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Eddie Cibrian: LeAnn Rimes Should Be an 'X Factor' Judge!

Eddie Cibrian: LeAnn Rimes Should Be an 'X Factor' Judge!

LeAnn Rimes heads to Cafe Habana for lunch on Monday (March 26) in Malibu, Calif.

The 29-year-old singer’s husband, Eddie Cibrian, recently opened up about rumors she’s in the running to be an X Factor judge.

“They’ve been talking. [But] I have no idea what’s going on with that,” he told Extra.

“I think she would be unbelievable on a show like that. She’s so smart and intelligent,” Eddie added. “I think she has a lot of great input and actually could help these people out. Plus, she can sing!”

10+ pictures inside of LeAnn Rimes at Cafe Habana in Malibu…

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leann rimes cafe habana malibu 01
leann rimes cafe habana malibu 02
leann rimes cafe habana malibu 03
leann rimes cafe habana malibu 04
leann rimes cafe habana malibu 05
leann rimes cafe habana malibu 06
leann rimes cafe habana malibu 07
leann rimes cafe habana malibu 08
leann rimes cafe habana malibu 09
leann rimes cafe habana malibu 10

Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • James

    she’s smart AND intelligent? BOTH? At the same time?
    give these 2 some rat poison please.

  • LOL

    He really wants her out of the house hahahah

    Wonder why???

  • http://website,computer Dave From Canada

    Maybe she should be a judge, but even Simon Cowell is now considering axeing the show. When you fire most of your judges, that’s really not a good sign for the show. Goodbye X-Factor(he should have stayed with a proven hit, American Idol.)

  • lulz

    She would ruin the XFactor & it’s obvious to anyone with a brain that Simon is not seriously considering her as a judge. He said she approached them & didn’t look very interested even discussing it. Britney Spears is someone we know he wants. Also, its hilarious how LEAnn is looking down and not smiling in these photos. Must not be the usual guy she calls & hires to shoot her.

  • big orange

    puhlease…america doesn’t want to see….THAT.

  • anban

    jj, are you going to post those totally photo-op pics of leann kissing some woman as showing off her bra in front of eddie?
    she’s SO intelligent…AND smart.

  • menna

    I guess intelligence isn’t what it used to be…

  • Dee

    God no please! Not her!

  • Ana

    Do you need money Eddie?

  • :-)

    and Eddie needs money so this would help him because Suga’Mommy LeAnn pays his way in world.

  • Marisa

    Edouche shut up & get a job you pig.

  • Cassie

    @sheng: Please take your spam and get lost.

  • Dr. Take Your Breath Away

    @James: LMAO JAMES, I agree. Too funny. Rat poison: coming right up!

  • Dr. Take Your Breath Away

    @:-): THAT and if she’s busy working long hours, he can CHEAT. YAY FOR EDDIE. Cheat away asswipe.

  • ……

    I guess he couldn’t find a positive way to spin the pics of her and that duck-lipped girl, so he went with these photos instead? He usually mirrors Daily Mail photos, since they are both clients of the same agency. Random.

  • Jerry

    Go ahead, make her an X Factor judge Simon. It’ll just be the final nail in the coffin this woeful show needs. It doesn’t have a thing on the far superior UK version!

  • Looselipz

    Next to Brandi anybody is intelligent.

  • dobbi

    Eddie why don’t you support your kids? A bad show doesn’t need a has been yodeler.

  • Samantha

    I honestly think she looks more like 40 than 29

  • julie

    Eddie is the smart one, he never has to work another day in his life. Just push his Bonus wife on the public and then relax and go on another vacation. He’s a used up d=listed actor who is looking really bad. to think, I used to think he was so hot until I found out what kind of selfish, soulless man he is. YOU WANT TO MESS WITH OTHER WOMEN, GET A DIVORCE FIRST AND THEN PARTY. How’s that goldfish bowl life now, eddie, pretty confining, isn’t it

  • Justme

    He should worry about his own career and like a real man, get a job!! He has become a lazy paid-partner, so needs her to work more I guess. Like anybody wants to see Whoville-looking Lee-Anne every week on their TV screen. Forget X-Factor, it would be more like WTF-Factor if they hire her. They are both squinty-eyed losers who deserve each other.

