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Jeremy Renner Mourns Death of His Puppy

Jeremy Renner Mourns Death of His Puppy

Jeremy Renner arrives at JFK International Airport on Sunday (March 18) in New York City.

The 41-year-old actor recently got some devastating news that his beloved 8-month-old French bulldog, Franklin, had died.

Jeremy‘s business partner, Kristoffer Winters, was dogsitting the pup earlier this month and took him to his nephew’s little league baseball game.

The dog had been running around the field on a hot day but later began to vomit and convulse. TMZ reports three people “tried to give the dog mouth-to-mouth to revive the pooch – to no avail.”

Jeremy and Franklin “were extremely close,” the website added, “and he’s grief-stricken.”

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  • Gossipgirl

    Poor Jeremy! It is devastating to lose a pet! Condolences…..but there are many pets who need homes, so consider getting another doggy….so sorry!

  • Ummm, hmmm…

    So, uh, Kristoffer Winters is Jeremy’s “business partner?”

  • BEAN

    LOL WHO is mouth to mouthing a dog that has just been vomiting? Oh heeeeeell no

  • Whatever!

    At the end of the day a pet is a pet and no way am I giving an animal mouth to mouth, a human child yes, a dog no. I love my sister’s dog like family and I would be extremely sad/upset to see anyhing happen to him however, I know where to draw the line. People take loving a pet too far these days.

  • Plens

    This is sad, I’m surprised by the callous comments.

  • LisaLipps

    Obviously you have never owner a pet before. The people who’ve made that special bond with their pet know what I’m talking about. After all, animals are considered God’s creatures.
    Best wishes Jeremy.

  • Rocky

    OH NO! That’s so sad. I had a puppy who died when she was six months old. Broke my heart. Still does when I think how beautiful and smart she was.

  • Sasha


    i agree with some people take owning a pet too far, but they are like family, but this is till so sad.

  • justagirlandherpups

    Any dog owner can tell you, that losing a pet is awful. Mr. Renner must have been devastated that he was out of town when the incident occurred. Sometimes with such a young dog, especially a French Bulldog, over breeding may have left the pup with a birth defect. The hot weather, young age, and an overly condensed breathing system may have caused the shock and then death. I have two little pups and would do anything for them, so sad.

  • MeMyself&I

    Snub nosed dogs like French bulldogs are very susceptible to the heat. This dog should not have been allowed to run around in the heat all day long. After some exertion he should have been allowed to rest in a shady area with plenty of cool water. Whoever was taking care of him did not know how to care for him properly. Poor dog.

  • Rocky


    Very true. Bull Dogs and Pugs along with Huskies and Malamuts suffer in the heat. Someone didn’t do their homework on taking care of the breed and a sweet puppy died.

  • S

    So sad. I echo what others are saying…Frenchies are intolerant to extreme weather conditions…both hot and cold. I wish the dogsitter had known that, then this whole thing could have been prevented.

  • candy

    @Whatever- Not sure why it should bother you if people love their pets and would do anything for them. In case you are not aware, firefighters often give animals mouth to mouth when they find them in fires and try to revive them. It isn’t about taking things to the “extreme”, it is about saving a life. Maybe the life of any animal is not meaningful to you, but it is a life, and if a life can be saved then why is it bad that a few people would give a dog mouth to mouth? Given where some people’s mouths have been, giving mouth to mouth to a dog would be less of a health risk.

    It just bothers me when people make an issue out of people loving their pets. It is fine if you find it ridiculous, but most people do not. What would be the real difference in picking up a dog hit by a car and trying to help it vs a dog who was in distress and needed oxygen, and someone giving it mouth to mouth? The way I see it, if a life can be saved, and all life is precious, who cares if the thing in trouble is human or animal?

  • MeatBalls

    It may have been a heat stroke. It used to happen to my dog during the summer several years back. We’d come home and find her in my brother’s room with the windows closed and no water nor food (we lived with another couple and their children at the time, so…). She’d be passed out and when she came to, she’d shake and convulse. Luckily she survived and we moved away from the other couple.

  • GreenCAT

    Aww that’s so sad!

  • Sean

    @Whatever!: Although i think it is kinda gross to do but if it was my doggie i think i would do it. Your stupid to say a pet is just a pet than say your sisters dog is like family. HATER! I would want to give mouth to mouth to a person like you!! (: