollywood mocks the Catholic church, even Protestant churches mock the Catholic church….Catholic church just can’t seem to catch a break these days…..
    Our “entertainment” industry has sunk to such a bottom feeder low these days it’s not even considered entertainment anymore. It’s like a visit to a nasty, smelly outhouse you hold your breath while in and can’t wait to leave.

  • http://@EKemper Edmund Kemper

    Religion sucks loaded bags of dicks anyways so anything to piss off the sheep is fine by me. The performance was shoddy though

  • may may

    You can interpret this in so many ways. People are scared of reality and afraid so they live in silence . I am not talking about gay rights as their are so many other issues in society that this performance can address. So live in your bubble, turn your eyes in disgust, but we all know the reality. I am not a hugh fan of Minaj because shes a little off putting. I do see sparks of artist expression in her performance that makes me smile. Beside, I like how she really gets into the role.. She would make a great actress!! Or maybe shes not acting which is hilarious. P.S wish there was a performance by The Band Perry – If I die Young as a tribute to all the lost artist this years.. Beautiful song!!! Brings Peace!!

  • http://mopstah1 mop

    ewwww, really Nikki? Ya think ima let my daughter watch that? Weirdo

  • clava

    wtf that is not music.. this is as annoying as Kim Kardashian.. Time to boycott Nick Minajs. Another non talented person with 15 mins of fame. What kind of music industry think they have the right to release this embarrassment????????????????? I would drop her back in the nut house they found that bitch.. lol

  • Rachel

    LOL, this performance sucked but who cares what the Catholic Church/Vatican has to say. They protected child molesting priests for decades and let’s not go into their history of corruption.

  • yikes

    so i am now thoroughly convinced nicki minaj is horrible like wth?? why would she do something like that its not even funny
    congratulations now you probably have more devils than you started with in the first place!!!

  • Girly

    that’s the worst performance ever!!! Absolutely trashy!

  • Megan

    This was the most terrible thing I have ever seen. It was very, very disrespectful; and her voice and her music are simply awful. I honestly do not understand how the producers allowed such a thing.

  • http://@obeyflayy Anonymous

    I thought ut was fxckn awesome…. Very diffrent :)!


    Capitalism is destroying the arts. When the goal is to find someone, layer them with marketing gimicks, image gimicks and auto tune, use an aggressive “push” marketing strategy to force them upon the masses who, being sheep, buy only because it’s popular, and when this project cycle is always successful and turns a quick profit before the artist is dropped for the next person…what do you expect?

    American music isn’t music; it’s image. It’s crap. The only way to make it change is to push back, to refuse and to be loud about it. When industry people realize there’s a market for people who are actually talented, they may start looking for quality musicians.

  • BarbieTeensCali

    i Dont Give A Fxck What Anybody Says , Nicki Did A Freaking Awesome Preformance . i Dont Understand Why Everyone Is Bxtching About Her Supposably “Needing Jesus” , Or Her “Being In Illuminati” , When Lady Gaga , Rihanna , Jay Z , Kanye West , and Many More Artist Are WAY Worse With This Devil Shxt , And Its Obviouse That They Are ! Anyways How Can She Be In The “Illuminati” When Her Tattoo On Her Arm Says “GODS WILL ALWAYS BE WITH ME” , Ummm Hello , Do you Think The Devil Will Accept That Tattoo ?! SO JUST SHUT THE FXCK UP NOW ! And About Her “Levitating” , Its SO OBVIOUS That There Is A Platform Underneath Her With 4 Wires Attatched , So Stop Complaing That Shes The Devil ! Also About The “Pope” And Stuff Like That , It Goes With The Theme Morons ! Its Like Putting Mayo Instead Of Jelly On A Peanut Butter Jelly Sandwhich , <—- It Dont Go Together . So Just Chill Out She Aint Mocking No Catholics , Shes Christian Why Would She Go Mock Some Other Religion , Thats Pretty Stupid . But Whatever , She Did AMAZING ! And Haters Will Keep Hating . #TEAMMINAJ <3

  • Me

    well, I liked it :3 GO NIKKI!!!! <3

  • MC

    Let’s see her try to mock Islam instead

  • Julian

    Okay, can anyone who didn’t like this performance actually give a real, legitimate reason besides “ewww this was HORRIBLE!” or “worst performance EVER!” or “she’s a devil worshiper!”? Or are we just going to sit around saying the same thing over and over again and thumbing each other up and thumbing down those who have a different opinion? because really, the performance wasn’t the worst…maybe not fit for the Grammys and kind of just…strange and out-of-place, but not complete and utter trash everyone here is making it out to be…

  • wow

    Its no longer about music. That wasn’t art…that was garbage! The religion thing has been overdone…find other ways to express yourself.

