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Christian Bale: Dinner with the Family

Christian Bale: Dinner with the Family

Christian Bale heads out after dining out with his family on Tuesday (March 27) in Santa Monica, Calif.

The 38-year-old Dark Knight Rises actor came back to his car to find he was issued a parking ticket.

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Earlier this month, it was announced that Christian may be teaming up with Zoe Saldana for the big screen throwback Out of the Furnace.

Out of the Furnace follows an ex-con bent on avenging the death of his younger brother as soon as he’s released from prison.

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  • A

    Love him!

  • solecito

    Now, I’ve seen it all, the Dark Knight holding a Hello Kitty raincoat, LOL.

  • http://website,computer Dave From Canada

    I saw a child standing beside him AND it made we wonder how he gets along with his own personal family. After his first Batman movie was released he got into such a raging argument with his mother and sister that THEY phoned the police on him and charges were filed against him. Then there was the infamous, much talked blow-up he had on the set of his Terminator movie. By the way, I wonder how he reacted when he got the parking ticket?

  • Gossipgirl

    This guy is so hot! But he looks like a homeless person when he is not working.


    great guy,great actor…love how he lives his life..he could be your next door neighbour.
    very down to earth..

  • Angelina

    Hot, Hot no matter who is wearing it keeps perfect! I love Bale ♥

  • Noisettes

    This guy iğs so hot!! love him..

  • John R.

    @ Dave From Canada

    And your point is???

    “I saw a child standing beside him AND it made we wonder how he gets along with his own personal family.”

    Is this a business of yours?

  • PostedThisPrior

    I will be lambasted for this but I couldn’t care less. As someone who has met these creeps more than once let me write that yes this Bale’s day is coming… and soon. It will not be long before this Bale assaults his handler urm “wife” (total beeatch by the way) and gets aggitated with the kid very publicly. I can’t wait to see him get it, really lose his image after all his ass*l*e behavior. Oh and he is an Adonis, really good looking but not clean at all. Wife/Handler is not pretty at all though or clean.
    I do not presume to know how their marriage works but what I saw was a union of two lazy, snobby control freaks. I saw she is scared of him.

    And no I am not crazy or jealous! I am a gay man and have an awesome partner.

  • Make Reason

    You can’t just claim that you met Christian and his wife and not explain to us with more detail about where and when all of this was. Just why should we care if you are gay? If you don’t explain all of this I can’t understand what you mean and that makes you not credible to the rest of us. Then you are not making sense.

  • PostedThisPrior

    O.K. fair enough.

    I work in film related industry. In SoCal. I have met them a few times.
    I met them in 2004, 2005 and twice in 2011 that were pretty crappy experiences. I wouldn’t want their life if you handed it to me. It is really hectic and unhappy for the most part no matter what you see in pics, I mean everybody smiles for the camera. He is tempermental and always ready to explode. As a couple they were rude (I witnessed this) and snappy. They feel entitled and special. They are controling of each other and I as a polite guy did not like any of the family hangers on either.
    I stated that I was gay because it seems anytime someone has a non-fanbased account or statement about anybody famous they get blasted with “you’re just a jealius b*tch” comments. So I felt the need to say I have a great life, a partner I adore etc before the wolves ripped my post apart.
    They practice Santeria along with Sibi’s Christianity. Little known factoid there. But that’s nobody’s business I mean, religious freedom right? well watch The Believers and you might change your mind.
    Just sharing my REAL LIFE experiences here. He really was pretty
    with longer shiny chocolate hair and his eyes are beautiful, green and orange like an animal.

  • PostedThisPrior


    Keypad stick! meant *Jealous*

  • Make Reason

    How would you know as to what faith they are? I don’t understand what faith you mean. Please explain what is the Santeria faith?

  • Alina

    @PostedThisPrior: If “The Beievers” is the movie where Martin Sheen’s wife gets zapped by Mr. Coffee, then I saw about the first 10 minutes, and that’s it…but as I recall, it was about voodoo. Are you saying they practice voodoo?

  • Make Reason

    I don’t mean to sound rude but I realized that you are trying really hard to make yourself feel better by making up anything you can to discredit Christian Bale and his family. There is no way you could know anyone’s faith. You make no sense. I am having a hard time believing you work in the film industry. I believe you might have bumped into them when they had lunch or dinner at the restaurant you work at. Are you a waiter at some local diner in California where they reside? Did you wait on their table and maybe Christian and Sibi were cranky to you? Most people are not the nicest to servers so don’t go picking on them in particular that is not fair. Christian’s BEST FRIEND died and I don’t believe he got over it. He won’t ever get over it. That is the most heartbreaking thing that happened. Heath Ledger was like a brother to Christian Bale. I hope Christian realizes that Heath lives on. I highly recommend to Christian Bale the show MIRACLES AND OTHER WONDERS. Find it on These are true accounts of loved ones that died and then revisited their grieving friends and family.

  • Dear Christian

    You have to buy the series of shows on I can’t find it on the
    youtube. Make sure the famous actor Darren Mcgavin is hosting the shows. I don’t know if any show can be found on the internet.

    MIRACLES AND OTHER WONDERS. All of it is true.

