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Penn Badgley, Zoe Kravitz & Olivia Wilde: 99% Spring PSA!

Penn Badgley, Zoe Kravitz & Olivia Wilde: 99% Spring PSA!

Check out Penn Badgley, Zoe Kravitz, and Olivia Wilde in a PSA for 99% Spring.

The video highlights a week-long campaign where more than 1,000 grassroots organizations will be coming together to train 100,000 people in non-violent direction action.

“Peaceful resistance is one of the most powerful levers of democracy. We saw it last year in Wisconsin, with Keystone tar sands protests, and we saw it in full bloom with the Occupy movement,” the three actors say in the clip.

“Change won’t come from a boardroom or from Washington D.C.,” they added. “Change happens because people put their beliefs and bodies on the line. Are you ready? Are you in? Go to the Sign up. Learn how to do non-violent direction action. And lets all make this a Spring to remember.”

Olivia Wilde, Penn Badgley & Zoe Kravitz –
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  • Tia

    whats happened to Penn?

  • Fassdong

    I still can’t believe that Zoe hooked up with Micheal Fassbender…

  • Delphine

    Stupid! What would these spoiled, overpaid people know about real life?

  • Sue Denim

    More celebrities bandwagoning on the trendy cause du jour. Very few of the Occupy movements have made any sense or had any real ideas about change and some of them were actually quite dumb. I’ll believe Olivia, Zoe, Penn and co are legit when they provide in-depth explanations of why they support the occupy movement, if they find it a bit awkward that they are part of the 99% (or at least very close to it) yet are putting themselves as ‘faces’ of what was supposed to be a faceless yet united movement, where they think it can go next, what it’s main goals are and what their response is to the fact that even in peaceful protest, people will still get assaulted by police. Oh and I’d also ask if they would tell people in countries where any form of protest is brutally stepped on (to the point where people are murdered or detained) if occupy or ‘peaceful’ protest would work there.

  • Eric

    Good lord, what happened to Penn Badgley? He looks absolutely terrible. His hair is way too long and he looks like he has lost A LOT of weight. He needs to do something about that…

  • A

    Here we go again with the comparing to the civil rights movement. First the gay movement, now occupy. Great.
    Someone should tell them that protesting doesn’t work anymore, this isn’t the 60s.

  • jess

    Yeah, not willing to be lectured about the occupy movement by a bunch of rich entitled ‘actors’. Last time i checked Penn was still working on Gossip Girl (btw isn’t the CW owned by Time Warner, one of the world’s biggest media conglomerates and worth billions of dollars?), Zoe (nepotism) Kravitz was still only relevant for her last name and Olivia Wilde was still starring in big blockbusters such as Cowboys&Aliens, so yeah, not sure how these hypocrites think they’re helping the movement.

  • SemorePhillips

    Fascism is over. Especially Hollywood style fascism.

  • Kate

    Very idealistic approach. I know they are citing MLK and Gandhi but it seems like recently “non-violence” doesn’t do much. I hope their movement works out though.

  • kaca95

    What happened to HOT Penn???

  • Sue Denim

    Oh and ANOTHER thing. Can movements stop co-opting the civil rights movement?
    Even Martin Luther King Jr. believed that self-defense was necessary in cases where people had no other option. He advocated non-violence but he wasn’t a fool.

  • fatima

    @Sue Denim: I agree. I’m sick of people using MLK against the very people he was fighting for.

  • patricia s.

    Look like mug shots…..Zoe can do so much better, but its not about looks.

  • lipglossy

    These people are a bunch of freakin’ idiots!!!


    As soon as a these rich celebrities got involved I lost interest in the occupy movement. And that Penn Bagley guy look bad, every since Blake Lively dumped him he looks like he his having some type of nervous breakdown. and the only reason Zoe is soo involved is because of Penn.

  • Love me boy

    Zoe must have something…… I mean, Fassbender AND Badgley?! ….. It must be in her genes, d’you see who her momma’s with? Yeah, that’s right. They have to be special in some way! Ugh, but anyway I am absolutely envious! Especially her mom, my freaking idol<3

  • brenda

    Does Olivia Wilde have downs-syndrome, her far spread eyes freak me out.

  • Olivia

    Oh, please! These three are definitely not the 99%. I don’t see them protesting their salaries on their movies and tv shows. Zoe could do more by donating some of her daddy’s money to good causes than by broadcasting her bad acting in this PSA. I’m sure that if she went a month without buying clothes to show up at random red carpets, she could help a homeless family tremendously. In fact the money she spends on her weave could be put towards a better cause — that color and cut don’t compliment her.

    And Penn should just do voice work now because he looks beat. Is he having a quarter-life crisis?

  • Alana

    Occupy Wallstreet doesnt have a plan though, I give them props for protesting on a large a scale but they have a empty campaign because they are still taking advantage of the amenities these big conglomerate business are rewarding us like we are dogs getting treats from our owners. When I see the people of occupy wallstreet I see hipsters with nikons driving their fords or hybrids drinking their starbucks coffee’s. Example during the civil rights movements African Americans stopped using the bus and walked miles and miles to and fro and that costed the transportation system alot of money because they found out that african americans is where most of their revenue was coming from. We all have to make sacrifices some how whether that be turning off our cable, stop buying food from fast food restaurants, or even just riding a bike to work to name a few. Stop complaining and do something!

  • connor

    @INTHKW: the only reason penn is soo involved is becase of zoe, you got it the wrong way around