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Leonardo DiCaprio in 'Django Unchained' - First Look!

Leonardo DiCaprio in 'Django Unchained' - First Look!

Check out Leonardo DiCaprio in this first official image from Quentin Tarantino‘s upcoming film Django Unchained!

The 37-year-old actor stars as Calvin Candie, a charming but sadistic Francophile plantation owner.

Also pictured inside: a first look at Jamie Foxx and Christoph Waltz‘s characters in the film!

Jamie and Christoph play Django and Dr. King Schultz, respectively. The twosome, a freed slave and a German dentist/bounty hunter, travel across America to rescue Django’s wife (Kerry Washington) from Calvin Candie.

Django Unchained is set to be released in theaters on December 25.

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leonardo dicaprio django unchained first look 01
leonardo dicaprio django unchained first look 02

Credit: EW
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  • @49&50

    why don`t you go away and take whoever you want wiv you?

  • mr brownstain

    love in your tummy from givin leo bjs in your head

  • benita

    leo will be at jazzfest tonight in NOLA….

  • benita



    does bar spit or swallow? I am thinking swallow for Leo when it was going good or she had to get him back. Wonder about Erin–but she doesnt seem like the on-her-knees type. Bar does.

    “shopping sprees get her on her knees for the ends..
    from the wetlands all the way to the apollo
    if ya broke she spits
    if ya rich she might swallow”

  • benita

    @mr brownstain: I want to be just like you, Mr Poo Butt!


    This woman is seriously a psycho. I actually enjoyed her tidbits of information about various celebs. She writes well. But the way she unfairly criticizes leo’s exes and talks about the way leo makes out with his gfs is just disrespectful. Some of us have been brought up well and cant take potty mouth. ALSO NONE IS INTERESTED IN TALKING ABOUT BAR REFAELI BUT YOU. Get it. And stop !!!!

  • benita

    @BENITA IS TINKERBELL: oh,get off your soapbox. Or join Bellazon where you can have all the narcotized niceness you want. It’s like getting a lobotomy
    going over there.

    Definitely Bar swallowed for Leo.

    I talked about Leo “making out” with his exes? Nope, just Bar, and someone definitely seems to want to talk about her, as long as its baby pap, untrue, and therefore flattering.

    I was talking about Bar BLOWING Leo which I am sure she did to get her dating contract. If it’s disrespectful, I MEANT IT TO BE.

    Nice try, dildo head!

  • benita

    I’d bet the following:

    LEO= swallow
    Tedi Sagi=spit (but with discretion since he gave her a car
    CHACE Crawford-Spit
    David Charvet- swallow at the beginning when she was 16 and went to “live” with him in Paris
    Oded Kobo=swallow, he’s rich
    Uriel Natan= swallow, his stepfather a billionaire
    Ricardo Monsour= swallow

    for leo

    Gisele- She is the highest paid supermodel in the world. Who does SHE have to blow? Nobody. And she accepts payment only in euros.
    Blake= did anything he wanted, same for Ben Affleck and Harvey Weinstein.
    Bar= Here girl! snap fingers, point
    Erin=when she wants to, if he does her first

  • benita

    ps, Bar tweeted a picture of herself sucking her middle finger after they broke up—was that for old times sake? Also she wrote something at one point the gist of which was “girls who swallow are the best” so I’m just quoting her.

    Have fun!

  • Hey Tinkerbell

    If you’re going to use malicious rumors to attack Leo’s girlfriends from your cell then at least remember the equally vile rumor form John Casablancas of Gisele blowing people to the top as well. Its prob 100% crap as much of what YOU write is s***t but as you insist on vicious rumormongering, be consistent fool.

  • xxxxxxx
  • wth

    that benita chick is sick-in every way-mentally ill-she’s like-oh I hate every leo’s gf cause I am the one for him-or like: I know what they’re doing in their spare time??!!? what a freak-
    stalker-in a demented way,-creepy
    leo’s gorgeous btw

  • xxxxxxx

    @Hey Tinkerbell: oh no, I’m just extrapolating-since she’s been called a “mattress backed whore” by people who knew her in Israel and “totally in love with herself” and so forth, and portrayed by people close to leo as a relentless gold digger, and has distributed photos of herself with her finger in her mouth and allowed the Terry Richardson picture to be taken, that she enjoyed c*ck sucking and sees it as a career skill. I’m not the only one to say this.

    But looking at that great picture of Leo up there and the fact that it is a Quentin Tarantino picture, and I admire and respect Quentin,I’ll switch to that.

    Leo has possibly several dozen documented and admitted exes,
    the only one who really sucks and offends people is bar, although Balke’s nudie cam didnt really endear her to me either.

