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Nicki Minaj's Grammys Performance - Watch Now!

Nicki Minaj's Grammys Performance - Watch Now!

Nicki Minaj levitates during her performance at the 2012 Grammy Awards held at Staples Center on Sunday (February 12) in Los Angeles.

The 29-year-old rapper kicked it off by confessing the lyrics to her new single, “Roman Holiday,” while sitting next to The Pope, the same man she walked with on the red carpet earlier in the evening.

The performance, called “The exorcism of [Nicki's alter ego] Roman,” was choreograhed by Laurieann Gibson and featured religious imagery, pyrotechnics, and backup dancers dressed as monks.

“OMG @ that chris brown performance. >>>>>>>> SHUT DOOWWWNNNN,” Nicki tweeted about another one of the night’s performers.

Nicki Minaj’s Grammys Performance 2012

10+ pictures inside of Nicki Minaj performing at the 2012 Grammy Awards…

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Credit: Kevin Winter; Photos: Getty
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390 Responses to “Nicki Minaj's Grammys Performance - Watch Now!”

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  1. 26
    katastrafee1259 Says:

    everyones dissin but i didnt think it wuz dat bad

  2. 27
    jill Says:

    this creature is horrible

  3. 28
    EricsGirl Says:


    I didn’t find it entertaining at all. Total rubbish. And demonic!!!

  4. 29
    Sigh Says:

    Quit trying to make this about religion. It’s not like Minaj took crosses, lit them on fire, and made out with Jesus on the altar. Madonna did that in the 80s, and it was a lot better. This performance performance just isn’t good in general.

  5. 30
    YoYo Says:

    The only weird thing about this performance was the Roman priest. Really strange and uncomfortable to watch.

  6. 31
    Amanda Says:

    BLEH! She would be so lost without Gaga’s influence. I know nothing is original, but I can tell you that Nicki Manaj is the least original of them all. Everytime I see her, I just see Lady Gaga done wrong. Gaga stands for something and she is passionate about everything little oddity she throws out there. Nicki, however, no. She just wants her 15 minutes of fame. Doesn’t this video sorta remind you of “Alejandro”? (Done badly, of course.)

  7. 32
    smlong Says:

    She Needs Jesus!

  8. 33
    Grace Says:

    It’s ridiculous that she would ever agree to perform something like that…it’s just embarassing

  9. 34
    Alina Says:

    This is so scary and satantic! Honestly how could someone get away with doing this and have people think it’s normal? It’s so disturbing and evil.

  10. 35
    lala Says:

    OMG! This is embarrassing, especially because she’s singing in front of Adele and other great singers! She has the voice, but she’s not using it the right way…

  11. 36
    ..... Says:

    If anyone actually paid attention, the whole performance makes sense…. Nicki minaj is performing as “roman” her alter ego that is a gay male. “he” is confessing, and according to most religions it is a sin to be gay. So they’re trying to “exorcise” him to make straight… and she’s not speaking in tongue. you can clearly hear a word every time she or the back track talks… except for a few grunts. The backtrack is “roman’s mother martha” telling him he needs to take some meds and go away until he is better. I’m not saying the performance was good and all I’m just explaining it….

  12. 37
    Wow Says:

    Horrible. No one should credit her at all for this garbage. Mocking the Pope, stain glass, alter boys being sexualized by dancing women, kneeling alter, choir singing oh come o thee faithful or whatever in devilish cloaks, then the church goes up in flames and she rejoices? Wow. Just disgusting. I swear, her and the people who fund her are laughing at all her fans… those she has left, and saying those idiots… look we can do anything and they STILL like you. People just gobble up anything they are spoon fed. Sad really. People are so enamored by fame and power that they follow someone as talentless as this. Total crap and the grammies owes a HUGE apology for allowing that to air.

  13. 38
    Amanda Says:

    Embarrassing to watch! Such a terrible Song and performance! Poor Nicki, that was horrible.

