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Gerard Butler in Rehab for Prescription Drugs: Report

Gerard Butler in Rehab for Prescription Drugs: Report

Gerard Butler is leaving rehab after spending three weeks in the Betty Ford Center, TMZ reports.

The 42-year-old Scottish stud is reportedly being treated for prescription drug abuse – “the actor began struggling with pain management [during filming of 300 in 2006], and the problem became exacerbated while filming Of Men and Mavericks, when Butler was badly hurt on December 18 during a surfing accident,” TMZ explained.

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Gerry is said to be leaving Betty Ford on Friday (February 24).

Our best goes out to Gerry.

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  • angelsrock

    Well, we knew this would be the lead for the new thread. Nice of JJ to wish him well. I hope he gets out before the swarm of paps converges!!

  • Kell

    this is not a surprise!

  • serendipity

    Prescription drugs and cocaine…what about the alcohol abuse. Is dear Gerry looking after that as well. That drunken drug addict, makes me sick.

  • Stacie

    I am actually surprised by this news. I love him and wish him well . So sad . : (

  • mandy

    He needs to get away from Hollywood…Make movies, but don’t live there…He is prone to addictions, the environment there is toxic….

  • GFW

    The look on his face flat-out paddling was apparent he was in pain. He’s had a tender back since Attila. I wish him the best with this on-going battle hoping he gets back, pardon the pun, to work soon!

  • kel

    Love him….be well, Gerry!

  • Joie de Vivre

    Butler, you come across as being strong-minded and of having bulldog courage. Please apply what you’ve learned these past 3 weeks. Good Luck as you sort yourself out. Positive thoughts and prayers to you! XXO

  • she

    Take care sweet Gerry, remember that we are not in this world to suffer. Be kind to yourself

  • z

    Oh, darling, get better! Poor thing!

  • [~Fug Face Man!ston~]


  • GFW

    That’s a beautiful photo. it is. His sweet face and eyes say so much. I’m so glad they used one like that rather than try to ‘match’ the photo to the news? Thank you sincerely. If this had to come out, at least support him best you can!
    Also to show they are legit meds for chronic issues sustained from working who knows stress finds its place of vulnerability and that’s his lower back, same like mine who had a bout of it last week under deadline at work but NOTHING like what he suffers from!
    Best of luck Gerry! I’ve got your back. ;o) (wink)
    who knows this was about his career as much as his self wishing him all the love and support he can collect both spiritually and physically as he tackles the next phase of his life… managing his recovery!

  • Hey

    He used to be hot and charming now he’s just gross and pathetic, another one who couldn’t handle money and fame without losing his mind in the process.
    Get away from Hollyweird and $kanks Gerry you’ll be happier in no time ;)

  • Dragonette

    :( Pain pill addiction is a slippery thing. Hope he gets back to where he needs to be.

  • Manny

    Well his time in Betty Ford gave him enough time to get all the chemicals out of his body. Now what is next? I hope he continues with outpatient work with Betty Ford.

  • Kirsten

    I am addicted to celeb news but I almost feel bad that his personal news is out there. Still, I’m glad he is getting better. I like Gerry.

  • Oh dear 1

    @ Manny

    Can’t remember Palms Springs what happen there?

  • Stormyweather

    Well this wasn’t exactly the kind of “new topic” I was looking for! I have to say that this is more of a common problem then you think and is not just a Hollywood celebrity issue. Regular people get hooked on these things as well because our health care system is out of whack. It’s all about just shoving a prescription in front of someone who’s in pain nowadays and charging an office fee. Drug manufacturing is big business and pill pushing is out of control! It’s all about the dollar now and not the healing in this country.
    Good luck to Gerry and I’m proud of him for realizing he has a problem and getting it under control. Not many in HW do (Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson come to mind.)
    I’ve always feared with his addictive personality that he might have a problem that could escalate and do him real harm. I always knew he was a strong person though and knows his weaknesses, more then some give him credit.

  • Me2

    Wow…. I wasn’t expecting this!!…. I’m glad he went to rehab and is getting better. Now I think, not only should he choose his women carefuly , but also who he hangs out with on a daily bases. WIsh you the best Gerry!!…. Can’t wait to see a new pic of your smiling face .