  • Marr2500

    IM SO SICK OF brain washed people , IF LADY GAGA DID THE SAME THING , EVERYONE WOULD BE SAYING HOW AMAZING IT WAS , LET’S BE HONEST . When someone black does Something like this , everyone freaks out ! We are living in a time where people like Adele could sing two notes and win 5 Grammys for shame ! It’s ashame that everyone acts as if race is not and issue . If u are white you get away with way more stuff , sad sad sad ! Gaga’s ex artistic director is Nicki’s now, love love loved it

  • RD


  • Marr2500

    Because it was amazing !

  • Nathan

    WTF was that? Worst waste of time ever. I’m glad i didnt watch teh Grammys and Im glad I skipped through that just now. purely awful! Is that music? performance? wtf was it?


    Well…. I just can’t believe she thought that was ok……! She’s just an all around WEIRDO……!

  • d


    Nicki minaj stan, performance sucked, music sucked, she sucked. another 2 years and we will be rid of this hemrrhoid on the ass of music forever, thank god

  • Lucky

    I am many unsigned people with talent and this is what we’re stuck with? This was beyond awful, Nicki..pick a friggin personality and stick to it, nobody cares about Roman..honestly. smh.

  • Andrea

    I didn’t watch the grammy’s last night so I wanted to see what all the fuss was about! This is HORRIBLE!!!!

  • d

    @Marr2500: adele actually has talent tho sooooo, where are you going with this??

  • Tracy

    I thought it was HOT!

  • Tracy


    I agree with you 100%! If lady gaga did it, there would be nothing but praise. It’s because she’s talented, black and hot….they hate that.

  • Resipspen

    “Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold”
    Matthew 24:12 (NIV)

  • happydots96

    I would like to have seen this Sista” ridicule Muhammad or Islam in such a way!!! Gotta feeling a Big Fat fatwa might be on her pink/blue/purple head in a Big Fast way!!! I would like to have seen Grammy attendees get up and walk out on that one..I would have at least a shred of respect for -some- in their business!!! Just sayin….

  • Paulski


    “We are living in a time where people like Adele could sing two notes and win 5 Grammys for shame ! It’s ashame that everyone acts as if race is not and issue”

    - ahem – Clearly your memory doesn’t stretch all the way back to 2010 “Beyoncé, who also received the most nominations, with ten, won a total of six awards breaking the record for most wins by a female artist in one night”. Now remind me what race Beyonce is. So maybe race isn’t n issue.

    People are up in arms about the performance mostly because it was awful. Yes a lot have been upset by the Catholic aspect (which lets face it has been down to death now by female performers), but the performance itself was shoddy – bad singing, bad music and unoriginal to the extreme. Personally, as an atheist the religious overtones don’t upset me from a belief aspect, but from a “quality” aspect it was awful.
    I think a number of people there could do with listening to Dave Grohl’s acceptance speech closely.

  • Paulski


    “I agree with you 100%! If lady gaga did it, there would be nothing but praise. It’s because she’s talented, black and hot….they hate that.”

    Gaga has done it, she did the “controversial” catholic imagery a while back. Feel free to read the comments

    Interesting to note that there is an awful lot of comments that aren’t “nothing but praise”, and that many of the criticisms aimed at her (unoriginal, to much foccus on style over content etc.) are identical to those being aimed at Minaj. This has nothing to do with race and everything to do with putting out lazy, unoriginal music that appeals to the lowest common denominator.

  • joey

    satanic, demonic and of everything evi!!!!!!! Wake up world~the devil is here in full force. Put on the armor of God and protect your children….while you still can. hurry!

  • drearob1

    It was horrible and sacrilege at the most . I understand that she is a entertainer and that is what they do but there was nothing entertaining about that . I turned from it when I saw it turning into a exorcism ……Have a little class I tried to turn back and watch but could not stomach the food poising that she was serving last night. Garbage……It was fit for the curb last night.

  • Shane1978

    I honestly turned off the TV and went to bed about 30 seconds into this. What was that?? Lady Gaga is a freak too but atleast she can sing. This freak should be banned from the industry for MASSIVE lack of talent.

  • kim

    i don’t see anything wrong with it…yea it’s kinda weird but i don’t see how it was disgusting or rude.

  • izab

    Bitch, don’t nobody care!

  • LoveMe


    How do you say “God” and “wtf” in the same sentence???

  • Ray

    Nicki Minaj should be banned from performing at any future high-profile events. I was watching with my wife and son and had to turn the channel because her performance was so disheartening and offensive. These celebrities should be treated like professional athletes. If an athlete does something offensive, they are fined and in some cases suspended.

    Celebs…you’ve been given a stage with millions watching. Do some good with those moments. You want to push the envelope?!?! Push it in a positive direction!!

  • wow

    I think this was the performance of the night at the Grammy’s. Adele should take a lesson or two from Nicki on how to really put on a great, entertaining performance. Adele equals Boooriiinggg. Nicki pushed it to another level. I’m really expecting Nicki to make a big impact at next yr’s Grammy awards and to pick up many awards for her new album.

  • BenisaMartin4

    This is Trash with a capital T! What in the world…

  • GeorgieLoo

    Wow. Im not even Catholic but I find this very disrespectful. Out of ALL the things she could have done she did this.! How could people like that crap.?