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Rihanna: Fanny Pack in NYC

Rihanna: Fanny Pack in NYC

Rihanna leaves her hotel in midtown Manhattan and heads to Milk Studios on Monday (March 12) in New York City.

The 24-year-old entertainer, who wore a fanny pack with dollar sign detailing, shot her Vita Coco Ad campaign with photog Terry Richardson for her own flavor, “Tropical Fruit.”

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On Sunday night, Ri wore a completely sheer top while she went out to dinner with friends.

Ri arrived in town on Sunday after spending time in New Orleans, where she performed at Brad Pitt‘s Make It Right gala.

10+ pictures inside of Rihanna heading to a photo shoot in New York City…

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rihanna milk studios 01
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rihanna milk studios 07
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Credit: Ivan Nikolov, Jason Winslow/Tom Meinelt; Photos: WENN, Splash News Online
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  • Me


  • Lola

    For a Bajan girl, she’s peculiarly white trash.

  • bb

    I didn’t like blonde hair on her at first but now I’m starting to like it

  • New Yorker

    Ya know what, this dressed down look is not too bad. yeah the hair…but you know she seems like she’s a New York West indian gal. In a good way… a young Bajan gal in NY, unpretentiously going about her business. Maybe she needs to stay here for a bit, get reconnected with RiRi the young, talented and pretty gal instead of RiRi the drama diva superstar.

  • Nice One

    After yesterdays picture of her walking around in that boob showing top and looking off her face i have absolutely no respect for her at all that was just attention seeking as if she needs it shes posted on here everyday.

  • One love

    She’s getting too skinny. I liked last year’s curvy Rihanna. She looked perfect in the man down video!!

  • nevermet

    Who is she trying to emulate? Riri’s trashy anyways

  • GGGive

    looking good fenty!! go go go

  • Gossipgirl

    Ms. Fenty’s is living proof that money (in her case, lots of it) does not equal class and/or taste.

  • Shît

    She should go away but again she’ll persist till the end of time

  • scout

    While Rhiannah has been dumpster diving for men, clothing and lyrics and appears no better than a publicity depraved, two-bit ho . . .

    To call her”white trash” is a stretch and offensive.

    She is exuding trash, but she is not white and to imply that “white” is one of the worst insults that you could hurl at trash is racist.

    If anyone compared Lindsay Lohan to “black” trash, the world would be up in arms.

    Trash is trash . . . it is not a racial issue. Don’t make it one.

    To the best of my eyesight, she is not dating white guys, has never attempted to pretend that she is white . . . no, she is black and she’s proud.

    No one is criticising her for the color of her skin. The color of her skin is NOT the problem. White people did not cause her to make the choices that she is making . . . if you want insight, talk to Jay-Z, her mentor. . . or Chris Brown . . . her lover. . . or Rhianna, she’s a grown woman making millions and her own very poor choices.

    “White trash”? Take a look at your own class act.

  • scout

    Fine dining does not entail a titty show unless you bargained for it. The manager who seated that publicity-stunt dressed as a prostitute in, should have refunded the money of every patron. The fact that he let her in indicates that he should be fired.

    She may be the center of her own universe, but she is far from the center of mine.

    Parents should not need to shield their childrens’ eyes while walking public streets because some self-absorbed nitwit thinks thinks that she is not an assault upon their eyes, nor should diners outside of a strip club be forced to endure her exhaustive, repugnant presence.

    Shame on the restaurant that admitted her overly-exposed self. It’s a titty show that we had no desire to witness . . . if we wanted to see that trash, we’d have gone to a titty bar. We pay well to enjoy a nice night out. . . not to see an exhibitionist scream, “Rape me, rape me, know that you love me . . . ” disgusting.

  • Nice One

    @scout: hahahaha you couldn’t have worded that any more perfect good job

  • Gossipgirl

    @scout: I was totally shocked when I saw those photos! I mean, Hollywierd has no standards whatsoever but to allow this woman into a place of business looking like that!

