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Rosie Huntington-Whiteley: Gym Gal!

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley: Gym Gal!

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley rocks some tight work out attire as she leaves her gym on Thursday (March 29) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 24-year-old model and actress wore a New York Yankees baseball cap to keep the sun out of her eyes.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Have you seen Rosie‘s April 2012 cover of Vogue Brazil yet? She looks absolutely stunning – be sure to check it out!

10+ pictures inside of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley rocking a New York Yankees baseball cap while leaving the gym…

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  • ratsazzrats

    why she dating that old man the grizzle bear , he not nice either in the streets he appears very un-pleasant to strangers

  • Reba

    I swear every time I look at her, I just end up feeling like crap about my own body. It’s not like I’m fat — I workout and eat well, but I don’t think I could ever be that thin.

  • Mari

    @Reba: never compare yourself with others. Focus on what you like about you. Besides, there is nothing more attractive than a person sure of herself and comfortable with herself. Enjoy the true beauty you have.

  • frisbee

    What exactly did she do at the gym? Put on make-up?

  • ratsazzrats

    @frisbee: exactly , i mean she looks like a mannequin , when i use to go to the gym i wore old scrubs , stuff with holes b/c i came out sweating and looking hot messed up… not like this girl, and nicole ritchie looks the same too like she just put her makeup on in the gym then left…

  • icefire

    wow, i know she is model, but that body wow!!!

  • Lola

    @ratsazzrats: Perhaps knowing that there are paparazzi, they take a shower and makeup before leaving the gym.

  • YOU

    I’m not trying to bash her or something. She looks pretty and seems nice and genuine. But I have no idea why people desperately want to have that kind of body? IMO she look way too skinny. I’m pretty sure If I were a man, I would definitely prefer girls with more meat than that. I’m not hating on her. just want to ask why people prefer body that look like a twig than a real women body

  • frisbee

    @Lola: And then she put back on her sweaty “tight work out attire”? Or did she go to the gym with two “attires”: one for exercising in and the other one for the paps?

  • s

    She has a great body.

  • Mrs. Gaston

    she even looks stylish while going to the gym – love her! and believe it or not folks, some people are not trying to look thin – they just have a thin body type. so why would she have to put “meat on her bones” to satisfy everyone else?

  • Model fan

    Her body is way too thin. She has no curves

  • Jerry

    I prefer Kelly Clarkson’s gym pictures to be honest. Coz that’s how normal people look after working out!

  • Kevin

    Wow! She honestly takes my breath away. However, I did prefer her before the weight loss.

  • jj

    When i go to the gym I change into my work out clothes at the gym, shower after I’m finished working out and get dressed into my street clothes again. So give her a break. What’s wrong if she wants to put herself back together before the paps start talking pictures of her being all sweaty like they did with Kelly Clarkson.

  • easterbunny

    You people surprise me with your comments. I dress in tight clothes like that whenever I go to the gym just because I am comfortable with my body and I personally hate baggy clothes. A lot of other girls I see at my gym look put together as well, so I don’t know why most of you here expect a gym person to look sloppy. Yes, maybe she went overboard wearing lipstick, I’d never put lipstick on for the gym, but she knows paps will be snapping pics of her so I can’t blame her. Also, it isn’t some sort of miracle that she is thin. Maybe it is for where you come from, but where I live there are a lot of thin people. It isn’t a miracle or a model town, it’s just natural to be thin. Obesity is a disease and unnatural.

  • u_suck

    @jj: ewwwww you use a gym shower? That’s gross!

  • Sim

    Why is she pursing out her lips so much? It looks funny.

  • liverwurst

    @easterbunny: Whole heartedly agree! Obesity isn’t about esthetics, it’s about health. And you women with a “real woman’s body” are only fooling yourselves into an early grave. Lean people not only live longer, they look great doing it too.

  • phatwisha

    i’d rather look like rosie coming out of the gym than kelly clarkson. putting yourself together isn’t anything to be ashamed of.

  • linda



  • frisbee

    It seems that many people opt out of reading comprehension. Rosie is coming OUT of the gym, AFTER her work-out, and yet she is wearing WORK-OUT ATTIRE and IMPECCABLE MAKE-UP. Meaning, she either didn’t exercise at all, was only there for attention, or she did work out and then took a shower and put on make-up and…. put on her sweaty work out clothes again? Or did she have a second set of work-out attire?
    In other words – why isn’t she wearing STREET CLOTHES, if she’s AFTER work-out and AFTER shower?
    The answer is pretty straightforward.

  • phatwisha

    frisbee – i think you’re reading into this a little too much. 1) i wear clothes like that walking around town so yes that could be her change of clothes 2) not all workouts leave you sweaty and gross – ever lifted weights? you don’t sweat the much. just let the girl be pretty and confident. if she wants to freshen up after the gym, that’s what she does.

  • doll

    everyone, hush. shes wearing gym clothes, not any different than anyone else. unzipped and collar up is all. she has a hat on. she probably has lip balm or gloss on, but so waht, she’s a girl. she looks normal. kelly clarkson look abnormal, below average, if that’s what you call normal, than you must be below average as well. :) eveyones body is diffrent, im super thin too. weigh less than 90 lbs, and i feel great, look great. why is it that overweight heavy people able to say mean things and criticize the thin people, “eat a sandwich”, eat more, etc., , and its out out line for a thin person to tell a heavy person to stop eating too much. i have a fast matabolism, i eat alot, but weight stays the same. :) i love it.

  • Heather

    She looks stunning even being in her gym clothes and a baseball hat. Not sure what people are complaining about here?? She is wearing normal gym clothing (same thing girls at my own gym wear) And I’m not seeing a full face of make up under that hat. She also doesn’t strike me as too thin. She looks like a stunning woman who went to the gym, she can’t make herself look like crap just to satisfy a bunch of negative bloggers.

  • Wow

    She is stunning, most models nowadays are just pretty baby faced girls + loads of make up, lighting and photoshop. But this is what a real super model should look like.

  • wow

    She is very skinny just like Gerard Butler’s peen.

  • just_me


    She’s only stunning if you find the plastic, mannequin look appealing. She looks quite androgynous as well.

  • Whatever

    @just_me: I agree. I look at her face and cringe…..that upper lip looks ridiculous, and her whole face and body look plastic.

  • ggr

    wow look at those cheekbones! people all over the world pay for those! (if not naturally blessed with them that is)

  • tinsley

    uhhh stretch pants,jacket and tennis shoes. uhh normal workout attire, I also wear that to the gym. Maybe her long lean svelte body and confidence just makes clothes look better than they really are? aka why she’s a supermodel…?…You dont have to look sloppy while trying to feel good about yourself going to the gym, how absurd! If you’re going in old ripped baggy sweat pants, good for you! but just bc you prefer to look put together doesn’t mean you’re stuck up as some are trying to imply. LOL. and you don’t have to get all sweaty. Maybe she just walks the treadmill and lifts some weights, or maybe she is just there for yoga.

  • troy

    just_me is a stupid jealous fat bitch

  • frisbee

    Seems like a lot of people get worked up for nothing – I have nothing against Rosie, mostly just perfectly tepid indifference. I was only noting that she was wearing spotless make-p and clean gym wear AFTER her gym, so it’s quite likely she planned the photo session.
    She’s a celebrity, paid according to her celebrity status. Why would that be somehow a bad thing for her to do?