  • Cam S

    DESPERATE HO! You guys go over to the daily mail & see the pics of her “making out sorority girl style” w/some girl in front of Frat boy husband.
    Gosh SHE IS A DISGUSTING FAMEHO. Next up- sex tape w/Eddie. Just you wait…

  • Cam S

    GOT DAYUM she has LINEBACKER SHOULDERS!!! Can’t help it you guys- I’m home sick from work today

  • devon

    Isn’t X-Factor trying to improve this season? Hiring a complete has been whose public profile is as damaged as hers is isn’t going to do much to help and this Leann as a judge stuff is just her attempted PR spin. Her career was hot a decade ago, now it’s fallen to a point where a comeback would require a miracle. Simon said she approached them. How embarrassing. She has to go shilling for jobs because her albums no longer sell and her record company has had enough of her commercial failures of late and are cutting her loose. I am sure her getting the gig would be great for Eddie as it would keep him in vacations and new cars and would give him a chance for some of the extracurricular activities he so enjoys. I can picture her as a judge with him sitting in the audience every show because she is too insecure to leave him at home for any length of time. Yeah, that would really increase the ratings…NOT.

  • Anonymous

    Awesome singer. She would be great for the job.
    GO LEANN!!! You got it all babe! Talent, money, gorgeous hubby….

  • Anonymous

    I am AMAZED at how many jealous people come to JJ every day. Doesn’t it make you feel worse to see all these gorgeous, talented people everyday? Of course it does. Most of you LOVE being miserable.

    Hope I never meet you. No one needs friends like you.

  • Cam S

    @ “Anonymous” This is a GOSSIP SITE deary. If it hurts your wittle feewings maybe you are too fragile for this world. Kill yourself

  • K

    What the F is she wearing?!!! Oh gawd!

  • kristina

    @Anonymous:You seem like the miserable one. Not everyone is being insulting. They are on here all of the time but their career trajectories aren’t exactly equal to their exposure on Just Jared. It is odd for them to be featured and quoted on this site so much.I think she has/had a great voice but don’t think she is a good choice for judge at all. They need someone more relevant today. Not someone who’s career peaked when they were barely out of their teens and who no longer sells albums. Does that make me miserable, because I think that there are better choices? Hardly. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, including you, but career wise, LeAnn, doesn’t “have it all ” these days. in any way, shape or form. Can’t anyone be a fan of this woman without calling those who aren’t names? It doesn’t seem like it. Best to stay off gossip sites and focus on her fan site board for your own mental health. You do realize this isn’t a fan site and that even though she pays for the promotion, there is no guarantee of a positive response, right? I could see how it might be confusing because she is on here all of the time and you might think that means she is popular here. It doesn’t. Like it or not, she has lost goodwill with most of the public and therefore, they aren’t rooting for her anymore. She is obviously attracting the negativity with her own behavior and choices and not accepting said behavior and calling her out for it makes people observant and savvy, not miserable. Living in a fog where you believe celebrities (any of them) PR tactics doesn’t make you a positive person, just naive.

  • Rachel () Lainey>Kaiser

    Man, I don’t watch X-Factor, but I really hope she doesn’t get it. Fame-whoring and general wh0ring should not be rewarded. Even if you are “smart AND intelligent”.

  • 99cent store HO u r LeLe

    @Cam S: I agree about her linebacker shoulders, there is ZERO FEMININE…head to toe, about Leanne. Nothing. She is repulsive looking. Only guy who’d eff her is a guy paid to eff her. End of story.

  • Anonymous

    Love her or hate her, Leann sure gets the most comments!

    She is very popular.

    CAM S….Eat me, dear.

  • Devon

    @Anonymous: No she doesn’t. Other celebs get hundreds of comments. When the “scandal” first hit, she was back in the media spotlight and there was a lot of interest. It has been ebbing back to next to nothing again. She is made fun of on most other sites because she doesn’t pay them for positive stories and all of the comments are negative. If LeAnn Rimes is how you define popular, your standards are amazingly low. Taylor Swift is popular, LeAnn is now more infamous than famous now. Judging by her faux lesbian photos on the Daily Mail site, you”d probably have more luck getting her to eat you than Cam S. After all she’ll do anything for attention and to make her hubby happy.

  • Jane

    Since I have a sinus infection I am not going to be my normal witty self. So here goes: Knowing how Simon is, I find it utterly impossible for this entity to be hired to be on the X Factor. Simon would not tolerate her antics. She wants this job so desperately to pay for Eddie, his child support and her friends. She’sseriously running out of money people. All those trips and clothes are adding up and draining her dry. Desperate times for desperate measures. Notice that Eddie doesn’t know what the talks are about. That’s because he doesn’t have information. There is probably no concrete proof she are negotiations with the show. If I am wrong—I’m going to blame it on being sick. If someone has a video of Simon being asked about Leann and he has a yes or a no, I would love to see it. Perhaps it will give me a laugh.

  • scotgal14

    “They’ve been talking”…translation, Leann’s been harassing them and they’ve been dodging her calls…

  • Jane

    @scotgal14: Totally agree. Leann would do that…seriously.

  • Jane

    Update: CNN has reported the Britney Spears has the job. Take that Leann! READ: THEY DO NOT WANT YOU.