    NONE of the other girls ever started a diplomatic incident or had documented flaunting of draft, tax, and customs laws to harp on.

    But since I’m really enjoying that picture, I’ll stick to that.Also Leo was at Jazzfest with Q-tip yesterday, since he “only likes Aryan types” -I dont have to be with him, and unfortunately he is not even the type of guy I would like to date but I saw the line-up at Jazzfest including Mavis Staples and I wish I was there.

  • Sexy!

    Can all the losers stop saying Leo is not aging well????? The man is almost 40 and is sexy as hell,still have the swagger of a champion! I wonder myself how good he is NOW in everything He probably was is the past…you know what I’m talking about… ^^ sighs…..

  • sick homophobe!

    Bar’s statement about the TSA woman who “groped” her is VERY insulting to women of same-sex preference. How does she know the woman was gay? It could have easily been a heterosexual woman or man, but, no – she makes a homophobic statement instead. When I was “moderately” sexually assaulted, the authorities were called almost immediately. Had I not, I wouldn’t have found out this idiot was stalking and assaulting 6 others. Seven years in jail. Did Bar involve the authorities at the airport or the local police? Or did she take to the public forum first for some presumptuous media attention. UGH!!HOMOPHOBE!!!

  • madalina

    I kinda like Madalina after reading this, if she meant it. She says that she was upset at pics coming out about her with Leo cuz media just started showing her lingerie pics when she was trying to promote herself as an actress, and she was also a runway model, not just lingerie. She says being iwth leo means getting in tabloids, but not being taken seriously by directors or getting auditions. (maybe that’s why they broke up?) I assume they were together cuz she said she cares much for him. Dunno, could be pr?

    wonder if they dated while he was with Blake, they met at Cannes. Also wonder why girls are willing to be girlfriend # 2 or 3. Also wondering why Bar gets brought up so much. I know Erin is boring but dang, I could go a long time without reading/seeing about Bar.

  • maurice

    @sick homophobe!: She did it to get attention to herself. Just like she said she was drunk the whole time she was with Leo. Its for attention- to pop on the news / gossip circuits–which is why I dont like it.

    Her family- especially her mother is homophobic.

  • maurice

    @madalina: she was never with him, just appeared on his balcony hanging clothes to dry. The tabs jumped on it because she is big news in Italy. She was dating one of his boys at the time.

  • know her

    sickobenita tink, is a nasty piece of work, as she is a rather big lady with red frizzy hair, she is bitter as she has the brains but missed out in the looks and love department, leave her alone.

  • @maurice

    No shade intended here but you seem to make quite a few qualified statements when its opinion. How can you say her mother is homophobic unless you hang out with them? How do you know Madalina was not banging Leo?

  • maurice

    dicaprio with all the “coloreds’ (non aryans) he doesnt like…

  • maurice

    ethan suplee is at jazzfest probably with leo…

    Ethan Suplee ‏ @EthanSuplee

    · Open

    “Jazzfest, lots of inebriated white people…” -Jazzfest
    8h Ethan Suplee Ethan Suplee ‏ @EthanSuplee

    · Open

    Jazzfester: “Are you that guy from tv?” Me: “Sometimes.” Jazzfester: “Oh my God! You’re my all time favorite! Honey, it’s Earl!”

  • maurice = benita

    Oh I see its you. Well disregard #70.

  • @madalina

    She was upset? Well, she enjoyed the attention she got back then and what she still gets thanks to Leo. It`s one thing what she says or said and another taking advantage of the attention she got back then. Also if she is so private why does she keep talking about it months later? Every woman linked to Leo gets attention but Madalina is making herself a victim but it seems like she didn`t mind it. Whatever was going on between them it`s the past she should stop talking about it if it was so hurtful…

  • maurice

    @know her: you dont know tink—you imagine she’s like that to make yourself feel better. She is petite, brunette, and has been with the same guy over a decade. This is a “guilty pleasure” for her…

  • maurice

    @@maurice: Her Mom was outed for

    1. Writing Leo is gay comments when he and Bar were broken up–I’ll post the link later

    2. She was also outed because an entertainment journalist in Israel wrote an article that Bar was accepting fees from men to go to certain parties with them- and she threatened to out him as a homosexual. Unbeknownst to her brilliant self…he was taping the conversation and played it on Israeli TV..

    Also if you read the Israeli press people who know them come on and say that her Mom has a terrible potty mouth herself and is racist and homophobic.

