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Zoe Kravitz: Do I Have to Look Like a Perfect Barbie Doll?

Zoe Kravitz: Do I Have to Look Like a Perfect Barbie Doll?

Zoe Kravitz wears a beanie and off-shoulder sweater while out on Monday (May 7) in New York City.

“I feel like everyone thinks that everyone should look the same – clean cut. If I go to a party and my hair’s messy and my shirt’s ripped or whatever, it’s like, ‘She’s a crackhead.’ I’m like, ‘Do I have to look like a f—— perfect Barbie doll?’” the 23-year-old actress told Nylon‘s May issue, which she covers with Bella Heathcote and Juno Temple.

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“The cool thing about fashion is that if you do it right, it’s an art form and it’s a way to express yourself,” Zoe added.

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Credit: Ivan Nikolov; Photos: WENN, FameFlynet
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  • annie

    NO, you don’t have to, because nobody cares about you!

  • next

    what you are wearing is not an art form dear, it’s flashdance circa 1980′s. where are your leg warmers?

  • lurker

    I agree that the way someone dresses is a direct expression of what’s going on in their brain. So far Zoe, you seem kinda messed up.

  • mjb

    good say, no everybody must be and look the same way for be beatiful, that is important to know for the young people, is more important have personality and be intelligent and a good people. the superficial look is sobrevalorado en la actualidad.

  • BEAN

    Oh please. It’s not about being vain, superficial, looking like everyone else. She just needs to grow up and then she’ll understand. It’s about looking presentable. It has ALWAYS been like that. People who present themselves well, in her case, as clean, people take more seriously. It’s called taking pride in your appearance honey. Fact that she is 23, and doesn’t? Well there is a problem.

  • mjb

    la apariencia no es importante!!!si es importante estar limpio, ser educado, cumplir las normas, porque eso ya implica los derechos de las personas de alrededor, pero la apariencia?por favor!!es cierto que esta chica no debe saber bien que quiere de la vida, ha tenido todo servido en bandeja de plata, pero en un medio artistico donde las mujeres jovenes y no tanto viven haciendo cirujias y cualquier procedimiento solo para lucir bien, o lo que se considera lucir bien el la actualidad, por lo menos es un comienzo. el concepto de belleza es cultural, y en la actualidad es impuesto por las empresas que quieren vender sus productos.las personas deben valorarse por su interior.

  • Lauren

    What does she even do to warrant an interview in Nylon??? If she weren’t Lenny Kravitz’s daughter no one would give a f*ck.

  • Raisa

    She doesn’t get it. It’s not about looking like Barbie. But never mind, no one cares.

  • WAlterBisho[

    I think she just thinks she expresses herself – she hasn’t come up with this style nor does it look well on her. however girly girl doesn’t look well on her either. Look at Kate Moss – she has come up with most of her style on her own, she showers and she looks really boho rocka. Just take a shower Zoe and wear whatever you want to wear and stop saying the f word in every interview – you think it will make you look cooler but honestly it doesn’t

  • Jennica Panettiere

    This nepotistic bratty horrible-excuse-for-an-”actresss” rhymes with bunt, is the most insufferable celebrity ever. Honey, noone really cares that much about you. I have absolutely NO idea how you get your gigs, well maybe a slight idea, but you need to seriously shut the F up. So god damn annoying.

  • Effy

    Do you really have to use the F word in every interview Zoe? It’s nice your trashy attitude matches your clothing.

  • DD

    LOLZ!!!! She’s dating the most softest dudes in Hollywood…it’s just an immature act. Hopefully she grows out of it soon haha…PS–Zoe I saw you at the Ace in PS not too long ago and your style isn’t that on point anyways so calm down!!

  • uh

    her comment annoys me.. i dont really care what a person looks like but if someone wants to dress/look like barbie then go ahead.. im sick of this new age cra*p that makes it hard to tell a homeless person from a teenager.

  • mya

    next generation of actors are going to be born from nepotism… dakota johnson, zoe k, zooey deschanel, kristen stewart, lily collins etcetc.. there really be no one that actually worked their as*s off to get into the business. So how about Z.K just be grateful she has money and a job and shut up about the rest?!?!?!

  • look

    if nobody cares about her, why you are all here commenting? get a life.

  • YOU

    There’s a difference between lookin like a barbie doll than simply just look clean. And Zoe, is just messy. I don’t care If I she’s a celebrity or not. She look messy, its inviolability. And her attitude isn’t helping either

  • A

    She looks like her dad. I don’t see her mom Lisa in her at all.
    Lisa was beautiful (and still is) when she was Zoe’s age….Zoe looks just like her dad,a bit square jaw and masculine face.
    I don’t think Zoe is ugly, don’t get me wrong. I just don’t think she looks like her beautiful mom. Hence, she can’t pull off the style her mother used to rock, Zoe just ends up looking like a mess…you need a feminine face to carry off the hippie/boho/gender-neutral look.

  • t

    Actors are creative people, not everyone will or want to audition for a barbie role. There’s a need for other character actors, but the media likes it when the blond, white girl dresses up in white and smiles for the camera. Even if she wanted, she will never be like that because of her genetics.