  • ethiopianchick

    i love when she covers up like this, she looks adorable!!

  • scout

    Again, the “white” trash meme needs to stop.

    She’s not white. She may be trash, but she would have to reach up from the gutter to be white trash.

    When did it become okay to call white people trash.

    She’s black.

    I will never engage in the trash talk, but if you’re going to call a black woman trash, every black man uses the n word.

    Get over your “White” trash meme . . . call her what you mean.

    Black people calling a black person a N. Always dispicable . . . to attempt to assign the same derogaroty name to white women . . . isn’t that just racism? Racism is fine so long as it involves calling a tramp a whore, and finer if it’s a black person calling a black woman “White trash,” but any body calls a black woman a black “n”, unless it’s a black man or woman . . . that’s a killin’ term.

    Good grief.

    Call a woman of whatever race a ho, you are a fool. Sex that up with a little descriptive phrase, “white” or “nigga”, them’s killing words.

    Before you go all kowabunga on us, lose the descriptors. You are as guilty as anyone and the phrasing is just as offensive.

  • scout

    Who knows, maybe Rhianna likes it that way.

    What do you say Jay-Z?

    Do you have a preference whether Ivy Blue is called White Trash, a Nigga or a Biatch?

    You regularly use each of the above so you should be an excellent source of opinion.

  • scout

    Point is, Rhianna is a beautiful black woman, mentored by Jay-Z, who was brutally beaten by Chris Brown, who is now sleeping with Chris Brown, who has tatooed herself with guns, who sings about the joys of being abused and who is dressing like a street whore.

    That has nothing about being either black or white.

    It’s about bad . . . really bad judgment.

    She and her mentor are solely responsible.

    It is despicable to blame it on “white” culture.

    You Rhianna decided to do this, you are not white, you reject white culture, you and your mentor Jay-Z embrace black culture . . . your bad choices are your own.

    If you choose to adopt trash as your lifestyle, embrace it. That choice is no one’s but your own and perhaps your mentors.’

    What you’re screaming is, “I’m black and I’m bad. I’m the most bad assed black bitch you will see in my generation. If I want to f**k the bad ass pric* who beat me . . .I will do that too.”

    In no way does that make you “White trash.”

  • scout

    There is trash in every culture. Just don’t blame your own trashiness on White, Asian, Latino or any other culture.

    Your own culture included. You found the dumpster all by yourself.

  • scout

    Amazing to see, Jessica was pregnant before Beyonce and she’s big as a house now but has yet to deliver.

    That one hell of an inflatable belly on Beyonce . . . Hope she paid her South American au pair well.

  • scout

    Jessica’s baby is screaming, “Let me out!” while Blue Ivy is saying, “Si . . . a little easy on the weave . . . after only two weeks? I was born looking like Kojak . . .. lollipop please. . . . yes, I’ll smile in you photo ops, but I’m only two weeks old”

  • scout

    Psst . . . I’m only pretending. I’m covered in so many blamkets . . . you could suck my mom’s teat.

    This is soooo old.

    Get a friggin’ clue.

  • scout

    A woman’s body is a miraculous thing. If lady-tramp wants her body to produce milk . . . it will. Great weight loss device . . . but my mamma is a latina. I miss her so much.

    Who are these people?

  • scout


    I’m feeling a little bit high and the need for a colostomy.

    Thank you Mom, Pop and aunt Goop.

    . . . .

    For better or worse, feel like I’m growing up fast with perpetually empty bowels . . . so long as I can do it with an English accent, I will be just like auntie Goop, aunt Amdonna and uncle Johnnie Depp.

    Horribly pretentious, but, It’s what we pretentious, fake aristocrats do best. As 1%ers from the 99% masses, after the show we’ve been putting on, we’d be flogged. A little high, British and strung out is how we fly.

  • Alia san

    would u shut up
    fine we got it

  • Marguerite

    I liked last year’s curvy Rihanna. She looked perfect in the man down video!!