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Jessica Sanchez & Phillip Phillips: 'American Idol' Finale Performances - Watch Now!

Jessica Sanchez & Phillip Phillips: 'American Idol' Finale Performances - Watch Now!

Jessica Sanchez and Phillip Phillips took to the stage for their final performances on American Idol on Tuesday (May 22).

The 16-year-old singer with the powerhouse voice started off the show with her rendition of Whitney Houston‘s “I Have Nothing”. She also performed Celine Dion‘s “The Prayer” and the original song “Change Nothing”.

Phillip, 21, started the night with the classic “Stand By Me” and also performed Billy Joel‘s “Movin’ Out” and the original song “Home”.

Also performing on the show: Last season’s winner Scotty McCreery and Jason Derulo!

Make sure to tune in tomorrow night on Fox at 8/7c to see who is crowned the winner!

WHO DO YOU THINK will win American Idol season 11?

Jessica Sanchez: “I Have Nothing”

Phillip Phillips: “Stand By Me”

Click inside for the rest of the performances…

Jessica Sanchez: “The Prayer”

Phillip Phillips: “Movin’ Out”

Jessica Sanchez: “Change Nothing”

Phillip Phillips: “Home”
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Photos: Michael Becker/FOX
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  • nyob

    Phillip Phillips is amazing. Would buy anything he puts his spin on.

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  • solecito

    I haven’t been exited about any Idol contestant since Adam and I refuse to waste my time on this snooze-fest. Phillip Phillips is going to win because of stupid teenagers voting non-stop. I’m done with Idol, until they change the voting system, the guitar playing “singer-songwriter” cute boys are going to keep wining.

  • buio

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  • ColinG


  • hap

    Ugh, this show is so tired and predictable. I don’t know why people still bother with this tedious competition. Most of the winners will fade into obscurity in a matter of years.

  • Michelle

    I haven’t been watching this season, but how is this even a competition? The guy is cute, but that girl’s voice is in on a completely different level.

  • Anne

    The Filipino girl will win.

  • j

    I think shes good but I hate it when she says, “I’ve been workin’ hard all my life” for every answer.

  • Tiana

    Jessica Sanchez FTW!!! Philip is talented no doubt but Jessica has the better voice and will sell more records! This is only my opinion<3

  • honey

    My husband and I kept watching the show only to see Phillip. To us, he was the most interesting and his CD would be the only one we would buy. Although we liked Elise, too.

  • Lily

    Underwhelming performances? These singles won’t do well for the radio.
    Phillip is more interesting. He sounds retro and folksy. It doesn’t matter who has the better voice; what they need is good songs and good albums, post Idol. Who are the producers/song writers they end up with?

  • seleena

    Jessica’s got a seriously awesome voice, and she’s killed every performance of the season. But I think that her voice doesn’t suit most styles of music…it doesn’t even really suit her own song.

    Philip, what can I say, he’s not as good a singer as Jessica is. However, his own song was good and fitting for his voice. I was impressed.

    Good luck to both of them.

  • ILean

    WTF are you talking about?!

  • TRP

    Jessica SHOULD win, but she won’t. American Idol isn’t based on Vocals, and the same type of singers keep winning. It’s becoming so tiring and I’m over it.

  • Me3


    I agree. I love Phillip and his style. Elise was good too. I know Jessica hits the notes, but I just don’t enjoy her performances.

  • Ella

    @solecito: True, he probably will win, come out with an album that will do moderately well, and then fade comfortably into obscurity like almost every Idol champ beforehand. Eh.

  • Susan

    Id buy a cd by Phillip for sure. He should win. It’s about what people want to hear, not who hits more notes. Didn’t JLo teach you anything? 52 million last year. A pretty face will do wonders for a less than perfect voice.

  • SAM

    if americas voting based on talent jessica will get this without any doubt
    but if they are voting based on looks? philip will win this ^^ so which is which? would you like to be a stupid american or a smart one?

  • Laulet

    i think you are immature saying that comment! do you think people believe you will only buy philips cd’s or music? dont be ridiculous. be honest to yourself.

  • Laulet

    @Me3: i think you are just jealous of the talent she has, because you yourself cant do it. get rid of being hard on others! it wont go you further…

  • jfrankv

    well both deserved the finale spots…

    phillip is Great an ARTIST… and appears to be commercial with his visual features… and may be suited to target a select audience/market. concern is he might have exhausted all that he can to showcase his musicality… unless he’s to work on an awesome/fitting composition/recording deal and would likely pretty much fair well in the concert/tour stream.

    while jessica’s existence is clearly an ABOMINATION! well, bashers or supporters may seem to have this “monotonous-/ predictable thing+” going for her. but one can’t discount the fact that she has brought “SINGING MOMENTS” to another level -beyond compare. LEGEND in the making, “SWAGGERNAUT”, with voice having the mix of almost all iconic artists in all of world’s music industry throughout history. aimlessly toppled her own stellar performances week after week which actually are of different quality compared to joshua who had more standing o’s considering fraction of their genres meet somewhere in the same league. as a kinda biased but objective admirer, jessica seems like to be overrated and underrated, in the sense that she doesn’t anymore need to put up with singing until the finale for her to make her mark in the world stage of music and be considered LEGEND- beyond infinity, considering the RESPECT from the very framers and successful people of the music industry. she INVOKED hits since time immemorial, tuned them for contemporary appreciation and relevance, singing them like her own.
    deadringer as they say vocally of Beyonce, but i say alike more of the QUINTESSENTIAL singer and performer (observe her effortless appeal and swag) that blows one’s world away, unbelievably…
    well OBSERVE that with all the accolades she has had on idol, SHE WASN’T EVEN NEARLY AS CLOSE TO SINGING MAINSTREAM!!! the BEST IS YET TO COME FOR HER, she TRANSCENDS GENRES AND GENERATIONS, and hopes she ever continues to inspire the musical longing of our mortal existence towards profound bliss…

    pretty much biased here, but ALL THE BEST FOR BOTH OF THEM!

  • Susan

    Honestly, I would not buy Jessica’s CD. Sorry. Yeah, she hits the notes and can sing her butt off, but her performances just don’t interest me. It’s called subjectivity. It’s music. We all like what we like. I like Maroon 5, Coldplay, etc. I buy their CD’s. It’s a form of art and you can’t make people like certain artists because they hit the notes.

  • Me3


    I’d love to have her singing voice. I freely admit that. But, I would go a different route with it. I don’t enjoy hearing her sing because I don’t like her style. That’s all. Don’t hate me because I express my opinion. We all have one. Nobody is right or wrong. It’s called FREEDOM! We are allowed to dislike Jessica. This is America. :-)

  • carol

    God blees WMWG – God bess you Phillip! you totally deserves

  • summer

    as predicted, the cute white boy won. females & gay men shouldn’t even bother to audition for this show. jessica and joshua sang circles around the cute white boy to no avail.