  • PostedThisPrior

    Wow. Umm…okay got a little psychotic up there buddy. Is Christian (and Sibi) reading all of this? maybe…they do poke around IMDB every week or month. Are you telling Christian to contact the dead??
    I actually do have a pretty nice job NOT busing tables. I make 100k so this has nothing to do with bitterness and I never wanted to be an actor. I am just being honest.
    Santeria is not exact Vodou so watch the whole film. For a movie it is pretty close to reality. The Believers 1987.

    Oh and nobody should be rude, from waiters to movie stars it is not cool.

  • Make Reason

    You didn’t answer my question. There is no way to affirm what someone’s faith is especially if you don’t know them personally. You are a very emotionally disturbed person. Please find some help like really quick.

  • Make Reason

    Such a jerk you are having wasted everyone’s time this past evening claiming that you met Christian and his family.
    i will recognize your posts if you visit here again because you sound like someone that should get a life. You are some lonely homosexual that obviously needs to find another partner because the one you have now is not satisfying you and then you come on here to vent your frustrations by SLANDERING an innocent actor. Go away and don’t visit here again.

  • PostedThisPrior

    I did state I know them from multiple encounters nothing intimate or friendly though. And I am not the only one that knows what they practice and their faith.

  • PostedThisPrior

    @Make Reason:

    Way to be Homophobic because someone met and didn’t like your favorite actor.

  • Make Reason

    You should get a life like today because it sounds like all you do is rent movies and stay home all the time. Try getting some fresh air it might help. Christian Bale is noted to have his faith based on CHRISTIANITY. Sibi Blazic is Serbian and her family is of a faith based on that. You make absolutely no sense and there are comments recently posted that said the same thing I just did. Should should sift through the other articles in the past month and go over the other comments that do make sense but you probably already did that. You obviously wanted to make up some crap. You are trying really hard to garner some attention for yourself. I post what I believe is necessary and I don’t make up crap like you do.

  • azureyes

    @Make Reason:

    Both you and posted this prior need to get lives. Your both arguing over some really stupid stuff and neither of you are making any since.

  • azureyes


    Not really sure why you felt the need to come on to this site to bash on someone and then continue it by getting into a really lame argument with another poster. I don’t know if you really know this man or his family or not but does it really matter? And to wish harm on a mother and daughter just to validate your opinion of someone, is sick. Anyone who slams someone and in the next moment has to puff up their own chest and make sure everyone knows how wonderful their own life is and how much money they make comes off as a egotistical a**hole. I don’t know this man or his family. I don’t know or care what his religion is. However he has wronged you in the past or how much of a douche you think he is, truth be told your the only one coming off as a jerk.

  • I believe you PostedThisPrior


    This person is talking about his experience with this particular celebrity. Nothing wrong with that and although I am a CB fan I don’t find it hard to believe that he can be rude to people. I’ve read before that he has anger issues. I also read years ago that his wife is his handler and that the two are not very nice people. I also read he has suffered from depression in the past and that could be the cause of his untidyness.

  • Make Reason

    When you learn some proper english then maybe someone will take you seriously but even then for you to have the nerve as to placing me in the same category as that loser makes you some lazy jerk who is not smart enough to defend Christian. I didn’t need your help on here and neither does Christian Bale. I guess you believed it was just fine for that loser to slander him the way he did. If I were famous I would want someone to stand up for me. I do have a life and I had to drain myself so I could type all of this and I don’t appreciate your insults about my intelligent comments.

  • Make Reason

    @I believe you PostedThisPrior:
    When are you going to leave? I chased you away and then some scum encouraged you to come back. You just repeated some of the same crap you posted earlier. Please just leave already. You are a disgusting pest.

  • RitaHayworthFanOxfordshireUK

    PostedThisPrior I believe you too!!!! And I hate the bashing you got !!
    I myself may like CB’s work in a few films but I’m no fool when it comes to actors egos and he and his hander slash wife seem bitchy and are raising their kid to be that way.

    MakeReason both you and AzureEyes sound like really mean closeminded people. I can tell Prior and I Believe You are different posters, as am I. Just because multiple people agree CB and Sibi are tw*ts doesn’t mean there is a conspiracy LOL.

  • RitaHayworthFanOxfordshireUK

    @I believe you PostedThisPrior:

    This is pretty much what I wanted to post! cheers!

  • julia

    PostedThisPrior is probably the same person who posted in another poster on bale (@ TruthseekerKaran). # comments
    he says basically the same things about balle and his wife. what makes him a freak, come on every poster on bale just to badmouth of him and his wife. if you disliked the guy just forget and go live your life. is much healthier than being poison into there. what bale is or is not only interested in him and his family.

  • RitaHayworthFanOxfordshireUK

    Are you English or American? Sorry but it is very hard to understand your post. I for one believe these are just different people left disgruntled in the wake of the Bale’s rudeness and letting it out on a public forum about the Bale family. They are different posters imho.

  • RitaHayworthFanOxfordshireUK

    I love some of Christian Bale’s movies but if this is what his fans are like please do not include me amongst them! his fans seems as mean and bipolar and nasty as he and Sibi are supposed to be. He is an actor not a God! and his wife is another married up snip probably. I think sometimes it is her or her family fighting on here or maybe just fans with rabies lol.
    Cheers from England!