  • mimo



  • ha ha

    Yet another celeb who has everything going for them and cr aps on it. WTF would these retards do if they had to live in the real world with real responsibities, a real job, and limited income?

  • The Noise In The Walls

    Best for you :)..Glad you got treatment.. :)..Hang in there :)..ox

  • http://website,computer Dave From Canada

    From The Spartans to Rehab. Gerard, you’re certainly well-travelled. Hang in there and get well!

  • Manny

    @Oh dear 1:
    Answered in the other thread…

  • Bystander

    I wish Gerry well, and hope he takes some good advice.

    But, is this story all that it seems? If you drill into the treatment programs above, the one for addiction to pain management medication is a minimum of 45 days.

    I sincerely hope that whatever program he is on, and he does seem to be a bare minimum length of treatment, that he has not curtailed it for professional or social reasons. It does not matter one iota what anyone, especially your fans, thinks or would like you to do.Time to put your health first, dear boy.


    I love this guy! Good luck Gerard and God Bless.

  • GFW

    Feel such a debate took place regarding Mandy’s suggestions not long ago. You cannot convince a man to do anything. It has to be his idea. He has to feel that need. Don’t feel it’s California to blame but he was in a weak place and the company he kept didn’t help nor the strenuous shots for Of Men and Mavericks. He’ll be fine. Have faith in him, I do!

  • Manny

    With this short of stint I was wondering if it was more of a detox than full addiciton treatment. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

  • GFW

    Wow, that’s intensive care! Of course he’d go for the most extreme (and shortest) method! Gobs to be proud of. That could not have been easy! Hope he had fun things to do and read to keep his mind occupied! And his laptop and gadgets!

  • GFW

    Please make all the promos for The Vow go away! It was an awful film! **spoiler** she never regained her memory. It’s acted awful by both. Save your money!

  • Michelle

    Glad he’s getting help, especially because prescription drug abuse is something that can be kept much more secret than other others. I know one of his best friends is Craig Ferguson who went to rehab for drinking/drugs, so I’m sure he’s got a great support in him.

  • cubedweller

    Greetings JJrs! Sadly this comes as no surprise to many of us. He has not been right for quite some time, and has looked frighteningly unwell. But I have to say that I am feeling more hopeful for Butler’s future today than I have for a long time. This is a good thing – he is taking the right steps to get clean and sober.
    With all my heart, I wish you the best, big guy. You have so much going for you. Most importantly, you have family, friends, and fans who are in your corner. Get yourself well – for nothing else matters.

  • Drive Bye

    Sorry to hear he has been in so much pain. He’s always admitted to the “addictive personality” but he’s been telling the public he’s been sober for years. He’s believeable in any action role, and so talented in that way. Hope he can succeed in staying sober the long-run. I for one love his gregarious nature and infectious sense of humor.

  • Real

    He’s being treated for an addiction to painkillers and COCAINE!! Why the heck did JJ leave the cocaine part out??? GB’s been a coke addict for years.

  • Nugget

    I didn’t expect this from Gerry but you always have to take drugs before becoming famous

  • Bystander

    Lainey has her dig at Gerry…………………..and us:

    “I guess rehab for an addiction to painkillers because of an injury is totally not the same as getting sh-tfaced at TIFF every night to the point of belligerence, right? They were smart to spin it this way, to control the story before the Enquirer did it for them. Because now his supporters can support him even more. Poor, poor brute. He must have been suffering so much. Of COURSE he had to self-medicate. Of COURSE he would never, never use anything harder, anything less legal. And don’t be ridiculous, his weight loss had NOTHING to do with cocaine.”

  • Troy

    Well, yeah, he didn’t have that coke nail for nothing. I can’t believe that none of his die hard fans noticed this. Every time I’ve looked at that nail I’ve thought to myself ‘geez man, you’re not exactly hiding it’.

  • Annietude

    @Bystander: You beat me to it. Good ol’ Lainey. I still wonder what the truth is concerning her vitriol.