  14. 39
    Kaden Says:

    Ya know I know Im gonna get a lot a thumbs down here, but…I didn’t…hate this. I mean really guys, yes you don’t like this performance, and yes she may have been trying a bit too hard, but it wasn’t complete garbage. Knowing what I know about Nicki, I do think she was trying to hard to be controversial and be talked about, but…the performance wasn’t complete and utter garbage and I think she was just trying to be entertaining. I’m not gonna start making speculations and says she was copying GaGa, but really it wasn’t the worst thing. Attention whoring: yes. Complete and total garbage without any kind of entertaining value whatsoever if you open your mind up: no.

  15. 40
    Toni Says:

    @Toni: Shoot let me add some more after I saw that again. Missy come back and call Timbaland to go back to that magic yall had even if it means calling DeVante Swing up for some help,Eve come back now and bring DMX too, Lauryn, Foxy and Lil Kim please get your mess together and come back because she needs some competition to bring the best out of her.

  16. 41
    omd Says:

    LOL hiring caca’s old choreographer… as if she wasnt lame enough when she was working with caca. she inspired the movie HONEY for god’s sakes

  17. 42
    Eric Says:

    Nicki seems to be doing the same exact thing as Lady Gaga. They both try WAY too hard to get noticed and try WAY too hard to be different. I’m a fan of Gaga and I like a couple of Nicki songs (overall not a fan of Nicki, though), but let’s face it, both of them put on terrible performances. Gaga was pretty good when she first started. The things she did, the clothes she wore, and the performances she put on here overall pretty cool. Now she has taken that and brought it a whole different level: Stupid. Maybe if both Nicki and Gaga actually got up there and showed people their actual talent, then they would put on great performances. You don’t need huge theatrics to put a great performance. In fact, most of the time when artists do they Nicki and Gaga do, they end up being terrible performances and they look like they are trying too hard to get noticed. I prefer artists basically getting on stage and showing us fans why we love them and showing us their talents. Instead artists like Gaga and Nicki have to get on stage and try to pull off some huge theatrical performance to show they are new and interesting, which doesn’t ever work because they end up failing every single time. Nicki can actually sing and if she would stop with the ridiculous crappy rap songs, then she would be a great artist. And if Gaga stopped trying to surprise everybody with something new and ridiculous every time she goes out, then maybe she could be as great as she was when she first started. Both try way too hard and basically do things just to surprise the audience. All that does, at least for me, is start to hate them and it makes me irritated.

  18. 43
    Emily Says:

    I feel embarassed just by watching this.

  19. 44
    KC Says:

    Enough of the satanic rituals . . . .I turned the t.v. off. Shameful. I prayed after watching . . . . .

  20. 45
    jessie Says:

    thats was the worst performance in the HISTORY OF HIP-HOP!

  21. 46
    anonymous1889 Says:

    waste of time performances = katy perry and Nicki Minaj

  22. 47
    olives Says:

    I’m offended at the fact that she’s become careless about her music. Like the author states, “but it’s unclear exactly how we’re supposed to feel about Nicki Minaj (or her alter ego Roman Zolanski) once it ended.” I feel like her past 3 singles about Roman were just thrown at us and we would just sit there and ask, “what is this?”. That’s the offensive thing about her songs and this performance… Anyone claiming offense because of the religious imagery is more of a loon than the people who put this performance together… It clearly wasn’t saying anything about religion… it was about an exorcism, and although it was stupid, I don’t think it was hard to understand. The song was fine… like it wasn’t bad, but… what’s the point? That’s all i really have to say.

  23. 48
    Porky Says:

    peer pressure made all those fools in designer suits and dress applaud, they puppets …. lame soo many levels

  24. 49
    EGeeziss Says:

    Pop rapper masquerading as an emcee… SMH. Coming soon – Roman’s Funeral. She keeps proving me right. TRASH

  25. 50
    SJP Says:

    How the hell can they allow this at the Grammys? The VMA’s, ok. But this is supposed to be about music and vocal. Not stupid costumes and terrible performances of ridiculous ‘songs’.

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