  • Lis

    In x-men, her role was a stripper with mutant powers, i can’t see her landing that role if she dressed like a business lady in her candids. it wouldn’t fit her personality and she would hate herself for either wearing such a dowdy look everyday or hate herself for accepting a role for a character that she feels is below her as a classy person. i think people just need to be more accepting of differences and as long as they are not hurting anyone then it’s fine.

  • uhm

    You don’t need to look like a Barbie doll to look pretty. In fact, the Barbie doll thing is so seen and artificial.

  • maria belle

    @Jennica Panettiere:
    You care. You all care enough that u took time out of your busy lives to say how much you don’t care. Ha! Jealousy and envy are a terrible disease. I hope you get well soon.
    It takes alot of energy to be so negative. It ages you. Before long u r going to look like the crypt keeper if u already don’t.

  • http://comcast Dee

    The only thing I know about this gal, I just read here, is that she is Lenny Kravitz daughter. The closest you have been to class is when your dad was dating Nicole Kidman.

  • Jennica Panettiere

    @maria belle: I care enough to write a comment about her. Sure. But I am protesting about the fact she gets more exposure than she deserves. That’s what I care about.

  • Name

    Maybe she is an African American actress who’s young and need some exposure? People will be up in arms if there are three white girls on the cover. If young woman were given more substantial roles there wouldn’t be this question of does her talent merit the exposure. She’s a known name that sells, is young and has a future. If lily Collins can get a cover by herself why couldn’t Zoe share a cover for a young hip acting issue?

  • Jennica Panettiere

    @Name: Magazines I don’t care about so much, please please please do not bring race into it. If anything Zoe feels more closer to her Jewish side then her AA side.

    But constantly featured in pap photos on this site? Reeks of deal to me. Sorry.

  • @jennica

    Why couldn’t race be brought into it? Her race, as well as her jewish upbringing makes her an outcast to the typical hollywood blond barbie doll stereotype. I rather someone who’s dark skin be featured on this site than another blond white girl walking around shopping. There needs to be representation of other aesthetics and if it is Zoe, then so be it. She doesn’t look very glamorous in pap shots, she’s dress very dowdy compared to say amber heard, so if she calls the paps, it’s disadvantage to her. She’s a tabloid favorite, so jj feature her a lot. she’s dating sean penn, friends with celebrities and has famous parents. her life is interesting, so what. just scroll along instead of complaining about her. complain about all the blond boring girls that this site is filled to the brim with.

  • WAlterBisho[

    c’mon not all the girls in this business are white/blonde/christian. There are red heads, there are brunettes, there are AA, there are Asian. she doesn’t feel she’s dicriminated because of her jeweish ubringing or her skin color – she’s talking about her style which in fact doesn’t look well on her and we say that it’s not her style that bothers us – it’s her dirty look.

  • @walter

    Her dirty look is what makes her her. It doesn’t suit a blond white barbie doll looking girl, but it suits her, the roles she takes suits that type of aesthetic, no one is going to hire a perfect barbie doll actress to play a mutant stripper who cross over to the dark side and betray her friends. The majority of actresses in HW are blond white barbie doll looking girls, it looks to me like she wants to differentiate herself from them because she knows she can’t compete or has to work 10 times harder to compete. Dirty look doesn’t mean she is dirty, but it fits the stripper girl role she usually go for and successful at getting.

  • WAlterBisho[

    OK whatever rocks for her. but let me just say for the record this dirty look doesn’t look good on anyone – blonde, Asian, brunette, AA, jewish, Irish, Russian. ppl should take shower. Besides this whole thing in Hollywood – when ppl are divided into two groups – one over glitterz and the other pretends like they are homeless. If it’s their way of showing that they are just like other ordinary ppl who don’t do blockbusters and stuff, it actually offends us because it’s like the way some rich ppl see us. It’s even more offending than looking at Paris Hilton, dressed all in pink. Anyway, back to the point, the majority thinks that Barbie Doll look is soooo outdated and not many men find it attractive, in fact none. so in this case I literally have no idea to whom Zoe is referring to, who her critics are. may be it has to do with the comparisons to Blake Lively who is Penn’s ex. but she is no Barbie. Otherwise shall we call all blondes Barbies just because of their haircolor?

  • @walter

    Her look isn’t dirty, IMO. It’s very casual, comfy style, It may not look good to you, but I don’t think she would consciously buy or wear something that she doesn’t think looks good on her. It’s a matter of taste. She will never conform to the perfect barbie doll standard because she isn’t blond, white, and skinny.
    Instead of complaining how people dress, we all should be more accepting of diversity in clothes choices.

  • WAlterBisho[

    OK you convinced me. I will not be judgemental when it comes to clothing unless it’s fur or leather

  • Linda

    I have just read an interesting article on Movoto blog about Barbie doll’s house.

  • monoi


    Damn… so much peopl think like you… this wolrd is crazy.

    Wtf is wrong with your kind of people. Not to care about looking messy or not has NOTHING to do with pride. Nothing. It’s about not to care about people’s look, sorry but that’s pretty great in this days