  • GFW

    “GB’s been a coke addict for years.”
    That’s a might brave statement to place here.
    Lainey, like a lot of people, don’t know everything about Gerry or any of his on-going possible issues.
    That said, his weight loss, I don’t think has anything or little, to do with his present circumstance for which he is wise enough and self-aware enough and proactive enough to get a handle on. It might not have helped but not the real reason… JMO.

  • GFW

    A possible nailed unfortunately or a possible cry for help as well?

  • sad but … timing

    Very sad news – though sadly, not suprising.
    However, I think that is it sadder that he is ‘out of rehab’ in time for the Oscars.

    To me, I would like him now to fly off NOW to him Mum, or out of town for a good long while and get a rest, rather than seeing him do the red carpets and the parties and risk all the work he has done so far – otherwise, (sorry to be rather cynical) it seems that the pre oscar timing for ‘release from the clinic’ could be timed to get max publicity from the oscar weekend.
    Also, If the TMZ note about Cocaine as well as the meds is fair or true, then wall to wall oscar parties wouldn’t seem to be a bright place to relaunch after the rehab.

    Secondly, this is a massive bomb for the PR as the association with ‘Gerard Butler in Rehab’ is now there forever, each and every time that he gets a mention on things. Each and every time we hear him talk about ‘how he beat this or that addiction’ there will always be that little doubt as to his sobriety, and all the interviews will mention ‘GB – out of rehab etc’.
    Its a real body blow in publicity terms to his image. Hope that his team are running fast to minimize the collateral.

    A sad day, not unexpected, but sorry to see that he and his team can no longer keep a lid on things.

  • GFW

    Rejection. It’s always rejection.

  • GFW

    @sad but … timing:
    What, no credit for being strong enough to check himself in? I’m kind of hoping he doesn’t rush it and stays put. 30 days might not be enough. But then I’m sure he’s in need of… well, all I’ll say is, to get back living a masculine life. I wish him the will to make it. Want to and find a way to get clean and stable so he can get back to work!

  • Help

    I wish him all the love in the world

  • Bystander

    We will have to wait and see what the truth is, if we ever get to know it.

    But thinking back, the pain wasn’t so severe as to stop last year’s non-stop round of surfing, helicopter piloting, road tripping, backpacking, soccer playing, paragliding or night clubbing , was it? I think I’ll take back my comment on the previous thread that this near addiction story was fortuitous PR, evoking sympathy at a time when the backslash against Brandigate was in full swing.

    We will have to wait and see whether there is any element of truth in what Lainey says, and whether this story will continue to run and develop, like Brandigate, as more is revelaed. This could be the PR spin on something far more worrying.

  • weber

    Prescription meds? It sounds better than what it really is, I guess. The truth hurts. It really does. And it’s sad. But a lot of us know. Be well, Gerry, be well.

  • Drive Bye


    You’ve recounted the past year correctly, Bystander. Enough of the truth is evident behind the spin.

  • Info

    This article is very kind to him, and I think we need to see it in this way too.
    “While a three week stay might be a little short for rehab, I’m impressed this is the first we’re hearing about it. Mostly when a celebrity decides to spring break at Betty Ford, it’s a huge production that involves PR statements, court orders, and tearful confessions to Mario Lopez on Extra. It’s almost like Gerard Butler actually entered rehab to get better and not to satisfy public concerns. It’s refreshing.”

  • K

    You have to remember that this man worked with Angelina Jolie in Tomb Raider Cradle Of Life.

  • Info

    Is Betty Ford in Palm Springs?
    “TMZ cited unnamed sources close to Butler as saying the actor realized he was relying too much on prescription drugs and wanted to kick the habit before it became a full-blown addiction.

    Butler, 42, also developed issues with cocaine, the insiders told the celebrity news Web site, but his biggest problem appears to be pain management from past injuries, they said.”
    I think the coke could definitely get out of hand if it’s not nipped in the bud. When he started smoking last summer, he was very resilient.
    It lasted a little under a month and he was able to kick the habit. Now he checks into Betty Ford for 3 weeks and is able to leave. Maybe this was just a temporary lapse – many addicted personalities fall off the horse but the get back on.