    I dont believe he was dating Maddalina. He was busy at the time with Gatsby and she was only seen in a group on a balcony with him one time. I think it was gossip copped…but I just got that feeling. Supposedly she was with Danny Avikanzer, also there in the group…..that’s what I think. Leo was busy with Australian models at that time too….Alyce Crawford…etc

  • Homophobe like mom?

    Bar’s statement about the TSA woman who “groped” her is VERY insulting to women of same-sex preference. How does she know the woman was gay? It could have easily been a heterosexual woman or man, but, no – she makes a homophobic statement instead. When I was “moderately” sexually assaulted, the authorities were called almost immediately. Had I not, I wouldn’t have found out this idiot was stalking and assaulting 6 others. Seven years in jail. Did Bar involve the authorities at the airport or the local police? Or did she take to the public forum first for some presumptuous media attention. UGH!! HOMOPHOBE!!! I just read that her mom was going to out a journalist? wtf??

  • tink

    You dont know me….but you can try to make something up if it makes you feel better. I KNOW what you look like and I’m underwhelmed….sorry!
    Also you’ll never find me either, I dont need your validation or invalidation. Doesnt matter what YOU think of me.

    The frizzy red hair was funny—should I go “GET MY NAPPY HEAD FIXED WITH BRAZILIAN KERATIZINATION” like your horse faced can-opener nosed mother used to bray???

  • WTF?

    THIS is who Leo wants to be with? Wow. Just, wow. I never thought he would sink…

  • Leo and Madalina = match?

    I just read the Madalina article. I like her. Wish Dicaprio was with her. She should do VS, while acting is taking off.

  • @61


    Is this supposed to be a “playful” image of Bar with 6 feet of Italian dick in her mouth? What else is new? Butting getting GROPED….did she go to security and police right away? Tabloids first?

  • eva

    no matter what u guys are saying im missing kate and leo .. hehehe ahaks

  • eva
  • eva
  • xXx
  • figment

    he’s MINE!! ….. LOLLLL!

  • madalina

    If you had read the article, you would see that the interviewers kept bringing him up and shoving photos of them in her face. Photos is plural, more than just the balcony photo.
    But I do question whether or not she enjoyed the attention and took advantage of it at the time. She had a movie coming out…
    I just think she still would be with him if she really liked the attention that much. Maybe it wasn’t her choice.
    The way it’s presented does make Madalina seem down to earth and sympathetic. Again not sure if it’s meant to or if it’s the truth.
    I’m starting to think that labeling every girl that’s with Leo as an attention whore is unfair. Who he’s with romantically will get attention, whether they like it or not, cuz he’s single and an A list star. Bar (ugh- her again) obviously is one. Look at her now. But Blake has quieted down a lot. I think we won’t hear a lot from Erin after these two break up. Of course if she even hints about anything about him in the future, it will be national news.

  • vagabond

    @@madalina: I was thinking the same.Feels a little pr -ish to me.No denials or a we’re just friends kind of thing,just vagueness.Also no mention that Leo has a new gf?How about her does she have a boyfriend ?That was like 8 months ago.

  • figment

    was talking about Kate Winslet, the way she puts her arm around his neck; hes MINE!!! hahaha… yeah.. maybe Leo has affairs with porn-stars all over the world that nobody knows about, he just doesn’t want it to look like the down-grade it is.. poor him.. hahahahaha….

  • figment

    a girlfriend, f*ck man how old is this guy, 15? LOLLLL

  • Angelina


    I just cannot find at least ONE significant difference between them.Just common silicone everywhere

  • eva

    @Angelina: at least there’s a pureness in kate … hehe cheers

  • ridiculous

    ld and br planning wedding or kids? I think both. Is he an emotionally intelligent sort of fellow? Anyone know? Because this is a ridiculous choice!

  • ???

    He’s marrying someone who basically threw his own mother under the bus with that awful narcotics and sex blogs?? Not good for the family.

  • eva

    @ridiculous: im sorry is this the latest about leo and bar?

  • maurice

    @eva: stop trying to create buzz for bar by bandying rumors that no one believed even when they were screwing. its offensive and silly.

  • eva

    maurice, im having fun myself about leo and kate. not about bar. im only asking whats on with leo and this bar r and am not bandying. read again dear ..

  • maurice

    @eva: ok sweetheart–the answer is they broke up around this time last year and havent seen each other since.

  • BB

    Where are the formers regulars (Canada Girl, Dr Brown, LDC FAN, french,bzfrks…and the others ?

  • They left…

    when the bitchfest left Bar and started on Blake Summer 2011 and have never come back. Look back on May/June posts at KC and Canada Girls disgust. Can’t say I blame them. They found lives to live. iheartcomments also said she did not like it and now posts sporadically. Sigh those were the good days.
    At least Message still posts occasionally